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MI AUNDRIA BOWMAN: Missing from Hamilton, MI - 11 March 1989 - Age 14

Discussion in 'Missing 1980 to 1989' started by Kimster, May 20, 2015.

  1. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

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  2. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

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  3. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member


    At age 15, Aundria Bowman disappeared from her Hamilton home. Now, investigators are using an age progression image to show what she might look like if someone saw her today.

    "Looking at her eyes, the structure of her nose, the mouth and smile and where the cheekbones are, they put that onto a new photo," says Captain Frank Baker with the Allegan County Sheriff's Department. "It's not an exact science, but it's to give a general impression of the person so someone might see that."

    Family members say Aundria threatened to run away in the past.

    "She was reported as a runaway, began the investigation that way as many of these do," says Captain Baker.

    Like most runaway cases, investigators initially believed Aundria would eventually return home, but since that didn't happen, they're now treating it as a criminal investigation.

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  4. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Here's a missing person's flier for Aundria. AundriaBowmanFlyer.jpg
  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

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  6. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Aundria (Born Alexis Badger) is the 1st missing persons case I worked, so Alexis & Cathy are pretty special to me. I helped her build up the FB page where we learned Alexis was one of the original kids featured in Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. We did research, there were 3 versions; the version with Alexis is very hard to find. I ended up finding a Soul Asylum forum, made a post about Cathy & Alexis; someone actually had a copy! I uploaded it to our you tube's but you tube removed them for copy right. Going to find a way to be able to play at least the part where Alexis is.

    Here is a detailed timeline by Carl -

    Detailed Narrative of the Disappearance of Aundria M. Bowman

    *** Cathy’s Childhood ***

    “Cathy” was born Mary Kathleen Ewing in 1958 in Fort Wayne Indiana. Her mother was Shirley Ewing, and her Father was Robert Ewing. Shirley and Robert divorced in 1963, and Shirley married Alan Croker in Memphis Tennessee. At that point, her name was changed from Mary Kathleen Ewing to Cathryn Mary Croker, after Alan Croker’s mother.

    Alan Croker was a Master Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, and Cathy lived the early years of her life as a Navy brat. They moved frequently, and she was constantly transferring to different schools. Consequently, she rarely was able to establish any meaningful childhood friendships.

    *** Teenage Runaway ***

    At 14 years old, Cathy ran away from home. She hitchhiked from Norfolk Virginia to New Orleans Louisiana alone with only the clothes on her back. Cathy lived in New Orleans and worked various jobs, including bartending, waiting tables, and for a few months, even as a traveling carnival side-show performer . After nine months, she finally contacted her mother, and was told that unless she married the boy she was with (Randon “Randy” Drew Badger ), she wouldn't be welcome in her mother's home.

    On December 5, 1972, Randy Badger (19), and Cathy (14) were married in Florence, South Carolina. Several months later Randy and Cathy returned to New Orleans.

    *** Birth of Alexis Miranda Badger ***

    Cathy became pregnant at 15, and on June, 23, 1974, in Charity Hospital on Tulane Ave in New Orleans, Cathy (16) gave birth to a healthy girl. She named the girl Alexis Miranda Badger .

    Randy was not interested in fatherhood, and when Alexis was 4 months old, he started dating other women. So Cathy and Alexis boarded a Greyhound bus and traveled from New Orleans to Norfolk to visit her family for Thanksgiving. The trip took 4½ days. As Cathy describes the trip, “Alexis only cried once and that was at the end of the trip...she was a very good baby”.

    When Cathy arrived in Norfolk, she learned that her mother had breast cancer and recently undergone a radical mastectomy. Her mother, who already was raising several young children, would not permit another child in the household. Cathy never intended to put Alexis up for adoption but she saw no other viable options. she didn't have anywhere to go, she had no money, and was unable to work while she had a child that needed to be cared for.

    Cathy’s mother contacted Catholic Charities to arrange for the adoption. The representatives of Catholic Charities promised Cathy that her daughter would be placed with the “best of the best” families. They told Cathy that she had to make her decision quickly because the most stable families generally prefer to adopt infants.

