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Ethan Couch - "Affluenza Teen" *SENTENCED*

Discussion in 'Crimes' started by noZme, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    Thanks to Yoda for adding this to the headline thread. I thought we may need a place to discuss this disgusting topic.

    4 killed, 11 injured

    Ethan Couch, the teenager who killed four people and severely injured two others in a DUI crash but got off because a jury bought his lawyer’s so-called “affluenza” defense, has stunningly run afoul of the law once again.

    A video surfaced on SnapChat & Twitter of Couch drinking which is in violation of his parole. Apparently, both he & his mother are missing & presumed "on the run."

    There is an arrest warrant or "directive to apprehend" Ethan Couch.




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  2. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I hadn't heard of this case before. I see reports about it all over Twitter today, though.

    Thanks for the thread @noZme !
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  3. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    @Kimster, he was 16, high, driving dad's truck loaded with kids, hit a disabled car & the people who were trying to help with that. 11 injured, 4 killed. Defense was that Ethan was a wealthy kid who had never been taught right & wrong & his parents had indulged him. The jury bought that. ... So, once again, parents $$$ saved his hiney from jailtime. Not one day....... In fact, at age 18 now, he has been living alone(according to some reports) in a large, luxurious party house - tuff life. Apparently mom took off with him to prevent him having to face consequences for violating probation.


    I think a Google search of "bad parenting" or "codependency" may turn up family photos.
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  4. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member


    I don't know what's worse, the family indulgence or the jury's ignorance. I mean really! A kid of that age should have learned right and wrong from SOMEWHERE!
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  5. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member


    One of the articles said when/if he is caught, he will have to serve the rest of the 10 years sentence in prison.

    I've followed a couple other cases where wealthy parents bought their sons out of trouble. One couple bought property in another state to claim residency & get around a DUI & another sent their son to live in Europe.
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  6. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    The jury oughta be charged with.. with.. idk. criminal stupidity? How could they let the families of his victims down so badly????? I mean, there's always going to be idiots like that kid, one gets a bit tired of being angry with them, sort of pointless when you realise they just do not care, and do not have the capacity to care, about how their behaviour harms others. It boils down to just wanting to see them pay for what they did.

    So I'll save my anger for that jury.
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  7. Nagatha Christie

    Nagatha Christie Well-Known Member

    I'm willing to bet that he went on the run not only because he knew he had been caught drinking but also because has probably used drugs as well and some drugs can stay in your system for 30 days. He needs time to get that out of his system. I wonder if he will have short hair when caught so they cant test his hair for drug use.

    He knows he is facing 10 years because he screwed up yet again. I hope his probation is revoked and he does indeed have to serve out that 10 year sentence. He deserves so much more time but 10 years in jail should be quite a change from the lavish and spoiled life he has now. Perhaps that will charge him with absconding and sentence him to even more time.

    He will be off to adult jail so he is in for a huge culture shock. Serves him right!
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  8. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    U.S. Marshalls, FBI join search for "affluenza" teen Ethan Couch

    FORT WORTH, Texas -- Federal officials have joined Texas deputies in their search for Ethan Couch, a teenager made famous when he told a court he suffered from "affluenza," a condition resulting from being coddled into a sense of irresponsibility.

    Couch, who was 16 years old when he killed four pedestrians in a drunk driving crash, was sentenced in 2013 to 10 years of probation. He has allegedly been out of contact with authorities for several days, reports CBS DFW. His mother is missing as well.

    Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson told CBS DFW that he would not be surprised if Couch is no longer in the country. Anderson said Couch is now his office's top fugitive and on Wednesday issued a warrant for the 18-year-old's arrest. Thursday announced that U.S. Marshalls and the FBI have joined the search.

    read more ............. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/u-s-marshalls-fbi-join-search-for-affluenza-teen-ethan-couch/
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  9. Yoda

    Yoda Master

  10. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

    hope the ugly little puke is found.
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  11. Yoda

    Yoda Master

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  12. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    This little piece of ( oops, I'll be nice) spoiled arse little rich turd, will be caught, and nuttin mommy will be able to do bout it.
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  13. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Did y'all ever see the movie Alpha dogs.
    The kidnapping and murder of Nick Markowitz.
    jesse james hollywood, skipped out of the country thanks to family money.
    They found him, brought him back, now spends life, in prison.
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  14. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    At least in Tennessee for some, killing someone while drunk, doesn't keep you out of jail, even if you go to rehab.
    Former bassist for the group 3 Doors Down, just got 2 years in prison and 6 years probation. He in fact plead guilty.
    This just came out today.
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  15. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

  16. walkie-talkie

    walkie-talkie Can you hear me now?

