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SC ANNETTE SAGERS: Missing from Mount Holly, SC - 4 Oct 1998 - Age 11

Discussion in 'Missing 1990 to 1999' started by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. RedRose

    RedRose Well-Known Member

    I'm stupefied. Tyese Renee Sellers: I'm feeling very sad for this young lady. There is not one picture of her anywhere that I have searched, and searched I did, and then some more. There are no newspaper articles on her missing. Even NAMUS does not have a picture of her. Nothing about how she disappeared, where, under what circumstances, what time she disappeared. what her job was, if she had one. NAMUS does have DNA on file for her. It's either her DNA or Familiar.
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  2. RedRose

    RedRose Well-Known Member

    I am not a person to be disparaging about a victim. But I do take a close look at the victims personality/character/traits. And I always do children because they are innocent. But this case has a mother and child missing, almost one year apart, so I did take a hard look at the mother's personality. Korrina was a very good looking woman and sexy. She kept a clean, non- descript (sp, it is late) home, all browns and beige's. Simple, no clutter, no family pics hanging about. She lived in a rural area, and did not seem to be a rural person. She kept in constant touch with her family and told them what was going on in the home. She was feisty, as in she hit her husband in the head with a frying pan (cast?) and knocked him out cold a few days before she disappeared. Which means there was abuse on both sides, husband and wife. Chaos in the family. Korrina worked in a Convenience Store in Summerville. People came in and out of that store buying whatever. Did Korrina meet a man who came in for cigarettes and an affair started? As per the above I can see this happening. And if a woman is desperate enough to get out of a marriage and leave with the man she is having an affair with would she plot and plan? Would she change her hairstyle, the colour of her hair and the way she dressed? Would she stage the car, being found the way it was found, as revenge against an abusive husband? And hide out in a Motel/trailer park until things cooled down? Did she, unknowingly, leave with the wrong type of man who was the cause of her eventual demise?

    MULDER Bronze Member

    I would wonder then why, if she had returned for Annette, that she didn't take the boys with her as well.
    Unless the boys were from a previous marriage on the husbands side. Were the boys her biological children?
    I find it strange that it was Annette who presumably wrote the note that was found. If her missing mother was the one taking Annette, then why didnt she wrote the note. It would have confirmed it was her taking Annette and it would have (psychologically) been a way to get back at her husband if there had been such animosity before she left.
    My feeling on this case is that someone took Annette who knew the family very well, and if Annette did write the note, she did so out of trust, or out of fear.
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  4. RedRose

    RedRose Well-Known Member

    Mulder: The two boys, under age 5, were the natural sons of Annette and Steven. And I agree with you on your last line, someone knew Annette well enough, even if he had not met her, to get her to go with him. And dictated the letter for her to print.
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    I wonder if they still have the letter.
    I wonder if it was dusted for prints at the time - maybe not, and its possibly been handled by lots of other people since.

    I wonder if the letter was examined in 2017, would they come up with some different or further data regarding the case.
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  6. RedRose

    RedRose Well-Known Member

    I am still snooping on Mother and daughter. I did have a thought, on the note, what if the man picked up Annette first, (it has to be a quick pick up due to passing vehicles, School Bus pick-up time and I'm wondering if a city bus goes up and down that road, along with construction vehicles, and service vehicles, If I recall there is a ...huh, I just had another thought that I will check out.) took her to his location and then had her write the note, then he dropped it back off at that almost same spot real quick before he was spotted, and returned to his location where Annette was? I am wondering if Korrina was alive at that time? Pondering, pondering, before snooping.
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  7. RedRose

    RedRose Well-Known Member

    Annette was last seen wearing 'white shoes'. Were these running shoes? Leather shoes? Material shoes?
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  8. RedRose

