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NJ CAITLIN KEARNEY: Missing from Pitman, NJ - 15 June 2012 - Age 20

Discussion in 'Missing 2010 to 2014' started by Akoya, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Missing Person / NamUs #MP18421 CAITLIN A KEARNEY, Female, White / Caucasian

    Date of Last Contact June 15, 2012
    Missing From PITMAN, New Jersey
    Missing Age 20 Years
    Current Age 26 Years

    Case Information

    Missing Age 20 Years
    Current Age 26 Years
    First Name CAITLIN
    Middle Name A
    Last Name KEARNEY

    Sex Female
    Race / EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
    Height 5' 0" - 5' 1" (60 - 61 Inches)
    Weight 110 - 120 lbs

    Date of Last Contact June 15, 2012
    NamUs Case Created December 13, 2012

    Last Known Location Map
    Location PITMAN, New Jersey 08071
    County Gloucester County

    Physical Description
    Hair Color Brown
    Left Eye Color Brown
    Right Eye Color Brown
    Eye Description--
    Distinctive Physical Features
    nose may be pierced.



    Investigating Agencies
    (856) 589-6756
    Case Contributors
    Ivan Moore, Law Enforcement
    No Agency Entered

    Pamela Reed, Regional Program Specialist
    UNT Center for Human Identification
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    New Jersey 08071
  6. Akoya

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    Pitman mother still missing after 2 years
    Steve Wood, Courier-PostPublished 12:32 a.m. ET March 2, 2015 |


    Pitman resident Denise Urevick and her 4-year-old grandchild Lilly observed Caitlin Kearney's 23rd birthday Thursday, but there was no celebration.

    There was no Caitlin.

    For more than two years, the young woman — Urevick's daughter and Lilly's mother — has been missing and missed.

    "It was me and Caitlin for most of my life," Urevick says. "We were really close. She's a great kid and full of life and really smart, and had everything going for her. She had a few bumps along the way."

    The living room of Urevick's home is scattered with pictures remembering the Paul VI High School graduate with a bright smile, brown hair and matching eye color, not for her postpartum issues with substance abuse.

    "Her drug addiction progressed quickly and for me it seemed like things happened fast," Urevick says. "She went from abusing prescription drugs and it just took off from there."

    By the time Lilly had her first birthday, Urevick says there was no denying Caitlin suffered from an escalating drug problem.

    As Urevick looked after Lilly, Caitlin went to live with her grandmother in Erial, ostensibly to clean up from a heroin addiction.

    Instead, she cleaned out a chunk of her grandma's bank account.

    "She had stolen some money from her grandmother," says Urevick, recalling the day in April 2012.

    "Her grandmother was on the phone with the bank and Caitlin walked in during that conversation and I guess heard what her grandmother was talking about, turned around and walked out. That was the last time we saw her."

    Urevick could tell Caitlin remained in trouble in the ensuing months by her incoming mail, which included solicitations from lawyers and notices marked "failure to appear."

    FROM 2014: Petrone family seeks closure in 2005 cold case

    Urevick, who had learned not to coddle in a support group for parents of addicts, resisted the urge to wrangle her daughter. Instead, she reported Caitlin's car stolen.

    Police picked Caitlin up outside a Bellmawr motel in May 2012, she says.

    "She got involved with some really bad people," Urevick learned from the police.

    Urevick says one of Caitlin's best friends claims the missing woman texted her in July 2012, suggesting she was being held against her will in Camden. However, an investigation by the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office was unable to substantiate any such claim, according to an email.

    Urevick reported Caitlin missing on Sept. 4, 2012. The Pitman Police Department conducted a lengthy investigation and sought assistance from the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office in July 2013, according to a release.

    Now that the case has gone cold, the police are relying on tips from the public.

    "This is a very unfortunate circumstance for the Kearney family, and we are asking for the public's help," said Pitman Police Chief Bob Zimmerman.

    "If you've seen or heard from Caitlin in recent times, or know anything that can help investigators, please call."

    Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg, a 33-year-old Philadelphia resident, said he tried to keep a dialogue open with his "baby cousin."

    After she expressed interest in entering rehab in a text message, Urevick-Ackelsberg and his wife met up with Caitlin in late June 2012.

