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Vic DONNY GOVAN: Missing from Echuca, Vic - 1 Sept 2012 - Age 16

Discussion in 'Australia: Missing & Unidentified' started by MULDER, Aug 31, 2016.


    MULDER Bronze Member

    DonnyGovan missing Echuca vic Set 1 2012 1 (2).jpg DonnyGovan missing Echuca vic Set 1 2012 2.jpg

    The above photo of Donny was taken on the night he went missing - he is wearing the clothing
    he was last seen in.

    NAME: Donald (Donny) Govan
    Born: 1996
    Age when he went Missing: 16 yo
    Age as Sept 1st 2016: 20 years old
    Where he went Missing: Camping Area of Braund Rd, Echuca, Victoria
    Height: 173cm
    Build: Slim
    Complexion: Fair
    Eye Colouring: Blue/Green
    Hair Colour: Light Brown

    Donald (Donny) Govan was camping with his sister and friends along the Murray River bushland reserve, about 1km north of Braund Road, Echuca on Saturday 1 September 2012.
    At about 8.30pm Donald left the campsite and has not been seen since.
    This was Donald’s first trip to Echuca and he normally resides with his father in Ballarat.
    At the time of Donald’s disappearance he had no phone, wallet or money.
    Donald was wearing a black t-shirt with a “Flight Path” logo on the front, white board shorts and black runners. Donald wears spacer earrings.

    If you have information that may assist police to locate Donald please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.



    Missing Donny GovanFacebook Page:

    eta media link: http://www.crimewatchers.net/forum/...missing-from-echuca-victoria-since-2012.2170/
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    It has been 4 years since Donny Govan was last seen.
    Today is the 4 year Anniversay.

    From the Leave A Light on Webpage - https://www.facebook.com/Leave-A-Light-On-Inc-1492883731004142/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED

    A summary...
    Where is Donny?
    On Saturday, 1st September 2012, 16 year old Donald (Donny) Govan was on his first camping trip with his sister and friends along the Murray River bushland reserve, about 1km north of Bruand Road, Echuca.
    At approximately 8:30pm, Donny left the campsite and has not been seen since this date. Despite extensive investigations by police and a 10km search along a stretch of Murray River, Donny remains missing.
    Police investigated a possible sighting of Donny in the township but sadly although it came from a reliable source, Donny was not located.
    This was Donny's first trip to Echuca, as he normally lives in Ballarat with his father. At The time of Donny's disappearance he had no phone, wallet or money on him.
    There are concerns for Donny's safety and welfare.

    Described as standing 173cm tall with a slim build, Donny has light brown hair, blue/green eyes and would now be 20 years old.
    At the time of his disappearance, Donny was wearing a black T-Shirt with the logo "Flight Path" on the front, white board shorts and black runners (as pictured below except for the cap).
    Donny also wears spacer earrings.

    Do you know what happened to Donny? Have you seen him? Can you help family and police locate him?
    Please call Crimestoppers 1800 333 000 if you have any information which may assist his family with answers.

    Donny is a much loved son and brother, his family want to know he is ok, and miss him dearly.
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    MULDER Bronze Member

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  4. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Thanks for posting this one Mulder! I remember reading about it at the time.

    Just so strange how he was there one minute and gone the next.
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  5. fox68

    fox68 Member

    I remember reading somewhere about this case, something about his sister noting his odd behaviour, and that she suspected he had been using hard drugs, that he had been suffering from depression and acting out of character for some time prior to his disappearance. Seem to recall her saying that Donny had been really agressive towards her and everyone else all of a sudden in the moments before he walked off in a huff. There was also mention of a vehicle in the vicinity that wasn't part of Donny's friends and family's group.
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  6. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    Main Stream Media

    26th July 2015

    Hope for missing Ballarat teenager Donny Govan

    For Ms O'Keane and her family, a day hasn't gone by when they haven't thought about the whereabouts of Donny.
    “It does cross your mind every day,” she said.
    “We haven't had that closure, we don't know if he is alive or dead.
    “We're trying to move on with our lives. We've tried our hardest to find him but we can't find a trace of him.
    “But we're never giving up.”

