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NSW CHERYL GRIMMER: Missing from Fairy Meadow beach, NSW - 12 Jan 1970 - Age 3 *ARREST 2017*

Discussion in 'Australia: Missing & Unidentified' started by Lily, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member


    It was January 12, 1970, when the Grimmers' world was turned upside down.

    The wind turned bitterly cold about 1.30pm. Carole Grimmer sent her children to shower at the nearby change sheds.

    After about 10 minutes, Stephen and Ricky, 7, returned to tell her that Cheryl, who was wearing her royal blue one-piece swimming costume, was still in the men's change rooms.

    Mrs Grimmer went to fetch her but Cheryl was nowhere to be found.

    It took 40 years for a coroner to rule Cheryl was dead, but the cause of death remained undetermined.

    Coroner Sharon Freund recommended the case be referred to the unsolved homicide squad and sympathised with Mrs Grimmer, noting she had lived "every person's worst nightmare".

    The 2011 inquest heard Cheryl was likely abducted from outside the change shed. Witnesses reported seeing a man pick up a child, wrap her in a towel and flee.

    Another witness saw a man in the car park holding a fair-haired child before driving off in a white sedan.

    Three suspects were never formally eliminated from the investigation. One died in 1995; the other two were never relocated after being interviewed in the 1970s.

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  2. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    While speaking to people on the beach, police encountered two boys, aged 9 and 11, who recalled seeing Cheryl. After the three Grimmer boys went to fetch their mother, the boys claimed that Cheryl walked out of the pavillion, naked, wanting a drink. She was too short to reach the bubbler so the boys helped her have a drink, before watching the naked girl walk into the sand dunes, carrying her swimsuit and towel. The boys watched her go, concerned that she was unaccompanied, and they are unanimous about what happened next..

    As Cheryl walked down the beach, a man ran over to her, wrapped her in a towel and ran with her under his arm into the area between the showers and the surf club building. They followed the man to the clubhouse, but lost sight of him. After losing sight of him, they agreed that he was probably Cheryl’s father, and returned to playing.

    Peter Goodyear, a hostel resident, was passing the changing room when he saw a man running fast with a fair haired girl wrapped in a white towel under his arm, and recognised the man as one he had spoken to outside the changeroom earlier. He watched the man run across carpark, climb into old Holden and drive away. Thinking nothing of it, Mr. Goodyear returned home.

    It is uncertain whether Cheryl was alive when Mr. Goodyear saw her, as there was a lag between this and the boys seeing her grabbed.


    Police released a description of man based on boys and Goodyear’s description: 30-40 years old, slim build, thin face and dark olive complexion. Spoke good English, but believed to be southern European. Wearing orange swimming trunks and black and brown beach coat and black felt hat. Driving Holden sedan 1956-1958, off-white colour with rusty mudguards. Car in poor condtion.

    The Grimmers also received phone calls from a man describing how he had murdered and raped Vicki Barton almost exactly a year earlier. A friend pointed out that Cheryl’s disappearance was 5 years to the day since the Wanda beach murders. Police have always wondered – was there a serial killer in our midst?


    This an excellent article.
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  3. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Cheryl and her dad:

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  4. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    What a terrifying case. :tears:
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  5. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

  6. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Wow! The perp might still be alive? I hope they don't have more victims!
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  7. Ladyslug

    Ladyslug Bronze Member


    MULDER Bronze Member

    Thanks Ladtslug - good to see this older case back in the news.
    I hope they get a breakthrough on this with the new investigation starting.

    Breakthrough in 47yo cold case of toddler Cheryl Grimmer, who disappeared from NSW beach


    Police investigating the disappearance and presumed murder of New South Wales toddler Cheryl Grimmer almost 50 years ago say they believe her suspected killer could still be alive.
    Cheryl was just three years old when she was abducted outside the public change rooms at Fairy Meadow beach in Wollongong on January 12, 1970.
    The toddler's disappearance sparked a massive search but she has not been seen since.
    Detective Inspector Brad Ainsworth said almost half a century later, witnesses have given police a description of a man they believe could be Cheryl's killer.
    "Police are now making an appeal for the identity of a person of interest," he said.
    "He was about 17 or 18 at the time, so with our calculations we'd say he'd be in his sixties or early sixties now.
    "It's a big burden to carry around for nearly 50 years."
    Witnesses told police they believed the man was about 5'10" or 180 centimetres, with a medium build, brown hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion.
    Detectives received this crucial piece of information when they staged a re-enactment of the toddler's disappearance a fortnight ago.
    Detective Inspector Ainsworth said several witnesses, who were aged nine, 10 and 12 when Cheryl disappeared, returned to the scene and all mentioned the person of interest.
    "He was just seen loitering here and he was seen here in the morning and the afternoon," he said.
    "He was there, he stood out, he wasn't doing anything really overt that stood out."


