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TN DAVID WARNER: Missing from Jefferson City, TN - March 1983 - Age 12

Discussion in 'Missing 1980 to 1989' started by Kimster, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member


    In March of 1983 David was a 12 year old fourth grader. He "got by" in school but had street smarts beyond his years. Then, he was gone. No warnings. No clues. No sense.

    David's family last saw him walking down Beelor Boulevard, near Broadway in Jefferson City. It's a path he took many times while walking to convenience stores and restaurants. Investigators say David's "street smarts" and the lack of clues could indicate his disappearance was planned. If it was, Nash points to David's now deceased father as the likely culprit. "I think his natural dad had something to do with it. Because he was the type of person who like to be in the spotlight, And by him never coming to help hunt for David, I always felt he knew something." Investigators say a likely motive for David's father taking him might be the belief that he could offer his son a better life away from Jefferson City.

    Investigator Hutchison says, if he's alive, the case now isn't about bringing David back home. "He's almost 40 years old now, they cant make him come home." It's more about offering his family peace of mind. And, offering an answer to Jefferson City's greatest mystery.

    If you have any information into the disappearance of David Warner, you are asked to call Investigator Hutchison at 865-429-7021, extension 115.



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  2. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

    I hope the Dad did take him and gave him that better life.
    Too sad for the mum though regardless even if true :(
  3. ShortWave

    ShortWave Fan of Troublemaker

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  4. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    What a cute little Dennis the Menace vibe I get from this boy's picture. Praying he is now a safe adult who is hoping to find his mother/family again.
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  5. Armalita

    Armalita Active Member

    I've been away for a little while now but I'm back. I was looking through some pics of does and stumbled across this one that brought me much curiosity. How easy/hard would it be if only 32 small bones and a scull be able to be identified as male or female???
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  6. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Appalachian Unsolved: 12-year-old boy still missing after 34 years

    He was a boy who never knew a stranger.

    “He was just a likeable little kid,” said Kathy Nash. “He helped neighbors carry groceries, even go to the store for them. That was David.”

    But was that kindness what made David Warner a target?

    “He would have thought nothing about getting in the car with a strange person,” said Nash.

    His aunt Kathy Nash wonders if that’s what happened to the blonde, brown-eyed boy who vanished 34 years ago.

    It was March 2, 1983. Reports show David went to what was then Druther's restaurant, now El Sazon for a late afternoon treat.

    “Druther’s rewarded children if they got a good grade and could get a free meal,” explained Detective Roland Holt.

    Where David went from there is unclear.

    “He knew Jefferson City like the back of his hand,” said his aunt. “We know he stopped at the corner of Odell and Sycamore Lane, and that is the last known time we've seen him.”

    It was barely a block away from home. He never came back.

    The Jefferson City Police Department, firefighters and the rescue squad along with 200 volunteers did aerial and ground searches for two days.

    “Not one piece of evidence ever found,” explained Holt. “It was like he vanished into thin air.”

    “This case file has always remained opened and will always remain open til we find out what happened to David,” said Holt. “We know someone out there knows. There’s no question.”

    David suffered from epilepsy, and deep down his aunt believes that was a factor in his disappearance.

    “I honestly think because of his disease, he had a seizure and the people didn't know what to do with him,” said Nash.

    In the 1980s his face covered milk cartons across the world. Today, she runs a Facebook page to keep the story alive.

    “The part of not knowing has got to be harder than knowing. Please come forward. Let's put it to rest,” said Holt.