    In January of 1975, Alexis was placed in foster care via Catholic Charities. (She only learned recently that Catholic Charities immediately turned Alexis over to the State of Virginia Dept of Social Services). She was told she had 6 months to change her mind. But her mother constantly insisted that if Cathy interfered, she would ruin Alexis life. As Cathy explained: “I was already giving up the one thing I cared about most...it seemed evil to do anything to harm her future....so I stayed away”.

    Cathy never saw Alexis again after March of 1975.

    *** Alexis Miranda Badger becomes Aundria Michelle Bowman ***

    Unbeknownst to Cathy, sometime around late 1975 or early 1976, Alexis was adopted by Dennis Lee Bowman and his wife Brenda Joy Engweiler-Bowman. Dennis had just gotten out of the Navy, and after they adopted Alexis, they named her Aundria Michelle and moved back to their home state of Michigan.

    *** Cathy’s life Post-Adoption ***

    Shortly after signing the final adoption papers, Cathy returned to New Orleans , and tried to get on with her life. But she never could come to peace with having given her child away.

    Periodically, she would call Catholic Charities to try to find out what became of her daughter, but she was always told that the procedure to open a closed adoption would require a "letter of non-identification” initiated by the birth parent and the signed by the adoptive parents. Cathy was told that even then, the decision to reunite could only be made by the adoptee after becoming an adult.

    Ten years after Cathy’s mother’s first bout with cancer, the cancer returned. In February 1987, Shirley Croker died at the age of 50.

    In 1988, Cathy earned her license to be a Registered Nurse, and in 1989, she returned to New Orleans and worked in a hospital in uptown New Orleans as a Medical Surgical Nurse. In 1991, Cathy married Edward Terkanian, and they have remained married ever since, but Cathy never had any more children.

    *** Runaway Train ***

    Back around the early 1990’s, In the mornings while she prepared for work, Cathy frequently would have the TV tuned in to MTV. One of the popular music videos for that era was a song called Runaway Train by the band Soul Asylum. The theme of the video was missing children and human trafficking. There were three versions of the video, each version featuring a different set of 12 missing children. Their faces would come up, along with their names and the year that they were last seen. Cathy remembers watching that video and saying to herself that she is glad that her daughter was raised by a stable family, because otherwise, her daughter might have suffered a similar fate.

    What she didn’t know at the time was that the fifth child shown on one of the versions of the video was a teenaged girl named Aundria Michelle Bowman, missing since 1989. Cathy didn't know it at the time, but when Aundria Michelle Bowman came up on Cathy’s TV screen, Cathy was actually looking at the face of her daughter Alexis.

    *** Renewed Effort to Locate Alexis ***

    In 2002 after a severe illness, Cathy set out again to find Alexis to let her know that Cancer took the life of her grandmother at a very young age, and that Alexis may have a predisposition for the disease. She contacted both Catholic Charities and the State of Virginia, and was was given the same information regarding the required letter of non-identification . Realizing that the letter of non-identification wasn't going to accomplish much, she gave both agencies her name and number, and instructions that if they were ever contacted by Alexis, to give her that information.

    *** Notification ***

    In 2010, Cathy received a letter from Tracy Brickhouse of the state of Virginia Dept of Social Services, instructing Cathy to contact them immediately, as they had some “very important” information for her.

    Cathy was elated, thinking that she was finally going to be able to reunite with her daughter. However, she soon learned that reunion was not to be.

    Upon contacting Ms. Brickhouse, Cathy was told that a detective from Michigan had contacted them, and were looking for her. Ms. Brickhouse told Cathy that her daughter had been missing since 1989 when she was 14 years old, and the authorities wanted to obtain a DNA Family Reference Sample from Cathy to compare to any unidentified human remains that might have been found.

