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1898: THE GATTON MURDERS: Michael, Norah, & Ellen Murphy murdered in Gatton, QLD

Discussion in 'Historical Cold Cases - Pre 1950' started by Lily, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member


    Another Gatton Murder?

    A Girl Found Horribly Mutilated.

    IN connection with the mysterious disappearance of the girl Mary Leblowitz at Eureka, near Degilbo, a rail- way station between Maryborough and Gayndah, the Commissioner of Police has received a telegram stating that the search had resulted in the discovery of her dead body in the bush, and that foul play was suspected. A doctor is proceeding to the spot for the purpose of making a post-mortem examination. Meanwhile a number of police and black trackers are scouring the country in search of the suspected perpetrators.


    In connection with the outrage and supposed murder near Degilbo on Box- ing Day, the Commissioner of Police has received a number of telegrams on the subject from Sub-Inspector Driscoll, who is investigating the case. In effect the body of the girl Leblowitz was found by her father yesterday afternoon on Towah Creek, half-a-mile from his residence. A post-mortem examination by Dr. Challends revealed the fact that a horrible murder had been committed, the girl having been apparently first stunned by a blow on the back of the head, while the throat was cut and both lungs stabbed through. There was a deep stab in each groin, with several superficial wounds. The girl had also been outraged.

    There is absolutely no clue to the perpetrators of the deed.

  2. SGB

    SGB New Member

    Hi There,
    All I want is to solve this thing.
    Maybe then all involved can finally rest including myself.
    Here is link to some things received recently from an anonymous person, just how authentic it may be it is up to the interpreter of the information as to how it is used by others is not my responsibility. http://www.gattonmurders.com/GattonEvidence.pdf
    I make no claims this stuff is authentic.

    Any help, input or thoughts would be most appreciated. My view is no 1 person can solve this Mystery.
    The Truth Will Set Us All FREE.
    My personal opinion can be found here. http://www.gattonmurders.com/

    Good Luck And Regards,
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  3. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Steve, you must know by now how grateful I am for any contribution from you.

    That said, excuse me but... I'd like to grab whoever doctored up those documents and give them a swift kick in the pants. Maybe several.

    A coroner's report from the 1800's --- with "toxicology" on it? And all the other anachronistic papers used... WTH was this person thinking?! It's just maddening, really, as stuff like that can only muddy waters that are already murky enough. I cannot say what among any of that is real, and what is pure bull manure. I even suspect some of the written materials are outright forgeries.

    Pft. Pardon my little vent, there.

    (not at you, Steve, of course!)
  4. SGB

    SGB New Member

    Hi There,
    Thanks once again for your interest and sensible input regarding this amazing case.
    I am hoping some of that stuff is true but until I can get an expert to study it I must treat them all as false. It is interesting that all of it seems to back up my theory. Maybe just an elaborate hoax.
    At least two at this stage appear to be genuine Meston's Report and the poem. Here's hoping anyway.
    I have been at this for over seven years now and it still won't go away.
    I am getting old now and unless someone younger wants to take over the reins all my work will end up lost.

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  5. SGB

    SGB New Member

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