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NC HANIA AGUILAR: Missing from Lumberton, NC - 5 Nov 2018 - Age 13 *Found Deceased**ARREST*

Discussion in 'Located/Resolved' started by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    #FindHania: Priest, community pray for abducted girl's return

    Monday will mark one week since 13-year-old Hania Aguilar was kidnapped outside of her home in Lumberton. Sunday, Hania's church family gathered together for Mass.

    The family's usual 1 p.m. service saw the parking lot of St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Red Springs completely full, as many came in hugging and crying-- expressions of hope still with no answers into the teen's disappearance.

    Back in Lumberton, FBI agents and local police continued canvassing the area Sunday, handing out fliers, hoping for any clues as to where Hania might be.

    Investigators are still hoping to talk to those in the area who have surveillance cameras outside their homes, as they try to piece together the moments just after 7 a.m. last Monday when Hania was snatched outside her home.

    The FBI said Sunday that N.C. Highway Patrol flew some evidence they've gathered to Quantico, Virginia, so it can be analyzed. They didn't specify exactly what that evidence is.

    Investigators are still searching for a man seen walking on surveillance video near the family home around the time Hania was kidnapped.

    They want to build an exact timeline of that day to piece together where Hania might be now.

    Sunday night, Lumberton police posted on Facebook that they were going door-to-door in the Rosewood community where the family lives.

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  2. Dobrev

    Dobrev Former Member

    :vigil: 8 Days.
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  3. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Hania Aguilar search: Call authorities if you've noticed friends, family behaving differently

    As the search for missing Lumberton teenager Hania Aguilar enters its second week, the FBI and Lumberton police are asking people to contact them if they know anyone in the area who has suddenly changed their behavior.

    “Think through the events of the past week, particularly the morning of Monday, Nov. 5, and consider whether you know anything that would help us," Lumberton Police Chief Michael McNeill said in a press conference on Monday afternoon and in a press release from the FBI. "Is there someone you know who has suddenly changed their normal behavior? Maybe they haven’t gone to work, haven’t come home, or they aren’t answering your calls or text messages."

    The FBI also asked people to not share rumors and misinformation on social media, saying that it takes away from the investigation.

    “There are a lot of rumors and misinformation being shared on social media. If the information is not from the Lumberton Police Department, if it’s not from the FBI, then it’s not credible, it’s not reliable, it’s not confirmed, and it’s probably not true," said de la Rocha.

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  4. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Investigators believe kidnapped NC teen is still alive; $20K reward to find her

    The search for a kidnapped North Carolina teen is growing more desperate by the minute as investigators hold onto the belief that she's alive.

    "Our approach is that she is alive," said an FBI spokesman. "We have no evidence that indicates otherwise. We are pursuing all logical leads."

  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I wonder if they've gotten any useful DNA from the van. :praying:
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  6. alethea

    alethea Active Member

    I hope so, or fingerprints. I am guessing it didn't look like a murder scene since the FBI said they have no evidence to suggest she is not alive. That's a relief, at least. I hope?
  7. Dobrev

    Dobrev Former Member

    This is quite something. Confirms a lot of peoples suspicions that it is likely someone known to them. Or at least, known to the area.

    I hate to think what poor Hania is going through :sniffle:

    9 days :vigil:
  8. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Hania Aguilar: Reward increases to $30K for missing AMBER Alert girl as FBI tell people to stop spreading criticism on social media

    In addition to the $25,000 reward offered by the FBI in connection with missing teen Hania Aguilar, North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper has offered a $5,000 reward for information that leads to her whereabouts. Yet, an FBI spokesperson warned of the dangers of spreading rumors on social media and how it’s not only affecting the search for the girl, but also her grieving family.

    The Fayetteville Observer reports that Elsa Hernández, mother of the missing 13-year-old, issued a statement pleading for her daughter’s return and has also appeared on television, in hopes that spreading the word about Hania will help bring her home. In turn, numerous social media users have attacked the woman, which, according to FBI spokesperson Shelley Lynch, brings added stress to the teen’s loved ones.

    “Every time a mother or a family member talks on TV about something like this, the bad side of social media comes out again. And that is stressful for her — for people to pick apart how she looks, and her reaction. It’s heartbreaking.”

    Hernández has apparently seen or at least heard about the criticism on social media, but in a handwritten letter handed over to the FBI, said she would never give up hope on finding Hania.

    “Despite all the criticism and speculation against me, I would never use my daughter’s name in order to take advantage of this situation,” Hernández said. “I ask everyone not to make absurd comments. For the love of God respect my pain. I only want Hania, my princess, back. I miss her.”

    Instead of criticism on social media, authorities are asking the public to send in any tips that could help locate the teen.


    Tip Line: 910-272-5871
  9. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Social media at its worst. :(
  10. alethea

    alethea Active Member

    It is interesting - the Charlotte FBI is very vocal about the dangers of spreading rumors on social media. In the recent case of Maddox Ritch the Charlotte FBI said similar things. It struck me as "new" in that case, and I wondered if other field offices of the FBI or other LE agencies will start putting such a stress on social media rumors. It might be unique to Charlotte since this is only the second time I've noticed it and it's again Charlotte. I wonder the background of the agent in charge of that office. Maybe it is someone younger with more experience with social media.
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  11. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Good points. I agree that it's unusual and I was assuming the rumors were over the top in this case, but maybe it is someone who is more sensitive to rumors.