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  7. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

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  8. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    SO SAD! He would be only a Year younger than Myself. The Fathers actions and lack of (not help with search) it's amazing that some of these People don't get how they act makes them SO SUSPICIOUS! In this Case, Unfortunately it didn't make ANY difference. I certainly don't think He ran away. He was "Street Smart". That dosen't mean it's out of the Realm of possibility of being "Stranger Abducted". At 12 can be overpowered by an Adult. With Epilepsy, He knew He had to be Medicated. I don't know Severe His was, But from the Article it states "No one knew how to deal with Him" regarding that. So I am guessing SEVERE. I was Diagnosed at Age 2 1/2 With "Epilepsy" when I "Passed out" and stopped breathing, turned Blue, Then Gasped and woke up. But I wouldn't just Pass out, bring My Arms up, And turn My Hands into Fists and turn them inwards. Nothing had to be placed in My Mouth to bite diwn on. I still had to be Medicated. And I was BLESSED THAT I OUTGREW IT AT AGE 10!! After Many Tests from then to a few Years ago, After A SEVERE CAR ACCIDENT a few Yrs ago, That after I was Blacking out. NO SIGN OF "Epilepsy". This Child, I believe, WOULD DIE WITHOUT BEING MEDICATED! If the Father took Him, I know it's happened before, Where the Child is Convinced the other Parent NO longer wanted them. And it seems like this Boy was "Mentally Handicapped". But after this MANY YEARS?! And after reaching "Adulthood", And the Info out there He is reported missing. That if NOT HIM, But Someone else recognizing Him, And reporting it, Or at least telling Him He has been reported missing from His Mother Since 1983.
  9. Mysteries1974

    Mysteries1974 Well-Known Member

    38-TNM – David Clayton Warner


    Left: David circa 1983 Right: Age Progressed to age 42


    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

    Missing Since: March 2, 1983 from Jefferson City, Jefferson County, Tennessee

    Classification: Non-Family Abduction

    Date Of Birth: January 31, 1971

    Age: 12 years old

    Height and Weight: 5’4″; 110 pounds

    Distinguishing Characteristics: White Male, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, David suffers from epilepsy, he may go by the nickname “Little David”

    Clothing/Jewelry Description: A black/white Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt, a pair of blue jeans, and sneakers


    Circumstances of Disappearance

    David Warner was last seen on March 2nd 1983 in Jefferson City, Tennessee. He attended school that day and afterwards, he told his family that he was going to a church function which was up the street from his residence at the time.

    He did in fact go to the church but did not go inside, instead he went to Druthers restaurant. The restaurant had a policy where children who present their school report cards with good grades would be able to get a free meal of no pay. David has just gotten his report card and he had an A in physical education so he got a free burger.

    David left the restaurant and it’s unknown what exactly happened afterwards. Most reports state that David went to a friends home to a friend’s home to watch television and then left to walk home at approximately 7:00 pm. He has never been seen or heard from since.

    David’s family didn’t realize that he was missing until the next morning when they checked his bed and found the the bed was made in a way to make it look as though that David was sleeping. They weren’t initially concerned and thought that he had simply spent the night at the friends house which is something he oftentimes did.

    Authorities initially believed it was possible that David left on his own accord. His family, however, was adamant on the fact that he would not do this. According to the family, David was very friendly to everyone, including strangers, and could’ve easily been lured by someone with the intent to take him.

    Authorities at one point received a tip that David was living with a cousin of his biological father in the state of Florida. David’s father, however, stated he did not know where his son was or what happened to him.

    Authorities suspect that foul play was involved in Warner’s disappearance and that he may have been abducted and murdered.

    At the time of David’s disappearance, he was described as a bright but not a very good student. He was a fourth grade student at the Jefferson City Elementary School in 1983z He was described as a kind and bright child by his family. David was legally adopted by his grandmother and raised by her. His mother was unmarried and a teenager when she gave birth to him. He was close to his mother throughout his whole life. He was described as being street smart and very pleasant to be around.

    David’s case remains unsolved and foul play is suspected. His case remains classified as a non family abduction.


    Investigating Agency

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Jefferson City Police Department 615-475-2002

    NCMEC Number: 601934


    Source Information:

    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

    The Charley Project

    The Doe Network


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  10. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    HI "Mysteries"! And thank you for this current report.:thankyou:
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