    Ms. Brickhouse went on to tell Cathy that her daughter had gone missing in 1989 after she had reported to a school counselor that her adopted father had abused her. She wouldn’t give any additional details regarding her daughter’s adopted name, the name of the detectives, or the locale in Michigan from where she went missing.

    Cathy’s husband went online in search of information on any 14 year old girls missing from the state of Michigan in 1989. He quickly found a missing person listing for a girl named Aundria Michelle Bowman. Cathy knew they had found the correct missing child because Aundria was listed with Alexis’ correct Date of Birth (23-Jun-1974).

    Cathy called the Law Enforcement contact number listed with Aundria’s information, and was put in contact with detective Patrick O'Reilly. Detective O’Reilly explained to Cathy as much as he had been able to piece together, and through Freedom of Information Act requests, Cathy was able to piece together a very disturbing picture of the family that Catholic Charities promised her would be the “best of the best”.

    *** Dennis Lee Bowman Goes to Prison ***

    From court transcripts obtained by Cathy, she learned that on 23-May-1980, when Aundria was 5 years old, Dennis Bowman was arrested and charged with attempted murder in connection with an assault on K.A. (18) of West Olive MI. Bowman, while riding a motorcycle along Lakeshore Drive near Kirk Park, spotted K.A., who was riding a bicycle. After taking several passes by K.A. on the highway, he pulled up to her from behind, and ran her off the road. He then pulled out a handgun, pointed it at K.A. and ordered her to get off of her bicycle and walk into the adjacent woods. K.A. didn't comply, and instead, remained seated on her bicycle. As he became more agitated at her refusal to comply, he shouted to her that if she didn't do what he said, he would "blow a hole right through" her. He fired two shots, one passing her to her right, and the other at the ground next to her foot.

    Just then, a woman in a pickup truck approached on the highway. As Dennis turned to look at the vehicle, K.A. peddled her bicycle out into the highway in front of the approaching pickup truck. The driver of the truck transported her away from the scene to her home, and she called the police. Bowman fled, but was apprehended by police shortly afterward, and she subsequently positively ID'd him as her attacker.

    While Dennis was being arrested and transported to the Holland Police Station, 5-year old Aundria waited at her kindergarden class for her father to arrive to take her home.

    Dennis Bowman pled guilty to "Assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct", and stated in court that his intent was to engage in "forced sexual relations" with K.A. He served five years in the Michigan state prison. At the time of sentencing, the judge stated that "the situation ... but for a series of circumstances outside the actions of the defendant, could have easily resulted in a completed first-degree sexual assault, or murder. I am speaking of the way the victim handled the situation, and the fortuitous approach of a motor vehicle during a critical time."

    While Dennis was incarcerated in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Brenda and Aundria moved up to Kincheloe, and Aundria attended school in Rudyard.

    *** Dennis Lee Bowman Is Paroled ***

    In 1986, Dennis was paroled, and not long after that, they moved to Allegan County. Aundria was enrolled in Hamilton High School. Several people have told us that the Bowmans were well known in the neighborhood as strange people. We have also been told by several of Aundria’s classmates that Aundria was teased and bullied in high school. Boys who dated her were urged by their parents to stay away from her because of her family’s reputation.

    In December 1987, Brenda gave birth to a daughter Vanessa.

    *** Aundria Disappears ***

    The four of them were living in a run-down old farm house on the corner of 52nd Avenue and Lincoln Road in March of 1989, when Aundria disappeared.

    In early 1989, Aundria had reported to the school counselor that she had been “abused” and “inappropriately touched” by her father. The police got involved, but they did not take her allegations seriously. Instead, they advised Aundria that she needed to understand her responsibilities around the household, and advised the Bowmans to do what they need to do to ensure that they don’t have to return.

    On 11-Mar-1989, Mr. Bowman called the Holland Police Department to report that Aundria had stolen $100 from him and that she had, "run away” looking to look for her real mother.
    Shortly thereafter, the Bowmans (sans Aundria) moved to another residence on 136th Avenue in Monterey Township MI. The Bowmans have lived at that location ever since. The house on Lincoln Road was torn down in 2007, and replaced by a small produce stand (which is now out of business).

