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NJ BABY CHRISTINE: WF, newborn, found in Turnersville, NJ - 4 December 1986

Discussion in 'Unidentified 1980 to 1989' started by Akoya, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    The victim was discovered in a trash dumpster behind a pizzeria in Washington Township in Gloucester County, New Jersey on December 4, 1986. The coroner determined that the infant had been born, suffocated and located on the same day. Her mother is believed to be White as well; she would have been physically showing her pregnancy in the later summer and autumn months of 1986. The mother of the child has never been located.
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  2. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member



    Unidentified Person / NamUs #UP1634 Female, White / Caucasian

    Date Found December 4, 1986
    Location Found Turnersville, New Jersey
    Estimated Age Range 0 Years

    Case Information

    Case Numbers
    NCMEC Number 1107689
    ME/C Case Number 08860438

    Sex Female
    Race / EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
    Estimated Age Group Infant
    Estimated Age Range 0 Years
    Estimated Year of Death 1986
    Estimated PMI--
    Height 1' 8"(20 inches) , Measured
    Weight 7 lbs, Measured

    Type Unidentified Deceased
    Date Found December 4, 1986
    NamUs Case Created April 1, 2008
    Agency QA Reviewed--

    Location Found Map
    General Location--Turnersville, New Jersey
    County Gloucester County
    GPS Coordinates--
    Circumstances of Recovery Found in Turnersville, NJ.
    Details of Recovery
    Inventory of Remains All parts recovered
    Condition of Remains Recognizable face
    Circumstance Notes
    The Forensic Sciences Unit has opened a file on decedent under #1107689 as per NCIC.

    Physical Description
    Hair Color Black
    Head Hair Description Black
    Left Eye Color Brown
    Right Eye Color Brown
    Eye Description Brown
    Distinctive Physical Features
    No Known Information

    Clothing and Accessories
    Found with large towel called Serengheti beach towel which depicts an African plain scene (See Images).

    Investigating Agencies

    Gloucester County Prosecutors Office
    Case Contributors
    Anna Delaney, Forensic Anthropologist(609) 584-5054 ext. 5656 | lppdelaan@gw.njsp.org
    New Jersey State Police Office of Forensic Services
    (609) 584-5054

    Dee Michael, Law Enforcement
    No Agency Entered

    Margaret Hernandez, Medicolegal Death Investigator
  3. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    53UFNJ - Unidentified Female
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Reconstruction of the victim; towel found with remains; composite of what the child's mother may have looked like.

    Date of Discovery: December 4, 1986
    Location of Discovery: Turnersville, Gloucester County, New Jersey
    Estimated Date of Death: Hours prior
    State of Remains: Recognizable face
    Cause of Death: Homicide by asphyxiation

    Physical Description
    Estimated Age: Newborn
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Height: 1'8"
    Weight: 7 lbs.
    Hair Color: Brown or black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Distinguishing Marks/Features: Unknown

    Dentals: Not available
    Fingerprints: Unknown
    DNA: Not available

    Clothing & Personal Items
    Clothing: None.
    Jewelry: None.
    Additional Personal Items: gray plastic kitchen bag wrapped in a multicolored beach towel (pictured below). The towel is called the Serengeti Beach Towel and depicts an African plain scene.

    Circumstances of Discovery
    The victim was discovered in a trash dumpster behind a pizzeria in Washington Township in Gloucester County, New Jersey on December 4, 1986. The coroner determined that the infant had been born, suffocated and located on the same day.

    Her mother is believed to be White as well; she would have been physically showing her pregnancy in the later summer and autumn months of 1986. The mother of the child has never been located.

    Investigating Agency(s)
    Agency Name: Gloucester County Prosecutor
    Agency Contact Person: Det. Stacie Lick
    Agency Phone Number: 856-384-5608
    Agency E-Mail: slick(at)co.gloucester.nj.us
    Agency Case Number: MCU86-0398

    Agency Name: New Jersey State Police Office of Forensic Services
    Agency Contact Person: Anna Delaney
    Agency Phone Number: 609-584-5054 ext. 5656
    Agency Case Number: 08860438

    Agency Name: Washington Township Police Department
    Agency Contact Person: Detective First Class Anthony Garczynski
    Agency Phone Number: 609-589-6651 or 609-256-1212
    Agency Case Number: Unknown

    NCIC Case Number: U100869925
    NamUs Case Number: 1634
    NCMEC Case Number: 1008699

    Information Source(s)
    Gloucester County Prosecutor
    New Jersey State Police

    Admin Notes
    Added: Prior to 2005; Last Updated: 5/28/18
  4. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

  5. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Washington Township, NJ
  6. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Gallery: Gloucester County's unsolved homicides

    By Andy Polhamus

    For NJ.com

    WOODBURY -- The years go by, and the trails get colder, but families still wait for answers.

