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3 Boys Killed by Mom: The State of Ohio vs. Brittany Pilkington

Discussion in 'Courtroom' started by noZme, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Then leave them in foster care. Give up your rights to them. Stop fighting to get them back only to kill them.

    I'm sorry. I know there's a LOT going on here and this woman has a whole host of issues that no doubt played a hand here. But there is still no excuse for killing your own babies.
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  2. Melanie

    Melanie Trying to Survive

    I am speechless. This is all beyond comprehension. The babies' father was her mother's ex boyfriend. Unreal. RIP Sweet babies.
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  3. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    This is actually, in my mind, a really hard call.

    On one hand, no, there is never 'an excuse' for murdering one's children.

    But.. even the prosecutor in the case has pointed out in the media that Brittany seems developmentally delayed. Her mother, finding her lover "too controlling" handed her high school-aged daughter off to him, with vast relief it sounds like. There's a good chance she was being molested for years before he made it "legal". And god only knows what her home life was like growing up -- from things I've seen (and can't discuss here, because TOS), I'm guessing probably awful, possibly horrific.

    After being knocked up at 17, she's married to her stepdad at 18, and spends 3 full years of their 5 year marriage pregnant. She never leaves the house, according to neighbours, and the blinds are always drawn. Pilkington made sure she was isolated on every level, and refused her the help she desperately needed, and asked for. Medical staff at the hospital stated Brittany seemed extremely subservient to Pilkington, who was demonstrably out of control violent in front of them on at least one occasion.

    What mental state can anyone honestly expect this young woman to be in?

    I believe it was the stepdad/husband who motivated the fighting to keep the kids, he was the one who got furious at their being removed. I seriously doubt that Brittany on her own would have done so.

    I am usually devoid of compassion for baby killers, but in this case I do have compassion. That is not to say she shouldn't do appropriate time for these murders. Just, I think she was driven into a sick state of mind by the people (I have trouble calling them 'people') surrounding her all her life.

    Sadly, these monsters won't legally be held equally accountable for the deaths of those three little boys. But they damn well should be.
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  4. Nagatha Christie

    Nagatha Christie Well-Known Member

    Sounds like we are pretty much aligned in how we view this.

    Here are a few more details gleaned from the court documents and such at this link http://www.examiner.org/news/53800-prosecutor-details-murders-family-court-case
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  5. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    @Nagatha Christie - that's a really good article, thank you for that link.

    I don't think, under these circumstances, that she should get the death penalty. Life in prison would be more appropriate for this woman IMO.
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  6. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    You guys are right. I actually do agree with what you've said. I just get so frustrated with all of these people killing their babies.

    Obviously this woman was in a horrible situation. And NO ONE in her life stood up to help her. From her own mother, to her father, to her step-father / baby daddy, to ANYONE else in her life. They are all (almost) as guilty as she is! No, I don't think she should get the death penalty. This is one of those cases where the jury *should* actually care about those mitigating factors. Yes, she should be held accountable. But so should everyone else. Those kids never stood a chance.
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  7. Nagatha Christie

    Nagatha Christie Well-Known Member

    Sadly, for Brittany, life in prison will give her the support, help or protection she has not had in life. It may be blessing for her to finally have contact with other women who can support her and form bonds with her because she was so isolated and controlled by her family/husband,etc. Those working with her say she is very cooperative and wanting help and she is on the level of a 14 year old...

    Online i see such hatred for Brittany when people do not know what was going on. They just read she killed the kids and they scream "death penalty" This is why I always take the time to investigate so i can make informed commentary and have intelligent discussion rather than just grabbing my cyber-pitchfork and screaming for vengeance.

    If you know me at all, I do not usually have sympathy for the accused. But i find it hard to heap hate on someone who has lived the life she did. I hope Brittany finds the support and counseling she needs to shine a light on all those her life with her parent/husband whoever the hell should have been protecting her and who failed her and those 3 babies.
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  8. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Good posts, ladies. There is definitely room for compassion in this case. Prison won't be easy for her either, sad to say, as baby killers get a hard time in nick, generally speaking.