    'It was a beautiful summer's day'

    An inquest into the death five years ago found the toddler died sometime after her disappearance.
    However, the cause was undetermined.
    Following the inquest, the investigation was picked up by Wollongong police and the Unsolved Homicide Team.
    "They've gone through hundreds and hundreds of statements, running sheets and interviews," Detective Inspector Ainsworth said.
    "You've got to remember this all took place in 1970. Under the old format, the old style of investigation recording.
    "So all of that has been reviewed, it's been transcribed and put into the investigation computers and the systems, so that's how it's come about."
    Local surf club member Steve told ABC Radio Illawarra he was one of hundreds of people who scoured sand hills for the three-year-old in 1970.
    "It was a beautiful summer's day and the beach was busy and then all of a sudden there was this outcry — 'where's Cheryl?'," he said.
    "So the next few days I think it was we just searched and searched, but no trace of course.
    "We turned every stick over."
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    MULDER Bronze Member



    THERE is one man who will be terrified of the news that cold case detectives have made a stunning breakthrough in the Cheryl Grimmer abduction and suspected murder.

    A breakthrough in the case came two weeks ago during a re-enactment of the incident, where several witnesses corroborated the presence of a teenage boy, aged between 17 and 18.
    Police said the re-enactment had been staged as a matter of course five years after Cheryl was declared dead but missing by the coroner.
    “(Our view) has been strengthened because of the witnesses returning here to the scene and they’ve mentioned this person a number of times,” Detective Inspector Brad Ainsworth told reporters.
    He said detectives from Wollongong are dedicated to the case and have gone through hundreds and hundreds of statements, running sheets and interviews.
    Police said the suspect was caucasian, about 152cm with brown hair, blue eyes and fair complexion and, if alive, he would be in his early 60s.
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  10. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    upload_2016-12-6_9-45-43.png upload_2016-12-6_9-46-55.png

    After she vanished there were a few theories as to what happened, and who could be to blame. The most sensational was a ransom note sent to Cheryl’s parents Carole and John three days later.
    The chilling note demanded $10,000 for the safe return of Cheryl.
    Undercover police waited at the drop-off point but no one came to make the pick up, leaving it unknown whether it really was the abductor, a hoax or a cruel scheme to make money off the back of a tragedy.

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  11. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member


    Cheryl Grimmer: Brother breaks down after fresh search launched in 1970 Illawarra kidnapping case
    Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/20...sw-toddler-cheryl-grimmer#Cm9jP8CUJbHoDpvj.99

    upload_2016-12-6_9-52-29.png upload_2016-12-6_9-53-0.png upload_2016-12-6_9-55-18.png

    Detective Inspector Brad Ainsworth said police desperately want to solve Cheryl's disappearance.
    "Cheryl's dad, Vince, a former soldier, and her mother, Carole, died never knowing what happened to their daughter," he said.
    "We would dearly love to provide answers to Steve and his family, solve this matter for the people of the Illawarra, and ultimately provide Cheryl with some dignity in death."
    The suspected kidnapper would have been aged between 16 and 17 years old when he was seen near the surf club pavilion on January 12, 1970 - the day Cheryl was taken - police said.

    The suspect is Caucasian and has blue eyes, and would have been about 152cm tall with a medium build, brown hair and fair complexion.

    Cheryl's case was subject to a Coronial Inquest in 2011, and the Coroner ruled that she had died sometime after her disappearance, with the cause of her death unknown.
    The ongoing police investigation is being conducted under Strike Fore Wessel and includes members of the Homicide Squad's Unsolved Homicide Team.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
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  12. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Cheryl Grimmer disappearance: Cops close in on little girl’s killer 47 years later

    DETECTIVES have made a spectacular breakthrough in the unsolved abduction of a three-year-old girl from a NSW beach almost 47 years ago and have a suspect they believe was missed in the original investigation.
    A review of the tragic kidnapping and presumed murder of bubbly three-year-old Cheryl Grimmer at Fairy Meadow beach near Wollongong has led police to believe she was taken by a teenager who would now be in his 60s.
    Her disappearance from outside a shower block on the afternoon of January 12, 1970, sparked a massive search but no trace of the little girl or her body has ever been found.

