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UT ELIZABETH SALGADO: Missing from Provo, UT - 16 April 2015 - Age 26 *Found Deceased*

Discussion in 'Located/Resolved' started by ~Lyric~, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Elizabeth has only been in the US for a month:


    Elizabeth Salgado is described as 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 5 inches tall, 120 to 130 pounds, with long black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a denim jacket, blue jeans and black or brown knee high boots. She was carrying a denim handbag with red straps.

    Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart and her father have joined the family of Elizabeth Elena Luna Salgado in an effort to raise awareness about the woman's disappearance.

    According to Provo Police Lt. Brandon Post, Elizabeth Salgado, 26, was last seen on April 16, leaving the Nomen Global school in Provo.

    "Her classmates saw her leave class and turn as though she was heading to her apartment, which is about 18-19 blocks away," Post told The Huffington Post. "That was the last anybody saw or heard from her."


    On Facebook:

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  2. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Map of where Elizabeth last seen:

  3. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

  4. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Hundreds search for missing Provo woman who police say is 'off the communication grid'

    Rosemberg Salgado said he felt bolstered by the volunteer searchers, about 300 of whom showed up on Saturday to help look for his niece.

    Searchers were assigned various locations along the route the woman typically walked home from school, in the neighborhoods surrounding the Mexican restaurant where she worked and the apartment building where she lived, as well as several miles along the Provo River Parkway at the mouth of Provo Canyon.

    Community Emergency Response Team member Jay Falco led about 40 people up the trail.

    "Don't touch anything, but let us know if you find something suspicious," he said. "We're looking for her, but also the clothing she was last seen wearing: a denim jacket, possibly red shirt, blue jeans and knee-high boots."

    Falco said the search response was bigger than he expected and very welcome.

    "It's good that a lot of people really want to help," he said.

  5. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Candlelight vigil seeks help for missing woman
    At a candlelight vigil Monday evening in Provo’s Pioneer Park, approximately three dozen people showed up to show support for the woman who has been missing for more than a week. She had been in Provo less than a month before she disappeared. The vigil gave opportunities for individuals to light candles for her, but the wind was an obstacle. What wasn’t blown out, however, was any expression of love for the young woman and the wish she would be safe.

    Rudemberdh Salgado said he received a text from her at 8:21 a.m. that she was going to walk to the school. She texted at 11:39 a.m. to ask for a ride home. He texted back that he would pick her up at 5:30 p.m.
    He tried to contact her after that, but to no avail, he said.

    Provo Police Chief John King said the investigation was continuing.

    “We have eliminated one of the persons we were looking for,” he said. “Right now we are back to continuing our investigation protocol. We continue to follow up leads and interview the people she has been in contact with in the three weeks she has been here.

    “We have been in contact with other agencies," King said. "We will reevaluate the need for additional resources.”

    He said it is not often that someone disappears in the middle of the day in a very populous area.

    “If anybody sees something or thinks they see her, they should call 911,” he said. “If they want to report an observation, they should call (801) 852-6210.”

  6. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    She hasn't been here long enough to even know where she frequents to be able to search there! :praying:

    Is there a possibility she got homesick and is trying to head home?
  7. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Maybe? From the candlelight vigil report, It was said she was in Provo to study English. She came after doing a mission trip with the LDS in Mexico City. I wonder if someone followed her back from there?
  8. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    Ed and Elizabeth Smart make plea for help in finding missing Provo woman

    SANDY — When Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped in 2002, raising public awareness by widely broadcasting pictures of her in the media made all the difference, her father said.

    "What brought Elizabeth home was everyone's help in finding her," Ed Smart said Friday as he and his daughter lent their voices to encourage others to look for a Provo woman who has been missing for more than a week.

    Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado, 26, was last seen leaving the Nomen Global Language Center, 384 W. Center, on April 16. She lives with roommates at the Branbury Apartments, 449 W. 1720 North.

    "I really think that somebody has seen her," Ed Smart said during a press conference at Rio Tinto Stadium.


    read more .......... http://www.deseretnews.com/article/...-for-help-in-finding-missing-Provo-woman.html
  9. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    She is so beautiful!
  10. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    OMGoodness! I'm going to hold my breath until they come in with an id.


    Unknown If Body Found in Suitcase Is Missing Utah Woman Elena Salgado

    A state transportation crew found human remains in a suitcase Thursday along a highway near Salt Lake City, Utah, authorities said, stressing that it was too early to know whether the remains were those of Elena Salgado, the Provo woman who's been the subject of a national missing persons alert since last week.

    The state Transportation Department said the crew was installing a cable barrier along Interstate 80 near the Saltair Resort on the shore of the Great Salt Lake when a worker spotted the suitcase about 2:45 p.m. (4:45 p.m. ET). The worker called the state Highway Patrol and discovered the body inside when the trooper arrived.

    read more ...... http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news...case-missing-utah-woman-elena-salgado-n351636
  11. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    Family of missing woman travels to Provo to plead for help finding her

    Salgado’s mother, Lebertad Edith Salgado, said she believes her daughter has been kidnapped. She and her husband along with two of their sons went through a great deal of work to get to Utah so they could ask the public themselves to help find their missing daughter and sister.

