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David & Nicholas Pence, Father & Son Murdered in Louisiana *ARREST**LWOP*

Discussion in 'Crimes' started by ~Lyric~, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    The killer, armed with a shotgun, shot David Pence, 56, three times and hit Nicholas Pence, 25, twice, leaving their bodies for a relative to find, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said.

    "They were brutally murdered," JPSO spokesman Col. John Fortunato said. "We haven't established a motive or a suspect as of yet."


    As I was creating this thread, I was searching for article to link and they have made 2 arrests!
    I really thought this was going to take a while...

    The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office is holding a news conference to discuss details on the arrests of two people for the murder of a father and son in Metairie.

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  2. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    How sad..I am thankful that it has turned out not to be family or friends involved in this:

    There are tweets in the below link of the Presser:

    Metairie killings were 'random' and done 'execution-style,' Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says; two suspects in custody


    Della Hasselle @dellahasselle
    They wanted to make sure DA's office could "successful prosecute this execution style murder," Normand said

    Della Hasselle @dellahasselle
    Normand: arrested Dexter Allen and another suspect Friday.

    Della Hasselle @dellahasselle
    Haraquon Degruy, a female, was the other arrested suspect.

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  3. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    JPSO: Arrests in 'execution-style' murder of father, son

    METAIRIE, La. -- The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says 17-year-old Dexter Allen and 18-year-old Haraquon Degruy are responsible for the execution-style murder of David and Nicholas Pence on Wednesday.


    Friday morning, after spotting the stolen SUV in New Orleans East, U.S. Marshalls and deputies arrested Degruy and Allen after a short chase that ended on Downman Road.

    Once the two were in custody, police say Degruy confessed to the murders, saying she was in the car when Allen opened fire on the father and son as soon as he entered the home.

    Normand said David Pence's body was found sitting in a chair with gunshot wounds to the neck, chest and leg. Nicholas Pence was on the floor with gunshot wounds to the face and head. Normand said there is evidence to indicate they may have been asleep at the time of the shooting.

    The sheriff said neither have an extensive criminal history for such a violent outcome.

    "After all of the work we have done, we still don't have the answer as to why."

    read more ............... http://www.wwltv.com/story/homepage...-in-murders-of-metairie-father--son/26399513/

    Senseless crime!


  4. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    When I first read about this, I thought, man oh man.....
    It was just a matter of about 5 mins when the last of friends left and the time mom called 911 after hearing the shots and breaking glass.
    One friend even went back to get his inhaler that he left in the garage.
    Just a matter of Minutes!
    Thank goodness that Mrs. Pence wasn't found in the house.
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  5. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    copied from above:
    The sheriff said neither have an extensive criminal history for such a violent outcome.
    "After all of the work we have done, we still don't have the answer as to why."

    I'll offer an explanation.

    Many crimes like this are committed by people who do not have a work ethic, who haven't learned that we are expected to earn what we get in this world, to follow rules & be fair to others. For some reason, they think it is okay to simply take what they want. And it escalates.

    Apparently, this young pair just helped themselves to the car they were driving & used it to cruise this middle-class neighborhood in order to find someone vulnerable to steal from. The male thug got ahead of himself & shot a father & son before he could take their money or valuables.

    And now, they are likely to spend some time as guests of the state of Louisiana, still not experiencing the thrill of earning their way in life.

    It's scary. Until everyone has respect for other people, their property & for themselves, as capable of working for their essentials & pleasures, none of us is safe from this type crime & violence.
  6. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    I'd like a solid motive. I want what really happened and why. JMO
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  7. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    I've looked for updates & haven't found much. Apparently the motive was "steal more stuff."

    Neighbors had noticed the suspicious white car driving slowly & without headlights. The car was caught on nearby security video & identified as a stolen vehicle. Several autos in the area had been vandalized & the female suspect's fingerprint in one of them led investigators to the two. Haraquon Degruy, 18. So, looks like she has prior arrests, has admitted to being the get-away driver in this murder. The shooter was Dexter Allen, 17. The shotgun thought to be used in the killings was found stashed under his house. Other items also stolen from the Pence's neighborhood were found there & even more stolen goods were thrown from the car as suspects were fleeing police. Mrs Pence's purse & phone were found in the possession of the suspects.

    Looks like a pretty solid case against the accused & Degruy appears to be singing like a canary. Maybe someone can fill us in on LA law, in some states, you are just as guilty as the triggerman when someone is killed in the course of your crime. This gal said Allen came back to the car to get the gun & ran back out of the house's side door shortly afterward saying he had shot 2 people. If she was not participating, she could have driven away & reported a robbery in progress. I hate it when criminals make deals & plea down to lesser charges!
  8. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    My problem with this whole thing is that he went in shooting. Most robbery's don't start with execution. They had to know someone was inside. Most robbers will only go into empty houses or when people are sleeping. To me it looks a lot like a hit. JMO
  9. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    Mr Pence was branch manager of an oil company, a mid-level corporate position at best. A hit seems less likely than a couple thugs & robbery turned into panic & murder. These two weren't prospects for membership in Mensa. I think they were cruising around in their stolen ride, looking for easy pickings. Apparently, they had been lucky & were loaded with other people's belongings. Then - Jackpot! A couple cars parked in the drive & good stuff in the man cave. Maybe the son, saw or heard Allen prowling outside & Allen decided to leave no witnesses. ..... Don't know about you, but I always hire more qualified people to carry out my... ummm, settle my disputes with friends. Wanna make a 5 buck bet?
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  10. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    I don't know, it still seems too curious. The son could've been the target.
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