    I am actually hoping she'll end up in a secure hospital for the next 30 or 40 years.

    What's horrifying is, there's still a 3 yo little girl who may wind up in exactly the same situation as her mother...
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  9. Nagatha Christie

    Nagatha Christie Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the long post. i have been working on this for a few hours and wanted to get this posted so others can add to it and help research and fill in gaps. I am still working on it as you read this. (Sorry for any errors, typos, etc. This is like a rough draft and I need help pulling it all together and proofread, etc. )

    2 days ago Brittany allegedly told her mom that she gave a false confession. http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2015/08/20/bellefontaine-ohio-bellefontaine-mom-i-gave-a-false-confession.html I had not heard this aspect of it. But her mom is not a reliable source to me seeing as she probably has a lot to answer for in her own life in behavior for moving Pilkington into her home, being in a relationship with him and then allowing teen aged Brittany to "date him" after she and Pilkington broke up.

    I have so many questions and am trying to sort this sordid and tangled take out - I'm already tired of typing out full names clarifying who they are (since Joseph Pilkington is Britt's husband, children's father and he mom's former bf. He is a man of many titles as you can see (and I suspect that pedophile, sexual predator and other unsavory titles may also be applicable to him, although he will likely never be formally charged as such.) To help make it easier to keep everyone straight can we establish what everyone shall be called. Something like
    B.P or Brit (Brittany)
    JP or Joe P (Joseph Pilkington - Britt's husband)
    LC or Lori C (Lori Cummins - Britt's mom)
    EC or Ed C (Ed Cummins - Britt's Bio father)
    HP (young daughter of BP and JP)

    No doubt Joseph Pilkington (Britt's husband) and Lori Cummins (her mother) are likely to be vague to cover up their wrongdoing about Brittany being allowed to "date" a man who is 20 years older then her when she is still in high school (not to mention he also dated her mother and lived in the household with them).

    Anyone want to attempt to help me compile a timeline of Brittany's life and the people involved? Please!! I am trying to do a year by year timeline but things are reference by year, or BP age or her grade in school which get all mashed together. This link (already mentioned above) gives events using the court documents to help pin down definite dates and an oddly vague reference to when JP came into Brittany's life. It mentions it as "mid to late 2000's" which means 2005 to 2009?

    In 2005 she would have been around 13. We know that by 2009 (age 17) she was already pregnant. in those 4 years JP, dated her Brit's mom, moved into the family home, acted as stepfather to BP, dated BP, impregnated BP and married BP. Pretty busy man there and very creepy!!

    Things I am trying to find answers and links to:

    Can we get a way to correlate year, BP and what year of school she was in to help us ?

    An article mentioned Brittany was in her junior year in high-school as a reference point for an event in Brittany's life. But i can't remember if it was when she supposedly began dating him, got married or whatever. Can we get a way to correlate year, BP and what year of school she was in to help us ? It seems she was born in January 1992 from info given.

    What I have so far as fairly factual, using a timeline working from the present and going back to the past. The "???" is when I have an event/date and need the correlating info

    2015 (Brittany is 23)
    August 22 - 3 month old Noah dies.
    Aug 21 - (according to JP's brother) first responders are called to the house because of a report that the baby had "breathing problems" and the child was put on a monitor and apparently left in his parent's home. ( I do not know which parent was calling for help. I REALLY wonder if she was trying to get the child removed from the home again because she was overwhelmed and trying to get the child safely away from her? Brittany is likely not bonded with the baby since she has never had him alone in her care. She gave birth and CPS had taken the child so she left the hospital without him and had not had him at all. The only 2 people in her world are her husband and her mother and we all know how much help THEY are to her. Is she trying to get some kind of help ???
    Aug 11 - Noah is given back to his parents
    ?? - Noah is born and is not allowed to go home with his parents. JP gets into an altercation with hospital staff/CPS
    April 6 - Gavin dies (age 4). The only child left is daughter (HP) who is removed from her parents care and Brittany is pregnant with Noah