    On several occasions in the months following Aundria’s disappearance, Brenda called the police to report that Aundria had been seen in the city of Holland by various persons. According to Brenda, the persons who saw Aundria said that she was obviously pregnant, and she had bleached her hair blonde. But police were never able to verify any of these alleged sightings.

    *** Dennis Lee Bowman is Incarcerated Again ***

    In June of 1998, Mr. Bowman was arrested again. Dennis was working at S-2 Yachts (AKA Tiara Yachts), and was obsessed over a co-worker whose initials are V.V.. A social worker from Counseling and Consultation Resources, Inc. (i.e., The organization that ran the sex offender treatment program which Dennis attended), described this obsession as a "kind of possessiveness which played itself out in his mind in numerous fantasies the circumstances of which are not at all unlike the dynamics which would be involved in a full-blown affair".

    On June 5, 1998, Dennis broke into V.V.'s trailer-home, and tripped off a silent alarm which V.V. had set up in response to several previous break-ins. The Police arrived and asked him what he was doing there. He initially claimed that he was staying at the residence for a few days while his own home was undergoing electrical repairs. V.V. was unavailable to verify his story, and his explanation seemed reasonable, so the police left him at the scene. Later, when they contacted V.V., and V.V. indicated that she had not given Dennis permission to enter her home, they went to Dennis' home. He was asked to meet them at the police station for an interview, and he agreed.

    When they asked him again what he was doing at Vicki's home, he changed his story and said that he entered her home because he had diarrhea and needed to use her restroom. After he consented for the police to search his home, Police found a duffel bag containing lingerie and undergarments that had been taken from V.V.'s home on a previous break-in. Also found in the same duffel bag was a black Halloween mask, dark clothing, and an illegal sawed-off shotgun. (Since the stolen items from V.V.'s home were in the same bag as the sawed-off shotgun and the mask, it appears that he might have been armed and masked on at least one of the occasions when he broke into her house).

    When police searched V.V.'s home, they found that the corners had been cut from the window blinds on her bedroom window. Dennis at first denied that he had cut the corners of her window blinds, but then he admitted to at least once peeping into her window. He then declined to elaborate without an attorney present. Later that day, he returned to work, approached V.V., and tried to explain to her that he had only entered her home to use the restroom. He asked her to vouch for him to the police and explain to them that she was OK with him entering her home. She was not OK with it, and refused to vouch for him. Dennis pled guilty to Breaking and Entering with the Intent to Commit a Felony. He was sentenced to 12 months in county jail, and 5 years’ probation.

    V.V. testified that she had no relationship with Dennis, other than that they were co-workers. She stated that the only time that she was aware of him being at her home was on a couple of occasions when he showed up at her door with his daughter Vanessa (then about 10 or 11 years old) to sell girl scout cookies.

    Prior to sentencing, in a written plea for mercy from the court, Mr. Bowman stated that he is "the father of two lovely daughters, one 25 and the other 11, and feel that being a parent is one of the most important and sobering things that a person can undertake." He made no mention of the fact that the "lovely" 25 year old daughter (actually, she would have been 24 at the time) had been missing for 10 years.

    *** Aundria Still Missing After 26 Years ***

    Other than the unconfirmed “sightings” reported by Brenda, In the 25 years since Aundria allegedly stole $100 and ran away, she hasn’t been seen by anyone.

    Recently, the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department has shown renewed interest in the case. They contacted the Bowmans to request their cooperation. The Bowmans initially expressed that they were happy to see new attention on the case. However, when the investigators began to focus on the possibility that the Bowmans knew more than they were letting on, all cooperation immediately stopped.


    *** CAPTA ***
    In 1974, then Senator Walter Mondale was the Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Children and Youth. One piece of legislation that he authored and heavily promoted was the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974, which (among other things) included the allocation of federal funds to promote the adoption of disabled children. Federal funds became available to adoption agencies who processed disabled children, and to adoptive parents who were willing to adopt them.

