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OH CHESAPEAKE JANE DOE: WF, 30-60, found in a well in Lawrence Co, OH - 22 April 1981 *Louise Flesher*

Discussion in 'Identified!' started by Akoya, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 13, 2017
  2. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    NamUs UP # 6259
    ME/C Case Number: HCCO-OC-45-81
    Lawrence County, Ohio
    30 to 60 year old White Female

    Case Report - NamUs UP # 6259
    Case Information

    Status Unidentified
    Case number HCCO-OC-45-81
    Date found April 22, 1981 17:00
    Date created November 25, 2009 07:50
    Date last modified May 05, 2016 09:33
    Investigating agency
    date QA reviewed December 04, 2009 05:04

    Local Contact (ME/C or Other)
    Name Kurt Hoffman
    Agency Lawrence Cnty Coroners Ofc
    Phone 740-533-0202
    Case Manager
    Name William Nenni
    Phone 740.532.3309

    Estimated age Adult - Pre 70
    Minimum age 30 years
    Maximum age 60 years
    Race White
    Sex Female
    Weight (pounds) 140, Estimated
    Height (inches) 63, Measured
    Body Parts Inventory (Check all that apply)
    All parts recovered
    Body conditions
    Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction

    Probable year of death 1979 to 1981

    Hair color Unknown or Completely Bald
    Head hair
    Head hair was not recovered.
    Body hair
    Some pubic hair remained attached to the body.
    Facial hair
    None noted.
    Left eye color Unknown or Missing
    Right eye color Unknown or Missing
    Eye description
    Decomposition precludes accurate assessment of eye color.
    No other distinctive body features

    Skeletal findings
    Mild signs of arthritis in the thoracic and lumbar spine.

    Status: Fingerprint information is currently not available

    Clothing and Accessories
    Clothing and accessories are described below
    Clothing on body
    There was a dark pullover sweater over the upper body, covered with a lightweight shirt. On top of all this was a heavy red cable-knit sweater. The individual was wearing gray slacks. On the right foot was an inner light-colored lightweight sock, covered by a heavyweight red sock. The left foot had only the inner light-colored lightweight sock on it, though the cuff of the red sock was still present.
    Clothing with body
    None listed in the report.
    None listed in the report.
    None listed in the report.
    None listed in the report.

    Status: Dental information / charting is available and entered

    Status: Sample submitted - Tests complete
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  3. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

  4. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Chesapeake Jane Doe

    Chesapeake Jane Doe was a woman found strangled in 1981.

    Chesapeake Jane Doe
    Race White
    Location Chesapeake, Ohio
    Found April 22, 1981
    Unidentified for 35 years
    Postmortem interval Days - 1+ years
    Body condition Decomposed
    Age approximation 30 - 60
    Height approximation 5'2 - 5'4
    Weight approximation 130 - 150 pounds
    Cause of death Strangulation
  5. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    The Doe Network

    Clay reconstruction made by Jack Sudimack of Franklin County Coroner's Office

    Unidentified Female
    • Date of Discovery: April 22, 1981
    • Location of Discovery: Chesapeake, Lawrence county, Ohio
    • Estimated Date of Death: 1979 to 1981
    • State of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction
    • Cause of Death: Homicide by strangulation

    Physical Description
    ** Listed information is approximate

    • Estimated Age: 30-60 years old
    • Race: White
    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 5'2" to 5'4"
    • Weight: 130-150 lbs.
    • Hair Color: Unknown
    • Eye Color: Unknown

    • Distinguishing Marks/Features: Mild signs of arthritis in the thoracic and lumbar spine. She had prominent cheekbones. She had a prominent overbite and buck teeth. Most likely her upper teeth protruded over her lower lip.

