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ACT ALLEN GEOFFREY REDSTON: 6 year old murdered in Curtin, ACT - 1966

Discussion in 'Australia: Cold Cases' started by Lily, May 13, 2015.

  1. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member


    Allen Redston was found dead next to a creek bed in Curtin on 28 September 1966 at the age of six. He had disappeared while waiting outside a friend’s house in Holman Street, Curtin the previous day, and was reported missing by his parents.

    His mother had sent him to buy an ice cream for himself and his brother from the local shops. After sending his brother home, he walked to a friend’s house and planned to spend the afternoon playing at the Curtin tip. Allen decided to wait outside for his friend’s house but after a short period of time left the area.

    The following day Allen’s body was found among reeds next to a creek bed in the vicinity of Dry and Service Streets, Curtin.

    Police believe his body was moved to the location after he was murdered.

    His hands and feet had been bound; and he had been wrapped in carpet, and a green and white floral dressing gown. He died of asphyxiation (strangulation).

    The dressing gown was later identified as belonging to a local resident which had been left along with other rubbish in a nearby builders' dump.

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  2. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Investigators believed they were dealing with a one-off incident until information came to them of two previous attempts to kill young boys in a similar manner.

    Both boys survived, thank goodness.

    The attacker was described as being 15 to 17 years of age with fair hair. He'd been riding a red and white bicycle with a white luggage carrier on the back.

    Attached to the carrier was a spade with a short handle.

    With the assistance of both victims, police conducted house-to-house searches for the attacker, including local schools and recreation areas but without success.

    "It was felt that the distinct possibility existed that the person responsible for the incidents involving Frank Gabriel and Andrew Brown was in all probability the same person responsible for tying up Allen Redston and his subsequent death,'' police told the Coroner.

  3. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

  4. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Derek Percy linked to Allen Redston murder mystery

    To this day the six-year-old's murder remains unsolved but the finger of blame is constantly pointed at Victoria's longest serving prisoner.

    Percy was acquitted on grounds of insanity in 1970 for the torture murder of 12-year-old Yvonne Tuohy, who was taken from Warneet Beach, southeast of Melbourne, in 1970.

    He has been detained ever since but his name has been associated with eight other murders and abductions going back to the mid-1960s, including little Allen Redston.


    One man, so many faces of evil

    ON SEPTEMBER 27, 1966, Allen Geoffrey Redston, 6, left his home in the Canberra suburb of Curtain to go to the nearby milk bar to buy an ice-cream.

    The following day his body was discovered concealed in reeds by a local creek. The body was hog-tied and had plastic wrapped around the throat.

    A police investigation found that in the days leading up to the murder, a fair-haired teenager had been forcing boys to the ground, tying them up and placing plastic over their heads in an apparent attempt to asphyxiate them.

    The identikit closely resembled Percy and the suspect was riding a distinctive red pushbike with "ram's horn" handlebars — the type Percy rode at Mount Beauty and took with him on caravan holidays.

    When Dick Knight questioned Percy in 1969, he confirmed taking a family holiday in Canberra in 1966. Police established he had a Canberra relative but have found no records to pinpoint the exact date of the holiday.

    Percy's writings detail using plastic and his plans to tie up and asphyxiate victims. Both Redston and Tuohy were tied and gagged when their bodies were found.

  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    My gosh, how could someone kill such a precious little boy? :(

    And why hasn't anyone been held accountable!!!! :mad:

    ANY TIP, LARGE OR SMALL! It's not too late! SEND IT IN!
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  6. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    He was such a cute little boy, Kimster. He reminds me of my brother, at that age, just a happy cheeky-faced little kid.