    RedRose Well-Known Member

    I'm still snooping. Takes time to snoop.
  9. RedRose

    RedRose Well-Known Member

    Yup. I am still on this one. I'm like a dog with a bone. I won't put anything up....yet. One never knows who reads these posts.
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  10. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    It all takes time doesnt it - but looking forward to what you find out RR
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  11. timmy

    timmy New Member

    I live about 3 miles from where she went missing. My question is who was it fighting for custody of Annette?
    Kory's mother was murdered by Kory's father and he later regained custody of Kory and her brother. Who is he and where is he? Who is Annette's father and where is he? Was the bus stop inside the fence or outside? This area in 87/88 very rural not to many cars going by. Was the first bus going towards Moncks Corner or toward Charleston? Since I have lived in Goose Creek (1998) 52 has always had a grass median in center of road... did it have one back in 87/88? I would love to get inside that fenced in area and explore!!!
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  12. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

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  13. timmy

    timmy New Member

    Mt Holly is considered Moncks Corner/Goose Creek... If the police were called to this address I am sure both would show up
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  14. timmy

    timmy New Member

    Wow I found that Google backs up to this property. If it is where I believe the house sat it is in Google back door.
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  15. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Or, do they share a dispatch center?
    @timmy, I don't understand your last post when you say Google back door?
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  16. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Experts take new look at Berkeley County cold case of missing mother, 11-year-old girl

    Every day, Berkeley County’s cold case duo goes out to fight.

    It’s a 31-year-old battle they're so desperate to win.

    "You just have to get the right piece to the puzzle,” says Lt. Dean Kokinda.

    One year ago, Lt. Kokinda and Detective Darryl Lewis re-opened one of the county's biggest mysteries.

    "Just know we haven't forgotten,” says Lt. Kokinda.

    Lt. Kokinda and Detective Lewis have logged hundreds of hours.

    They’ve working tirelessly for the mom and daughter they never knew, but are anxious to bring home.

    “Because so much time has gone by, and there has been no contact with family, we have been treating it as something has happened,” explains Lt. Kokinda.

    "There was a lot of domestic violence in the house,” said Lt. Kokinda. "She was ready to leave him."

    When Malinoski failed to show up for work at Summerville convenience store in late November, Lt. Kokinda says her boss got concerned.

    "He went down and walked to the house and asked where Korrina is, and he said she left last night. That's when he reported her missing,” recalls Lt. Kokinda.

    Police were called and a search ensued.

    But there was never any sign of Malinoski. Her car was found abandoned at the front of the property.

    Lt. Kokinda calls Steve Malinoski is a person of interest.

    "He did take a polygraph, but the results were inconclusive,” says Lt. Kokinda.

    Fast forward 318 days, and the mystery intensifies.

    On Oct. 4, 1988, Malinoski's 11-year-old daughter, Annette Sagers vanished.

    The sixth grader was spotted at her bus stop by multiple people, but when the driver arrived, she was gone.

    "There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about her,” says Sharon Kirkley, Annette's former classmate at Westview Middle School.

    Deputies say Annette's stepdad found a hastily written note left at her bus stop the day she went missing.

    It reads "Dad, Mom came back. I have to go with her. Give the boys lots of kisses and hugs and also you to. Love, Annette. "

    Hand writing analysis was done.

    Detectives say the tests determined that Annette did write it. The question, was she forced to?

    "Right now, I don't know,” says Lt. Kokinda.

    Detectives say CofC is calculating high probability areas where they may be buried. They're specifically looking at soil and typography. Once it's complete, CofC will help lead the search that will likely take at least a week. Without this plan, the massive search would take six months or more.

    "They are developing a model where we can narrow that 6,000 acres down to a 100 or 200 acres which is a doable search,” Lewis says.

    “They have drones, radar, ground penetrating radar. There are a lot of resources they have that can help us,” said Lt. Kokinda.

    Detectives are also waiting on DNA testing of some items taken from the family home.

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  17. IcedTea

    IcedTea Well-Known Member

    this is some of the most interesting stuff i've read. occams razor says the step dad was behind both disappearances. did he really leave those boys right after annettes disappearance?
  18. IcedTea

    IcedTea Well-Known Member

    this post from reddit is pretty much where im at:

    'Doesn't sound like much of a mystery. Her car just happens to be parked where her husband is the caretaker & she is never seen again.

    Then a year or so later her child in his care goes missing never to be seen again, with a note saying momma's back when nobody else has seen or heard from her & he finds/handles the note? Only mystery is why he did it.'

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