Aruba MAX DEVRIES: Lost at sea in Aruba - 12 May 2004 - Age 14


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Department: District - 2
Sub-department: Uniformed Police
Section: Beach Police Station
Update no.: 204017011-12
Adm. No.
I, Mike Alexander GOELOE, police officer with the Aruba Police Force and
assigned to the Beach Police Station, declare the following.
On May 15, 2004, at approximately 15.30 hours, I, GOELOE, interrogated
the witness named:
David Russel STACEY,
bom in the United States of America, on April 5, 1949, of no occupation
(unemployed), temporarily staying in Aruba at La Cabana Resort 3578.
Before interrogating the suspect, I, GOELOE, informed him that he was not
obliged to make a declaration.
His declaration made in English was translated by me, GOELOE, into Dutch
and put down in writing, and runs as follows.
"I had never seen or had any contact with Ivonne before. It was in Aruba that
I met her the first time. My son had seen Ivonne for the first time on Friday, May
7, 2004 and had told me about it. Not until Sunday, May 9, 2004 did Max
introduce me to Ivonne. With regard to the relationship with Max and his family,
it was my son who first made friends with Max, he got a pool partner. I found
Max' mother, so Ivonne, very attractive and very interesting to talk to. So, during
the time that my son played with Max, I availed myself of the opportunity to talk
with Ivonne. Also in many of the cases Max and his family meet us somewhere
and comes to us for a chat or to play with my son. I am not married, nor have I
ever been married, I have not yet met a single one who said yes to me. Max took
me to a spot where he had already been the day before. Max switched off his
wave-runner and jumped into the water still wearing his jacket. He surfaced
immediately, climbed onto his wave-runner and tried to start it. The wave-runner
would not start. After trying a couple of times, Max said that we had to tow his
wave-runner to the shore. Maxjumped into the water and brought the rear side of
his wave-runner to the rear side of my wave-runner. I held the wave-runners
while Max tied the ropes together. After this, we tried to tow Max' wave-runner,
but we did not manage. We tried in several ways. Max and I on our own waverunners,
Max and I on my wave-runner, Max in the water hanging on to my
wave-runner, but we drifted further west from the shore instead of going forward.
After this, it also became difficult to remain seated on the wave-runners, each
time the wave-runner would topple over and we would land in the water. After
trying to climb onto the wave-runners for approximately 45 minutes, I saw Max
sitting on his capsized wave-runner. I was still in the water. I tried to climb
between the wave-runners. That was where I got most of the scrapes during my
~ trying to climb onto the wave-runner. I got very tired and still could not climb. At
/ that moment I noticed that Max was no longer sitting on his wave-runner, but I
could not see him any longer either. I went around the wave-runners to find him
and saw that Max had let go of his wave-runner. I called 9JJJ tQ",«him, but he did
, /'00 W1 ",:' J~~"
, Q\ -- [ ' ~.' .
I , I.,> / 't' -v.::(J.,~
! , iJ.J' I ' , '{t r\... .~
.!~/ - ' . .. ; .', ~
/ ~. ~
" aya Cederela ~ 13 ~ t _ ___,~~ ~ i
T'_' . oa,:L4r')"21: I s;
Unive-rsal Translations
not answer. At that moment I tried to grab a black . rubber that was attached
around the wave-runner and climb up. The rubber broke off and became detached
from the wave-runner at that moment. I saw that Max' eyes were open and that
he moved now and then, but he did nothing and remained floating very calmly. I
could also see that his head was high above the water. When I noticed that Max
and I were drifting further apart, I tried to swim to him, but I could not, it became
very difficult for me to breathe while swimming with all those waves. So I
decided to stop swimming and to float in order not to create any problems in
which case Max would have to help me. After drifting calmly for about 20
minutes I lost sight of Max. When I saw Max for the last time, he was floating
very calmly, moved now and then, but did not try to swim. We did not have any
eye contact and we had not said anything to each other either. He was
approximately 75 meters (approx. 80 yards) away from me. It seemed as if he
was drifting north west. I continued drifting west; I could see La Cabana straight
in front of me in easterly direction. I could still see the wave-runners for some
time. After having drifted for about an hour, I was rescued by a boat. What my
son had told about what had happened the day before was that he and Max had
stopped a little while to rest when my son saw that he could see the bottom of the
sea due to the water being very clear. My son decided to take off his jacket,
switch off his wave-runner ahd dive into the water. He exited and climbed onto
his wave-runner again.
They saw another wave-runner coming to them and thought that it was an
employee of the water sports enterprise, because he was not wearing a jacket. But
this person did not do anything, did not say anything to them nor did he signal to
them. Then my son started his wave-runner and they continued. I have been a
lawyer for 17 years, was in the Navy during 8 years, from 1969 to 1977. I h~
been in contact with the police earlier for driving while intoxicated in 1983. With
regard to your question on leadership when Max and I were in the water,
according to me I had the leadership, but because Max knew according to me
what he was doing, I decided to let him have his way in order to maintain
calmness. If I had seen anything that was not correct according to me, I would
certainly have reacted. I was not aware when Max had let go of his wave-runner,
otherwise I would have certainly encouraged him to keep holding on. And I still
think that I am a leader. Finally, I would like to say that most of the bruises that I
got are disappearing and the wounds that I got were scrapes that I got while
trying to climb onto the wave-runner.
After I, GOELOE, had read the declaration above, translated into English, to
the witness, he declared that he persisted in it and signed this draft.
Whereof this official record drawn up, closed and signed by me,
GOELOE, under oath of office on May 16, 2004 at Palm Beach.
The reporting officer,