    As for possible killers... The most popular theory is that Allen was a victim of Derek Percy, the notorious pedophile killer mentioned above. However, there's several points I've found in my research of Percy and his crimes that might offer some doubt as to whether he is, indeed, responsible for this murder.:

    1. While DP is one of our most famous sadistic pedophile killers, he is certainly not the only one out there.

    2: The "green and gold tie" said in one report linked above to have been present at the murder scene may not have been there at all. I must spend time digging up the relevant links, but I've previously read that the tie was a man's tie, not a school tie, and was not made of 'coarse' fabric. I've also read that the tie from the houserobe was "knotted like a (neck)tie" in the bindings, and this was green and white. Until I pin down the truth of whether any part of Allen's bindings was a good match for DP's old school tie, I have to take that 'fact' with a grain of salt. Lots of people were very eager to see a lot of child cases solved, around the time DP was ill and dying, so it may have been over-eager reporting. I'm sure I've seen someone say the bike wasn't a good match for Percy's too, but again I must confirm this with links.

    3: Derek Percy liked to mutilate children. In the one murder for which he was incarcerated, the mutilations were extensive. In almost every other case in which he is suspected (where a body has been found), there are children mutilated, with sharp objects -- the wounds were bad enough to traumatise seasoned homicide detectives. But in Allen's case, the victim (and the other, surviving boys) were not stabbed or cut. The fetish I see being played out is specifically breath play/suffocation. The bondage may be a big part of that fetish (rolling the boys in fabrics/plastic to aid in suffocation, ligaments around the throat, etc) as well as a means of simply keeping the victim still. There was -every- opportunity for the victim to be stabbed or cut - and he wasn't. Yet in other cases where Percy is a suspect that same year (Wanda beach) and is more reliably placed in the area, there were severe mutilations present.

    4: Two previous children were let go. This is very unlike Percy.

    5. Allen wasn't raped, neither were the other 2 boys. This is VERY unlike Percy.

    And just to argue with myself a bit:

    1. DP might not be the only killer of his type out there, but he has been tentatively linked to the area.

    3: Re 'mutilation' -- DP was known to rape young kids without either killing them or inflicting mutilation. He raped a 3yo in his teen years, was found out (incident covered up by the families involved..) and there was no mention of cutting, or even binding. Perhaps there were many, many other victims we don't know about, because the crimes were never reported and there's no murder, or mutilation involved.

    4: He let that 3yo girl go.


    So I'm on the proverbial fence, here, as to whether I think DP was involved or not. The behaviour displayed is so highly fetishistic, it would be useful to spend time looking for similar attacks, not necessarily murders. If the killer was not, in fact, a serial killer but a youthful fetishist who felt compelled to play out his fetish and the death was not intentional, then I'd expect him to leave more 'tracks' behind him somewhere, of a similar ilk. Perhaps much harder to see and find.But somebody out there WILL know this man. People like that just don't stop.
  7. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Agree with you 100% in that people like this do not stop................
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  8. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Exactly right, Kimster. The fetish seem so specific... and as the several suspect people seen around the area at the time were all fairly young, I'd presume somebody with a fetish that deeply ingrained and compulsively acted on as it was, at that age, would not be inclined to drop it.

    I hope to spend some time researching about for similar attacks, non-fatal. I bet there are a few out there, somewhere...

    Just some further info on suspects, from 1966 papers:

    -- Police wanted to interview a boy aged "13-15" with blond hair and a scar over his left eye, in relation to a previous attack (note, the other boy put the age of his attacker closer to 16-17 yo).

    -- A man wearing a shirt and tie, of about "23-25" years, was seen "running frantically" near the crime scene.

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  9. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

  10. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Another possibility, and one that is both much harder to discuss in general, and generally overlooked in favour of pedophile theories, is that Allen was the victim of heinous bullying.

    I'm not sure how far I can discuss this theory here. But there is, IMO, good reason to explore it given the numerous discrepancies to be seen in the coroner's report.
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  11. neddy