    Two weeks ago, detectives staged a re-enactment of that fateful day, and today they are due to hold a press conference in Fairy Meadow with Cheryl’s three brothers, who were with her on the day she disappeared,
    to appeal for the killer to turn themselves in.

    “Cheryl never came home to the family that day and her parents died without knowing what happened,” Detective Sergeant Damian Loone, who is leading the investigation, told The Daily Telegraph.


    FOR nearly 50 years, the kidnapping of Cheryl Grimmer has haunted team after team of detectives who have tried to find out what happened to the gorgeous little girl.
    Her parents, John and Carole, had come from England the previous year and were living in a hostel not far from the beach.
    Cheryl’s father was a Sapper in the Australian Army whose barracks were located in Penrith. He was not at the beach the day his daughter vanished.
    At first, local detectives thought the toddler may have wandered off before stories about a “mystery’’ man in an orange swimsuit seen grabbing her and running off emerged.
    Then there were stories of a man in a white car seen with a child fitting Cheryl’s description in the front seat.
    Three days after her kidnapping, a ransom note for $10,000 was sent to Cheryl’s parents.
    Police set up a trap at the drop-off location with officers nearby disguised as council workers — but no one made the pick-up.

    There were a number of confessions that never checked out, and one particularly cruel phone call to the Grimmers from a man saying he strangled Cheryl the same way he had killed Vicki Barton in the Blue Mountains 18 months earlier.
    A man arrested for Vicki Barton’s murder was never connected to Cheryl’s case.
    There were also stories that she had been snatched to live with a childless couple.
    The family clung to a forlorn hope that she might still be alive.
    But a coroner’s inquest in 2011, after a reinvestigation of the case three years earlier, found Cheryl was presumed dead after being kidnapped.

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  13. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Main Stream Media

    Man arrested 47 years after toddler Cheryl Grimmer disappeared

    23 Mar 2017, 5:27 a.m.

    A man will be extradited to NSW and charged with abduction and murder almost 50 years after a three-year-old girl disappeared
    from a beach in Wollongong, in one of the state's most notorious cold cases.

    Cheryl Grimmer disappeared from Fairy Meadow Beach on January 12, 1970, when she went to the surf club change rooms with her brothers after a swim.
    On Thursday, police announced a 63-year-old man had been arrested over her abduction, in a "major breakthrough".

    NSW Police detectives arrested the man in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston at 1pm on Wednesday, and successfully applied in Frankston Magistrates Court to have him extradited to NSW.
    Police said the man will be taken to Wollongong Police Station on Thursday, where he will be charged with Murder and Detain for Advantage (abduction).
    He is expected to face Wollongong Local Court on Friday.
    The initial investigation in 1970 sparked a manhunt, with detectives speaking to more than 300 people. However, the trail eventually ran cold.
    Cheryl's parents died without knowing what happened to their daughter.
    In 2016, police announced they had a new lead, after three other children who were on Fairy Meadow Beach that day said they saw a teenager "loitering" near the surf club pavilion.
    He was described as being 16 or 17 at the time, 180cm tall, with fair skin, a medium build, brown hair and blue eyes.
    "He was seen here in the morning and the afternoon," Detective Inspector Ainsworth said.
    Local detectives and officers from the State Crime Command's Unsolved Homicide Team formed Strike Force Wessel to re-investigate the case.

    In January, police asked the public for help to locate former staff and residents of Mount Penang Training School, on the NSW Central Coast.
    They believed someone "associated with the Mount Penang boys' home in that era might have valuable details about the case".

    WOW - they did it!
    They have someone in custody over this long and baffling case!
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  14. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    More links to the arrest of a man in the Cheryl Grimmer Case

    23rd March 2017

    NSW Police arrest man over murder of Cheryl Grimmer, last seen at Wollongong beach in 1970

    "He'll return this afternoon to Wollongong and I can tell you that he will face Wollongong Local Court tomorrow morning," Detective Inspector Brad Ainsworth from the Wollongong LAC said.
    "I'm not going to get into the specifics of the actual details of the offences but I can say that they are quite horrific and they will be [revealed] tomorrow at court."

