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Dan Markel murder in Tallahassee, FL *ARREST*

Discussion in 'Crimes' started by noZme, May 26, 2016.

  1. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    Embezzlement arrest of Magbanua's in-law being investigated for ties to Dan Markel case

    Tallahassee detectives are investigating whether Dan Markel murder suspect Katherine Magbanua’s legal fees were being paid, at least in part, by her sister-in-law.

    Samantha Chez-Magbanua, who is married to Katherine Magbanua's brother, was arrested in March in South Florida on charges of embezzling $1.19 million from her employer. She faces charges of grand theft of over $100,000 after her arrest by the Plantation Police Department.

    The 46-year-old’s case could be of particular importance to prosecutors in Tallahassee who have long sought to suss out who is paying for Katherine Magbanua’s legal defense on her charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation of murder in connectionMarkel's July 2014 killing.


    I'll go on record now - if this woman is the secret benefactor of KM's legal fees, I'll eat my hat!
  2. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    The story of Dan Markel’s life, both professionally and personally, and his untimely murder in his Tallahassee garage is coming to the ears of true crime buffs across the world through a popular, new podcast.

    “Over My Dead Body” is the latest in a line of successful audio stories by Wondry. It details the Markel case and looks at the possible motives for the Florida State law professor’s July 2014 shooting which Tallahassee Police say was a murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by the family of his ex-wife Wendi Adelson.

    The podcast started Feb. 14. After three of six episodes have aired, it remains the number one Apple iTunes podcast.

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  3. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    One continuance in Dan Markel trial denied, another still in limbo
    Updated 1 hour ago
    The joint trial of two suspects in the murder of Dan Markel will go on next month — for now — despite a defense attorney’s plea to postpone the case because his girlfriend is expecting their child in July.

    Leon Circuit Judge James. C. Hankinson Tuesday denied that request by Sigfredo Garcia’s attorney Saam Zengeneh,

    Still lingering is another postponement request by the attorneys of his co-defendant, Katherine Magbanua, to delay the long awaited trial. They said in a motion filed Tuesday they need another three to four months to comb through eight terabytes of evidence and conduct 39 outstanding witness depositions.

    Garcia and Magbanua, the mother of his children, are set to stand trial together on June 3 for the 2014 shooting of the Florida State University law professor.

    In July 2014, according to investigators, Magbanua enlisted Garcia, who brought in his childhood friend Luis Rivera to drive from Miami to Tallahassee in a rented Prius to shoot Markel.

    The 41-year-old was shot and killed in his Betton Hills garage in what investigators say is was a murder for hire orchestrated by the family of Markel’s ex-wife Wendi Adelson.

    Adelson is expected to assert her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when she is deposed by the defense team, Magbanua’s attorney Chris DeCoste wrote in his request for a postponed trial date.

    “(She) has decided to throw a change up at the last minute and is expecting to assert her Fifth Amendment rights at deposition, but answer the government’s trial subpoena, which confers upon her immunity, and testify at trial,” DeCoste wrote in his 2:23 a.m. motion for a continuance. “The risk of her saying something on the stand that leads to a mistrial is high. More importantly, learning what she has to testify about while she is on the stand absolutely prejudices Ms. Magbanua.”

    In an interview, DeCoste said not being able to question a key state’s witness before trial could prove troubling for his defense strategy.

    “That’s an attempt to use the Fifth Amendment as a shield and sword,” he said. “She needs to sit before us and answer the questions we have. For all we know Wendi Adelson is going to start lying to save her family.”

    Investigators have not charged anyone in the Adelson family in connection with Markel’s death. Through their attorneys, they’ve called investigators’ theory that the family was involved, “fanciful fiction.”

    Investigators say Wendi Adelson’s mother and brother – Donna and Charlie Adelson – paid $100,000 to have Markel killed following the couple’s contentious divorce because so their two young sons move to South Florida.

    Wendi Adelson’s attorney, John Lauro, said there have been a number of misleading statements regarding her possible knowledge of the plot. She participated in an 8-hour interview with police the day her ex-husband was killed, and Magbanua’s attorneys will have ample time to cross examine her at trial, he said.

    Waiting until constitutional immunity is available is the best option for her.

