Australia MARGARET & SEANA TAPP: Mother & daughter killed in Ferntree Gully, Vic - 1984

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Mother and daughter killed in their home in suburban Melbourne, Australia in 1984. Both were strangled, young Seana (Shawn-uh, not See-Anna) had been sexually assaulted.

Terribly sad case. It didn't get as much media coverage as some of Australia's more well known cases. Killer is still at large, although apparently the police have a new lead. 12 years ago some random criminal was named as the killer but turned out to be a massive DNA bungle.

The temporal perspective really hits you. For those of us who grew up In Melbourne's outer east, it still feels like yesterday... but then you remember that when Margaret and Seana were killed, there was still a "Sun" paper in the morning and a "Herald" in the afternoon. There wouldn't be a merged "Herald Sun" for over six years.

I think Seana was the intended victim. The attack on her was so much more sexual.

It turned out during the investigation that a number of men and teenage boys *really* wanted to have sex with Seana. I think that, like them, the killer felt that he was in love with Seana.

Paul BG

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