    Mr Ainsworth confirmed the man "was a person of interest" in the initial investigation nearly 50 years ago.
    "We centred our investigations around him and as a result we've gathered information, we've corroborated certain information and statements back in the original investigation and it's led us to the arrest," he said.
    Police will allege the man was aged 16 at the time of the attack and that Cheryl was killed "within an hour" of being abducted.


    Man charged with kidnapping and murder 47 years after toddler Cheryl Grimmer disappeared

    Cheryl went missing after spending the day at the beach with her mother Carole and her brothers Ricki, then 7, Stephen, 5, and Paul, 4.
    The brothers have never given up hope of finding their little sister and re- appealed in December to the abductor to come forward.
    The accused man, who now uses a different name from when he was a teenager, went voluntarily to be interviewed by detectives at Frankston Police station on Wednesday, Det Insp Ainsworth said.
    As a teenager he was interviewed by police after Cheryl’s disappearance but charges were not laid.



    Cheryl Grimmer died an hour after being taken: police speak out about Wollongong cold case

    Despite the breakthrough arrest, Det Insp Ainsworth indicated the little girl’s body was unlikely to ever be found, as the area where she went missing has been redeveloped into residential housing.
    The police chief praised the work of the local detective who cracked open the case after 50 years.


    The police chief praised the work of the local detective who cracked open the case after 50 years.
    He agreed the arrest – which is the oldest cold case arrest made in Australia – was a big moment in policing.
    He said the work of Damien Loone, Constable Frank Sanvitale and Craig Barrass, who began reexamining details of the case last year, was a fantastic accomplishment.
    “We’ve had the luxury of being able to dedicate two to three detectives to this investigation, and it’s borne fruit,” he said.

    “It’s a fantastic accomplishment thus far, obviously the end result is what we’re looking for, it’s got to go before the court, and as we all know that’s a different jurisdiction.

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  15. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

    This is amazing, thanks for the links Mulder.
    Imagine how her brothers must be feeling right now.
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  16. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I am so proud of this team of investigators! It isn't very often you hear of a 50 year old Cold Case being solved! I wonder if this perp hurt anyone else over the last 50 years? I hope not!

    Oh my gosh I'm in shock.
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  17. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    MissyMoo and Kimster - its amazing isnt it.
    It's all the hope that's needed for other families to trust that something can be done, and there are some great detectives and police and forensics around now that will keep the cases open.

    More reports coming through -
    The man cannot be named or identified as there is a suppression order in place

    Main Stream Media

    Cheryl Grimmer: Australian police arrest man over girl's 1970 disappearance


    The arrest of the 63-year-old man – now a father who reportedly works as a security guard in Melbourne –
    Her disappearance, which has been likened to the case of Madeline McCann, left enduring scars for her family, who had long harboured hopes that
    she may be alive. But it now seems that she died “within an hour” of being taken.
    He was flown from Melbourne to face court in Wollongong today and would not comment to reporters after landing at Sydney airport.
    Cheryl, whose family emigrated from Bristol in 1968, disappeared at Fairy Meadow beach, south of Sydney, on January 12, 1970.

    upload_2017-3-24_14-17-7.png upload_2017-3-24_14-19-59.png
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  18. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    They have worked so tirelessly on this - I hope they will get all the answers now that they need to try and heal the feelings of guilt and blame that they never deserved to carry over these past 50 years.
    I think that somewhere 'up there', Cheryl and her Parents are looking down and smiling on the brothers.

    From the news story link above:
    Cheryl Grimmer: Australian police arrest man over girl's 1970 disappearance

    Earlier this year, Rikki Nash, Cheryl’s oldest brother, spoke to The Telegraph of the toll that the case took on him and his family.
    Then aged seven, he was the last person to see the blonde-haired three-year-old.

    He said he watched as his smiling sister, about 10 feet away, stood in the doorway of the changing room, telling him: “I’m not coming out.”

    “It was the worst 30 seconds of my life,” he said. “I can still see her shaking her head, saying ‘I’m not coming out’.
    Then I made that terrible mistake of going to get my mother. We were back in 30 seconds – but unbeknownst to us, she was already gone.
    It changed our lives for ever.”