    “There are cooperating witnesses, such as Rivera, who have made outright lies about Wendi that have been proven to be untrue,” Lauro said. “Once Wendi is subpoenaed properly by the state, she is going to testify and cooperate fully. We expect that’s going to happen.”

    Contact Karl Etters at ketters@tallahassee.com or @KarlEtters on Twitter

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  4. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    New witness list filed in Dan Markel murder case
    By Julie Montanaro |
    Posted: Tue 8:56 PM, May 14, 2019 |
    Updated: Wed 3:46 AM, May 15, 2019
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    By: Julie Montanaro | WCTV Eyewitness News
    May 14, 2019

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla (WCTV) -- Katherine Magbanua’s defense team has filed its witness list for her upcoming murder trial.

    Magbanua and her boyfriend, Sigfredo Garcia, are accused of killing FSU law professor Dan Markel in July 2014 in a murder-for-hire plot.

    Luis Rivera is one of 122 witnesses on the list. He has already entered a plea in the murder and is expected to testify against them.

    Also on Magbanua’s witness list are the deceased professor’s parents, Phil and Ruth Markel, as well as his sister, Shelly Markel.

    The four-page list also includes numerous police officers and at least one FBI agent. It lists friends, Dan Markel’s girlfriend and the boyfriend of his ex-wife, Wendi Adelson.

    Adelson’s boyfriend told police in a recorded interview shortly after the murder that Adelson’s brother had looked into hiring a hit man to kill Markel. Neither he nor any of the Adelsons have been charged with a crime and their attorneys have repeatedly denied any involvement in the murder.

    Last week, a judge ruled Wendi Adelson did not have to submit to a defense deposition, but could testify at trial if she’s subpoenaed by the state.

    Garcia’s most recent witness list features several expert witnesses, including a gang expert and crime scene and forensics expert.

    The murder trial is slated to start June 3. The judge estimates it could take three weeks. The defense estimates it'll take even longer.

  5. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Markel Murder Trial Delayed Again

    The trial for the murder of Dan Markel has been delayed again.

    The trial for the murder of Dan Markel, a Florida State University law professor, has been delayed just two weeks before it was scheduled to start.

    New evidence led Leon Circuit Judge James Hankinson to push back the trial yet again. Prosecutors anounced Thursday they’ve unlocked the cellphone of one of Markel’s alleged murderers.

    Law enforcement began analyzing Katherine Magbanua’s cellphone after a search warrant was approved last week.

    Attorneys worry the data contains priveledged information between Magbanua and her lawyer. Hankinson is directing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to analyze the data. A state attorney from outside the circuit will be present. A judge from another circuit will handle any legal issues that arise.

    Hankinson set a case management hearing for June 18th to allow both sides to look over the new data.

    Magbanua and Sigfredo Garcia were set to stand trial for Markel’s murder on June 8th.

    Magbanua was previously denied a delay earlier this week. Her lawyers argued prosecutors hadn't turned over all evidence. Hankinson gave the state until Friday to do so.

    This is the third time the trial has been postponed. It was originally set for February 2018. But it was pushed to give lawyers more time to study the evidence. Then, last September, it was delayed again while Magbanua’s attorney underwent medical treatment.

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  6. ima.grandma

    ima.grandma Believer of Miracles

    Also outstanding are a series of FBI wiretaps of a third, confessed Markel killer, Luis Rivera, taken in the months after Markel was killed. Federal authorities indicated they will turn over the wiretaps, Cappleman said.

    According to investigators, Magbanua enlisted Garcia, who brought in his childhood friend Rivera, to drive from Miami to Tallahassee in a rented Prius to kill Markel.

    The 41-year-old was shot and killed in broad daylight in his garage in what investigators say was a murder-for-hire orchestrated by the family of Markel’s ex-wife Wendi Adelson.

    Rivera pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to seven years in prison to run in addition to a 12-year federal sentence on other charges. In exchange, he has agreed to help the state in the prosecution of Garcia and Magbanua.

    Investigators have not charged anyone in the Adelson family in connection with Markel’s death, but say Adelson’s mother and brother – Donna and Charlie Adelson – paid $100,000 to have Markel killed following the couple’s contentious divorce so their two young sons could move to South Florida.
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  7. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    I will never believe that ex-wife Wendy Adelson wasn’t involved in some way.
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  8. ima.grandma

    ima.grandma Believer of Miracles

    The defense is also asking to take a deposition from the victim’s ex-wife, Wendi Adelson, before she testifies during trial. Attorney Tara Kawass says they do not want this case to be tried more than once.