    • Dentals: Available. Photographic images depict perimortem trauma to the premaxilla which resulted in avulsion of tooth 8 and 9. The anterior mandibular dentition shows wear on tooth 22, 24 and 25. Dental charting done and radiographs made on 7/21/11 by Robert Barnett, DDS, after remains were exhumed.
    • Fingerprints: Not available.
    • DNA: mtDNA and nucDNA available. Complete Mitochondrial DNA profile uploaded to NDIS and nearly complete (13/14) STR data uploaded to NDIS. Full body X-rays are available.
    Clothing & Personal Items
    • Clothing: There was a dark pullover sweater over the upper body, covered with a lightweight shirt. On top of all this was a heavy red cable-knit sweater. The individual was wearing gray slacks. On the right foot was an inner light-colored lightweight sock, covered by a heavyweight red sock. The left foot had only the inner light-colored lightweight sock on it, though the cuff of the red sock was still present. Her hands were covered with socks.

    • Jewelry: None listed.

    • Additional Personal Items: A pay stub, bus ticket and Greyhound terminal locker key were recovered but lead nowhere. She also had a Jerry Falwell combative coin with her.

    Case History
    Two girls playing near their home on Wright Ridge found a woman's body in a covered cistern/well in a rural part of Chesapeake. There was a rope and cinder block around her neck and elastic bands on her wrists - two around her left wrist and one around her right wrist.

    Investigating Agency(s)
    If you have any information about this case please contact;

    • Agency Name: Lawrence County Coroner's Office
    • Agency Contact Person: Kurt Hoffman
    • Agency Phone Number: 740-533-0202
    • Agency Case Number: ME: HCCO-OC-45-81
    • NCIC Case Number: N/A
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Information Source(s)
    • WSAZ Channel 3 News Archive
  6. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

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  7. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Ohio Unsolved Homicides
    Jane Doe, #1984 Unidentified remains


    • Case number:
    • Incident location: Chesapeake, Ohio - Lawrence County
    • Incident date: 4/22/1981
    • Homicide date: Unknown
    • Gender: Female
    • Race/Ethnicity: White
    • Height: 63"
    • Weight: 140 pounds (Estimated)
    • Law enforcement agency: Lawrence County Coroner's Office

    On 04/22/1981, the remains of a 30-60 year old white female were discovered in a covered well in Chesapeake, OH. This individual measured approximately 63" in height and was estimated to weigh 140 pounds. There was a dark pullover sweater over the upper body, covered with a lightweight shirt. On top of all this was a heavy red cable-knit sweater. The individual was wearing gray slacks. On the right foot was an inner light-colored lightweight sock, covered by a heavyweight red sock. The left foot had only the inner light-colored lightweight sock on it, though the cuff of the red sock was still present.

    Anyone with additional information or questions regarding this case should submit a tip.
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  8. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Chesapeake, Ohio 45619

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  9. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

  10. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Reconstruction of ‘Belle in Well’ face to be unveiled
    Published 9:39am Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    A clay model of the face of the woman colloquially called the “Belle in the Well” could bring authorities closer to finding answers in a 30-year-old unidentified person case.

    “It looks remarkably well,” Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless said. “If it is what she looked like, I have seen some amazing things happen across the nation.”

    On Thursday at 1 p.m. Lawless and the county coroner’s office will unveil the model.

    “Through media attention we want to try to get it out to as many people as we can,” Lawless said. “Who knows where she is actually from? Maybe she made enough friends that someone could recognize her.”

    In June, the body of the woman was exhumed from an unmarked grave in the northern end of Lawrence County. The coroner’s office and the sheriff sought tissues from the body to see if DNA testing could lead to an identification. They are still awaiting the results of that.
  11. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Officials hope to ID woman found in '81

    The Herald-Dispatch
    Apr 26, 2012

    IRONTON -- Using technology not available 31 years ago, Lawrence County officials are making one last push to help find out the name of a victim in an old murder case and possibly find out who killed her.

