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#AmberAlert DULCE MARIA ALAVEZ: Missing from Bridgeton, NJ - 16 Sept 2019 - Age 5

Discussion in 'Missing 2015 to Present' started by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    5-year-old Dulce missing for 4 weeks: What we know so far

    It was four weeks ago Monday that anyone last saw Dulce Maria Alavez, the little girl authorities say seems to have been abducted from a park in town.

    There has been no sign of the girl, who vanished from a playground at Bridgeton City Park as she played with her 3-year-old brother on Sept. 16. A State Police Amber Alert remains active and she is still on the FBI's Most Wanted kidnapping and missing persons list.

    "In the absence of evidence to the contrary, we remain hopeful that Dulce is alive. We ask the public to keep Dulce's disappearance in the public eye and report anything suspicious that may help us find Dulce," Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae told New Jersey 101.5 in an email on Monday.

    Is the investigation still active? Are there suspects?

    Police Chief Michael Gaimari has said that no one has been "cleared" as a suspect in the case.

    "Until the child is located and until we can determine what happened to the child, no one is cleared," Gaimari has said. Webb-McRae said that Dulce's family has been co-operative in the investigation. Authorities early on in the search made public statements to dispell rumors Dulce's mother had been arrested.

    Is Dulce still in the area?

    McRae-Webb said that investigators do not believe the 5-year-old girl is in the Bridgeton area.

    Are authorities talking to members of the immigrant community?

    Officials involved in the case have stressed they don't want anyone with information afraid to come forward, even if potential witnesses are in the county illegally. State Attorney General Gurbir Grewal told New Jersey 101.5 Dulce's case is an example of the type his office seeks to help with its Immigrant Trust Directive -- a controversial set of guidelines that limit local police cooperation with immigration authorities, but that proponenets argue can help police get more cooperation from immigrant communities.

    Is there anything I can do?

    Police have suggested several behaviors that might suggest to friends or family that a person is connected with a crime, and asked them to be vigilant for any sign of troubling activity. They also suggested that those in the area could unknowlingly have clues about the disappearance in pictures or videos on their cell phones, even if they don't seem related at a first glance.

  2. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    This is discouraging.

    I wonder what their reason is for thinking she is not in the Bridgeton area.

    My thought was this was possibly a daily routine and someone was aware of it. Since she only has a room, she may take them to the park to spend time and help out her mother. IIRC, the grandparents both work so maybe the mother does her part by picking them up at school and taking them for ice cream and to the park. They may even always stop at the same place for ice cream.

    Then again, it could be a random stranger and this was no routine at all. I sure hope LE knows a lot more than we do. I cannot believe this has been a month already.
  3. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I can't believe it's been a month, either. I really thought they would have found her by now.

    :welcome:. To our group! I love your Avatar.
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  4. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    Thank you! I actually like YOUR avatar!
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  5. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Police release sketch in disappearance of 5-year-old Dulce Alavez

    Police have released a sketch of a man they want to speak with in connection with the Sept. 16 disappearance of Dulce Maria Alavez.

    Investigators are not calling the man a suspect or a person of interest in the case, Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae said Tuesday.

    “He is simply a possible witness we want to speak with at this time,” she said in a statement.

    He was reported to be with one or two children under the age of 5 around the time Dulce went missing, authorities said.

    He is described as Hispanic, about 5 feet 7 inches tall, with a slender build and about 30 to 35 years old. He was wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and a white baseball-style cap, authorities said.

    The sketch was developed after a witness recently came forward and provided a description. This witness is not the child who provided details of a possible suspect described in an Amber Alert issued in the case, Webb-McRae noted.

    “We are asking this person (or anyone who may recognize him) to come forward, as investigators wish to speak with him as it is believed that he may have information that is helpful in determining the circumstances that led to Dulce’s disappearance,” Webb-McRae said.

    Anyone with information about this man is asked to contact Bridgeton Police Department at 856-451-0033. Information may be supplied anonymously by texting TIP411, with “Bridgeton” in your message.


  6. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

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  7. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    A $52,000 reward is being offered in the case and an Amber Alert was issued a day after she disappeared.

    On Tuesday, investigators released a sketch of a man they described as a possible witness.

    Dulce’s family members don’t recognize the man, according to Kim Leigh Martin, co-founder and president of the non-profit Missing Pieces Network, an advocacy group that assists families of the missing. Martin checks in regularly with the Dulce’s family, monitors developments in the case and provides updates on the group’s Facebook page.

    The past month has been tough for the family, she said

    “They’re not doing well. They’re still not sleeping well, not eating well. They’re struggling.”

    Dulce’s mother, Noema Alavez Perez, is pregnant and recently learned she’s having a girl, Martin said.

  8. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Dulce's case has hit the one month mark and seems to be slowly fading out of MSM and daily reports. :(
    Still hoping for that one tip.
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  9. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    I have the slimmest of hopes that her abduction is related to her father or his family (because then she would likely be alive and safe) but it is not looking likely. I also hope they have more info and more is going on behind the scenes than we know.
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  10. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

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  11. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Volunteers searching for missing 5-year-old Bridgeton girl getting stressed, frustrated

    Two consecutive weekend searches impacted by rain only added to the list of frustrations that are piling up for volunteers looking for a missing 5-year-old girl.

    Malicious social media attacks, lost time with their own families, fatigue, lack of support and growing doubts about finding Dulce Maria Alavez safe and unharmed are taking a toll on a small, but dedicated, group of volunteers.

