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FRED LASTER: The State of Florida vs. Ronnie Hyde in 1994 Cold Case of teen's murder

Discussion in 'Courtroom' started by Kimster, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch The King of the Highway

    I made a PRR to the State Attorney's Office on Friday to request the more than 4,000 documents that the SAO dropped to the media. This morning, I heard back from them and they will be sending me all of "the goods". If anyone would like a copy of these files please let me know. I understand a lot of the files will be large, so please make arrangements to have room on your computer if you wish for me to send them. I will also warn requests that the documents WILL CONTAIN CRIME SCENE PHOTOS. They are definitely not for the faint of heart and I request that if the photos will shock or offend you, do not request them.
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  2. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    I just cleared out my computer with all the files I received from the Lonzie Barton case. It does take up a lot of space. These included surveillance tapes also.
    Thanks for the offer. I may wait and see since I sometimes become a little obsessed with case documents.
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  3. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch The King of the Highway

    UPDATE: So me and members of the Laster Family are continuing to comb through 700 of 4100 documents pertaining to the Hyde trial set for December. There is so much to read and see! From crime scene photos to rule outs and DNA tests, it’s all in these documents. I’m expecting the rest of the documents to arrive to me no later than tomorrow evening.

    Though we aren’t ready to share our complete thoughts on the discovery evidence we have viewed (still waiting on more documents from the SAO), however we would like to share with everyone Walter David Barry’s story.

    Walter Berry was the owner of the BP gas station the day Freddy was found by Ms. Hunt in 1994. The way Barry tells his story is haunting; but gives you a real emotional feeling about how things went.

    In a 2017 interview with Det. Sgt. Jimmy Watson, Barry tells his story, even wishing he had never seen the torso. Here is Barry’s story at the link below:

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  4. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    That poor man having to live with seeing that. Sad.
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  5. Jaxbeach

    Jaxbeach Active Member

    I am late to this thread but can answer some questions in it.

    Water: the house had an old style heat pump. System and a working well. It is likely the well had been connected to the homes input of water.

    Their is picture and video evidence that in recent years the heat pump system was not in use. The window unit ac in two exterior windows indicate this. Foam spray in window cracks indicate RH was fighting heat loss in winter and did not have central heat.
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  6. Jaxbeach

    Jaxbeach Active Member

    The international exploitation link does not seem to be related to the "playpen" sting after all. It actually predates that and is likely related to a sting that took place in Canada. RH is alleged to have purchased pedophile video materials from a company that was raided etc by authorities. This put home on the radar but there was a back log of thousands of persons on said screen. His travel was however noted. Key West, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Thailand indicate a trend.
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  7. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    :welcome: @Jaxbeach and thanks so much for the info!
  8. Jaxbeach

    Jaxbeach Active Member

    The house had two bathrooms. One had a shower stall made of tiles, the other had a bathtub. The tub bathroom was the non functioning bathroom. This one is of interest because it had the tub treads in it that were similar to those found with FL remains. FBI pics focus a lot on bathtub because the surface of tub is etched around and shows imprints where such treads must have been in place for decades"protecting" the surface from etching.

    Not sure the house has a septic or not, however tub pics and floor of bathroom look very much as a place looks after a septic tank or city sewerage backs up into the bathroom. I have been several homes when this happened after a flash flood. The drain pipes to tubs are larger and the tub is lower than sinks and offer less resistance. The back bathroom was not in this dirty condition in pics.
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  9. Jaxbeach

    Jaxbeach Active Member

    Okay, being a pedophile and a dismemberment murderer is bad enough. As a parent I cant quantify what would be worse to me at this stage in life.

    But that being said , the media being disposed to sensationalism will cherry pick facts and present them in the most negative light and often out of context.

    I bring this up not to defend the alleged perpetrator, but instead to focus on the fact that these people pass amoung us as normal or at least passable members of society.

    Many people new RH, and we're fooled by him and did not detect him as being what he is. And while the verdict is out on murderer, video proof and testimony and possession of porn, identifies him as a molester of underage teens, a watcher of child poem, and one who filmed children during sexual abuse or sexual activity among themselves.

