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Florida principal arrested in car with student, marijuana

Discussion in 'Crimes' started by noZme, May 9, 2015.

  1. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    What was she thinking?

    45-year-old Krista Morton of Wellington was arrested Wednesday in Palm Springs. She is the principal at Mavericks High of Palm Springs.

    Authorities responded to a report of people involved in sexual activity in a car and found Morton, partially unclothed, with a male Mavericks High School senior. Officers smelled marijuana inside the vehicle. Both were arrested.


  2. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

    What is up with female teachers using drugs, drinking, sexting and having sex with teen boys? :nono: Do people have morals anymore?
    noZme likes this.
  3. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    Morality? That's a nice old-fashioned word, right? And Morton was the school principal!

    Anyway you mix it up, it's just wrong. Well, except in Georgia. There was a loophole & we had to let a few teacher/pedophiles out of prison a couple years ago. I saw one of them last night in the drug store with his new wife & her teen daughter. He was a married high school teacher & father of a high school junior, caught & convicted of having sex with his student who also happened to be a good friend of his daughter.... He will never teach again, but he's 0ut of prison. I hope the pretty young stepdaughter has been warned.... It makes me sick!
    MadgeS likes this.
  4. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

    Omgaw, a released pedophile with a step daughter?
    noZme likes this.
  5. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    Disgusting, isn't it? I knew him from community theatre productions where my hinky meter buzzed & whirled at his interactions with kids. He is not from here & it's crazy he came back here. But at least, people know. If he had gotten a fresh start somewhere else, he may have been able to operate under the radar, if you know what I mean. The info is readily available, but still so many do not check.
    MadgeS likes this.
  6. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    I heard about this earlier today, but didn't realize she was from Palm Springs.

    What are these people thinking?


    PS.. My daughters saw an article online last week and found a teacher from their old HS
    that was arrested for molestation. You just never know. :(
    MadgeS and noZme like this.
  7. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

    I check the sexual predator list for my area biweekly. If my adult children were young again, I would likely check it weekly.
    noZme and fran like this.
  8. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

    We had a much loved high school band teacher's secret life made public a couple years ago... He sexually abused young teens for years.
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  9. KOS

    KOS Member

    This is just crazy. At my old town a female teacher was sentence to 10 years. Friends and family still says its not what we think, but she did plead guilty... Let down a whole house full of children. Just impossible to understand what men and women are thinking when they do these acts.
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  10. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    It's sick for sure, but that's what pedophiles do, find occupations and/or volunteer positions that place them around kids. That's why it's so important for organizations to perform extensive background checks. I've had them done at the school and church before I was allowed to help with kids and I was happy to do it! And I'm not talking about the mamsypamsy online background checks, these were done through the state with fingerprinting and the whole meal deal!!!
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