    Jackie Rodriguez, of Vineland, has become something of an unofficial spokesperson for the family of Dulce, and it has come at a cost. Since Dulce went missing Sept. 16 and Rodriguez organized a vigil and subsequent search efforts, Rodriguez said she has been attacked by strangers on social media and has even started fearing for own safety.

    “I’ve been getting bullied,” she said Sunday, near the makeshift display for Dulce at City Park, while a heavy rain fell off her poncho and baseball cap. “I was giving up, and I said, ‘I can’t give up.’ I started this for the family, and I’m going to try my best.”

    Rodiguez said some of the attacks have been so personal that she “looks over her shoulder” constantly and often feels like “someone is always watching me.”

    Even those volunteers who have tried to avoid attention are growing weary.

    Honorio Chavez, a chaplain for emergency responders in New York, was among a small group of volunteers who left Sunday afternoon after a morning search on a nearby farm yielded little except a visit from law enforcement, who made the group vacate private property.

    “We just want to know what happened,” said a tired and exasperated Chavez, of Hopewell Township, Mercer County. “Nobody wants to see this happen to another family.”

    Chavez, who has two children of his own who are close in age to Dulce, said his religious beliefs will keep him coming back to assist.

    “I’m going to help people when they need it,” he said.

    Others have taken matters into their own hands. Vera Dover and Arthur Watson, both of Bridgeton, have been present at all of the organized searches and have conducted excursions on their own.

    Dover, who was among those asked to leave the farm Sunday morning, said it was frustrating to think that volunteers were working harder on finding Dulce than law enforcement.

    “There’s a child missing,” she said. “It’s not a dog, it’s not a cat. It’s a human being.”

    Rodriguez said the lack of support from Bridgeton officials, other than Mayor Albert Kelly, who has joined several of the organized searches, is a source of frustration.

    “We’re not getting any help,” she said. “It’s just us, which is fine, but this is their job.”

    Watson said he refused to give up hope and noted that even on a rainy day, a good number of volunteers came out Sunday.

    “Do I want to be out here? No?” he said. “But I’d want them to help me if it was my child. I can’t fathom going through this. I have to help.”

    More: https://www.pressofatlanticcity.com...e_41e4fe3e-1543-55d5-b697-ae432ba75fab.html#1
  12. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    What they are doing is incredible. Stay strong!
  13. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Missing 5-year-old Dulce Alavez’s family plans new search after rain hampered last effort

    More than six weeks after the disappearance of a 5-year-old Bridgeton girl Dulce Maria Alavez, her family will lead another search for the child this Sunday.

    A search last Sunday was hampered by heavy rains. Even though the weather was challenging, more than 75 people still turned out to help, organizer Jackie Rodriguez said.

    Participants in this Sunday’s search will meet at 9 a.m. near the spot where Dulce was reported missing. The day will include searches of areas not previously checked, including fields surrounding Bridgeton, and door-to-door distribution of fliers.


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  14. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

  15. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Family, friends, and volunteers search for missing girl Dulce Maria Alavez nearly 2 months later

    Dulce Maria Alavez, 5, has been missing for 48 days, but people in Bridgeton hope they will find her.

    Volunteers from Bridgeton and surrounding areas joined together to search for the girl who went missing during a family visit to Bridgeton City Park on Sep. 16. The areas examined by volunteers were locations not previously checked, including fields surrounding Bridgeton. Volunteers also went door-to-door to distribute fliers.

    Sunday’s gathering follows multiple search efforts by law enforcement agencies, as well as the public.

    Nearly 20 volunteers came out for the search, including Dulce’s mom, Noema Alavez Perez.

    After Sunday’s search, Dulce has still not been found. A reward for information leading to Dulce stands at $52,000.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Vigil planned for missing Bridgeton girl Dulce Maria Alavez

    The family of a missing 5-year-old girl will hold a candlelight vigil Saturday, according to family spokeswoman Jackie Rodriguez.

    Saturday will mark two months since Dulce Maria Alavez was last seen at City Park.

    Meanwhile, the vigil will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday at a home at 1740 S. Burlington Road.


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  17. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Still no significant developments 2 months after Bridgeton girl goes missing

    Saturday, Nov. 16, will mark two months since a 5-year-old girl went missing in Cumberland County.

    Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae says that multiple law enforcement agencies continue to search for Dulce Alavez, but that officials are “still in search of key information that would assist in determining what led to Dulce's disappearance.”

    Webb-McRae says that authorities are still hoping to identify a light-skinned, possibly Hispanic man who was spotted in the park when Alavez went missing. It was initially believed that he may have abducted the girl, but officials have now said that he may be a witness and they want to speak with him.

    Law enforcement officials are offering a $52,000 reward for information that helps find the missing child. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Bridgeton Police Department at 856-451-0033 or the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. Select option 4, then select option 8.

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  18. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Dr. Phil to feature story of missing N.J. 5-year-old Dulce Alavez

    The case of a 5-year-old Bridgeton girl who disappeared from a local park in September is receiving fresh attention thanks to the Dr. Phil TV show.

    The mother of Dulce Maria Alavez was interviewed for the program and will appear on the Nov. 21 episode, family spokeswoman Jackie Rodriguez confirmed.

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  19. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    That's awesome, the more attention the better.

    The mother doing this helps keep Dulce in the spotlight. She is starting to fade from the news, I always hate seeing that.
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