    Police said Cheryl’s older brothers had been “buoyed” by the arrest. “The investigation moves into a whole other sphere now …
    it’s something that’s not going to be resolved soon,” said Detective Inspector Ainsworth.


    and the link for an earlier interview with Cheryls brother:

    'My sister disappeared nearly 47 years ago. I blame myself every day'

    Carole and John Grimmer had moved to Australia from Bristol in 1968 “with dreams of giving their kids a better life” Ricki, who changed his last name
    to Nash in fear of copycat kidnappings targeted at his four children, explains....
    It was a “stinking hot day” at Fairy Meadow Beach in Wollongong, New South Wales, when three-year-old Cheryl Grimmer stood smiling in the doorway of its changing rooms,
    playfully refusing to join her family further along on the sand. Her brother Ricki, seven, dashed off to find their mother - when they returned 30 seconds later, his blonde-haired
    sister was gone.
    That half minute was “the worst of my life,” explains Ricki, now 54. He was the last known person to see Cheryl alive - an event that has, unsurprisingly, left enduring scars.
    Though the family “never gave up hope” that she would return, their family unit was “destroyed” by the events of January 12, 1970.
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  19. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Main Stream Media
    24th March 2017

    Cheryl Grimmer murder accused to face court as an adult, police say

    The man charged with the murder of Wollongong toddler Cheryl Grimmer may have been a boy of 16 at the time of his alleged offence, but senior Wollongong
    police say he will face court as an adult.
    Now 63, the man was arrested in Frankston, in Melbourne, this week.
    "The law is that, if they're under 21 for an offence they commit as a juvenile, they can in certain circumstances go before the Children's Court,
    but obviously he is well over 21," Detective Inspector Ainsworth said.
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  20. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Main Stream Media

    24th March 2017

    Moment a father is led away by police after being arrested over murder of toddler who suffered 'horrific injuries'
    when she was 'snatched from beach toilet and killed within an hour'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...-Father-accused-murdering-Cheryl-Grimmer.html

    On Thursday, Detective Inspector Crime Manager Brad Ainswoth said the details surrounding Cheryl's abduction were 'horrific'.
    Det Insp Ainsworth told reporters it would be 'fantastic' if they could recover Cheryl's remains, but said it is unlikely as the area was now 'residential housing'.
    'I'm not going to get into the specifics of the actual detail of the offences but I can say that they're quite horrific and they'll be unfolding in court,' he said.
    The Detective Inspector said it was believed Cheryl was taken from the front of the surf club, not the back as originally thought, and her death occurred within an hour or so after that.
    The man, who also has a British heritage, is believed to have an adult family, according to The Daily Telegraph.
    Cheryl's parents, who emigrated from the UK in the 1960s, died not knowing what happened to their beloved daughter.
    The family were living in a hostel near the beach at the time of the abduction.
    Her three brothers Ricki, Stephen and Paul previously called on the killer to hand himself in.
    The 63-year-old allegedly spoke about the crime 18 months after it happened while a teenager at Mount Penang Training School - a home for troubled teenage boys.
    The accused murderer, who is of British heritage, spoke about the girl's abduction to detectives investigating the case at the time but was not charged.
    On Thursday, Det Insp Ainsworth said he was not there to 'criticise any investigation carried out back then', saying there were 'many' persons of interest at the time.
    Officers arrested him in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston on Wednesday at 1pm, before extraditing him to NSW and detaining him at Wollongong Police Station.
    Shockingly, he lives minutes away from one of Cheryl's older brothers in Melbourne.

    Australian police revealed in December they believed the youngster was allegedly kidnapped by a teenage boy - who would now be in his early 60s.
    He was allegedly seen running towards bushland from the area where Cheryl vanished.
    He was described by police as Caucasian, aged between 16 and 17, about 152cm tall with a medium build, brown hair, blue eyes and fair complexion.
    Their renewed interest followed a re-enactment of the Grimmer family's day at the beach in December, in a bid to convince the killer to turn themselves in.
    'It's time to come clean and absolve yourself and tell us what happened on that day — and, more importantly, for the family. If not for yourself, do it for them,' Detective Sergeant Damian Loone said.

    upload_2017-3-24_14-52-13.png upload_2017-3-24_14-57-42.png

    upload_2017-3-24_14-56-54.png upload_2017-3-24_14-58-43.png

    There were a myriad of conflicting reports of who took her and subsequent sighting and theories, none of which panned out.
    Some said a man in an orange swimsuit lifted a girl to drink at a fountain before running off with her, while another witness saw her being driven off in a white car.
    A coronial inquest in 2011, after a reinvestigation of the case three years earlier, found Cheryl was presumed dead after being kidnapped.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...d-murdering-Cheryl-Grimmer.html#ixzz4cDFB8vl4
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
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