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BONNIE HAIM: Missing from Jacksonville FL for 22 years, found dead - Michael Haim charged *GUILTY*

Discussion in 'Courtroom' started by Zoidar, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Zoidar

    Zoidar ADULT CW member

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  2. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

    22 years ago> wow/ glad her dh was arrested!
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  3. Takeitfromme

    Takeitfromme Professional Journalist/News Reporter

    @Zoidar thank you for starting a thread. I saw the article yesterday and was happy to see progress on a cold case. I am not familiar with the case, but just the same.... justice is deserved!
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  4. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    They've come a long way in the 22 years since this crime occurred. Now they don't HAVE to have a body to file charges on a case and prove it to a jury. Circumstantial evidence is the best evidence.

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  5. Zoidar

    Zoidar ADULT CW member

    Not guilty plea entered today by 49 year old Michael Haim, charged with the murder of his wife, Bonnie Haim, disappeared from their home in Jacksonville, Florida, 22 years ago. DNA evidence recently confirmed that the bones found buried in the back yard of the Haim's former home, were those of Bonnie Haim.
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  6. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    Oh, of course he's not guilty! Except he is guilty, IMHO. She didn't bury herself.:(

    He's had 22 years of freedom that he shouldn't have. :mad:

    A jury will see right through this. It's a no brainer. :maddening:

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  7. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

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  8. Zoidar

    Zoidar ADULT CW member

    In the local news report tonight at 11pm, actionnewsjax.com reporting that Michael Haim's bond from a Jacksonville judge given at 200,000.00 bond set, instead of the no bond previously when he was brought back to Duval county Florida from North Carolina in August, where he was originally arrested and charged with murdering his wife, Bonnie Haim back in '93. As of right now, he's not posted bond and still in jail.
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  9. Zoidar

    Zoidar ADULT CW member

    Well, the news stations in J'ville have reported last night that Michael Haim has posted bond and is out. :sigh: Course, he's not suppose to leave county, etc.
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  10. Zoidar

    Zoidar ADULT CW member

  11. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

    Man accused of killing wife allowed to leave state for Christmas


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A man accused of murdering his wife 23 years ago and burying her body in the backyard of their Jacksonville home is being allowed to leave the state for the holidays.
    Michael Haim, who has been out on bail, was ordered to remain in Florida until the end of his trial. A motion from his lawyer asking that Haim be allowed to live in North Carolina, where his current wife has a home, was denied.
    But another motion asking that Haim be allowed to return to North Carolina to see his wife for Christmas was granted by Circuit Judge Steve Whittington. He is permitted to travel to North Carolina from Dec. 22 to Jan. 3, when he is required to be in court for his next pretrial hearing.
    Whittington initially denied Haim bail, but that was appealed to an appeals court, ordered him released on $200,000 bail. Under the conditions of his bail, he can’t leave Florida and must appear at every hearing.
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  12. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

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  13. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

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  14. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

  15. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member


    Aaron Fraser testified Tuesday that in 2014 he discovered the remains of his mother Bonnie Haim while digging in a yard belonging to his father Michael Haim.

    Fraser said when preparing to sell the residence, he was removing the pool and an outdoor shower. Fraser said he Under the shower he discovered a bag.. In it was something he described as something like a “brown coconut” that turned out to be the top portion of his mother’s skull.(see video)

    Michael Haim stands trial in Duval County, Florida for Bonnie’s murder. The victim disappeared in 1993, but cops didn’t find a body. Michael Haim’s uncle said he didn’t expect her to leave her son Aaron, then age 3. He actually said he suspected his nephew of playing a part in this.

    A child protective services worker interviewed the child who said his father hurt his mother, according to The Florida Times-Union. Aaron was adopted after Bonnie Haim’s disappearance. His last name was changed from Haim to Fraser, but he didn’t let things go. He won a wrongful death lawsuit against his father in 2005, and got the house as part of the judgment.



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  16. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

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  17. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

    I can not imagine the pain of a child not even old enough to barely remember his mother to find her remains so many years later :-(
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  18. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

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  19. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    And spending all those years -knowing- his dad did it, and no arrest. I'm sorry for his shock and pain, but I really hope it helps him to know that he was the one responsible for his mothers' case being solved and justice finally done.
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  20. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

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