HEIDI BROUSSARD: Texas vs Magen Fieramusca for murder of best friend to steal newborn


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A friend of slain Austin mother Heidi Broussard, who went missing in December and was later found dead, has been charged with capital murder and kidnapping.

Magen Fieramusca, 34, was indicted Tuesday by a grand jury in Travis County, according to a news release from the Travis County District Attorney’s office. The indictment alleges that Fieramusca kidnapped Broussard, 33, and her newborn daughter and asphyxiated Broussard.

Fieramusca’s bond has been set at $1 million for the capital murder charge and $100,000 on the kidnapping charge, according to the release.

Surveillance video taken by a neighbor shows Fieramusca’s vehicle in the parking lot of Broussard’s apartment complex on the day of her disappearance, the affidavit said. A resident of the apartment complex told investigators that she saw a woman with a small infant get into the back seat of the vehicle before it sped away.

FBI agents searching for Broussard and her daughter followed Fieramusca’s ex-boyfriend Christopher Green as he left their shared home in Houston and approached him as he left a Target store with baby clothes and formula, the affidavit said.

When they showed him a flyer with pictures of the missing mother and child he replied, “That’s the baby at my house,” the affidavit said.

Green said he believed that Fieramusca had been pregnant with his child, the document said, and Fieramusca told him on December 13 that she had given birth.

Fieramusca told investigators that she had given birth at a birthing center in The Woodlands, an area north of Houston, on December 12 and brought the baby home the same day. When questioned by investigators she could not recall the name of the center, the affidavit said.

The woman charged with capital murder and kidnapping in the disappearance and death of Austin mom Heidi Broussard allegedly used a leash to strangle her longtime friend.

According to the Travis County Jail website, Magen Fieramusca is charged with capital murder by terror threat. She was already charged with tampering with physical evidence, and two counts of kidnapping.

Fieramusca was reportedly a close friend of Heidi Broussard, an Austin mother who went missing with her infant daughter last month. A week after she disappeared, her body was found in the trunk of a car at a home near Houston. She had been strangled to death. Her daughter, Margo, was found in the home and reunited with her father.

The Travis County District Attorney's Office said a grand jury indicted Fieramusca on the capital murder charge on Tuesday. According to the indictment, Fieramusca asphyxiated Broussard, intentionally causing her death. Court documents said she used a leash, her hands, and 'a manner unknown to the grand jury.'


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Prosecutors in the case against a Texas woman accused of killing her friend, Heidi Broussard, and kidnapping her newborn said on Monday that they’ve turned over more the 50 pieces of evidence to the defense. The suspect’s defense team filed a motion Thursday hearing that they have not received anything from the prosecution.

While Fieramusca’s defense attorneys push for more information, an affidavit released earlier this month sheds light on what may have happened to Broussard.

Court documents obtained by CrimeOnline indicate that Fieramusca said that she, too, was pregnant during the same time Broussard announced her pregnancy in 2019.

It was all a ruse according to Austin police, who allege that Fieramusca was never pregnant.

According to the affidavit, Fieramusca started acting “suspiciously” shortly after baby Margot’s birth in November. Fieramusca, who had known Broussard since they were children, was at St. David’s South Austin Hospital for Margo’s birth, allegedly exhibiting odd behavior.

The baby’s grandfather told police the Fieramusca interrupted him while he was being introduced to Margot. Fieramusca apparently wanted to be the first one to hold the newborn.

“Shane Carey’s father was surprised by the actions of Magen Fieramusca and that his first introduction and time with his grandchild was interrupted by a friend of Heidi’s,” police said in the affidavit.

Fieramusca, who stayed at Broussard’s apartment when Margo was born, had a key to Broussard’s Austin residence that she shared with her fiance, Shane Carey. According to Carey, Fieramusca promised to leave the apartment key on a counter, yet she never did.


Only 1/2 way to being totally bonkers...
I too hope she rots! Reading about this again with these new facts makes me ill. This baby had a family who loved her and Heidi did as well. She interfered with the grandfather's time with the baby?? Heidi was a friend to this woman and this woman killed her, unbelievable.

I hope to follow this trial as well.

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