    2014 (Brittany - age 22)
    August - Brittany's brother pleads guilty to abusing his own daughter, fracturing her skull by repeatedly squeezing her skull, breaking 6 ribs and a leg . He is given a 10 year sentence in prison.
    July 22 - Niall dies at 3 months old - Brittany indicated that she wanted help but her husband/family dynamics prevents this from happening. “She indicated that she wanted very much to go to counseling after the death of the first child because she felt she was — she used the word depressed. Record indicate that "she knew she was depressed and was not getting any better,” “She had all this responsibility for the family and no support group and wanted counseling and (it is thought that) JP was withholding that from her.”
    May - BP's brother is arrested for severely abusing/almost killing) his infant daughter (4 months old??) fracturing her skull by repeatedly squeezing her skull fracturing it from ear to ear, breaking 6 ribs and a leg

    2013 (Brittany age 21)

    2012 - (Brittany is 20)
    early in the year Child services becomes involved with the family after a neighbor/friend/fam member expressed concern regarding the family, which then consisted of the parents, the oldest son, Gavin, and his younger sister, HP. BP and JP complete a 3 month plan and whatever the case/concern was gets resolved.

    2011 -( Brittany -age 19)
    August - Daughter (HP) is born

    2010 - (Brittany - age 18)
    March 30 - Brittany and JP get married
    June 12 - Brittany gives birth to first child (Gavin). Within a few months, she is pregnant again, with daughter HP

    2009 - (Brittany - age 17)
    October - Brittany gets pregnant with 1st child


    1996 (Brittany - age 4)
    Middle of 1996 - BP's parents are divorced, ending their 4 year marriage.


    1992 - Brittany is born
    June - Brittany's parents (Lori and Ed Cummings get married)
    January - Brittany is born

    The following links are where i have pulled the above info from:
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  10. Nagatha Christie

    Nagatha Christie Well-Known Member

    Article with info according to BP's bio dad Ed Cummins (aka EC). EC is currently married and his wife Pat spoke out. http://www.10tv.com/content/stories...suspects-father-denies-abuse-allegations.html

    In one of the articles linked above, prosecutor Goslee spoke of info that Brittany relayed to him, including her statements that her "father" had punched her in the face and made her nose bleed and other abuse. However her father is stunned by this accusation. he claims that he "wasn’t around his daughter that much" after he divorced BP's mom. He points to Brittany’s husband JP because JP "helped raise her" .

    BP's step mom said ""I think it has to do with, something to with her husband, because her husband was once considered, her step dad. He helped raise her,” and added that

    JP had been dating Brittany’s biological mother when BP was a "young teenager". (Again, I ask, HOW young? Damn can none of these people come up with some facts and dates?? Do they even know?) . EC said that JP was controlling. and that he didn't have much contact because "I wasn't allowed to"." (Hmm, who "didn't allow it? Was it her mom (being controlled by JP) who didn't allow it? Was JP "grooming" BP and feeding her info to alienate her from her bio dad while giving her attention and such to gain her trust and affection, subtly taking control over her life so that even her own bio parents were controlled by him?

    Not that they were such stellar parents anyway, it seems so it didn't take much and BP seemed to have been a perfect target and predators know who the vulnerable ones are. We all know of the predators who move in with moms so they can have at their young children.

    Then from this article http://www.10tv.com/content/stories...lefontaine-mom-i-gave-a-false-confession.html

    Brittany’s step-mother Patricia Cummins says she and her husband Ed - Brittany's biological father - tried over the years to help their daughter, but they couldn't get close. They say Joseph’s controlling nature was evident when Brittany was a child, when he was her mom's live-in boyfriend.