    As is often the case with well-intentioned efforts, there are sometimes unintended consequences. After the bill passed, Mondale himself expressed concerns that it could be misused. With all this money available for the adoption of disabled children, there became a perverse incentive to classify healthy children as disabled in order to qualify for the increased funding.

    One of the first things Brenda ever said to Cathy was the accusation that Cathy had put Ripple Wine in Alexis' baby bottle, and that Cathy had taken LSD during her pregnancy (which Cathy adamantly insists is not true). Brenda also alleged that Aundria was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Brenda had obtained this information from Aundria’s pre-adoption home study.
    For the record, Cathy was not a alcohol drinker until after she returned to New Orleans as an adult after giving Alexis up for adoption. Randy Badger was a drinker, but not of Ripple Wine. And by the time Alexis was born, their relationship was already souring. He spent most of his time carousing in the French Quarter, and he was very rarely around the home. Furthermore, Cathy's mother had not even seen or talked to Cathy for a year and a half before Cathy took the fateful bus trip to Norfolk VA with a 5-month old Alexis in tow.

    Cathy's mother had absolutely no knowledge of what Cathy was doing during her pregnancy, or for the first few months of Alexis' life.

    It is this author's own opinion that the stories of drug and alcohol use were pushed by Cathy's mother to rationalize her desire to unload Alexis so that Cathy would be available to help her take care of her own children. The agency likely saw that as an opportunity to obtain CAPTA funding by designating Alexis as a "disabled child" with fetal alcohol syndrome.

    And while it was a noble objective to provide incentives for the adoption of disabled children, the unintended consequence was that a perfectly healthy Alexis was diagnosed as a disabled child. And consequently, this made it very unlikely that she would be adopted by the "best of families" (who generally insist on adopting children with clean medical histories).
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  7. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Every Mother's Worst Nightmare! How I found out my daughter Aundria "Alexis" Bowman was missing

    Born on June 23, 1974 as Alexis Badger; 7lbs at Charity Hospital New Orleans; LA. She was very much wanted and very much LOVED. I was married for a few years before I had her. When she was 5 months old; I found myself single and homeless. I traveled back to my mothers house with Alexis. I had planned to spend the holidays there. When Alexis and I arrived; I found out that my mother had cancer and her prognosis was poor. My world fell apart within days. There was no way Alexis and I could stay at my mothers; she was barely putting food on the table for my 5 siblings that were under 17. At some point; adoption was mentioned by my mother. I was in no shape to even process what was happening due to my marriage ending the way it did then finding my mother at death's door. I was promised she would have a better life in a 2 parent household with parents that could provide what they said I could not. They all told me I would fail before I even tried. Back then, we didn't have public assistance like there is now. My ex barely worked; the support usually fell on me. I knew nothing about child support and if I would be able to get it; how do you get it from someone who doesn't work?

    She was adopted from Catholic Charities in Virginia in 1975 during the lowest point of my life. I went through my adult life feeling like a piece of me had been ripped out. It has taken me years to process the events that happened back then. You never forget the child you didn't raise; especially since adoption was NEVER an option for me. Her birthday and holiday's like Mother's Day were especially painful; I don't know how I survived with a huge piece of me missing. I hoped to one day find her but there were no replies on any of my entries on adoption reunion sites. I never expected what happened next. On April 1, 2010 Virginia Human Services (not the actual adoption agency) sent me this letter

    " Dear Ms. _____, I am writing this letter to get in touch with you regarding a very important matter. I tried to reach you at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at XXX-XXX-XXXX. or Name@norfolk.gov I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Name MSW Supervisor, Norfolk Dept Human Services.

    I was over joyed... For a few minutes, I remember feeling very aware of everything. I just knew my prayers had been answered. I would be reunited with my child. Alexis and her adoptive family had finally reached out to find me too.