    Imagine the mothers who dated RH when he was manipulating their children. They were fooled. Pastors were fooled. (Maybe not ES, he was crooked and might have known RH was not right). Mental health practitioners/ professionals who are trained to know about such things were fooled as they hired, worked with, and supervised RH. His jobs interacted with law enforcement and judges as well.

    It's important to keep this in mind when reading press reports not to jump to the conclusion that victims should have known better, or that family, coworkers, neighbors and the like should have also. It's also important for us to trust our guts when things don't seem right in our own in real life world's, using cases like this to reinforce the wisdom to take our fears and doubts seriously. Their is a good book called "the gift of fear" that addresses this.

    This long winded post is to set the stage for my future comments about items the press has portrayed that may not be as they seem when taken out of context.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  10. Jaxbeach

    Jaxbeach Active Member

    Dog bones, most families have dog bones in the back yard. However when a young man's remains are missing the mere mention of bones grabs attention and gives media coverage views, and advertisers exposure.

    Presentation board with sex offenders. At one time RH facilitated court mandated group therapy sessions with sex offenders. This was likely a prop for those sessions.

    The house was cluttered, however most of the pics the SAO released are after the FBI rearranged home contents to remove the newer floors to luminol the original floors.

    It is my understanding his pets had been dead for several years before his arrest. He had a pet sitter for long work days and trips when the dogs were alive. They received regular medical care, had their own back up a/c due to the breed they were, and were fed vet office prescription food. He regularly was seen walking dogs and taking them to beach during pet hours. He even had rain coats for them. This seems contrary to reports in media.

    If someone is arrested and power is out on home it makes sense the food would rot. Again released pics indicate lots clutter but not what the media described. Their is no indication of mounds of rotting food in pics. Garbage that needed taken out and extensive clutter of dishes and dry goods on counter tops is not entirely unusual among bachelors.

    Some of the writings the media displayed that contain sexual references, are likely client writings as they are not consistent with RH hand writing in other docs nor his educational level and writing style as seen in other docs. Others docs are likely fictionalizations of abuse he received himself. He was said to be writing a book according to local human Intel.

    Again I make these points because I feel a great many people get an idea of what perps are like based on media, and it causes the greater society to lower our sensitivities to more subtle signs of danger because they make it seem easy to identify these criminals by taking things out of the contents they were encountered in by the unknowing who were fooled in part because they had that context.

    For me it's scarier that this man did pass and for so long among people who were perhaps better suited than average to pick up on him. That in context many of the more sensational findings the media portrayed are not so sensational inspires me to be more sensitive to the little nagging doubts I have about people I encounter.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  11. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Those poor people.
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  12. Jaxbeach

    Jaxbeach Active Member

    As a parent I cannot imagine the guilt one would feel on top of the trauma of having a child being victimized.
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  13. Jaxbeach

    Jaxbeach Active Member

    In many ways RH fits a profile you would suspect. Unmarried still well into adult hood. Many jobs that placed him in proximity to kids.

    This would raise red flags in almost anyone with common sense... Yet he overcame this in the people who interacted with him. Even those trained to know him for what he is.

    I don't think I can say all those people were idiots. How do these perps do it? Are they born or do they learn this?
  14. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    I believe it is inherent in them. They instinctively respond in ways you and I can't even imagine. There is no possibility of being rehabilitated.
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  15. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch The King of the Highway

    YOU MADE IT TO THE OTHER SIDE! Welcome to Crimewatchers, JaxBeach! I guarantee you that you will have no problems here server-wise unlike the “competition”! ;)

    Thank you so much for the inbox message I received on WS the other day and I appreciate the clarity of the situation that stood before you. For a while, I must say, you had the Laster’s on edge with your knowledge. But now they are cool!

    Yeah based on what I’ve seen in the photos, Hyde’s JB home was very dilapidated. I feel like maybe he wasn’t never really home and when he was, he would just throw stuff just to be lazy and it just became a cluttered mess. Based on the older photos I’ve seen of the inside of his house, he didn’t seem to be so disorganized. So I wonder what caused his “hoarder” mentality.