    "We were trying to press upon her that there was a path out and that people loved her," he says.

    Stratford pursues new leads in 1973 murder

    They spent 30 hours together, strolling Center City, watching TV and enjoying ice cream and pizza in what "was a little bit of a respite for her," he says.

    It was like old times for him.

    "Even though she was going through a lot, she was obviously the same person," he says. "She was the same smart firecracker who loved her daughter and talked about her consistently."

    Though her stay at a suburban Philadelphia rehab center lasted only a few days, Urevick-Ackelsberg characterized text messages sent by Caitlin in early July as encouraging.

    "Though she was sad that she left rehab, we left on good terms," he says. "She talked about going back, oftentimes, to rehab. Rehabilitation can take a number of tries to stick, so I think hopefully that that's what she wanted. She talked a lot about the safety and the happiness of her daughter, that eventually it would stick."

    He continued to receive text messages from her number, even after it became clear they were not from her, he says.

    "The texts changed," he says. "You could tell it wasn't her on the phone."

    Though still in service with the same outgoing message, the phone now is used by someone unconnected with Caitlin, Urevick says.

    "The police tell me that they do that," says Urevick, who has tried calling as well. "They sell the phone, someone picks up the phone, they continue to pay for it, but can't change the message.

    "There's a lot of questions in my mind that are unanswered."

    She wishes she had answers for Lilly when she asks, "Where is she? When is she coming back?"

    "I tell her, 'I hope she comes back, Lilly,' " Urevick says. "We really love her and we want her back."

    While waiting for a miracle, Urevick keeps busy. Between working 12-hour shifts as a registered nurse and raising Lilly with the help of her father's parents, Urevick is working toward earning her bachelor of science in nursing in May after five years of school.

    Still, she wishes she could turn back the clock.

    "There's a huge, empty space in my heart," she says. "A lot times I guess I get by with denial but it's especially hard around her birthday. ... Lilly gets me through it. She gives me a reason to go on."

    Though she admits she's searched for her daughter, Urevick recommends the tough-love approach as practiced by the support group.

    Help sought in case of NJ woman missing 41 years

    "What they teach is you can't really help an addict and you can't rescue them," she says. "You have to help yourselves. And they have to do what they have to do. It's a generation of entitled children and they have to learn the hard way, I guess.

    "But what happens when the hard way doesn't work?"

    After years of receiving no sign of Caitlin's whereabouts, not even a lawyer solicitation in the mail, a family struggles, not knowing where to turn.

    They at least can look to a special 4-year-old.

    "It's strange because you want to hope for the best, but it's now been years," Urevick-Ackelsberg says, "but at the same time we have a really cute reminder of her in her daughter who looks a lot like her, who has the same personality, a lot of the same spunk. I think everybody is pretty devastated.

    "At the same time there's Lilly. It's been impossible to look at Lilly and not see Caitlin."


    Anyone with information regarding Caitlin Kearney's whereabouts is asked to contact the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office or Det. Sgt. Hunter Moore of the Pitman Police Department at (856) 589-3500.
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    After 2 1/2 years, N.J. mom clings to hope that missing daughter will return home
    Updated March 2, 2015 at 7:26 AM; Posted March 1, 2015 at 7:00 AM

    By Kristina Pritchett

    South Jersey Times

    PITMAN -- It's been more than two years since Denise Urevick last saw her daughter, but every day she holds on to the hope that she will come home.

    Inside Urevick's borough home, her granddaughter Lily, 3, is running around and playing with her toys. There are pictures hanging on the walls, including one of her daughter, Caitlin Kearney, smiling in her Paul VI High School senior portrait. It seems like a normal day, but to Urevick, it's a difficult time.

    Kearney went missing two and a half years ago, leaving behind her infant daughter. Last week, days before Kearney's 23rd birthday, the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office re-released information about Kearney, hoping it may lead them to her.

    Kearney was living with her grandmother before she disappeared in 2012. One day in June, when Kearney entered the home, she heard her grandmother, who was clearly upset, speaking to someone on the phone, Urevick said. They were talking about Caitlin.

    "Caitlin just turned around and walked out," Urevick said. "No one had heard from her that day."