    I called the number given in the letter and was told by the Director of the above agency that an officer had come with the news of Alexis vanishing and the details surrounding it. Virginia law would not allow him to get in touch with me. She would have to do it. The law restricted her from telling me who the detective was and what my daughters adopted name was.

    How do I describe any feelings that I had? How does one process information like this? Horrified. Devastated. It felt like someone stabbed me in my heart; then ripped it out. Repeat for what has now been 3 very long and extremely painful years. NIGHTMARE. I've been in a 3 year long NIGHTMARE that I can't wake up from.

    I was in such a state of shock and panic that I could not do anything. My husband put it upon himself to find the information we needed. He found her missing person information listed on the Allegan Co. web site. I called the detective from Holland PD; he wouldn't really tell me anything except that they needed my DNA and that the investigation stalled due to lack of money. I was horrified that they needed my DNA in case they found her BONES!! The detective didn't say bones but he implied it!

    My DNA was collected in Gloucester, Mass on July 4, 2010. They mailed it to the University of Texas to be processed. In August 2010 while using Google to see what I could find, I ran into a YouTube video of Aundria's photo superimposed with a Racine Wisconsin Jane Doe's morgue photo. I saw a very strong resemblance and I called Michigan, trying to get them compared. To say I was freaking out is an understatement! Not knowing what to do next, I made a Classmates.com profile for Aundria hoping to get in touch with someone who knew her. I ended up meeting Carl, the man that made the video of Aundria and Racine Doe. He told me Racine Doe's story via email; how she had been brutally tortured before dying from her injuries. He put me in touch with the detective in charge of her case. It seemed like everything took forever & I was getting nowhere!

    How do I come to terms with this? Where is the self help book on this one? Who can I share this story with in hopes to ease my pain? How could I want for company?! It would mean wishing this on another human being. I could NOT do that. Ever.

    May 11, 2011 I drove to Michigan for the March For The Missing. I met a lady from the NCMEC that took care of Racine Jane Doe being compared to Aundria but since Aundria resembles Racine Doe so much; it has not eased my mind. To this day; it haunts me so much that I am NOT 100% sure she is NOT Aundria. Aundria is NOT officially listed as a rule out on Racine Jane Doe's NamUs profile; which is a constant reminder that their DNA is NOT in the system. So I am left wondering if everyone did what they told me they did. All one has to do is google and you will see what I mean!

    I then move on to other Jane Doe's; one in California who told people her name was Andrea, she was adopted and in California looking for her biological mother. I call to get them compared, from what I know, it has been done by finger prints that supposedly came off of a flute that Aundria played. Thankfully I've seen the morgue photo and know she is not my daughter. She belongs to another mother who has no clue where their child is.

    She was compared to a Jane Doe in Deptford NJ. I do not remember how she was ruled out but she is not my daughter either. She was recently compared to a Jane Doe in Louisiana but after a comparison, Aundria is now on her NamUs rule out list. One of the hardest parts of not knowing my daughter after she was 6 months old is that I have no idea how green her eyes were and if they were totally green or if they were more hazel.

    I made this page December 20, 2012. It took forever to get people to like the page. I forgot to mention that I'm learning computer skills. Navigating the internet, trying to find any tiny bit of information that I can find on her. Where has my daughter gone and why does anyone not know her?

    So I now spend my time searching. Looking for every clue I can find. Trying to find a paper trail that doesn't exist. Sharing Find Aundria M Bowman; hoping that someone, somewhere recognizes her from the age progression with the sliver of hope that she managed to stay under the radar. Until then, my DNA has been entered, I pray there will not be a match.

    My search for my now DISAPPEARED daughter continues only now there is urgency of the worse kind and there are questions that I never imagined I have to ask. In my original search for her I saw the adoptive parents as the loving caring parents that Catholic Charities has promised my daughter. Now I have to rethink everything.... My questions have turned to WHO are these ADOPTIVE PARENTS who were suppose to be so much better than me, WHERE DID SHE GO and WHY DIDN'T THEY LOOK FOR HER?! WHY DIDN'T THEY LOOK FOR ME?! Why won't anyone HELP me by giving me the info I need to find my daughter????? How can I find her with the limited information I've managed to find?
    This is every mother's worst nightmare!