    In a possible, last-ditch effort to determine the identity of a woman found strangled and dumped in a cistern in Windsor Township in 1981, officials have done a facial reconstruction of the murder victim, said Lawrence County Coroner Kurt Hofmann.

    The woman's body likely was in the cistern south of the Dobbstown area along McKinney Creek and Greasy Ridge for more than a year before it was found. Her only possessions, other than some clothes, were a key to a Huntington bus station locker, a bus ticket and a Jerry Falwell commemorative coin, said Bill Nenni, an investigator with the coroner's office.

    The victim was believed to be in her late 40s and early 50s and was about 5 foot 4, Nenni said. The victim has been dubbed "The Belle in the Well" by local law enforcement.

    Lawrence County officials dug up the woman's grave and forwarded her skull to the Franklin County Coroner's office for the facial reconstruction. Officials in Columbus volunteered their time on the project, Hofmann said.

    "She was a Caucasian," he said. "She had a fairly prominent overbite."

    "We're not sure she was from this immediate area," said Sheriff Jeff Lawless. "We think she may have been from outside the area. This is the only unidentified, unconfirmed case in the coroner's office. With today's technology, we decided to pursue it. People might not be afraid now to say something now."

    "There was a rope around her neck tied to a cinder block," Lawless said. "The autopsy indicated she died from strangulation, not from drowning."

    Authorities also have the victim's DNA, but they don't have a match, he said. "We would have to match it from a close relative, like a sister, if they would be willing to submit a sample. This is a very old case. We want to bring closure to the family."

    The Lawrence County Coroner's Office entered the woman's information into the National Unidentified Persons Data System several years ago in an attempt to determine an identification. Since then, local authorities have eliminated the names of 193 people in that database of missing people, Hofmann said.

    Early on, law enforcement officials thought the victim could have been the victim of a Charleston area motorcycle group since she had elastic bands around her wrists similar to what some motorcyclists wear to keep clothing from flapping, Lawless said.

    The victim's skull was disinterred and used for the facial reconstruction, Lawless said.

    Anyone with information about the victim is asked to call the sheriff's office at 740-532-3525.
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  12. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

  13. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    NEW INFO: Calls Come in from Across the Country about "Jane Doe" Case


    By Randy Yohe |
    Posted: Fri 7:15 PM, May 04, 2012

    UPDATE 5/4/12 @ 7:15 p.m.
    LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) -- The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is receiving tips from across the country after unveiling a facial reconstruction of a murder victim from 30 years ago.

    Last month, experts came to town and showed off what they believe the woman looked like. She was found in 1981 in a well in a rural part of the county.

    In just a week, Sheriff Jeff Lawless tells WSAZ.com that they have received calls from across the country.

    "We've had a huge response, not only in the Tri-State area, but it's reached out throughout the country," Lawless said. "In fact, we've had phone calls and things from Florida and Texas and other places around the country."

    As surprised as Lawless might be about how many people have contacted them, he is shocked by all of the local calls he has received,

    "The amount of missing loved ones right here in the Tri-State really surprised me," he said. "We have had a lot of people reach out from here in the Tri-State area that have missing loved ones."

    They have been able to rule out several connections, because of the time frame of the woman's body being found and facts from the case.

    But Lawless tells WSAZ.com they haven't ruled all of the options out.

    "There are a couple that we are going to collect DNA from family members and try to match that DNA," he said.

    One person that is being looked at is Sheila Gail Wears Pierce. According to the West Virginia State Police missing persons website, Pierce went missing from Mason County, W.Va., in 1978.

    Lawless tells WSAZ.com this is a very important case for them. He said it is actually the only unidentified person in the county that he knows about.

    If you have any information, or believe you know who this woman was, you are asked to contact the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office.

    UPDATE 4/26/12 @ 5:30 p.m.
    IRONTON, Ohio (WSAZ) -- A cold case murder from 30 years ago may be one step closer to being solved thanks to modern technology.