    Tips coming in for Texas affluenza teen who may have left country: sheriff

    Numerous tips have been reported on the possible whereabouts of a Texas teen from a wealthy family suspected of violating a probation deal that kept him out of prison for killing four people in a drunken-driving crash, a sheriff said on Friday.


    "Because of the publicity in the case, we are receiving dozens of tips every day," Anderson said.

    Sources close to the investigation said the teen’s father told law enforcement officials the passports of the youth and his mother, with whom he was living, were missing.

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  17. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    Sadly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The entitlement these people feel is off the charts.

    " during a 1992 DWI stop, Fred, Ethan's dad, told a police officer, “I make more in a day than you make in a year.

    "... One day, when Ethan was 13, Anderson noticed that he’d driven himself to school. She was concerned and talked to Fred about it. The father didn’t react well. “He told me that Ethan was the best driver he knew,” she says. “He was adamant that Ethan was going to drive to school. He believed his son was better. His son was more talented. He was the golden boy.”

    Fred told her that Ethan didn’t need college anyway, that he’d take over the family business soon...."
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  18. walkie-talkie

    walkie-talkie Can you hear me now?

    Outrage, but not surprise over 'affluenza' teen on the lam

    Disgusted, yes. Shocked, no.

    That's what Kevin McConnell feels after learning that Ethan Couch -- the teenager who killed four people and injured several others, including McConnell's then 12-year-old son Lucas, while driving drunk on a Texas road -- is on the lam. In the McConnells' view, Couch was never held accountable. Not meeting with his probation officer and fleeing to points unknown, McConnell says, goes along with that.

    "No surprises at all; there was a pattern," Kevin McConnell said Friday. "Nothing is going to make an impact on this guy unless there's something severe or certain."

    That's why, in his victim impact statement in court in 2013, Lucas McConnell told Couch, "While I think we should do our best at forgiving, I believe if this situation is not handled with severity, you won't take it seriously."

    Couch's lawyers had argued that the teen's parents deserved much of the blame. They even called a psychologist who testified that Couch, who was 16 at the time, suffered from "affluenza" -- meaning he was a rich kid whose parents didn't set limits for him.

    Tarrant County Juvenile Court Judge Jean Boyd decided against a long prison term, instead giving him 10 years probation and mandating that he get treatment. And instantly, there was outrage: How could someone kill and then avoid jail partly because he was spoiled? Would others who weren't as wealthy have gotten the same treatment? And what confidence should anyone have that Couch or, for that matter, the parents who'd enabled him, will change?

    While he thinks Couch's fleeing -- with his mother, authorities believe -- jives with his character, Kevin McConnell still has a hard time understanding why a stiffer punishment wasn't doled out.

    "The scales (of justice) represent balance: There should be no entitling one way or the other, based on who you are or where you're from," McConnell told CNN's "New Day.

    "It's hard for me to reconcile with my son or my other two sons... There's no accountability."

  19. walkie-talkie

    walkie-talkie Can you hear me now?

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  20. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    This story has captured so much attention because people everywhere are offended. Can you imagine how far the pain & loss reaches? 4 innocent people dead, the husband & father of 2 victims was on the scene in his own front yard, emotional pain & nightmares for everyone who was part of the 3 autos & family who had gone out to help the young lady who had a flat tire & who came upon the horrific scene, EMTs & LE who responded, everyone who lives nearby & must drive that road, it goes on & on. One of the boys in Couch's truck is completely paralyzed & communicates my blinking his eye.I think if my foolishness has caused that kind of injury to a friend, I would spend the rest of my life helping to care for him.

    These nouveau riche people think they can throw some money at a problem & continue doing what they want. Time after time. What's with impersonating police? All manner of crazy around this family.... I hope mom & son are located soon & all of them learn how the real world works.

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