    "She wasn't allowed to go outside, she wasn't allowed to do this, wasn't allowed to do that,” he recalls.

    On Wednesday, Brittany’s father denied abusing his daughter, saying she was confusing him with Joseph, who used to date her biological mother, Lori.

    Patricia claims the couple was suspicious about Joseph having an inappropriate relationship with Brittany at a young age. The couple claims they phoned Children’s Services after the community suspected an inappropriate relationship between Brittany and Joseph.

    However the agency says it has no record of any information that support’s Patricia’s claim."
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  11. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    What a great idea, doing a timeline!

    Sorry no links for this all, and no time to dig them up just now, so this is a just a self-reminder, really.

    -- JP moved in to the mother's home just "a couple of years" after her divorce, which would still make B. quite young at the time. There were also comments hinting that he'd been there quite some years. Sorry, no exact dates afaik.

    -- LC claims EC was only "verbally" abusive to B., never physically. I'm not sure I can believe a word out of her mouth, either way.

    -- SC (the child abusing brother) had LC "turn her back on him" when he quite young, according to some non-msm posts allegedly from family members. So he may have lived with LC in his early childhood or later.

    -- JP is presently in hiding from the media, according to his own dad (In the press).

    I bet he is!! There's other families with kids to him out there, too.... I'd LOVE to hear what those women have to say..
  12. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Her stepdadhusband just looks to me like a total POS at this point. He may as well have killed those babies himself.
  13. Nagatha Christie

    Nagatha Christie Well-Known Member

    I agree Lily. While of course we know he did not actually put the blankets over the babies faces, he certainly bought the blankets and shaped Britt as a major influence (father/husband/predator) and controller who ruled her world. He relentless applied decades of controlling pressure and sexual predation to a young girl who had no help or support from anyone in the world.

    He could probably write a book as an expert on how to raise a sociopath. Honestly, I am surprised at myself for being so supportive of a baby serial killer but thank goodness that you, me and others here can ignore being swept up the pitchforks and chants of babykiller of those online while we dig deeper and find out wtf is really going on here and HOW this all came to happen.

    I am fixating on trying to pin down "when and how" he came into Britt's life. Official public record simply say "mid to late 20o0's" so in 2000. We know that in 2009/age 17 /junior year in HS, Britt was pregnant. In 2005 ( a "mid point" of the 2000's) Brittany was 13. One of the above articles already sited claims that britt's biodad and step mom called CPS "after the community suspected an inappropriate relationship between Brittany and Joseph". The community? WHICH community? So this relationship was noted by others to be distributing and inappropriate and concerning?
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  14. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Joseph Pilkington originally came into his wife’s life when she was about 8 years old. He dated her mother, Cummins, for about seven years and lived with the family.

    Even after the couple broke off their relationship, Joseph Pilkington continued to live in the home and became involved with Brittany Pilkington when she was 17.

    “I didn’t think anything of it,” Cummins said of the initial relationship.

    But when her daughter became pregnant, she tried to talk Brittany Pilkington out of getting married because she said she had first-hand experience with what she called his controlling ways.

    “I wasn’t too happy because she was still in school,” Cummins said.

    Her daughter had ambitions of being a nurse and Cummins believed she’d do better to marry someone who wouldn’t hold her back from that.

    “I told her, ‘Nobody’s forcing you to get married to him, and he can’t force you,’” Cummins said.

    They did get married — two months after Brittany Pilkington turned 18 and a few months after the birth of their first son. She graduated high school, but stayed at home to raise the children.

    Cummins said she and Joseph Pilkington disagree over whether he was ever a father-figure to Brittany Pilkington before they got married.

    “He says he was just there to help me out,” Cummins said.


    Help HIMSELF, more like. Just sickening, on every level.

    So LC & JP broke up when B. was about 15. But he kept living in the house. I have NO doubt as to why.