    Last June, the body of a woman who was strangled and dumped into a rural Lawrence County, Ohio well was exhumed. She was killed in 1981. Using the recovered skull -- we now has an idea of what this woman looks like.

    A state investigator, that is good with clay, made quite a lifelike model.

    The murder victim’s DNA was put into a data base to hopefully find a match. Now the hope is that you can identify Jane Doe, who was known in the early 1980's -- as the "belle in the well."

    The Lawrence County Sheriff and coroner hope this facial reconstruction helps bring someone closure and helps find a killer.
    The model was made from the victims skull covered in clay. Investigators don't know the hair color or style, or complexion, but say she was Caucasian.

    “We do know she did have a prominent overbite prominent cheeks, she was probably close to the late 40's of early 50's in age and about five foot four,” Coroner Kurt Hofmann said.

    The exhumed victim's DNA went to a national missing and unidentified person data base. So far, Kurt Hoffman said they eliminated 193 women while trying to learn the identity of the woman.

    The sheriff hopes the clay model's media exposure will prompt someone, who may have been too scared back in the early 1980's, to identify this woman now.

    “It would be someone of an older age who knows she's a friend or relative,” Sheriff Jeff Lawless said.

    The body was found with a rope and cinder block around the neck and elastic bands on the wrists.

    That information helped lead investigators to a West Virginia motorcycle gang as suspects but they were never charged.

    “Nothing’s been ruled out, but we have no concrete evidence," Sheriff Lawless said. "The goal is to relieve someone's pain.”

    There were no fingerprints or identifying features found on the decomposed body. The pay stub, bus ticket and Greyhound terminal locker key recovered were clues that came up empty. WSAZ.com learned she also had a Jerry Falwell combative coin with her.

    With this model picture in media across the board, the hope is that somebody will recognize the "belle in the well."

    And if you do have even the slightest Jane Doe clue -- call the Lawrence County Ohio Sheriff's office.

    Keep clicking on WSAZ.com for the latest information.
  14. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    UPDATE 4/26/12 @ 2 p.m.
    IRONTON, Ohio (WSAZ) -- Investigators hope a clay model of what a murder victim looked like 30-years ago will help solve the case.

    The body of “Jane Doe” was found in a well in a rural area of Lawrence County, Ohio in April 1981. Investigators at the time said she had been strangled and could have been in the well for up to two years.

    Investigators exhumed her body last summer.

    Now using the recovered skull -- reconstruction experts have made a clay model of the woman's face in hopes someone will recognize her. They unveiled that model at a news conference Thursday afternoon.

    Keep clicking on WSAZ.com for the latest on this story.

    UPDATE 6/22/11 @ 10:30 a.m.
    IRONTON, Ohio (WSAZ) -- While there's no name yet, investigators now have more information that may help them identify a woman found murdered 30 years ago in Lawrence County, Ohio.

    The body of “Jane Doe” was found in a well in April 1981. Investigators at the time said she had been strangled and could have been in the well for up to two years.

    Last Wednesday, the woman’s body was exhumed and taken to the to Boyd County Coroner’s Office to be examined.

    Bill Nenni, an investigator with the Lawrence County Coroner’s Office say forensic anthropologist Dr. Elizabeth Murray did the examination.

    Nenni says the Murray concurred with the original autopsy that the woman was between 30 to 60-years-old.

    Murray collected bone specimens for DNA testing. Those samples were then sent to the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification. Nenni hopes that testing will completed in about 90 days. Murray also took extensive photographs of the skull and mandible. A computer generated likeness will be developed from her findings.

    The most telling information came from the examination done by Boyd County Deputy Coroner and Forensic Dentist, Dr. Ralph Beadle.

    Nenni say Beadle found that “Jane Doe” has a very pronounced overbite, a condition commonly known as “buck teeth.”

    Beadle believes that even a casual acquaintance would notice the way her upper teeth protruded over her lower lip.