    “She claims that she is willing to answer questions under a state subpoena when she is giving immunity, which gives me just pause as to what it is she plans on saying on the witness stand," she said. "That in itself, if she says something that she legally is not supposed to is going to cause a mistrial.”

    The decision leaves the defense little time to sort through the remaining evidence that includes text messages, videos, wiretaps, emails, and witness statements.

    State attorney Georgia Cappelman says the defense is asking for evidence it does not need.

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  9. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    The judge has already said that Wendy can defer the defense request for a deposition and wait for trial. Her attorney said she would answer questions at travel but expected an immunity deal from the state. This woman is evil
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  10. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    Very. I believe evil enough to have initiated the whole plot.
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  11. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    DCA to decide whether Wendi Adelson can be deposed
    Updated 3 hours ago


    Follow the footsteps of Markel murder suspect
    Details of the Tallahassee Police Department probable cause affidavit released the morning of June 2, 2016 reveal the route taken by murder suspect, Sigfredo Garcia.

    Appeals judges will hear arguments Wednesday on whether to let stand a protective order allowing Wendi Adelson to skirt a deposition subpoena by the attorneys of a woman accused of killing her ex-husband.

    Kristen Kawass, an appellate attorney for suspected Dan Markel murderer Katherine Magbanua, will argue that Adelson — whose family has been implicated in but not charged for orchestrating the July 2014 shooting — should speak with the defense team prior to testifying at trial.


    Wendi Adelson,
    Adelson was granted the right to defer the defense team’s subpoena by Leon Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, but indicated through her attorney, John Lauro, that she intends to testify at trial under a government subpoena that would offer her immunity.

    Kawass and co-counsel Chris DeCoste have argued that allowing Adelson's testimony to come out only in front of a jury would deny the right of Magbanua to know all the evidence the state has against her.

    The oral argument is set for 11 a.m. Wednesday at the First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee.

    Last minute shuffling in the Dan Markel case

    Until the case was delayed Thursday, Adelson was set to testify at Magbanua’s trial that was scheduled to start next month.

    She and the father of her children, Sigfredo Garcia, face charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation of murder. Garcia faces the death penalty.

    More @ https://www.tallahassee.com/story/n...whether-wendi-adelson-can-deposed/1219940001/
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  12. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Judge reconsiders, will allow defense to question Dan Markel's ex-wife
    By Julie Montanaro |
    Posted: Mon 1:10 PM, Jun 10, 2019 |
    Updated: Mon 1:12 PM, Jun 10, 2019
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] The DCA sided with the State in a May 31 ruling, but prosecutor Georgia Cappleman said, "The ruling made it clear we were on dangerous ground going forward without taking her deposition and could risk having any conviction overturned on appeal."

    "That's the last thing we want," Cappleman said.

    Cappleman said defense attorneys for Katherine Magbanua have already sent an email request to schedule a deposition with Wendi Adelson. Cappleman said there is no timeline yet for scheduling one.

    We have reached out to both Magbanua's defense team and Wendi Adelson's lawyers for comment on the judge's new ruling and the impact it could have on the high profile murder case.

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  13. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    CRIME HUNTER: Mother-in-law from hell

    Brad HunterMore from Brad Hunter
    Published: June 15, 2019

    Updated: June 15, 2019 8:23 PM EDT
    • “You suffered under his ‘reign,’” Donna wrote in one email. “Narcissistic personality disorder causes major problems in a marriage.”

      She added: “I’m too angry to write any more. I’m going to shower, wash my hair, and get ready for you and the boys to come home.”

      Team Adelson, from upper left, Harvey, Donna, Charlie and Wendi. Were they behind the murder?

      Cops believe this monster of a mother-in-law was pulling the strings in a twisted murder plot that would leave Markel bleeding out on the driveway of his Tallahassee home.

      Markel arrived home from his job at the University of Florida around 11 a.m. on July 18, 2014.

      Instead of a welcome mat, two bullets were parked in the father of two. He died in hospital 14 hours later.

      Two people — Sigfredo Garcia, 37, and Kathy Magbanua, 34, the mother of his two children — will soon go on trial in the Panhandle for first-degree murder.