    Kearney was reported missing on Sept. 4, 2012, but she had left her family long before then.

    "When she first left, I had heard there were sightings of her," Urevick said. "I knew she was OK. I reported her missing when the information stopped coming in."

    She said Kearney was seen in Camden and had run-ins with the law.

    Urevick had received notices in the mail about her daughter failing to appear in court.

    "And then the information stopped coming," Urevick said.

    Urevick said she's driven around Camden to try and find her daughter, but hasn't had any luck.

    Pitman Police Department and the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office have investigated the case, and family and police officers have been on the lookout for the 22-year-old.

    Urevick said Kearney was planning to apply to school to study nursing before she disappeared, but she had a drug problem and wasn't ready to get help.

    "My relationship with Caitlin was normal until I started to notice changes in her behavior," Urevick said. "It had become apparent that she was involved with drugs."

    Urevick said all the leads the police found ended up cold.

    "What is really frightening, was at one point we were told that she could have been held against her will," Urevick said. "But we never were able to find out if that was true or not."

    Detective Bryn Wilden said the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office investigation was "unable to substantiate any claim that Caitlin had been held against her will."

    Wilden said they would not comment on anything specific if Kearney had been in trouble.

    Kearney's 23rd birthday was Thursday, and right now is one of the hardest times for the entire family, Urevick said, but she is trying to remain positive.

    "I'm still holding on to hope that we'll find Caitlin," Urevick said. "My salvation is my granddaughter, who I'm taking care of. We're doing OK, and of course I constantly think of her and worry about her. But I have to be OK for my granddaughter."

    Urevick hopes Kearney is able to hear or read about how her entire family has been looking for her.

    "If Caitlin should read this, she should know her entire family wants her back home," Urevick said.

    Kearney is about 5 feet tall and weighs 110 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and a tattoo of a strawberry on her lower left abdomen.

    "We encourage anyone who has information or knowledge to give us insight to her whereabouts," said Pitman Police Chief Bob Zimmerman. "Anything that's out there is a huge step in the right direction."

    Anyone with information can call the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office at (856) 384-56410 or by email at tips@co.gloucester.nj.us or Detective Sgt. Ivan Moore at Pitman Police Department at (856) 589-3500.
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    Caitlin Anne Kearney
    • Missing Since06/15/2012
    • Missing FromPitman, New Jersey
    • ClassificationEndangered Missing
    • Age20 years old
    • Height and Weight5'0 - 5'1, 115 pounds
    • Medical ConditionsKearney has a history of drug abuse.
    • Distinguishing CharacteristicsCaucasian female. Brown hair, brown eyes. Kearney has a tattoo of a strawberry on her lower left abdomen and a Caesarean section scar on her abdomen. Her nose may be pierced.

    Details of Disappearance
    Kearney was last seen in Pitman, New Jersey on June 15, 2012. She was staying with her grandmother at the time. Kearney walked into the residence that day and saw her grandmother on the phone, talking about her. She turned and walked out, and has never been heard from again. Her mother reported her missing on September 4.

    Kearney left behind a newborn baby. She had a drug problem and had had some minor troubles with the law, but she had plans for the future and wanted to apply to nursing school.

    There were reported sightings of Kearney in the Camden, New Jersey area after her June 2012 disappearance, but none of those could be substantiated. Her case remains unsolved

    Investigating Agency
    • Pitman Police Department 856-589-6756
    Source Information
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    This is interesting...


    Send Flowers

    Caitlin Anne KearneyCaitlin Anne Kearney of Pitman, NJ. Beloved daughter of Denise Urevick and the late Bernard Kearney. Loving mother of Caroline and Lilly. Cherished granddaughter of Dorothy Kearney. Greatly missed by many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Caitlin was a unique individual
    with incredible strength and spirit who was very much loved. A Memorial Mass for Caitlin will be held at 10AM on Friday, September 1st at St. Bridget's in Glassboro, NJ. Visitation from 9-10 AM. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Seeds of Hope Ministries, 1700 Broadway, Camden, NJ 08104. Arrangements by Grasso Funeral Home/ Buddy Dougherty, F.D.

    Published in Courier-Post on Aug. 30, 2017

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