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ACT ALLEN GEOFFREY REDSTON: 6 year old murdered in Curtin, ACT - 1966

Discussion in 'Australia: Cold Cases' started by Lily, May 13, 2015.

  1. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I really don't understand why the police wouldn't listen to you.
    He was said to be a taller boy, about 17... a think a boy that age could have dragged the bundled-up body to the water, it was less than 500 metres from the tip? Also they found drag marks and fibres along those suggesting the body had been dragged rather than lifted.

    From the coroner's report evidence, it looks like Allen was wrapped up at the dump site, with materials that had been sitting there at least a week -- though several boys reported seeing him take baling twine/rope from his pockets so he might have brought that with him.

    No mention of the mirror in the report.. I wonder if that's a detail the police kept back, but the witness has revealed it.

    -- If the perp was NOT this tall blond teenager, do you think all these kids were compelled by someone to lie? If so, how would he achieve that and then keep then all quiet about it even now?

    One victim gave a very contrary description of the attacker, and then changed to the one all the other boys described. I have wondered how he mixed up "dark wavy" hair and dark skin with somebody much fairer, and whether he was pressured into changing his description. Or maybe there was more than one boy playing this dangerous 'game'...

    I still won't count out heinous bullying (by someone with an obsession for bindings) or a burgeoning sex offender who had the fantasy but not yet the compulsion to rape... because none of the boys was sexually interfered with or stripped. Allen was fully clothed and still had his hankie tucked into his sleeve.

    I'm thinking of the considerable time it would it take to complete the over-done bindings described in the report and asking myself why a child rapist would NOT use that time to rape.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2016
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  2. neddy

    neddy Member

    The Canberra Times 5 October 1966 page 1 - 'Police seek woman'
    I believe this woman was my mother.
    I recall being told one night to stay in the kitchen with my brother (and young cousin?) while my mother made a telephone call.
    She closed the door and was 'secretive' - being the person I am I tried to listen and got into trouble for being near the door.
    I always wondered what this was about as she did not use the telephone much and wondered about the timing of the call.
    The perpetrator told me he did overtime on Tuesday nights - something to do with tariffs? on margarine?
    He was not doing overtime the afternoon Allen was killed as he was on holidays - supposed to be doing some cleaning up at home to do with the new garage.

    My mother asked the perpetrator over and over again about the carpet. She finally got an answer.

    I was at the backdoor, they were in the garage. It was Saturday?? I was told to stay there. There was some yelling about the carpet - 'we were just playing a game' - his answer. Hers - 'you shouldn't have used the carpet'.

    She came past me and my brother, headed to the bedroom in tears and stayed there for hours sobbing...

    Her sister, when asked if she knew anything - 'it's hard for someone to believe that the person they loved so much could do something so bad'
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  3. neddy

    neddy Member

    There was a suggestion from FB's son that the 'blonde haired boy' lived in Curtin and had an alibi from his christian father for his whereabouts when the previous events occurred - I don't know about this .

    The police did 'doorknocking'.
    We would have, conveniently , been at church, Saturday and Sunday, Tuesday - overtime, Wednesday? (young peoples) night, Friday night singing in Garema place.

    I do recall going to Holman St (Sunday - after church?) and my mother being very surprised as to where the police tape was and how close it was to the pastor's house.
    The pastor's son knew a lot about what was going on - it was visible from outside their home.
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  4. neddy

    neddy Member

    All these kids were not compelled by someone to lie. The 'game' was probably by more than one person.
    There were a lot of boys who liked to play at the dump. They went there straight after school .
    You could catch yabbies, find lots of timber for building, ride a bike over obstacles, lots of things...

    The perpetrator was very good at 'mind games', threats and control. He was 'the adult'.
    I went with him (once?) to the Curtin dump. He insisted I stay in the car while he talked with some boys.

    Very young victims are unable to verbalise their abuse - 'we go oopa, ti, oops' - my earliest description of abuse.
    I hated any suggestion of getting into the backseat of the Buick! Safe with family members - not with him.
    He did not rape girls, he could be caught out then.

    He used his authority - you are bad, uncontrollable, no-one will believe you. Anything he could to reverse the situation, including contact the police.

    Perhaps the compulsion to rape came when he felt he had full control and knew the child would not reveal 'the secret'.

    I'm not very good at 'secret games' so he moved on...

    He met Allen at the wrestling, perhaps talked to him over the fence a couple of times.
    I believe he picked Allen up in Curtin and took him to Yarralumla with the excuse of playing with his son.
    They were looking at the lathe on the workbench in the garage when I saw them - a small blonde boy, the perpetrator and my little brother.
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  5. neddy

    neddy Member

    It was the perpetrator -(DN)'s birthday yesterday - 11 October.
    I have his original birth and marriage certificates.
    Also his parent's original handwritten marriage certificate from 1926.

    The carpet identified by Mr Cann - it was wrapped in plastic? with the housecoat? readily visible?
    How were they 100% sure it was indeed the same carpet?
    There would have been lots of carpet offcuts as it was a builders' dump.