    Find Aundria M Bowman
    Aundria Michelle Bowman born on June 23, 1974 as Alexis Badger. From Hamilton Michigan
    - Missing since March 11, 1989 original reports say from a youth home in Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan; we've since been told that is incorrect. Classification: Endangered Missing NamUs Link - https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/1830/3/ Doe Network- http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/184dfmi.htmlVital Statistics Date Of Birth: June 23, 1974 Age at Time of Disappearance: 14 years old Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'5; 115 pounds Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair; green eyes. She may have bleached her hair blonde. Marks, Scars: She has pierced ears. AKA: Alex; Alexis Dentals: LOST TO DAMAGE - Partial dental records available Circumstances of Disappearance Her NamUs page says she is missing from her home in Hamilton Michigan March 11, 1989.. It has also been reported that she was missing from or spent time in a youth home in Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan. According to the detective; she was never in a youth home. We do know her dentals were lost to damage in storage; and do not know if her file was also lost to damage.

    Investigators If you have any information concerning Bowman's whereabouts, please contact: Allegan County Sheriff's Office Missing Persons Unit 616-673-5441 OR 269-673-0500 Email: sheriff@allegancounty.org All information may be submitted on an anonymous basis.
    NCMEC #: NCMC601760 NCIC Number: M-414252008 Please refer to these numbers when contacting any agency with information regarding this case
    . Source Information: The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children The Doe Network: Case File 184DFMI
    Missing Kids


    Allegan County

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  8. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    :tears: The hell Aundria's mom has gone through just breaks my heart in two! I wish the person(s) who know what happened to Aundria would turn the corner away from their lies and tell the truth! For Aundria and for her REAL mother!!!
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  9. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Cathy giving Alexis for adoption was very traumatic. So much so that she blocked a lot of memories associated with it; both good & bad. Her memories came out in bits & pieces until she got it all out; thankfully more have come to her with time. She was told that Alexis would go to the best of the best families because she was still an infant; but the reality is that she ended up with bottom of the barrel; with barely enough food in the house after her adoptive mother gave birth; a consequence of the adoptive father being in jail. No one wanted to hire him; for good reason too.

    Here is part of Cathys birth story.
    I was admitted to a state run charity hospital 2 weeks before my due date because I had become preeclamptic & was put on bed rest to bring my blood pressure down. They realized she was breech, which meant I had to have a C-section. It would have been nice to have my mother visit me through all of this but she did not. It would be months before I learned why. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer & had her breast removed while I was admitted.

    I ended up going into labor on my own before the planned C-section date. I was in my hospital bed when my contractions started. I walked down to labor & delivery & told them I was having contractions. I was put on a bed in the L&D ward & was given Senconol (Barbituate) to keep my labor in check. I watched other women in pain for 12 hours. One was standing up on the bed screaming with all the tubes and wires hanging down from her body it was very surreal. The top doctor on the floor came up to me & said "you've been in labor for 11 hours & you haven't made a sound." I can't remember what I was thinking. Looking back, I was probably in shock from watching the other women in labor. Back then, they didn't have spinals, so labor wasn't medicated much. There was no pain relief in labor & delivery in those days. Pain relief is a fairly new science.

    I had wanted to breast feed but my plans were changed when I got a urinary tract infection after her delivery that the foley cath caused. I was so sick that she wasn't allowed to come near me. It's so hard thinking back to this time, especially since times have changed, it's rare that babies are not with the mom after birth. I was told that the infection affected my breast milk. I was given a shot to dry my milk up but it didn't work right away. In the first week when I managed to finally get to the nursery, my husband & a friend had come up to visit. My husband pushed my wheel chair to the nursery.