    Tell you what, if someone was able to stop social media rumors, they'd be a a superhero! :hero:
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  12. Dobrev

    Dobrev Former Member

    Social media can be such an amazing tool for cases like these... then this happens and we see the bad side. So sad that people turn it into this :(
  13. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Cyber bullying by adults is honestly worse than by children, IMO. But that's absolutely where they learn it from.
    Just take a look at the comments on any news article. People are terrible.
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  14. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    They are! I've been the brunt of it myself. It wasn't any fun. I can't imagine having to deal with a crisis AND be bullied at the same time!
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  15. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Missing Lumberton teen FBI ‘Case of the Week’

    The investigation into the kidnapping of 13-year-old Hania Noelia Aguilar from Rosewood Mobile Home Park has been posted on the FBI website as the “Most Wanted: Case of the Week”.

    Investigators have asked anyone living in Robeson County to check their property over the weekend for anything unusual or out of place.

    “If you see something that doesn’t belong or is not normal, do not touch anything (you could damage possible evidence) and call the tip line or 911,” the FBI said in a news release. “You know your property best and can most easily determine if something is worth contacting law enforcement to help us #FindHania.”

    Earlier in the week, the FBI increased the reward to $25,000 for information that leads to the location of Hania or information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for her kidnapping. Gov. Roy Cooper also has offered an additional $5,000.

    With the case now in its second week, city police and the FBI continue to ask the public for help to find the teen. Hania was abducted the morning of Nov. 5 outside her home at the mobile home park. A witness told authorities that they saw a man dressed in all black and wearing a yellow bandana force Hania into a green 2003 Ford Expedition with South Carolina license plate NWS-984.

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  16. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Dogs, drones help in active search for kidnapped North Carolina teen Hania Aguilar

    The FBI and other police agencies are continuing their search to find a 13-year-old girl kidnapped from a North Carolina mobile home park.

    The FBI said Saturday that agents are conducting searches on foot and using drones and K-9s as part of the search for Hania Noelia Aguilar. The SBI used a search dog named Bart to help in the search on Saturday.

    When asked about a timeline of events and possible scenarios in finding Aguilar, de la Rocha said "our approach is that she’s alive" and "we have no evidence that indicates otherwise.”

    De la Rocha wouldn't comment on what type of evidence was collected and sent for analysis. However, he did say the person seen walking in the area of where Aguilar went missing on video released last week remains unidentified.

    He also said "we don’t ever set a time table on our investigations" when asked if there was a point in which the search would be called off.

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  17. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    Aren't there several women missing in this area?
    Close to I-95 in N.C.?
  18. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    A 20-year-old female disappeared from the same city as Hania last year. Abby Patterson.
    3 other women were found deceased in Lumberton last year (Christina Bennett, 32 ; Rhonda Jones, ? ; Megan Oxendine, 28). Abby's disappearance is said to not be related to those 3.
    However... 3 murders and 2 disappearances in one city in 2 years is... concerning.

    Abby's CW thread - https://crimewatchers.net/forum/ind...women-found-deceased-5-sept-2017-age-20.6851/

    Sara Graham, 18, also disappeared in the same county just about 10 miles away from Lumberton in 2015. https://crimewatchers.net/forum/ind...sing-from-fairmont-nc-4-feb-2015-age-18.8140/

    Isabel Palacios, 20, disappeared from Wilson (off I-95) in 2015. However, a man has been convicted of her murder. https://crimewatchers.net/forum/ind...n-nc-31-july-2015-age-20-g-parks-guilty.1706/

    Meta Valentine, 43, disappeared in Fayetteville (off I-95) in 2014. https://crimewatchers.net/forum/ind...from-fayetteville-nc-28-oct-2014-age-43.1995/
  19. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    Thanks, Shewho.

    I had written on another of these threads that a relative who owns a gunshop in that general area, but very rural farmland
    awoke to the sounds of somebody breaking into his gun shop.
    He was armed and able to hold the 3 burglars off until LE arrived.
    Turned out, the perps were all the way from D.C. and randomly robbing homes and businesses out in the sticks.
    My point being, this could be somebody from far away.
  20. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    On Thanksgiving, family of missing Lumberton teen continues searching

    This Thanksgiving isn't going to be the same for the family of a Lumberton teen still missing. Investigators said 13-year-old Hania Aguilar was forced into an SUV in front of her home on the morning of Nov. 5.

    Aguilar's family, still distraught over what's happened, did not want to talk on camera, but the FBI is still asking people to report anything suspicious.


    Hania Aguilar's family preparing to spend Thanksgiving with the teen missing

    Hania Aguilar's family heads into the holiday season with a heavy heart -- the 13-year-old remains missing more than two weeks after being kidnapped from her yard.

    There are still no signs of her or her abductor.

    With time passing, the community is still hopeful but nervous.

    The community is keeping Hania's return home top of mind.

    "That's my Thanksgiving prayer," said Jones. "I pray that she'll be all right."

    Authorities have a number of leads that they are following.

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