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ACT ALLEN GEOFFREY REDSTON: 6 year old murdered in Curtin, ACT - 1966

Discussion in 'Australia: Cold Cases' started by Lily, May 13, 2015.


    MULDER Bronze Member

    An identikit photo which was released by Police of the Suspect - 14th Oct, 1966
    Details: The youth has very fair hair, which may fall across his forehead when untidy.
    It is believed that the suspect had a scar near his left eye.

    The Canberra Time 1966
    Extract: Acting Detective Inspector Luton has appealed to the public to notify the police of any youth answering the Identi-kit portrait who may have left Canberra or arrived in another centre since September 28.
    "We particularly appeal to parents and others who may have some knowledge of the where abouts of the person we are seeking to come forward and pass on any information they may have no matier how insignificant it may seem - even if they seek legal advice before doing so."
    There have been three incidents now. "We do not want a repetition".

    Identikit photo of suspect Redston murder 1966 (2).JPG
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    Just a note in regard to some of the tone of the reporting at the time:

    The Reston Death Mystery
    Canberra Times 14th Oct 1966

    These inquiries, the circulation of an Identi-kit portrait of the wanted youth and the description of the running man have all proved fruitless.

    The complete lack of extraneous evidence at the scene, and having to rely upon the evidence of two young school children, have hampered investigations.

    Acting Detective Inspector Luton has appealed to the public to notify the police of any youth answering the Identi-kit portrait who may have left Canberra or arrived in another centre since September 28.

    "This could have been a childish game which was carried too far, and if this was the case it is quite possible that the death was not premeditated.
  3. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    One of those schoolkids remembers:

    I was in the school toilet a couple of days later when another student came in and told me the police wanted to speak to me. They believed that my brother and I had met the murderer on the day of Alan Redstone's death.

    He was a young man -perhaps 17 or 18. We met him near the creek. He had a little mirror in his hand, and told us he could hypnotise us with it. I quickly grew tired of the game, and wandered off to catch some yabbies. My four year-old brother stayed with him.

    I found out later that the guy had tied my brother up in just the same way as he had tied Alan Redstone. He didn't roll him in carpet, but he did stick him inside a plastic bag, and threw him into the creek.

    Luckily, my brother had managed to wriggle free of the ropes and the plastic bag, and to escape from the water in time.

    He was considered too young to make a statement to police, but I went to the police station and they took a statement and we made up an identikit picture of the suspect. Another boy who lived up the road had also seen the young man with the mirror. We went to the high schools in Canberra and walked along the ranks of older boys, trying to identify the murderer, but could not.

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    Lily, you might have to copy and paste the text into an A4 Word - which sorts out most of the formatting on these articles. And then post.
    i had trouble too
    On the left hand side of the paper beside the box of text there is a download button - press that and the text is basically normal except for a few things you might have to fix.
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    jeeez!! That poor little boy!!
    It may have been what this paper was saying - but the little boy was 4-years-old, Im sure he did the best he could to describe the man for his age ... and the shock he must have endured..


    MULDER Bronze Member

    There was a timeline printed ... I did edit some of the formatting and bolded the times...

    Canberra Times
    Friday 14 October 1966

    Tuesday, September 27
    The dismissal bell rang in the South Curtin Primary School and Alan Redston and a friend made their way home.
    Alan's companion was fair- haired and slightly smaller. The two made their way along Theodore Street toward the Curtin shop.
    Alan was wearing a yellow T-shirt, green jersey and brown checked trousers and plastic sandals. His light blond hair was combed across his head with a part on the right.
    Found 2c
    Near the shop, Alan stooped and picked up a 2c piece. He showed his find to his friend, who gave Alan another 2c coin.

    3.10pm: The two entered the shop and bought ice-blocks. Then they walked down a path on the right of the shop which connects Theodore Street with Macalister Crescent.

    3.20pm: Still eating their iceblocks, Alan and his friend crossed Macalister Crescent to the Redston home.
    Inside, Alan's mother gave him 4c and asked him to take his four-year-old brother Peter back to the shop for an ice-block.

    3.25pm: Alan left with his brother, but instead of taking him to the shop, let him go alone. Alan and his friend turned south along Macalister Crescent.
    The two boys were seen by Mrs S. Gibbons, a neighbour of the Redstons.

