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NSW ALOIS REZ: Missing from Dubbo, NSW - 28 July 2013 - Age 33 *ARRESTS*

Discussion in 'Australia: Missing & Unidentified' started by MarlyWings, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    This looks to be the original missing person report for Alois Rez....

    NSW Police Force

    August 6, 2013 ·

    Have you seen Alois Rez?

    Police and the family of a missing 33-year-old Dubbo man are appealing for help to locate him.

    Orana LAC - NSW Police Force Detectives are investigating the disappearance of 33-year-old Alois Rez. ...

    Alois was last seen during the evening of Sunday 28 July 2013 at his Alfred Street, Dubbo address.

    Police believe Alois' disappearance was out of character and investigators hold grave concerns for his well-being.

    Alois is described as being of Caucausian appearance 180cm tall, of solid build, a shaved head and has numerous tattoos on his arms.

    Investigators are also interested in speaking to anyone who may have seen anything out of the ordinary near Alfred Street, Dubbo, late Sunday night 28 July or early the following day.


    Police are urging anyone with information about these incidents to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online https://crimestoppers.com.au/


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  2. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Pair charged with murder of Dubbo's Alois Rez

    Aug. 12, 2013

    Two people charged with the murder of Dubbo man Alois Rez will appear in court today as police seek information about a distinctive vehicle.

    Detectives believe the black Great Wall station wagon is important to their continuing homicide investigation.

    Yesterday they appealed to the public to report any recollection of the car in the week from July 28, when Mr Rez was last seen at his Alfred Street home.

    "The vehicle is a Great Wall station wagon, black in colour with a tow ball, silver roof rack, fog lights, and yellow and black number plates," Detective Sergeant Scott Baker said.

    The accused were both formally refused bail and remanded in custody to reappear at Dubbo Local Court today.

    Detectives and an earthmoving contractor had been deployed at a rural property on the outskirts of Dubbo on Friday as police expressed fears Mr Rez, 33, had "met with foul play

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  3. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Sex and lies: court told Alois Rez was victim of love triangle

    Oct. 11, 2013

    STRIKE force detectives allege a love triangle led to the murder of Dubbo man Alois Rez.

    The 33-year-old father of four was last seen at his Alfred Street home at 10.30pm on July 28. He was reported missing on August 1.

    Police are convinced Mr Rez met with foul play and continue to search for his body at locations in and around Dubbo and as far away as Nyngan.

    Hundreds of exhibits seized by police are undergoing forensic and ballistic testing as Mr Rez’s defacto Sarah Renea Tarrant and her alleged lover, family friend Raymond Isaac Roff, remain in jail on murder charges.

    Tarrant, 24, and Roff, 51, were arrested at separate locations in Dubbo on August 9.

    Police facts tendered to the court outlined grisly allegations about the death of Mr Rez and the struggle the co-accused are alleged to have experienced as they loaded his lifeless body into the back of Roff’s Great Wall four-wheel-drive.

    Police facts described the case against Roff and Tarrant as overwhelming, based on direct and circumstantial evidence and admissions allegedly made by Tarrant.

    Police said Roff has denied murder allegations despite numerous alleged “lies and mistruths told and ascertained”.

    The court heard Mr Rez and Tarrant had been in a nine-year relationship.

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  4. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Police locate ‘significant items" in river search for missing man

    “ITEMS of significance” – believed to have been used in the alleged murder of Dubbo man Alois Rez (pictured right) – have been located in the Macquarie River near the city, police say.

    The unspecified finds follow the ongoing search of the river by police divers and the PolAir helicopter.

    Mr Rez, aged 33, was reported missing from his Alfred St, Dubbo, home on August 2.

    His body has not been located and the search has been extended to the Troy Bridge-Macquarie River area, utilising PolAir and police divers.

    Raymond Isaac Roff, 51, and Sarah Renea Tarrant, 24, are charged with the murder of Mr Rez.

    Roff is also charged with possessing an unauthorised firearm and not keeping a firearm safely.

    Both are in custody and are due to appear by audiovisual link in Dubbo Local Court on October 9.

    Detectives attached to Strike Force Cornelius say they’re now extending their appeal for information from anyone who may have information about Mr Rez’s disappearance and alleged killing.


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  5. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Roff and Tarrant set to face Supreme Court accused of murder

    Dec. 20, 2014

    A woman who had a sexual relationship with Alois Rez has told Dubbo Local Court the pair had been discussing a future together in the weeks before his disappearance, which included him leaving his partner in Dubbo.

    Amanda Jaye Vine was giving evidence at a committal hearing for Rez’s partner Sarah Renea Tarrant and her alleged lover Raymond Isaac Roff, 52, who are accused of killing Rez.

    The father-of-six went missing from Alfred Street in Dubbo, in July 2013 and police believe he was murdered.

    His body has not been found.

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  6. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Murder accused return to court

    April 1, 2015,

    A person charged with murdering Dubbo man Alois Rez has been locked up for at least another month.