    Since 2008, there have been about 25 homicides in Gloucester County, and every one has ended in an arrest. Still, the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office currently has 18 unsolved homicides in its caseload, ranging from the 2007 murder of a college athlete on a busy street corner to the discovery of a baby girl whose body was left in the woods. Some of the cases are decades old. And although the stories often fade from public memory after a few years, the GCPO has meetings each month in which detectives give any updates they've found on cold cases.

    It's easy to lose hope, but Gloucester County has had a few major successes in the past. The most notable example is the conviction for a 25-year-old murder in 2005. In 2012, a man was convicted in the death of Jennifer Whipkey a decade after the 22-year-old was murdered. In 2007, a man was convicted of murdering and robbing a Franklinville resident in a crime that had occurred in 1997.

    "It's a combination of hard work, using your resources and luck," said Sean Dalton, Gloucester County Prosecutor. "But the harder you work, the luckier you get."

    Two major factors are ever-improving technology and the discovery of new leads, usually in the form of witnesses who had previously stayed quiet.

    "Sometimes people who have knowledge of homicides have a crisis of conscience as they get older and mature," said Dalton. "They decide what happened way back when wasn't right, and they want to right that wrong."

    Anyone with information on any of these cases is asked to call the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office at (856) 384-6900.


    • On Dec. 4, 1986, the body of a full-term white baby girl was found in a dumpster behind the Towne Shopping Center located on the Black Horse Pike in Turnersville. The 7-pound body, wrapped in a towel, had been smothered.
  7. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Gloucester County Jane Doe (1986)[edit]
    External images

    A female infant's body was found on December 4, 1986 behind a restaurant in Turnersville, Gloucester County, New Jersey.[200] The baby had been born, smothered and disposed of in a nearby dumpster. She was approximately twenty-inches tall and weighed around seven pounds.[201] She was white with dark hair and brown eyes. After her murder, she was wrapped in a distinct pink, black and white towel depicting an African landscape and then inside of a gray trash bag. The victim herself has been reconstructed and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children also created an estimation of what her mother may have looked like, although she has never been found
  8. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

  9. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

  10. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Baby Christine:

    The dead baby girl was found in a silver-colored plastic bag behind Paisano's Restaurant in the Towne Center Shopping Center on Black Horse Pike by a farmer searching for garbage for his pigs - she was dumped there sometime between 1a - 8:30a. The baby was born alive, full term, and only hours old when she died of suffocation. The child is described as a caucasian with a dark complexion. She was a perfect baby girl with black hair.

    The child's umbilical cord had been cut, but not in a manner that a doctor would have done. Blood tests confirm that the mother was white. A group of anti-abortion activists associated with the Catholic Diocese of Camden arranged a burial for the infant. Calvary Cemetery in Cherry Hill provided a free plot. The group gave the child a name, ''Christine."

    The towel has a picture of a leopard looking down on African plains animals under a purple sky with white clouds. The towel is marked "Copyright 1985 Miller Gilbert Publishing" along the margin. The manufacturer's tag was faded and unreadable. Investigators are checking with the U.S. Patent Office in Washington to see whether the towel was distributed only in this area or sold nationwide.

    The Police Benevolent Association Local 318, Washington Township, for the first time ever, offered a $500 reward for anyone able to identify who left left the baby. A local businessman has added $1,000.

    Washington Township has a group that offers pregnant young teens and women free counseling as well as free housing, medical care, and support.
  11. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Paisano's Restaurant in the Towne Center Shopping Center on Black Horse Pike


    4001 E Black Horse Pike
    Turnersville, NJ 08012
  12. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    On December 4, 1986, the body of a full term white newborn female was found in a dumpster at the rear of Paisano Pizzeria in the Towne Shopping Center located on the Black Horse Pike in Turnersville (Washington Township). The body, weighing approximately 7 pounds, was wrapped in a beach towel that depicted an African plains scene. The wrapped body was also in a silver trash bag. The cause of death was ruled asphyxiation and the manner of death is homicide. The infant is still unidentified.

    If you have any information concerning the death of Jane Doe #1, please contact:

    Washington Township Police Detective Bureau

    Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office
    Det. Stacie Lick
  13. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Voted "Best Family Restaurant” in the area, Paisano's has been serving authentic Italian

  14. Madison M.

    Madison M. Member

    That's so sad. I wonder what caused the person to do that to a baby.

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