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WA DEANNE HASTINGS: Missing from Spokane, WA - 4 Nov 2015 - Age 35

Discussion in 'Missing 2015 to Present' started by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Spokane man searching for missing fiancé


    Hastings has been missing since November 4. Days after her disappearance her fiancé found her car in a parking lot across from the Knitting Factory. Not only was it not near a grocery store, inside was her whole life, her purse, cell phone and wallet.

    “There was a note that said 'Ran to store, just got done doing girls nails, had a great day,'” Hastings' fiancé Mike Tibbetts said.

    The last time she was seen was at the Latah Trading Company store off Highway 195. A few days later Tibbetts got a call from a man who said he saw the missing persons poster of Deanne. He said he didn't know her but gave her a ride to the Latah Trading Company and that she'd left her keys in his car. The man knew nothing more.

    The Special Victims Unit of the Spokane Police Department is leading the investigation. If you have seen Deanne Hastings or know about her whereabouts you are asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.


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  2. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    SPD looks for people of interest in missing woman case

    Police released a photo of three people of interest on Tuesday in the disappearance of a Spokane woman.

    Police are looking for help identifying three people of interest seen in the included photo. If you know who these individuals are please contact the Spokane Police Department at (509) 456-2233.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Detectives searching for Deanne Hastings

    Detectives are continuing to search for a woman who disappeared from Spokane's streets, leaving behind her car, purse, cell phone and two young children.

    Deanne Hastings, 35, vanished November 4 and Major Crimes detectives don't know if the single mom was abducted or simply wanted to start a new life somewhere else.

    Hastings's disappearance even more puzzling because she was starting a new life as a cosmetology student at the Glen Dow Academy and had already paid some of her tuition.


    Four Weeks and Counting

    Hastings, 35, previously went missing this past summer, says Teresa Fuller, a public information officer for the Spokane Police Department. Her family and friends say this has happened several times. But Tibbetts says she's never left without her phone or car.

    Some fear that Hastings relapsed and returned to the bottle. A few hope that she checked herself into rehab. Tibbetts believes that maybe this was caused by her state health insurance changing her bipolar disorder medications. Then there are the darkest thoughts in the back of everyone's minds: Hastings, a Ferris High School graduate, could be in serious peril.

    On Nov. 4: Tibbetts waited at the car until 3 pm, then filed a missing-person report. He later saw from Latah Creek Trading Co.'s surveillance footage that Hastings bought four energy drinks, cigarettes, string cheese and birthday cake candles. He has no idea why. According to Lowry, Hastings also bought vodka.


    Also per the second link, the people in the above photos seen using Deanne's card have been identified.

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  4. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Loved Ones Still Searching for Answers in Disappearance of Deanne Hastings

    Deanne's driver's license was discovered several weeks after she disappeared outside a deli in another part of town. When police tracked her financial records, they discovered three individuals had been using her credit cards. All three were reportedly identified and questioned. Police have told Deanne's family the three said they found the cards in a coat later identified as belonging to Deanne. No other information has been released at this time.

    Police are investigating and are not sure foul play is involved, but admit the events surrounding her disappearance are a bit suspicious.

    "We simply don't know if she chose to be gone or not," Officer Teresa Fuller, spokesperson for the Spokane Police Department, told Dateline. "She's not going to be in trouble but we need to know she is safe. The circumstances are strange enough. We are concerned."


    Facebook - Missing Deanne Hastings - https://www.facebook.com/MissingDeanneHastings/?fref=nf

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  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    This doesn't look good to me, I'm afraid. :vigil:
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  6. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

  7. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Man arrested for using missing woman's credit cards

    It's been more than three months since a beauty school student seemingly vanished from downtown Spokane. No one has heard from 35-year-old Deanne Hastings since early November.

    A man is now in jail after admitting to stealing and then using Deanne Hastings' credit cards. Randy Riley is facing charges for possession of stolen property and identify theft. He has not been charged with having any involvement in her disappearance.

    Riley is currently in jail, facing charges he doesn't dispute. He admits he used Deanne's cards without her consent. He said he saw her walking on South Inland Empire Way. Tibbets believes Deanne was attempting to walk home.

    Riley said he had never met Deanne before. He said the two spent two to four hours together after meeting on the road.

    Details of what the two strangers did during that time were unclear during Hayley Guenthner's interview with Riley. He claimed Deanne was belligerent.