    51-year-old Raymond Isaac Roff and 24-year-old Sarah Renae Tarrant both appeared briefly in the Supreme Court in Sydney today, charged with Rez's murder.

    Roff will remain behind bars until his next court appearance in May.

    Tarrant is still on conditional bail and will also appear before court next month.

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  7. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    I'm going through some of the older reports. One report mentioned the trial was to take place last year but there doesn't seem to be anything further on it.

    SueMa do you know if the trial was delayed/postponed for some reason??
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  8. SueMa

    SueMa New Member

    We know the defence constantly asked for more time to gather evidence... Statements from witnesses... The female charged was at first sent to gaol.. She was pregnant at the time (unknown father).. She was released on bail due to Bub at risk in gaol... But we are now going to Supreme Court Sydney.. 21/03/2016..
    Regards SueMa... Thanks for the chance to talk... It is appreciated.
  9. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    You're welcome SueMa!

    The court cases are such a long drawn out process at the best of times without defence trying to delay it even further.

    Seems to be quite a few reports about the committal hearing back in 2014 so I'm sure there'll be media releases once the trial finally gets underway. I'll keep a look out for them and post in this thread.
  10. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    :welcome: @SueMa ! Glad to meet you. I'm sorry it's under these circumstances.
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  11. GarAndMo49

    GarAndMo49 Not A Sheeple

    So sorry @SueMa...please feel free to talk/vent as much as you need to. Love & hugs to you and yours.
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  12. SueMa

    SueMa New Member

    That is so nice of you.. Thanks.
    There is a lot of pain out there....
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  13. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Hi SueMa and a very warm welcome to you. I assume you were close to Alois.. and if so, I am very sorry for your loss. At least there's some suspects going through court, not really making up for the loss of Alois but it's something.

    I understand that it may be hard to talk much about the case in detail because it's still active and in court. But there's good people here to tzlk to, about whatever you can talk about freely.

    Was that Alois' dog in the picture up there? It looks just like an English bully I had years ago, I'm very fond of them myself.
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  14. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member


    I'm so sorry.
  15. well this case is all but over now Both where convicted, Sarah Renea Tarrant was found guilty of manslaughter because of her Dr's reports stating she suffered from depression in her relationship probably due to the fact the relationship was a TOXIC one full of violence and infidelity Alois most certainly is the victim in the last event of his life but certainly was no victim in that relationship,well at least not til the end that is. Raymond Roff was found guilty of the murder of alois rez and now awaits sentencing he was no great man he was a violent and quite the Bastard to all, his wife of 33yrs died less then 12 months prior to this murder so I find the jury to be a bit of a joke he would have more reason to be suffering depression then sarah ever had. she should of been found guilty of murder not manslaughter you can not accidently manipulate a grieving man to kill for you is just impossible that shows intention so that is straight up murder I look forward to sentencing of these two pieces of scum however it will not be justice as one of his murders has not been found guilty of the right charge my I pray everynight my Dad will give the Rez family the closure they deserve now the trial is over and just tell them where he is so they can put their loved one to rest with some dignity
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  16. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Hi melissa morado and welcome to CrimeWatchers!

    Thanks for the info!

    Wow I can't believe the trial is over and done already! On a quick search there seems to be nothing about it in media which is very strange as the case had quite a lot of coverage earlier. I'll look further tomorrow and post any reports if I come across them.

    It does seem weird Raymond Roff was found guilty of murder but Sarah Tarrant only manslaughter when it seems she instigated the murder in the first place.
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  17. I guess at end of the day the courts sympathies ultimately resided with sarah and in a way I agree she was a child when Alois made her a mother she was 24 at time of his death with four children to alois they had a nine year relationship at the time of his death Alois was 33yrs old meaning he was a 24 yro man who began a sexual relationship with a 15 yro girl that in itself would have caused massive damage to her especially when it all started to fall apart or when it became violent while she grew to be manipulative she probably learned such behaviours from being exposed to a crim for so long so I guess maybe the jury felt sympathy for the life she had with him I cant blame them for that but at end of the day no matter how she learned the behaviours they are now second nature to her so she is now equally a predator as the man she ordered dead
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  18. Re media coverage- this case got no coverage after it left Dubbo's Court system and moved to the supreme court of, possibly because far more high profile cases where being heard at the same time.
  19. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    I'm still checking but it's just so odd there's nothing at all in media. I would have thought there'd be even a short paragraph in Dubbo media about it.

    Just been looking through Supreme Court judgements. By coincidence there was another female with surname Tarrant, sentenced to 16yrs for murder in Katoomba back in 2001. Wonder if she's any relation to Sarah.

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  20. I have been in contact with the sydney supreme court and no judgement has been released on case law as yet but it will be, I am not surprised is no media coverage and frankly for sake the children I am very glad this to be the case. It is just some reading to others and a morbid curiosity to know details no one needs to know however lucky for the grandchildren of raymond roff and the children of alois rez the media where not interested in this murder at all that sounds horrible but the fact is he was not someone easy to feel sorry for I guess the media found the more they reported the less sympathy the public would of felt for the victim
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