    Beadle plans to submit her chart to the American Dental Association in hopes another dentist will recognize her from her records.

    Also according to a press release, full body X-rays were taken and those images will be available to compare with any potential matches. Any prior bone fractures, metal plates, pin could match or eliminate missing person descriptions.

    UPDATE 6/15/11 @ 6 p.m.
    KITTS HILL, Ohio (WSAZ) -- Some homicide investigations may grow cold, but they never go off the books. That’s why the sheriff and coroner in one county exhumed the body of a murder victim Wednesday morning.

    Investigators hope to use new technology to solve a 30-year-old mystery.

    It’s a murder case that has gnawed at folks for generations. A female victim, brutally murdered -- never identified -- was buried in an unmarked grave, with no suspect ever named. And now three decades later, some burning questions may find answers, and a grieving family somewhere the ability to find peace.

    Exhumation crews removed the 30-year-old woman's body from her remote resting place on a Kitts Hill pasture, and it was taken to a coroner's lab. The Lawrence County Ohio Sheriff says this cold case has never frozen over.

    In April 1981, two girls playing near their home on Wright Ridge found a woman's body placed down a cistern. The cause of death at the time -- strangulation. Investigators say the victim was tied around the neck and weighted down to keep her down the well.

    The coroner’s report from 1981 says the strangled body was in that well for six months to a year. The body was so badly decomposed that there were no fingerprints, no identifying features at all.

    Several years ago, the coroner's office entered the unknown victim's limited information into NAMUS, a national missing and unidentified persons data system. The website is a free and open clearinghouse that makes forensic and DNA comparisons to identify missing and unidentified persons.

    On Thursday, a forensic specialist will use the neighboring Boyd County coroner's lab to collect DNA and other evidence from the exhumed woman's body. Then, they will enter the deceased's data into NAMUS and hopefully find a match, solve a murder and offer someone somewhere some closure.

    The sheriff believes the murder victim, found with rubber bands on her wrists and weighing about 140 pounds, was likely not from the area -- since the initial investigation came up empty. But he's taking nothing for granted.

    So he's asking anyone who might remember something that happened back in April 1981, to contact the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department while the DNA testing takes place.

    Those tests may take months to complete.

    Keep clicking on WSAZ.com for the latest information.

    ORIGINAL STORY 6/15/11 @ 11 a.m.
    LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) -- The investigation into the identity of a woman who was murdered 30 yeas ago has been reopened.

    Wednesday morning officials in Lawrence County, Ohio disinterred the woman’s body from a cemetery in Lawrence County.

    In April 1981, the unknown woman’s body was found in a cistern in the Dobbstown area of the county. Investigators at the time ruled the death a homicide.

    The Ironton Tribune from April 23, 1981 reports it was two girls, 13 and 14, who found the body. A detective with the Sheriff’s Office told the paper at the time, that a piece of cloth was tied around the woman’s neck. They also found a cinder block with the same type material tied to it in the bottom of the well. They say the body had been in the well for 6 months to a year. The woman was wearing a red sweater and blue jeans with her hands covered by a pair of socks.

    Sheriff Jeff Lawless says officials want to identify woman "so that her loved ones can get a small sense of relieve."

    Lawless says that technologies are available to us today that were not available when the body was found.

    The Sheriff says that several years ago, the Lawrence County Coroners Office entered information about the female into the National Unidentified Person Data System in an attempt to determine her identity. Lawless says since then, 13 people have been excluded as the deceased.

    The body will be taken to the Boyd County Kentucky Coroner's Office where experts will attempt to collect DNA and other medical information from the remains. Afterward, the body will be returned to the burial site.
  15. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    Are they able to obtain DNA from any of the clothing?
    Somebody put those socks on her hands.
  16. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

  17. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    This Doe is also on the docket for the DNA Doe project. :)


    We are still working diligently to solve the case of Chesapeake Jane Doe AKA "Belle in The Well," who has been unidentified since her death in the early 1980s. Recently a new facial reconstruction was created from her skull (see below.) Details of her story may be found at http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/…/Facial-Reconstruction-…

    We have been fortunate to find many of her DNA matches through the database GEDmatch. Belle's DNA matches appear to be mainly people in the tri-state area including Cabell County, WV & surrounding regions.

