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KY GRAY JANE DOE: WF, 25-35 - Found in a fridge in Gray, KY - 1 April 1985 *GRAPHIC*

Discussion in 'Unidentified 1980 to 1999' started by Scorpio, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch The King of the Highway

    How much longer will it take before they can confirm that they are a match?
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  2. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Sometimes it can take a year! It just depends on their DNA lab.
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  3. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

    Dentals are usually a much quicker way of identifying someone. I hope they consider that option as well.
  4. patsella

    patsella Bronze Member

    I read this on NamUS but haven't seen it posted here: Found in rural dump near Interstate. was seen at truck stop earlier and may have been trying to get to North Carolina.
    Espy the possible match went missing from North Carolina.
    https://identifyus.org/cases/82 Under the circumstances tab.

    I hope if it's Espy she can be ID'd very soon.
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  5. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member


    Woman still waiting to find out if "Red Headed Jane Doe" is her mother

    For more than three decades, the identity of the "Red Headed Jane Doe" found in rural Kentucky has remained a mystery, but anxiously-awaited DNA results may finally solve it.

    We featured the story in our Appalachian Unsolved series in 2017.

    It was 1985, and two men looking for spare parts in a wooded area off 25E in Knox County, Kentucky, discovered a woman's body in a discard fridge.

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    An autopsy showed the woman died from asphyxiation, likely unable to breathe after being shut up in the freezer.

    She had red hair, a distinctive birthmark, and was wearing two gold chains, one with a gold eagle pendant and other a gold heart.”

    It wasn't enough to identify her.

    But that story, shared on Facebook, reached the aunt of a woman in North Carolina. "It's just like she knew, you know?" said Elizabeth Pilgrim. "Of all the pictures and stuff she had seen, it just was a feeling."

    Pilgrim believes the woman is her own mother, Espy Regina Black Pilgrim, who disappeared just weeks after she was born. The family contacted Kentucky State Police, and submitted DNA samples to see if they are related. They are still awaiting the results.

    "It was surreal," Pilgrim said. "I thought it was a joke at first because I had actually screenshotted the message from the officer and sent it to my aunt, you know? is this for real?"

    Pilgrim said the woman looks strikingly similar to her old sister. She also recognized the jewelry the Jane Doe was wearing when she was found in 1985. "I want it to be her. I don't want her to be dead, nobody does, but I want it to be her for the closure aspect of it," Pilgrim said. "I don't have to wonder and question anymore."

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