    "We left her standing on the side of the road," Riley said.

    Riley claims 24 hours after that, he then stumbled across Deanne's coat with her wallet inside. He said the discovery happened as he was running errands. Court documents show he admitted to detectives that he used her cards to rent movies at Red Box and get groceries at Winco. He is adamant that that's where his criminal activity ends. He said he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

  8. Summer_breeze

    Summer_breeze Blowing through the Jasmine in my mind

  9. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

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  10. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Search party retraces Deanne Hastings' last known steps

    They've been searching for her for almost four months now, but the family of a missing Spokane woman still has no answers.

    Deanne Hasting has been missing since November and her loved ones say they've reached a breaking point. Saturday was Hastings' 36th birthday. Instead of celebrating, family, friends and total strangers searched for her. The group split up into eight locations where Hastings is believed to be last seen.

  11. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    omg these jerks in the video footage/stills obviously stole her things and are buying crap with it! may their hearts feel convicted and may they tell the TRUTH as to what happened to Deanne!! outraged!!! I do not believe for a second she would leave her two kids behind, but unfortunately we also have a history of her having substance abuse issues as well as bipolar disorder which makes things a little confusing. at any rate I think something bad has happened to Deanne.
  12. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Deanne's case is going to be on Disappeared this Sunday!

    I'm interested in learning more about her disappearance. I can't decide if there's been foul play, or she's in hiding.
  13. SoSueMe

    SoSueMe Administrative Manager Staff Member

    I want to DVR this episode but my program listing is saying it's about Angela Garcia. Do they sometimes show more than one case on this program?
  14. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    It looks like this week is Angela Garcia. I don't believe we have a thread for her yet.
    Next week the 25th is Deanne. :)
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  15. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    It was Angel Garcia and no, we don't have a thread for him. I watched a repeat of the episode and will start a thread for him.

    As for Deanne, I did catch it on the live airing. Her mental illness reminds me of someone else I know in my personal life and I feel for her loved ones because there isn't any way to help an adult like her. I'm angry her meds were changed and her ins. company wouldn't allow her to have what was working! I think the stress of the new school plus the med change caused her to meltdown. My fear is that she didn't take care of herself to the point that she may not come back this time. :tears:
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  16. TripleA

    TripleA Zoo Keeper

    I am not sure what to think after having watched the episode.
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  17. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Deanne Hastings left her fiancé a note on the night of November 3, 2015, saying she was headed to the store. And just like that, she was gone. The 35-year-old had just finished her first day of cosmetology school that afternoon, and said in her note that she was headed to the grocery store. The following morning, her credit card was used at a store not too far from her home outside Spokane, Washington. Security video shows Deanne leaving that store around noon. Her car was later discovered parked in downtown Spokane, and it appeared to have been left there the night she vanished. In February of 2016, a man was arrested and charged with using Deanne’s credit cards. He spent several months in jail and was released in September 2016. Neither he, nor anyone else, has been charged in connection to Deanne’s disappearance. If you have any information regarding Deanne’s case, please call the Spokane Police Department at (509) 456-2233.

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  18. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

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  19. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Deanne’s Disappearance: Beauty school student, mother remains missing

    Deanne Hastings seemed to have it all before she vanished back in November of 2015. She was starting beauty school, had three great kids, and was engaged to be married. Loved ones said they can’t help but fear she met an evil end.

    “Deanne was an amazing person,” brother Carson Crider said. “An amazing family member. She cared more about others than she did herself.”

    You’ll notice Carson talks about his missing sister in the past tense. He believes too much time has gone by to hold onto any hope that she is still alive. It’s a painful truth her fiancé Mike Tibbets says consumes him.

    “It is torment, the not knowing,” he said.

    But SPD did make some arrests involving Deanne, but not related to her disappearance. A man named Randy Riley, who spoke to KHQ exclusively from behind bars back in 2016, was one of two men arrested for using Deanne’s stolen credit cards.

    While he admitted to stealing from her, he was adamant he had nothing to do with her disappearance. He told KHQ he last saw a very drunk Deanne in a West Spokane neighborhood. He said he found her wallet in the road the next day and took it.

    Both Mike and Carson beg anyone with information to do what is right. They say they, along with Deanne’s children, deserve to say goodbye properly.

    “If they have any kind of heart whatsoever, even if it’s anonymous, do it,” Mike said.

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