    We are in search of people who are from the aforementioned regions and who have used commercial DNA services such as Ancestry, FTDNA, or 23&Me. We hope that these people might consider downloading their raw DNA data and uploading it to GEDmatch (free). A DNA database is only as strong as the amount of users included, and although we have many excellent matches to Belle, there is strength in numbers!

    If you have already uploaded your DNA data to GEDmatch, we thank you for helping us to achieve our mission. Please understand that if your GEDmatch kit is a DNA match to Belle, we cannot necessarily share this information due to privacy concerns for the families involved.

  18. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

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  19. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

  20. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Her large brown eyes stare out from a face that is supposed to be devoid of expression, but somehow it seems to reflect the terror she may have felt before she was killed and her body dumped in a well in rural Lawrence County.

    Since 1981 she has been known as the Belle in the Well. Some girls playing near the well found her body. Authorities recovered it, but the woman was never identified.

    For nearly four decades, the woman has remained an anonymous, faceless person to those who remember the story of how she was found. But now officials of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation hope a new facial reconstruction will provide leads to the woman's identity.

    Officially, she is known as Jane Doe, but she has been nicknamed the Belle in the Well. She was found in a cistern in the Dobbstown area, which is along Ohio 217 between Scottown and Willow Wood, a few miles north of Proctorville and Chesapeake.

    Authorities who examined the injuries on her body said it was a homicide. At the time they suspected her death was connected to a motorcycle club that had been active in the area.

    Samantha Molnar, a criminal intelligence analyst at the BCI, did the most recent facial reconstruction to give the best guess yet of Jane Doe's appearance. Molnar said Jane Doe's body had been in the well for six months to a year. By then it was decomposed but not completely skeletal, Molnar said.

    Jane Doe was from 30 to 60 years old, probably at the higher end of that range, Molnar said.

    Jane Doe's discovery at the southern tip of Ohio near West Virginia and Kentucky complicates the search for her identity, Molnar said.

    "You are looking for a missing person who could be from any of those states. Technically, she could be from anywhere," Molnar said.

    For her work, Molnar had Jane Doe's skull scanned with a CT machine, after which a 3D print was made for the reconstruction work.

    With no identification, there are no dental records to work with, but Jane Doe apparently had an overbite, Molnar said. Molnar reconstructed face that way although two front teeth were missing.

    "Since Jane Doe had some teeth missing when we recovered her, I wasn't able to sculpt her with her mouth open," Molnar said.

    The brown eyes are just a guess, as the body had decomposed too far to determine the true color, Molnar said.

    Molnar said identifying a person from nearly 40 years ago is hampered by the lack of technology investigators had to work with then compared to today. Everything today is digitized, but paper records from the 1980s and earlier could have been lost, or they are difficult to access, she said. Also, the investigators from that era are likely retired or deceased, she said.

    Also, anyone who remembered Jane Doe while she lived probably is elderly now, Molnar said.

    Molnar said anyone with a missing relative should reach out to law enforcement agencies. DNA testing can help identify remains, she said. DNA testing has been done so far, but nothing has led investigators to a solution, Molnar said.

    While the trail to solving Jane Doe's identity may have grown cold, authorities are still hoping to learn who she was and how she died. Molnar said anyone with information may contact the Lawrence County sheriff's office or other law enforcement agency.

    The BCI has had one recent success using Molnar's reconstruction work to identify a missing person, but this case may prove more difficult. Meanwhile, Jane Doe's face will stare at people who see her photo and wonder about the woman who became the Belle in the well.

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