    Donny, then 16, disappeared on September 1, 2012, from an Echuca campsite where he had been camping with Ms O’Keane and four Ballarat friends.

    After a few drinks, Donny became paranoid about his fellow campers, claiming they were out to get him, and ran off into thick bush.

    Despite a manhunt following Donny's disappearance, there has only been one credible sighting of him since, when an elderly woman living 10 kilometres from the campsite said a well-mannered boy
    matching Donny’s description appeared from the bush and asked her for breakfast a few days after he disappeared.

    She told police the boy said he had spent the night in the bush and was planning to go to Bendigo.
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    Main Stream Media

    August 31 2013

    Year-long wait for Ballarat teen Donny Govan who vanished in bush

    The polite but mischievous 16-year-old was doted on by his siblings, especially his four older sisters who always looked out him.
    But this family now faces the prospect of life without their Donny, a decade after their eldest brother and son died tragically.

    One year ago sister Rachael O'Keane, 26, decided to take her younger brother camping for the weekend with friends.
    The siblings had endured another cold winter in the Victorian town of Ballarat and decided to escape to the banks of the Murray River for the weekend.
    It was a modest trip but Donny's first real holiday.

    "It started off as we had planned, we were relaxing and having fun, the boys were kicking the footy and it was great," Rachael said.
    But as one or two drinks turned into three or four, an argument broke out and in a heated exchange Donny disappeared into dense bush.
    At first his sister and friends thought he would return, but as the hours passed, the group became worried and phoned police.
    An extensive search failed to find any trace of the teen.
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    The Unmissables is a free online tool designed to help the families of long term missing people reignite the search for their loved ones by making them unmissable.

    Donnys name is on the page.
  10. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

  11. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    'We're frozen in time': When a loved one disappears without a trace

    Jacinta Jackson's younger brother Donny Govan went missing, aged 16, during a camping holiday in Echuca, Victoria, in September 2012. Jacinta is now 24 years old.

    "When I look back at my life, most of my memories feature Donny because we did everything together – we went to school together and hung out together within the same circle of friends on the weekend. We were close in age – less than two years apart – and I adored him for his cheeky personality. One of the hardest things to accept is that are no new memories to make; this is how it might always be.

    Everything seemed normal the day Donny went camping with our sister Rachael and her friends – until night fell and he suddenly became paranoid that two other campers wanted to hurt him. The following day he was back to normal, but when the paranoia returned that night, Donny shot off into bushland and never came back. The group searched for him but as time wore on and the temperature dropped below zero, the police were soon called in.

    It wasn't until I heard the words 'water searches' that I began to fear the worst. Up until that point, I assumed he'd be found, but once the choppers were replaced by divers, the idea that Donny might not be alive any more began to crystalise in my mind.

    Police stopped searching for him after two weeks, explaining that if he was in the bush, he would have been found. So we continued to search ourselves, combing through bushes and dams and telling each other, 'Even if we find him floating, we'll still have found him.' It's a terrible way to think; it's an even worse way to live.

    The smallest things bring you to your knees after someone you love goes missing. Donny had a collection of Lynx deodorant, for example, and I've had some pretty dark moments walking past a display of them in the supermarket, and I struggle when I see his friends post birthday and Christmas messages on his Facebook page. When you see so much love expressed openly it's hard to imagine he's okay and wanted to leave everything behind on purpose.

    Our older brother died when Donny and I were very little, but even though that was tragic and very hard for Mum and Dad, we still got that opportunity to lay him to rest and to grieve, but this is a different kind of hell. With Donny, we each lie awake at night wondering what happened to him. Did he fall? Did someone kill him? Was he held alive and tortured? You can drive yourself crazy thinking about the possibilities and that's been difficult to take.

    It's hard at times to humanise people who disappear because they quickly become statistics. Donny isn't a statistic – no missing person is. Donny is my brother and I love him and miss him every day."


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