    I remember when they finally showed her to me, she was already a week old but I was not able to hold her until she was 2 weeks old. Looking back now, it's hard to believe I was in the hospital a full month. It was a horrible experience, imagine not getting to bond with your baby. My heart tears open thinking about it. I was so happy when they finally released us; we could go home to be a family. I could hold & kiss my sweet baby as much as I wanted to; I had to make up for lost time. I was robbed of bonding with my sweet baby girl in the 1st 2 weeks of her life. Now that we were together; she would know that I was her mother.

    When we got home there was never a moment that I was separated from her. Alexis was not a demanding infant. I remember when she first was home with me from the hospital I was amazed how she slept through the night. She was already on a schedule, waking every 6 hours to eat. I often thought that might be because of the long stay in the hospital nursery. She was very sweet natured. Alexis was just as infants are; a pure little soul. She reached out to me & showed me how to be a mother. I remember getting into a bathtub with her & letting her float on top of me in the water. We bonded that day. It was so natural; so eternal. It was like making up for that moment right after your child is born that you hold them. We were robbed of that moment because I was sick & no one would bring her to me for 2 weeks.

    After I brought her home, I was able to be home with her full time for the first 2 months. We had a lot of catching up to do. I cherished life as a new mother. She was a good baby; never unhappy even when she got her first tooth between 5 and 6 months old. She cooed a lot, laughed and was a sweet natured baby. Alexis was a curious baby. She got bored if I held her facing me; so I would carry her facing forward so that she could see everything. We would have long afternoons of just us. I was always interacting with her. She was very much a part of my every day life. I would take her on walks and were outside in the warm, sunny part of the year.

    Life was almost normal for us for a short while, bills got paid, there was food on the table; & a minimal amount of fighting with my ex. Nothing to brag about but nothing to complain about either. I look back now and realize those were the 2 most memorable months of my life. To this day if I think of her I can smell her skin. I can remember the deep loving gaze that she locked on me. I was not ready to be a mother. Not ready to bring a child up, but I know if someone had just stood by me for a short while she would be here now & this would not have become my nightmare from hell. Seems looking back now she and I were doomed from the beginning. Still with all that was against us we bonded. I got to be her mother and she my little baby girl.
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  10. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    :tears: It's hard to read this....I want to go back in time and help keep mother and daughter together.
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  11. GarAndMo49

    GarAndMo49 Not A Sheeple

    This is beyond heartwrenching; her poor Mom, and that poor little girl...a nightmare doesn't begin to describe it. I hope she's found, and given back to her REAL mother.
    Aundria/Alexis & Cathy:vigil:
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  12. DaisyChains

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    some potential matches i found for various reasons that i must post here now before leaving work or else ill lose them:





    very sad story. i hope she is found alive and can be reunited with her mother someday. what a tough life this young woman had. i will specify the matches in a future post. closing up work right now.
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  13. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Here are their NamUs pages. Estimated ages 20+ She's been compared to every Jane Doe we could find that matched her age range.
    I have always felt she was alive; even now, I just feel she's under the radar without FB but I stand alone with that.

    September 25, 1989 in Williamson County, Texas.
    January 5, 1990, in Geary / El Reno Canadian County, Oklahoma. -
    March 25, 1989 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York
    Grace Doe December 2, 1990 : McDonald County, Missouri
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  14. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Thanks for bumping her thread, been trying to get here to update Carl's recon

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  15. Kimster

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    So glad you guys are talking about Aundria! Her mom - her REAL mom - seems like a dear and I want her to know what happened!!!
  16. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Her 27 year anniversary is coming up in a week </3
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  17. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Aundria "Alexis" Bowman Viral Flier Share Event Friday March 11 from 12:01am to 12pm - the time may change, still have to speak to Cathy

    Friday, March 11th marks 27 years that Cathy's daughter Aundria Bowman has been missing. Please help us plaster FB with her missing flier. The flier will be posted in time for the event. You do not have to do anything, just share her flier to your FB wall. There is a REWARD of $15,000.
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  18. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

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  19. Kimster

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    Remind me the day before, in case I forget. I'll put her in our notices and FB too. :)
  20. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Thank you! <3
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