    3-30pm: Mrs Gibbons asked Alan if he was allowed to accom-pany his friend. She was told he was. She last saw the two as they turned left from Macalister Crescent into Holman Street.
    As they walked the two talked about where to play. They decided to join other children playing cm the Curtin tip.

    3.40pm: Entering Service Street, off Holman Street and about 300 yards from the tip, Alan's friend went into his home to change, leaving the bigger boy outside. When he came out, Alan had disappeared.

    4.30pm: A child answering Alan's description was seen by a woman shopper standing outside the Hughes Library. This report was received by Canberra CIB yesterday. The library is about half a mile from where Alan left his friend.

    Between 4pm and 5.30pm a blond-haired youth riding a red bicycle was seen at the tip and a young man was seen running away from the tip area along Marrawah Street, Lyons.
    Both these people are wanted for questioning by the Canberra CIB.

    3.40pm: when Peter Redston returned home with his ice-block, few fears were held for Alan's safety.
    However, when about 5.30pm he had not come home for tea, his seven-year-old sister Anne went to look for him. She failed to find him and the family had their evening meal at 6pm.

    6.20pm Alan's father, Mr Brian Redston, went to search for his son.

    6.45pm: after checking streets in the immediate vicinity of Macalister Crescent, Mr Redston reported to the police that his son was missing.
    Police and civilians joined forces under Senior Constable R. Kennedy and began searching the area and making house-to-house inquiries.
    Mrs Gibbons told searchers she had seen the boy walking towards the tip, and as darkness closed in, the police and volunteers began combing the area.
    The hunt for Alan continued throughout the night, the searchers probing the darkness of the tip area near Yamba homestead with torches.

    Wednesday, September 28
    Alan's body was found among long reeds in the creek bed by a German shepherd dog and his civilian handler.
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  7. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    The 4yo was his little brother, the writer was a bit older so his memory was probably more reliable. Interesting that other kids saw the boy with the mirror.. a youthful predator?

    Cheers for the timeline!
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  8. neddy

    neddy Member

    there is another description of 'boys at Curtin tip' I have read. One of them was in school uniform with dark hair. I believe this may have been my brother who used to ride to the Curtin tip. A 'mean' blonde boy stole a shovel from my brother which belonged to me. He refused to return it to him.
    My brother recalled that he was in the 'line up' at Telopea Park High school before his death 6 years ago.
    A woman with dark hair, along with a very upset blonde woman questioned me at school about my brothers and where I lived just after Allen's death - I don't know why.
    The hypnotism 'thing' was, I believe, because of James Bond. The perpetrator was amused by this game and liked other 'ideas' from movies.
    The German shepherd handler taught my mother, eldest brother and our neighbour (Redston's friends) to drive.
    The neighbour told me she showed the Canberra Times article to my mother on the morning he was still missing (28/6/1966).
    My mother said she remembered nothing at all about Allen - figure that one out!
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  9. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    :welcome: @neddy!
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  10. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    This person? @neddy

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  11. neddy

    neddy Member

    The neighbour told me she, Mum and my brother were taught to drive (in 1965/66?) by the man who found Allen so I'm not absolutely positive it was Mr Sadewater. I guess that's who she meant - the name she used was something German ? he owned a driving school, lived 2? houses away from Redstons - they used to play cards together.

    As I have already said the neighbours were friends with Redstons and had a son the same age with blonde hair. I believe I saw Allen on one occasion through the fence palings playing with their son and again one afternoon with the perpetrator. My mother had asked me - ' do you know who the blonde boy is with .....?'
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  12. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Thats interesting... The papers have mentioned this person in the picture as finding Alen, but I wonder if there is any other publication who said a different person found him (namewise) and if they mention another name.
    Will keep this in mind as I follow my research.
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  13. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Coroner's Report:


    Evidence includes a report by the man who wrote the article above, about how his little brother was tied up by the creek. He was 7 at the time. He reported a blond boy in a white shirt or jumper.

    Also, another victim who gives two different descriptions of his attacker, one in September and one in October. His first description is of a boy with dark curly hair and dark-ish skin, which doesn't tally with descriptions given by him later in October, and by other witnesses present who recall a blond boy.