    neddy Member

    Derek Percy did NOT kill Allen Redston. I believe he was picked up in Curtin and was murdered by a Yarralumla resident who, at that time, had a fetish for tying boys up. The green and gold tie was similar to the Yarralumla Primary school tie but, I believe, from a small school in NSW. The knife had been sitting on a fence for some time and the red handle was faded on one side. The glass was either from a Coca Cola bottle or a Sharpe Bros bottle (both had white writing) and had been sitting on the fence next to the knife. The carpet was mushroom coloured and one corner was cut off with this knife (to fit around a fence post). The carpet was new and had been placed in an old chookhouse/woodshed so it could be used as a cubbyhouse. The purple felt was underlay and the khaki material and purple felt underlay had been tied around the carpet when it had been stored in a shed - it was an offcut from the 'girls bedroom'. The plastic bag had been covering a curtain rod. The floral dressing gown was over the carpet and was identified by a Mrs Hogg as coming from the tip. The perpetrator was right handed and in his 30s. He met Allen at the wrestling through his neighbours (who were close friends of the Redstons - they had a blonde son the same age as Allen) . The perpetrator had three sons all older than Allen. He used to visit Pastor Job in Holman Street at least twice a week for 'redemption'. His family now have no contact with him and his ex-wife NEVER claimed he was innocent of the crime. You were hanged for murder back in 1966!
  12. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Hi @neddy and welcome to the forum... Sounds to me like you've put a lot of thought into this case... Has anyone ever gone to police with all this?

    Who was hanged for murder back in '66...?? Ronald Ryan, is the only person I can think of.
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  13. neddy

    neddy Member

    Ronald Ryan was the last person hanged for murder in Australia? The first hanged in Australia was for stealing food?
    The police have been contacted - many times.
    I have put my heart, body and soul into this. I even spent time in hospital when I realised the truth and the police stance on the matter
    Curious that a confession never made it onto the police tape a few years ago. There were also confessions to Yarralumla residents and this was recorded in a small newspaper - shocking my mother at the time.
    I recall my mother stating (after she had spoken to an ex-neighbour police officer) that "it will all be OK, they will blame someone else". This was in 1967 after the team had looked at the case again.
    The police chose to hide from me and my partner in the Winchester Centre, Belconnen. Why would they do that?
    My sister was not impressed when they turned up at her workplace when they had told her they would only contact her at home. Of course there were many questions from her work colleagues and she was made to look like a criminal .
    I hope the box of papers arrived at Redstons and just hope the truth comes out eventually.
    Derek Percy DID NOT have blonde hair in the photos I have seen and was Derek Percy ever in Canberra in September 1966?
    it was after the school holidays , very wet, windy weather when Allen was murdered
  14. neddy

    neddy Member

    I believe only the housecoat was from the tip. The other materials wrapped around Allen came from the perpetrator's own home. The tie was in his car and had been left there by a schoolfriend of his daughter. He drove a yellow and cream stationwagon and visited the Curtin tip often at that time because he moved his 'workshop/storage shed' to his new two car garage. The heavy workbench sat in the driveway for some days in the rain near the apple tree. The carpet had been in that storage shed with the purple felt underlay tied around it. His wife then used the 'workshop' as a sewing room and asked him to bring home some pieces of timber from the Curtin tip for supports for a table in the sewingroom - he never did bring home any timber, the neighbour who knew Redstons gave her some timber. The perpetrator refused to enter the shop in Curtin where Allen had bought his last ice cream telling his own children they had to go by themselves. The perpetrator may have been seen by two young brothers who lived in Yarralumla when he was 'dropping off Allen' . He made confessions to some Yarralumla residents who were perhaps confused by his erratic behaviour.
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  15. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    neddy.. please don't think I'm at all being suspicious or dismissive here, when I ask you - why would the police reject this, and avoid you, as you said? Is there a history of some kind, that would make them not believe you? Or are they flat out for no apparent reason not interested?

    If you can find just one independent person to back up to what you're saying here, a neighbour or someone who knew the same things to be true, then perhaps you could go to a journalist, or take it to the next level of police, if the locals are repeatedly not listening.
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  16. neddy

    neddy Member

    Lily, a journalist has already been involved, one neighbour came forward that I know of and gave a recorded statement giving details of being tied up and abused by the perpetrator ( in the 1960s) to the police.The perpetrator was contacted and for some reason only known to the police, the confession of the perpetrator was not recorded. The neighbour was asked for forgiveness by the perpetrator and, as a Christian, he forgave him. This is exactly what the perpetrator has always done - God has forgiven him for his sins- why can't you?

    The next level of the police? one of them, as a child, lived two houses away from the perpetrator .The perpetrator used to spend a lot of time with this police officer's mother and the perpetrator also used to enjoy watching his sister through her bedroom window in the 1960s. I can't prove this to you, and it seems no-one wants to go through their childhood nightmares , is not interested or has died.