    “Our pain is great,” Lebertad Salgado said, speaking through a translator. “We miss our daughter, and she has always been a very good daughter since she was very young. You have no idea what our pain is at this time.”

    read more ............ http://fox13now.com/2015/04/30/fami...avels-to-provo-to-plead-for-help-finding-her/
  12. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    Utah police find body stuffed in suitcase; family told it's not missing Provo woman

    Utah police discovered a suitcase filled with human remains along a lakeside highway Thursday, and while authorities didn't identify the body, they confirmed Friday it's not a young Mormon woman who vanished earlier this month.


    “All last night I couldn't sleep thinking this was my daughter,” her father, Julio Laguna Ozuna, told Good4Utah. “We prayed and have been fasting, praying to our heavenly father. “I feel relieved and have new found strength to continue looking for my daughter.”

    It's unclear how long the body had been abandoned in the bag.

    Salgado, a civil engineer from Mexico, moved to Utah earlier this year to study English. She had just returned back to Provo from Mormon mission trip to her home country when she disappeared, her family told KSL.

    "Our pain is great, we miss our daughter and she has always been a very good daughter since she was very young," her mom Libertad Edith Salgado-Figueroa said through a translator. "You have no idea what our pain is at this time."

    Salgado's mother and her father traveled to the U.S. from Mexico Wednesday on a 15-day permit to search for their daughter.

    read more ........... http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/utah-police-find-body-stuffed-suitcase-article-1.2206440
  13. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Volunteers continue the search for Elizabeth Salgado

    It's been two weeks and still no sign of Elizabeth Salagado.

    With each passing day, her family and friends are fighting to keep her name and her face out there. They're hoping someone knows something that could lead to her safe return.

    Salgado was last seen leaving the Nomen Global Language Center, 384 W. Center, Provo. She had only lived in the area about a month and was attending school there to learn English. Police say there has been no activity on her cellphone or any of her credit cards since her disappearance.

    Salgado's parents, Libertad Edith Salgado-Figueroa and Julio Cesar Laguna Ozuna, recently arrived in Provo from Mexico to help in the search. On Friday, her father clutched a photo of his daughter showing it to anyone who would look his way.

  14. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    $5000 reward offered for information leading to location of missing Provo woman

    ROVOAn anonymous donor has stepped forward and is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the return or location of Elizabeth Elena Laguna-Salgado.

    According to Detective Chris Chambers of the Provo Police Department, there have been leads on the missing woman but nothing of substance yet.

    Laguna-Salgado, 26, disappeared on April 16 at approximately 1:30 p.m. near 500 West and Center Street in Provo. She was walking home from the Nomen Global Language Center, a language school.

    Photos: Parents of missing woman travel to Provo

    read more ............ http://www.heraldextra.com/news/loc...cle_27f0aaba-bc39-57d9-a6e4-eb7d011fcefd.html
  15. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

  16. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    Reward raised to $15,000 for information on missing Provo woman


    PROVO, Utah – Officials have increased the reward to $15,000 for information on the whereabouts of missing Provo woman, 26-year-old Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado.

    Provo police said a private donor and a local company have chipped in to raise the reward from the $5,000 offered earlier this week.

    Salgado went missing April 16 after leaving the Nomen Global School in Provo at 384 W. Center St.

    Up to this point, Salgado’s family said they feel optimistic she is alive.

    Volunteers have searched several areas in Utah County.

  17. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    A rally is being held Wednesday night until 9 p.m. to help spread information in an effort to help find Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado. Signs reading "Find Elizabeth" were plastered around Kiwanis Park and many volunteers had t-shirts with her picture on it, putting forth every effort possible to find the missing woman.

    Goodale worked with others, many who don't know Salgado, to divide Provo, Springville, Spanish Fork and Orem into sections for people to flyer. Local printers have donated 25,000 missing fliers and the group plans to distribute the fliers throughout the evening.

    "There were multiple businesses that were so excited," Goodale said. "We had one business donate 10,000 glossy print flyers. We just had an amazing response from the community."

    Hundreds of people showed up Wednesday night at Kiwanis Park to help distribute the tens of thousands of flyers around the community. Goodale was touched by the support and hopes it will make an impact.

    "We're a community here," Goodale said. "We're all friends. We're all family. It's just really important to band together and help this family."

  18. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

    Gaw, she is a beautiful young woman. Only being in the US for a month, how familiar could she be her surrounding area?
    AlwaysSearching, Kimster and fran like this.
  19. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Have police ID'd the human remains in the suitcase? Just ghastly, and a horrible thing for ES's parents to hear about.

    Not a good feeling about this... maybe she was looking a bit vulnerable and lost, as people tend to do in a new city. That's all it takes, for some predators.

    I hope I'm 100% wrong, but what young woman doesn't need her money or her phone for 2 weeks? Even if they're ignoring their family.
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  20. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    yes they did ID the remains in the suitcase. I should probably link that for you, but I'm on my little phone and it's hard to do. But I did see the link via Twitter a few days back.

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