    His identification has led to total disbelief of anything I say .
    A forensic expert looked at it and couldn't get DNA?
    if it has DNs, mine, my mother's or my cousins DNA ...
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  6. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Not so, on my own behalf anyway. I don't believe or disbelieve, as such, I'm just just taking all information into account as I ponder this crime without buying into one scenario or another just yet.

    Good point about the DNA. Perhaps it could be tested now, and that sort of evidence could go a long away to proving your case. Could a lawyer present this request to police? A simple test could open the door to solving the case... or at least prove where the carpet did or didn't come from.
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  7. neddy

    neddy Member

    Lily - "Good point about the DNA. Perhaps it could be tested now, and that sort of evidence could go a long away to proving your case. Could a lawyer present this request to police? A simple test could open the door to solving the case... or at least prove where the carpet did or didn't come from."

    Well, I am pondering.... I have heard so many different versions of what has happened to the carpet
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  8. neddy

    neddy Member

    I have been over and over my memories of when we put the carpet in the cubbyhouse.

    My mother waited until the end of the school holidays because she was 'babysitting' two boys from our street whose mother worked at David Jones.
    The reason for waiting until the end of the holidays was that she would not be looking after them again in the Christmas holidays and they could open the doors - we had higher than normal handles.
    They could open the back/laundry door - they were tall enough to reach, and they could open the latch on the cubbyhouse door - they could reach over.

    The other two children my mother looked after were my cousin (aged 18 months) and Suzy T (aged 4?)who lived across the road with her policeman father, secretary mother, sister and brother.
    We, my mother, cousin and I took the carpet out of the storage shed and took it up the backyard where my mother laid it over the sawhorse and undid the purple felt ties, she left them on the sawhorse.
    We put the carpet in the cubbyhouse and we all sat down on it. My cousin rolled on it and began pulling at the corner that was against the fence post. (The cubbyhouse was built against the adjoining fence) Mum got the knife that was on the fence railing and cut the corner off so it would sit flat on the ground.
    I'm not positive whether my little brother joined us - he may have after my mother left - it was a small space.
    I later put some of my things in there and made sure the half-door was latched to keep Suzy and my cousin out.

    It rained and was cold.
    The next time I came to use the cubbyhouse (after school) the door was latched closed When I looked over the door I was horrified to find that Suzy had used my green dolls bathtub as a potty in the cubbyhouse, the carpet had disappeared and the bottles on the fence had fallen down and were broken against the concrete post. The felt ties and the knife were also missing.

    I went and told my mother. She checked with Suzy who said the door had been open. We also tried to get Suzy to open the latch on the door and she couldn't open it.

    I asked my brothers and sister if they knew where it had gone to - no, they didn't know. I went to the neighbours three houses away to ask if they knew anything about the carpet - nothing, waited for my eldest brother to come home to ask him if he knew anything about it - he knew nothing, didn't even know there was carpet in the cubbyhouse.
    We waited for my father to come home and I asked him if he had taken the carpet from the cubbyhouse - he refused to answer.
    Later I got the answer I told you - he choked me.

    As you can see DN had the trust of police, parents and even the houseparents of Barnardos - he used to visit there regularly.

    Pay for a lawyer so the police will , maybe, get a test done? on a carpet that is pristine/very bad condition/ can't be located/in pieces/been wet - no DNA can be extracted/is not in the police archives with the other things.....

    I know DN was the person responsible for Allen's death - I know it definatelywasn't Derek Percy.
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  9. neddy

    neddy Member

    In 1965 there was an assault in the drain in Yarralumla on Susan G.
    Charges were laid against DN and possibly someone else who lived in Schlich St.
    I was away at Stewart House when the assault(s?) happened.

    I believe my brother knew/saw enough to be a witness against DN and ?

    I witnessed DN and a tall dark haired man push my younger brother to the ground at the oval near the lake and proceed to kick and abuse him.
    We were coming back from Weston Park.
    My friend and I ran to his aid, yelling at them to leave him alone. DN left very quickly (in his car?) and knew he had been recognised.
    The other man we followed to his home near the busstop in Schlich St.
    The charges did not proceed because my brother did not give evidence.
    My mother also threatened him not to give evidence?

    He has lived with the guilt that he was not brave enough to stand up and give evidence against DN at that time for a person he knew and liked in his class at school .
    It may have stopped DN....
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  10. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    How brilliant of you to remember everything so clearly! Are DNA labs readily available in Australia?
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  11. neddy

    neddy Member

    Why does a lawyer have to present a request to the police to do a DNA test in Australia?
    I'm sure testing could be done. I have had genetic testing done in Australia in the past.
  12. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Was this a sexual assault? How old was the victim?
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  13. neddy

    neddy Member

    As far as I know it was a sexual assault. The victim would have been 7-8 years old. There were reports in the Canberra Times .
  14. neddy