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Additional information to identify Max, from Yvonne DeVries.

- He has big feet. Wore size 13 at age 14!
- His father was 6' 2"
- He wears glasses and is color blind
- He has one eye that is off center.
- Has injured, deformed pinky from baseball
- Has birthmarks over much of his body


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I do believe that Max was taken out to sea on the jet ski where he was intercepted by a larger boat or yacht. Jet skis are fiberglass and could not scratch and bruise David Stacy, Sr. like the injuries he had. I do believe those injuries were the result of a struggle with Max. The ski vest Max was wearing would have prevented him drowning even if he did drift from his jet ski. David Stacey Jr. was not adopted by David Stacey Sr. until he was an adult. They did know each other in California, when David Jr. was younger.

*There is additional information that can't really be shared on a public forum.*


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Yvonne DeVries has said that Max had grown up around the water and he was a good swimmer. He had experience with boats and he was a Charter Boat 1st Mate. A friend of the DeVries family was a charter boat captain and taught Max about boats. He was experienced in the water. He would never remove his life jacket and swim to shore as David Stacey Sr. claimed. Max was a good swimmer. David Stacey Sr. was obese.

Prior to attending law school, David Stacey was in the Navy in California where he was a Boy Scout leader. David Stacey, Jr. lived at Children's Baptist Home of Southern California in Inglewood, CA, with a different name prior to adoption by David Stacey, Sr.


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After Max disappeared on the jet ski, Yvonne feels the Aruban police were not helpful. When David Stacey, Sr. was brought to the police station, he was permitted to shower immediately, washing all evidence from his scratches. The ocean was searched in the area where Max disappeared, but there was no trace of him or the ski jacket. The Aruba Search and Rescue Team together searched all night with a helicopter. The Royal Dutch Marines Helicopter, and a Helicopter from Curacao assisted in the search. According to Yvonne, there were a number of changes in the reports by the Staceys. The ski hut where the jet skis were rented was an illegal business and it was closed down the next day. After Yvonne returned to Michigan, police from Livonia Police Department were able to locate a previous arrest record from California with additional information. The Aruban police did not investigate this former arrest and the FBI did nothing with the information. Gerald Dompig and a group of Aruban citizens reported that an insurance agent came to Aruba to meet with them and Max's disappearance was insurance fraud. They reported that Max had been seen in Brazil. David Stacey, Sr. is currently a patent attorney and David Stacey, Jr. fixes cars and motorcycles.


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The media and Sheriff's office in Knoxville did release details about the assault. The victim spent several days at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, following the assault. She returned to the relationship as soon as David Stacey, Jr. was released from jail. I have great concern for the victim. I will not identify the victim because the media has not done so. ... 66441.html

Sheriff’s Office: East Knox County man charged in kidnapping, rape

By News Sentinel Staff

April 01, 2016

KNOXVILLE — An East Knox County man has been charged in a sexual assault that left a woman beaten, slashed and choked, according to arrest warrants.

David Russell Stacey, 48, was arrested shortly before 5 p.m. Thursday after he eventually passed out from alcohol and drug use, giving the victim a chance to call E-911, the warrants state.

The episode began with an argument between Stacey and the 44-year-old woman at his residence, 1621 Ten Oak Way.

"She called her brother-in-law to come get her," the warrants read. "(Stacey) pulled out a shotgun and told her to call her brother-in-law back and tell him not to come, otherwise he would shoot and kill the brother-in-law when he arrived."

Stacey then forced the woman to undress. He struck her in the face, repeatedly choked her with a cord, raped and sodomized her, assaulted her with a knife and hairbrush, and slashed her breast, the warrants state.

The woman was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Her condition was not immediately available Friday.

Stacey remained jailed Friday in lieu of $450,000 bond on charges including two counts of aggravated rape, three counts of aggravated assault and one count of aggravated kidnapping. Knox County court records show various drug arrests for Stacey, but only one violent offense — a domestic assault conviction from 1995.

More details as they develop online and in Saturday's News Sentinel.

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