    The identikit picture (I read in a report somewhere, can't find the link right now) was pronounced useless by police, due to these conflicting stories.
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  14. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Wow! Such a response from Police.
    I wonder if they released another IDK pic?
  15. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    The comment about the identikit was actually in the coroner's report! Bottom of page 28: "not a true and accurate identikit" due to the victims' 'temder years" and Frank Gabriel's changing descriptions.
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  16. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Gerhardt Heinz Val Lier? He's mentioned in the coroner's report as as one of the men who discovered the body. He was a driving instructor.
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  17. neddy

    neddy Member

    Canberra was a small community - there were a lot of people searching for Allen and people had already been in the area where he was found.
    The person I mentioned was with Mr Sadewater? I will try to find/recall his name.

    I contacted the neighbour - FB, to ask if her sons had been sexually assaulted by the perpetrator.
    I knew some the perpetrator had 'liked' and was looking for answers /proof of innocence that I was not getting from the perpetrator, my mother or anyone else.
    FB didn't know of a specific incident but recalled to me her association with Redstons, looking at the newspaper with my mother and more.

    FB's son contacted the Canberra police and gave them a taped interview in relation to being assaulted and tied up by the perpetrator. He also spoke to the perpetrator on the telephone.

    As reported I acknowledge there were tying up assaults of boys at the Curtin tip - possibly copied from the perpetrator (a man in his 30s). He liked going to the tip.

    Also the manner in which Allen was tied was not like 'cowboys and indians' - it was in a specific manner and caused the victim to asphyxiate themselves - copied from a movie??

    My mother believed the perpetrator bled the brake fluid from the car before she drove it on a few occasions (around the time she was asking questions about the carpet and Allen) - this was in a movie.

    There have been no pleas of innocence from the perpetrator or my mother when asked questions about Allen...
  18. neddy

    neddy Member

    Yes, that's who FB was talking about.
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  19. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Re the "mushroom carpet" and housecoat..

    In the report, it's mentioned that a local man by name of "Cann" came forward to police, stating that on the 20th and 25th of September he'd seen a plastic-wrapped bundle of carpet and cloth that resembled the housecoat, in the vicinity of the tip (Holman St disposal area? About 500 feet from where Allen was found?).

    Allen was killed on the 27th. Fibre evidence from the carpet and khaki cloth was found leading from the tip site described by Mr. Cann, toward the creek where Allen's body was found. There were also drag marks indicating that the body may have been dragged to the creek.

    The housecoat belonged to a Mrs. Hogg, who said this had been taken to the dump by another local, a Mr. Coggin, in August that year. The belt to the housecoat was found at the tip site mentioned Mr. Cann. It seems likely that Mr. Coggin made a tip run and did his neighbour a favour by taking some of her rubbish too. It's likely the carpet belonged to Mr. Coggin or some other neighbour, and was bundled with the housecoat and plastic by Mr. Coggin and taken to the tip.

    So it seems the bundle of rubbish containing the housecoat and carpet had been sitting at the tip for at least a week and possibly as far back as August.

    Materials from this bundle were used to bind and wrap Allen at the tip, before the perp dragged him down to the creek and put him in the water face-first.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2016
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  20. neddy

    neddy Member

    Like I said I don't believe the carpet came from the tip - it was new and an off-cut with one corner cut off by my mother so that my young cousin wouldn't keep pulling it up from the fence post in my cubby house. As I said the purple felt was underlay strips tied around the carpet when it was taken from the shed before it was put in the cubbyhouse. There was also khaki material around the carpet but it didn't interest me much. The purple felt ties I was going to make into dolls clothes and it disappeared at the same time as the carpet and there has never been a conclusive answer as to what happened to this.

    The perpetrator put his hands around my throat until I couldn't breathe when I asked what had happened to the carpet and said not to ask again. I was too scared to ask again until 12 years ago - I still got no conclusive answer and he has never contacted me again...

    The housecoat was probably at the tip.
    I think Mr Cann was known to my mother and the perpetrator and worked at the Grammar school.
    Mr Coggin was the local baker?? Mrs Hogg's son was the boyfriend of a neighbour three houses away? - Canberra was small!

    The media has always stated that 'the young boy on a bike' moved Allen. I have always wondered how it was possible ...
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