    neddy Member

    Looking at the Canberra Times from 10/10/1966 - 'no fresh lead on killing' there was also a story about a fund-raising marathon for the Baptist Church on Saturday 8/10/1966. My sister was in the marathon. I recall waiting for her to return at the Baptist Church (it was very cold and almost dark). I was very angry with DN (about the carpet) and refused to stand anywhere near him or to speak to him. As I said we were not home for the police house to house inquiries.
    This was the day of Allen's funeral??
    I recall going past the church near Telopea Park High very, very slowly and was confused as to why we were taking a different route than normal.
    DN told my brother and I that it was 'that boy's funeral'.
    I had no idea who he meant at the time. I also didn't know then that my brother took it as a threat.
  15. neddy

    neddy Member

    I believe my mother and I witnessed DN putting Allen into the back of our Vanguard stationwagon but did not realise at the time.
    I recall her asking - 'what is DN doing now? She was looking through the venetian blinds to the driveway. DN had backed the car right up to the new garage and had had trouble opening the tilt-a-door because he had backed the car too close. He moved the car forward and attempted to open the door again, he opened the tilt-a-door, but only part way , against the car, and struggled, bringing something awkward and heavy through the door, then proceeded to load it into the back of the stationwagon. It was hard to see exactly what he was doing because it was dark. She was annoyed with DN because he had not come inside to have dinner with us - not unusual though, his meals often sat on top of a pot of boiling water for hours.
    At the time she remarked that he must have decided to finally get rid of the motor that had been sitting behind the cubbyhouse and wondered why he hadn't asked one of the boys to help him with it.
    The car wasn't visible in the driveway when I saw the blonde boy with DN in the garage - it must have been outside the gate so it could be used again that day.
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  16. neddy

    neddy Member

    I have just read 'one man, so many faces of evil'. I never bothered before because I do not believe he was the perpetrator.
    There is mention of Derek Percy using a pocket-knife and stabbing himself with it and his reaction. It seems he did not mind the sight of blood.
    DN did not like the sight of blood - he often had nosebleeds and dripped blood all over the carpets in a panic. He did not like killing the chickens either, but was fascinated by other people's pain.
    The knife found in Yarralumla Creek was NOT a pocketknife like Derek Percys. It did not fold up. It was more like a fishing knife and I can recall when it was found by FB's youngest son when he was climbing along the railing of the adjoining fence next to their garage. A very small space. He found the knife on the top rail and brought it around to his father who was in our backyard. We all passed the knife to each other and remarked on how long it must have been sitting on the fence because of how faded the handle was on one side and we surmised that it must have belonged to the previous owners who were not allowed to stay in Australia under the 'White Australia Policy' - they were chinese.
    FB's 6 year old son wanted to keep the knife because of 'finders/ keepers'.
    This dilemma was solved by my mother by claiming the knife and placing it on the other adjoining fence (in the cubbyhouse) where it remained until its disappearance at the same time as the carpet.
    I didn't know where she had put the knife until she got it to cut the corner of the carpet.
    Was it that same day??? it was when the neighbours were in the backyard , DN was fiddling with a piece of thick rope, trying out something.
    FB's husband asked what he was doing and he said he was trying to work out how to tie a 'hangman's noose'.
    FB's husband showed him how it was done and stressed the dangers in tying a rope in that manner....
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  17. neddy

    neddy Member

    In this message I omitted the fact that when we (my mother, younger brother and I) looked for the carpet, purple felt ties and knife the rusty motor was still sitting in exactly the same place next to the fence behind the cubbyhouse. The bottles had fallen down off the fence railing and one, or two? had broken and pieces were both inside and outside the cubbyhouse. There were dry walnut and pear leaves on the dirt area under the saw horse outside the cubbyhouse door.

    My middle brother and father were forced by my mother to pull down that cubbyhouse in the Christmas holidays.
    They built another one for me that was in full view from the windows of the house, including kitchen. It had no covered-in walls - so my mother could see exactly what was going on in there. My brother always wondered why they did all that work when the other cubbyhouse was still good and solid.

    I hated that new cubbyhouse. There was no fun in a house without walls.
    I only used it because my brother had worked so hard on it.
    I sat in it often crying, eating peppermint chocolate I had bought with my pocketmoney.
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  18. neddy

    neddy Member

    I have searched the online Canberra Times for that period - nothing.
    I know I have read those articles - there were two. Have the police , or someone else, made sure they are not available?
    I read them , back in the day, and in 2004.
    Some of the other articles I have are not available on line any more either.
  19. neddy

    neddy Member

    BRCA2 NM 000059.2 18
    missense substitutionof aspartic acid to histidine;NP 000050.1:p.Asp2723His
    One of them has this DNA gene fault.
  20. Macalister

    Macalister New Member

    Neddy, I grew up in the same street as Allen, not far from his house. I was about a year old when Allen went missing. I had frequently heard rumors and stories of what had happened to him over the years.
    When I was about four or five years old, myself and older sibling were on our way to the local shop, when we were approached by a man in a car. He said that he knew our father and insisted that we get into his car. We didnt think twice and bolted home. We didnt know this person, but because of what had happened to Allen there was no way we were getting into that car. I still remeber the type of car that it was and have often wondered if this person was connected to the death of Allen.
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