1. A GUILTY verdict has been reached in the McSTAY murder trial!
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  2. No Parole for Cop Killers is an ODMP program that makes it easy for you to urge parole boards to deny parole to convicted cop killers.
    In less than one minute, generate and mail a letter to parole boards with scheduled hearings for convicted cop killers.
    You can also subscribe to parole alerts.


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  3. Keeping Children and Adults Safe
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  4. What do you do if you have a loved one missing?
    In this section, you will find tips on what to do and not do.
    Easily find organizations that you can contact for help.
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  5. “We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”
    Our mission: Working together to help locate the missing, name the unidentified
    and discuss true crime cases within an intellectual, safe and respectful Internet community.
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Welcome to Crimewatchers.net! We are happy to have you with us.
Please let any staff member know if you need assistance. We're here to help! (If you aren't a member, please join us today. We'd love to meet you!)
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Crimewatchers.net opened on April 26, 2015 with the purpose of making a difference in getting the word out for the missing, unidentified, and justice for victims. Let us know if you have a case you'd like us to feature here, on Twitter &/or Facebook. Contact email: CrimewatchersCW@gmail.com


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