      But detectives are under no illusions who really pulled the trigger that sweaty day five years ago.

      “This is such an unusual situation, in that law enforcement is alleging a conspiracy but only some members of that conspiracy have been charged,” lawyer and blogger David Lat told the Miami New Times.

      So what are the cops saying?

      Cops say this trio were paid $100,000 to kill Dan Markel.

      Detectives believe Donna Adelson and Wendi’s older brother Charlie shelled out $100,000 to have the professor taken off the board.

      And Charlie had a new girlfriend to boot: Kathy Magbanua.

      According to cops, the motive was so Wendi could move back to south Florida with the couple’s two pre-school aged boys.

      But bizarrely, neither has been charged.

      As it was, it took cops two years to arrest Miami gangbanger Luis “King Tato” Rivera. He is cooperating and the prosecution was generous, tagging on another 19 years in the slammer so he would squeal.

      But if Garcia and Magbanua flip they’ll be expected to point the finger at the Adelson family. And there’s lots of evidence.

      Wendi was miserable in Tallahassee. Her mother Donna seemed to drive the hatred towards Dan Markel.

      Her mother allegedly wanted Wendi to lie during custody proceedings.

      “You would never want to think that you didn’t do EVERYTHING you could,” she wrote.

      The couple was married in February 2006 after meeting on a Jewish singles dating site.

      Both were accomplished but Wendi was soon desperately dissatisfied in sleepy Tallahassee, Ground Zero of the U.S. Bible Belt. The pair split in 2012.

      Even after the split, the marital war continued. They fought over expenses, pick-up times and her desire to move back to southern Florida.

      Behind the scenes winding up an already dire situation was Donna Adelson. She complained Dan had become a religious nut who was “indoctrinating” the two children.

      Of course, it’s odd that Charlie Adelson was dating the woman charged with the murder of his former brother-in-law.

      “It’s super important for the judge to get the message that this guy is a big bully,” Donna wrote to her daughter.

      She added: “Let’s show this f***** what will make him absolutely miserable.”

      Other schemes included a lie to convince Dan Markel his ex wanted the children to become Catholic. Donna thought it might move the judge.

      “There were multiple donations from her church pastors & ministers on her financial contributions,” Donna wrote of Judge Barbara Hobbs. “She’s a Southern black lady. How do you know it won’t be music to her ears to hear this?”
      Wendi torpedoed the plan. She was near the breaking point with her mother as well.

      “The whole divorce, and the proceedings, are not something to be won or lost,” Wendi wrote back. “It makes the whole thing unnecessarily competitive.”

      As cops investigated Dan Markel’s murder they turned up a tidal wave of phone calls between Charlie, Donna, and Magbanua. Then there was the money trail.

      Cheques to Magbanua — signed by Donna Adelson.

      The family mouthpiece said the family had nothing to do with the tragic slaying.

      Not a soul believes that.



    Attached Files:

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  14. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Dan Markel's ex-wife now answering questions in hotly contested deposition
    By Julie Montanaro |
    Posted: Tue 11:03 AM, Jul 02, 2019 |
    Updated: Tue 11:16 AM, Jul 02, 2019
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] paved the way for this deposition.

    According to court records, Adelson's deposition was slated to start
    at 9 a.m.

    We are reaching out to her attorneys and the defense attorneys who requested the deposition for comment.

    Court records also show key witnesses in the Markel case will be making their way to Tallahassee the week of July 15th to give depositions in the case.

    Among those scheduled to be deposed: Dan Markel’s parents, several of the couple's close friends, ex-wife Wendi Adelson’s boyfriend at the time, a host of police and forensic investigators, and a jail inmate recently added to the state’s witness list.

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  15. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    Murder milestone: 5 years after Dan Markel was gunned down, journey to justice continues

    The last conversation Dan Markel had was about his two boys.

    Five years ago today, the Florida State law professor — at 41, already a renowned legal scholar — was on his cellphone with a friend and teacher at the School of Arts and Science talking about where the preschoolers should start kindergarten.

    Where the boys would go to school was yet another point of contention between Markel and his ex-wife Wendi Adelson, also a lawyer and FSU professor. Even after they were divorced, their acrimony continued to play out in vicious legal battles over the boys' parenting...


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