    If he had the money to travel (I’m not sure how much he made annually or his bi-weekly salary), why would he never invest in upkeep of his home; perhaps eventually getting the bathroom fixed? To have the bathroom looking the way it did for so long must have just been god-awful! I couldn’t imagine myself living like that! However, he did have that other shower, which gives me some relief (though not deserved) that he didn’t walk around smelling like a NYC Sewer!

    And now that you said the pets had been dead for a long time, he wouldn’t have really had pet damage to his home unless it was not taken care of long after their deaths. I understood he had Greyhounds and that he somewhat spoiled them. Like you said, the media has sensationalized this story to the point where they are releasing photos of animal bones so that way they can shake up viewers into thinking Freddy’s remains were back there! And you know this, JaxBeach, that I was one of those who got seriously thrown off by that. It made me and the Laster’s believe the SAO has been lying to them about what they really found...but yet again news would def let everyone know if remains were found.

    When I began research on the Lake City John Doe Case in 2011, I never really could have imagined the case taking me this far! On top of Freddy’s identification, now we are also discussing child porn charges! It amazes me how a man, whom JaxBeach says, can blend into society yet molest boys and dismember someone in such gruesome fashion that it makes the lady who found Freddy have nightmares for the rest of her life and a gas station owner close up shop. Just wow. We initially thought that Hyde was involved in the PlayPen investigation; though last year it was made clear that it was Operation Spade out of Canada. I’ve been working on getting the essay I wrote on PlayPen deleted for a while now lol.

    Finally, I wanted to address a video that FCN came out with yesterday detailing more items in the documents (I’m expecting the rest of the drop next week as Miriam Nelson is out until Monday). Apparently there was a report where the MEO May have mishandled Freddy’s remains after they were transported to FGCU in Panama City. There appeared to be missing skeletal parts after the exam made by Heather Walsh-Haney. The video is found here: https://www.firstcoastnews.com/mobi...ll-revelations-in-ronnie-hyde-case/77-8132083 WARNING: The video DOES SHOW Freddy’s skeletal remains. I’m not sure what his “body” would have looked like after being in a Decomp Freezer for 23 years, but probably not good. It still amazes me that there was no burial for his remains for the longest time...never heard of someone’s body being preserved like that for so long.

    Once again, JaxBeach, welcome to CW, and looking forward to your input on the above things I mentioned. Oh, and please when you get a chance, introduce yourself to @Kimster and @SheWhoMustNotBeNamed! You met @Paradise, and Paradise is awesome!
  16. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

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  17. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Welcome to our group @Jaxbeach !

    Right off the bat, I want to thank you for telling us about The Gift Of Fear. I want to get that book and read it straight away!
  18. Jaxbeach

    Jaxbeach Active Member

    I read most of the book and shared some key points with my children. I should order them each a copy.

    I will say something very carefully here. I hope it is taken in the right way. I have already expressed my concern for the desensitization I feel is taking place with regard to personal safety clues. Please keep this in mind.

    I feel like the current cultural emphasis toward political correctness has negative albeit unintended consequences in that it causes people to over rule their spider senses, and intuitions in an effort to be fair to every body.

    I feel that reading this book made me aware of the fact at times I accepted circumstances and or lowered my concern level in the name of fairness and tolerance. I now realize I need to feel safe no matter who is around or what they look like and I am entitled to extract myself even if someone might consider me rude or whatever. I have studied the ways of narcissist and such for my personal benefit and many of the things they do are the same games or tactics that are talked about in the gift of r fear book.
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  19. Jaxbeach

    Jaxbeach Active Member

    Re: my knowledge, I have been careful to only expose information that is available online and can be inferred by reading the public ally available documents, and interviews etc.

    So if the family was concerned, they should consider that everything I mentioned is public record, and now anyone who cares enough to Google it can know it.

    That is why I describe the searches I could use to find the information. I Google a thing I discuss to make sure it's already out there.

    For example voter registration and who lived where when. Know what I mean. Other information would be things commonly known to the local community. For example if a church of several hundred people all witnessed two people attending regularly 15 years ago, it's common knowledge even if nobody remembers any more.

    Its called we sleuthing for a reason, LOL
  20. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    I noticed that the book was written by Gavin de Becker and plan on downloading it. I remember him from the O J Simpson case.

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