    There is a belief that the perpetrator has dementia (without proof) . He used to brag that he had an IQ of 148 ! a genius, a 'Rainman' - smarter than most of the population with a 'different' thought process - 'Asbergers'?

    An unconvicted paedophile - does this fit in with the type of person who might have a 'tie up fetish' ?

    How many people in Canberra knew both Allen Redston and Keren Rowland?

    It is enough for me to put what I know and what I believe to be true on this website. I don't care if you are suspicious or dismissive. You questioned whether Derek Percy was Allen Redston's killer and I am trying to give you some answers. I don't seek justice.

    A lot of people doubt that Derek Percy killed Allen Redston - I know he definately did NOT kill him and hope more people, like you, question what really happened.
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  17. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    I'm very pleased that you did come here and post this information, @neddy ! If there's other suspects it's surely better they are discussed than not.

    I definitely do have my doubts about Derek Percy's involvement in this crime, so I'm really interested in alternative suspects. What a shame your information was never taken seriously enough to be at least investigated - it may well be far too late now for people to come forward and add credence to your suspect.
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  18. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    1971 article about Keren Rowland, whom I'll give a thread of her own soon. Sorry about the formatting, I can't fix it for some reason:

    Police seek

    Canberra detectivcs in
    vestigating the disappear
    ance and death of Miss
    Keren Ellen Rowland
    earlier this year are
    anxious to obtain infor
    mation about a dark
    Morris 1100 car.
    Police said yesterday
    that a car of this type had
    been seen parked in
    Parkes Way facing to
    wards Civic near Miss
    Rowland's car on the night
    she disappeared.
    Some witnesses had said
    they saw her walking to
    wards the car.
    A similar car had been
    seen driving at very high
    speed past the Canberra
    Airport towards Quean
    beyan about 10 to 15 min
    utes later.
    Anyone knowing any
    thing of the car is asked to
    telephone Detective-Ser
    geant C. Winchester or
    Detective Dau at the Can
    berra CIB.
    Miss Rowland, 20, of
    Downer, disappeared after
    her car apparently ran out
    of petrol in Parkes Way
    at about 9.30 on the night
    of February 26. Her badly
    decomposed body was
    found at the Air Disaster
    Memorial off Fairbairn
    Avenue on May 13.
    An inquest into her
    death will be held on Sep
    tember 14.
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  19. neddy

    neddy Member

    LILY said - "I definitely do have my doubts about Derek Percy's involvement in this crime, so I'm really interested in alternative suspects. What a shame your information was never taken seriously enough to be at least investigated - it may well be far too late now for people to come forward and add credence to your suspect".

    It is a shame Lily and I still cannot believe the perpetrator's ex-wife, looking me in the eye when I asked if she knew if he was guilty of Allen Redston's murder , told me to look at the 'other one' (meaning Keren Rowland) and never answered that question. I thought she may leave a note for me to open after her death... It broke my heart.

    12 years ago the police said - he was too old to prosecute, he has dementia (his sister's diagnosis??) and he refused to be interviewed

    I know some of the perpetrator's involvement with Keren Rowland but I was not living with him at that time. He used to visit Keren at the Prosser Pool (Deakin) and used to be in Garema Place on Friday nights with his Church group (some are now in High St church). He travelled home using Kings Avenue bridge to avoid the 'late night shoppers' traffic or, on some occasions, took his then girlfriend to her home in Queanbeyan.

    He had a 'smash repairs hire car' in February 1971 because his Datsun had been involved in a fatal accident in August 1970, the insurer went bankrupt and it took a long time to resolve the repairs. I don't recall the make. I have a record that I returned to live with the perpetrator, coincidentally the day Keren was found, on the 13 May 1971 and I also have a record that the perpetrator went to Inverell on 20 May 1971 which seems strange because I visited his eldest son (who had cancer) in hospital on 25 May 1971.

    The perpetrator did tell me (and some of his family) that he was at the Air Disaster Memorial 'that night' - I didn't know what he meant at the time.
  20. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

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