    That's a really good article, going into the broader issues of why mothers murder their children, as well info on the family.
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  15. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    The word 'sociopath' is getting bounced around a lot in commentary of this case all over the net, but I actually highly doubt Brittany is a sociopath.

    I have no doubt she's got some severe mental & emotional illness, but there's been nothing I can see in her that points to sociopathy. Her "flat" affect is probably, IMO, a result of her chronic depression & whatever emotional disconnect has been caused by a lifetime of neglect & very possibly long term abuse. She isn't glib at all, the way you'd expect a sociopath to be, in fact she's the opposite of that.

    I think she's the product of socopaths, rather than one herself. But that's just my opinion.
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  16. StandByMe

    StandByMe Unknown Member

    So many failures with this case. Parents failed. The system failed. Three dead little boys. Not a man in the picture was stand up.
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  17. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    It is VERY interesting to me that while I listened to a chapter of a John Douglas book (Law & Disorder) just yesterday, there were some quotes from a woman who'd married to man who viciously murdered a young woman and mutilated her body. She was describing the behaviour of her husband toward her, prior to the murder. It was almost exactly to the letter the same controlling behaviour this man showed toward his young wife, re isolation and keeping her in the house, etc.

    Not saying he's a killer. But there's a level of sickness about it that is frightening.
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  18. Nagatha Christie

    Nagatha Christie Well-Known Member



    "Husband of 23-year-old woman accused of suffocating their sons to get more attention is charged with sexually assaulting HER when she was a teen and 'getting her pregnant at 17'

    The indictment said Joseph Pilkington, 43, had lived in his future wife's house since she was 9 and held himself out as her father. Brittany Pilkington's mother has said she and Joseph Pilkington were in a romantic relationship and she was not bothered when he took up with her daughter instead."

    I hope they hit him with MORE charges!!
  19. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member


    Good news, indeed! Cheers for that, @Nagatha Christie .

    I had a feeling this was coming.. the prosecutor made some very clear comments about Brittany herself being victimised, which is quite unusual. I take it Pilkington saw it coming too, hence him going on the run. He knew exactly what truths would be coming out.

    Next, I'd like to see Pilkington charged for contributing to the children's deaths by denying Brittany the help she needed, and asked for.

    With a bit of luck, they can charge her POS mother, as well, for handing her child over to him like that.

    Now, I'm just hoping Brittany gets incarcerated in a secure hospital for life, and not a hardcore prison.
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  20. Nagatha Christie

    Nagatha Christie Well-Known Member

    I was really struck by the prosecutor's handling of Brittany. You could tell that he was handling the situation with care and concern so i felt there was a lot more that we had not been told that he was privy to. he described her as very cooperative and childlike.

    I remember hearing an old adage about how children who are sexually abused often become mentally/emotionally stunted at an age that coincides with about the age they were when they were being abused. I remember Brittany being described as being mentally about 14. I am so glad that they are going after this pedophile and I think they ought to go after Britt's mom as well. She allowed all of this to happen, brought this man into her home and set him up as a father/authority figure in her 9 year old daughter's life and is fine when he gets her pregnant and marries her??? WTH??

    I think he should be charged with more. Brittany wanted help and he shut that down. he knew what was going in that house and the stress she was under with young children, being pregnant 4 times and all that and he cut her off from all means of help and isolated her and emotionally beat her down. He was controlling and kept her a prisoner. I hope Britt will open up more to whoever her defense team is and spill all the ugly secrets and get the help she has been denied for so long. That baby girl needs to be removed from the custody of his relatives and be allowed to be raised in a whole different family where he will never see her again.

    I think perhaps that since Brittany is cooperative and has been victimized, imprisoned and brainwashed for so long and because there is likely more ugly details about how she was sexually abused, that there may be a plea deal. I don't the prosecutors as being hardcore in going after her. They understand that this is a badly damaged young woman.
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