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Qld CASSIE, BRONTE & ISABELLA WATTER: Missing from Townsville, Qld - 4 April 2014 - Age 42, 8, & 8

Discussion in 'Australia: Missing & Unidentified' started by MarlyWings, May 26, 2015.

  1. Gary

    Gary New Member

    There is difference between hoping and knowing. There seems to be two 'teams' with this one = team cassie and team michael. But there is a third option, and not even the police want to be on that one. Yet.
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  2. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    I'm not on anyone's "team' .. just looking at this in terms of known facts and some behavioural comparisons made with other 'missing family' cases.

    Compare Michael's public behaviour regarding the case to that of say, Scott Peterson or Mark Redwine, or any of the innumerable known liars whose family members have gone 'missing'. They just don't really tally at all.

    And the facts are .. Cassie was granted only supervised visits with her own kids -because- police and CPS figured out that she'd been coaching her kids into sexual abuse allegations against her husband. And was warned to cease doing it -- and did not. So her time with her children was limited... I suspect Cassie was being influenced by other people, as well, but basically she was in full panic mode, fully believing (despite police and welfare --telling her-- outright and in very plain terms that her children were NOT being molested by their dad) that Michael was harming her kids... and they all up and vanish.

    And as far I'm concerned, even to my relatively untrained eye it's pretty plain that those girls were parrotting a fair amount of what they'd said in the police station.

    Add to that, apparently all her friends in this organisation who have made that web page in her favour are 100% more concerned with her reputation than they are with her safety, or that of the children. Which I find exceedingly odd.

    What I'd like to know more about is.. who is the woman mentioned in the police interview with Cassie, whom the police say "yes, we know (whoever)" in a tone of voice that sounded to me a bit like they weren't very happy with her.... and is that woman a part of the org that has created the cheer-squad web page?
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  3. Gary

    Gary New Member

    For what it's worth, I have no reason to believe the courts made the wrong decision. It's why the abduction story makes sense, in fact it's probably exactly what Cassie wanted to do. The diference between bad liars and good liars is the good liars don't get found out. The bottom line is Michael's version of events simply didnt happen - he did not drop the girls at the school and Cassie was not there. The end game here for Michael is he sows the seeds his family are overseas (thanks to help from nameless supporters) and will never be found or that Cassie did a murder suicide herself. Either way it seems he's gotten away with it.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  4. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Gary, I can't say for sure something sinister didn't happen to them. But what I am kinda sure of is that any police hearing the first few minutes of those little girls' statements would --have to--- conduct a thorough, multi-agency investigation. And it appears that this did happen, and the consensus of those multiple agencies was that the children were being harmed by their mother coaching them to say that they were molested by their dad.

    Family annihilators... I can see a motive for murder where Cassie is concerned, to be blunt, but I really cannot see one for family annihilation-- the triggers just aren't visibly there. Michael -had- full custody of the kids, and the support of the police and welfare agencies for that. There was none of the loss-of-control trigger that usually precipitates familicide.

    However, all the stressors -are- there for parental abduction, where Cassie is concerned. And she was clearly supported in that idea, by this weird group-- who are not 'un-named' -- the police mention one woman who it sounds like they think was an influence on the kids and/or Cassie, and there's names and an organisation clearly named on the support website which expresses NO concern for their safety at all'. So that's why I don't tend to think he's gotten away with anything.. at this point, and with the information currently at hand.

    edit: And I say 'weird group' because ostensibly they are meant to be a Government agency-- and when have any of us ever seen such an agency make a website in support of an individual, like that? It seems exceedingly odd, to me.

    Knowing whether the woman mentioned by police was part of that same group would be good.. perhaps something to look into, there.

    I would ----love--- to see Michael's police interview, conspicuously absent from the set. I don't think he's been done any favours by the omission of that 'leak'.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  5. Gary

    Gary New Member

    Lily, I think we are on the same page at least leading up to the events of 4 April 2014. I can't know for sure, but I don't believe Michael abused his children. Maybe Cassie believed he did, or maybe she was just being untruthful. Either way they both despised each other. There are lots of reasons people kill, and concealment is one of them. What was he concealing, after all as you point out he had custody and no obvious motive? Being accused of sexual abuse of your own children is hugely stressful (even if it's not true) - Cassie wouldn't let it go, she enlisted the help of all kinds of people, academics, social workers, you name it. Where did Cassie go on the afternoon/evening of 3 April 2014? The police don't know - It's not inconceivable she ended up at Michael's house, perhaps to argue, maybe to see her kids, who knows? Let's say that they fought and Michael did what men do because they can, and hit her. All of a sudden he is facing a domestic violence charge - a serious charge which could see him lose custody or even worse maybe Cassie's claims of sexual abuse belief might be believed. He reasons he has to act, and so he does. But the noise has woken his children who were sleeping, they see their dead mother - he has a choice, accept responsibility or kill the only witnesses. His tears for his children are real, he wishes he didn't have to do what he did, but he's gone down this path and he can't leave it. As for Cassie's 'supporters' - the thing that links them all is that none of them know anything (despite appearances). The police know who they are, have monitored them and have made no arrests. It's coming up to 4 years and there is no trace, and there never will be.
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  6. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Good post, Gary.... you've hit on all the really concerning points, and of course imo it's a possibility that should be kept in mind.

    I was looking into Cassie's rather extensive 'network' though, all centered around the University she attended, where she was a part of a major and very active feminist/activism group, to which several of the the social workers who've been vocal in supporting Cassie also belonged.

    I think it's very possible that this 'network' has helped Cassie to 'disappear'.. they seem highly resourceful, and front and center were involved with Cassie through the accusations and court issues, this Beth person/social worker being mentioned by police in a 'yeah, we know her' context, made me wonder why.

    When I compare this case to others, where are all her supporters putting out flyers, putting up 'missing" websites, where are their accusations of murder (which is a very logical thing to suspect, especially from their position)? It's just very very weird that they're not at all vocal in concern for the safety of Cassie or the kids, given their high level of involvement in her life previously, their active support through the accusations/court cases and the fact that a lot of them are 'activist' types and not shy about speaking up.

    'Disappearing' from a previous identity can be done... just google "I want to disappear and never be found" and read some of the many articles that come up.

    A member of her family told reporters she hopes "they're never found". Who says that, where there's kids involved, and alleged abuse???

    Another of the supporters on that website said she is "aware that the mother and children are in hiding" in a letter of complaint to some politician or other.

    Anyway. it's good we can argue our respective suspicions in a respectful way, both scenarios deserve to be explored.
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