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UK Hundreds of child refugees have vanished since arriving in the UK

Discussion in 'Europe: Crimes & Trials' started by MULDER, Sep 5, 2016.


    MULDER Bronze Member

    Hundreds of child refugees have vanished since arriving in the UK, prompting trafficking and abuse fears - 10,000 children are missing in Europe

    Sunday 4 September 2016

    Read full article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/u...ay-have-vanished-since-arriving-a7222456.html

    Hundreds of child refugees are missing in the UK, The Independent can reveal, amid fears they have fallen victim to human traffickers or other forms of exploitation such as sexual abuse or modern slavery.
    Authorities have no idea of the whereabouts of 360 of the vulnerable children, or even if they are safe. More than 200 have been missing for over two years, prompting serious concerns for their safety.
    Over the past five years, 9,287 children have sought safety in the UK as “unaccompanied minor” asylum seekers travelling alone, without a parent or guardian. Many of the children are fleeing war, poverty and persecution in their home countries. During this period, 360 have gone missing and are still unaccounted for. Of these, 81 of the children have been missing for five years, a further 77 children have been missing for four years and another 87 children have been missing for three.
    In the UK the number of children who disappear soon after arriving as asylum seekers has doubled over the past year, raising fears that they are also being targeted by criminal gangs.


    There are more than 10,000 missing refugee children in Europe.

    31st January 2016

    Research by the EU’s criminal intelligence agency Europol earlier this year found 10,000 child refugees have gone missing across Europe since registering with state authorities. 5,000 children are missing in Italy, while a further 1,000 are missing in Sweden.
    “Whether they are registered or not, we’re talking about 270,000 children. Not all of those are unaccompanied, but we also have evidence that a large proportion might be,” said Donald, indicating that the 10,000 figure is likely to be a conservative estimate of the actual number of unaccompanied minors who have disappeared since entering Europe.
    Donald confirmed Europol had received evidence some unaccompanied child refugees in Europe had been sexually exploited. In Germany and Hungary, the former a popular destination country for refugees and migrants, with the latter an important transit state, large numbers of criminals had been caught exploiting migrants, he said. “An entire [criminal] infrastructure has developed over the past 18 months around exploiting the migrant flow. There are prisons in Germany and Hungary where the vast majority of people arrested and placed there are in relation to criminal activity surrounding the migrant crisis,” said Donald.


    Unaccompanied and unidentified, there are so many children who were taken from countries who are at war only tp be marketed and sold by criminal gangs who trade them on to perpatrators of horrific abuse, torture, and in some cases death.
    The failure is incomprehensible and inexcusable.
    The corruption and deceit is beyond sickening - that
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  2. spike

    spike Bronze Member

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    Main Stream Media

    10th September 2015


    Refugee crisis: Lost children being split from parents left 'vulnerable to trafficking and abuse'
    Children and unaccompanied teenagers are being left to fend for themselves after losing their relatives on their long journeys to Europe

    Save the Children is warning of the thousands of vulnerable unaccompanied minors either reaching Europe alone or losing their guardians along the way.

    “Unaccompanied children are at the greatest risk from people traffickers,” a spokesperson said. “Some are being forced into manual labour, domestic work,
    drug smuggling and prostitution.”

    The charity, which is working in Italy, Greece, Hungary and other parts of Europe to help the youngest and most vulnerable refugees, is calling for children and teenagers
    to be placed in safe centres where they can be properly supported and protected.
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    How on earth are they going to find these children?
    Where are they?
    In Europe alone, this is a greater number of Missing children than in the NAMUS database.
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  5. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    If 360 native/local kids went missing in 5 years, there'd be riots. If 360 local white kids went missing in that time period, they'd have the national bloody guard out. People need to start seeing these poor children as 'ours' as much as any of our own, and act accordingly when they vanish.

    I mean, why is this only news now? Why not 50, 100 missing kids ago? Makes me so sad.
  6. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Every nation where this has happened needs to be deeply ashamed of itself. It's not like this sort of refugee influx hasn't happened before --- and they ought to bloody well have been prepared to care for the inevitable mass of 'lost' children.

    WHY they weren't is a question that needs to be answered.

    Refugee kids matter!!!!! All kids matter. :(
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  7. Ladyslug

    Ladyslug Bronze Member

    Don't know about other european countries but there are lots of native missing each year in the UK which would probally be more than 360 over 5 years.
    Where are unaccompanied minors put when they arrive in a country?
    Are they fostered because there is a lack of foster parents in many places.
    Are they taken to shelters, care homes cos some of these places will be easy for criminals to target and look for vunerable kids with no parents.
    This is horrible there should be no missing children
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    As far as I can read from what is available in Main Stream Media - the problem is worse than what is reported.
    The extent of the exploitation defies belief.
    This thread started off as looking at what seemed to be a large amount of missing children - but the numbers are in the 100's of thousands.
    The problem will effect generations of children as they move into adulthood - if they survive.
    The trade of children is by far the worse result - they are preyed upon by adults to be bought and sold for labour, for sex, for organ parts.
    The last few years have seen an explosion in the numbers of children that have gone missing.
    Some numbers state that there are 9 out of 10 children travelling that are unaccompanied.
    What is most disturbing - is the amount of demand for these children - it is no longer an undergound rumour that something like this goes on.
    It is mainstream - it is known and it is blatant and it is happening in full view of authorities.
    It mirrors the extent of the corruption involved which allows these crimes to continue.

    Sept 7, 2016
    Nearly 50 million children are refugees or migrants, says UNICEF
    CNN - Full article: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/09/07/world/unicef-report-on-child-refugees-and-migrants/
    The UNICEF report aims to highlight the rising number of young victims of conflict and the dangers faced by those displaced.
    What's more, the number of children fleeing alone is on the rise.
    In 2015, an estimated 100,000 unaccompanied children filed for asylum in 78 countries, the reports says.
    That's a threefold increase over 2014.


    Refugees who cannot pay people smugglers 'being sold for organs'

    July 14 2016
    Part One - Refugees Caught Up in Child Prostitution in Athens
    Full Article: https://www.newsdeeply.com/refugees...ees-caught-up-in-child-prostitution-in-athens
    The first of a two-part investigation into prostitution among child refugees in Athens. With 57,000 refugees stranded in Greece, we look at what some of the most vulnerable among them are doing to survive.
    Tassos Smetopoulos, an experienced Greek social worker who has been monitoring the drug scene and the arrival of refugees in greater numbers at the park, has his own explanation.
    “The word is out that these kids are the cheapest and the youngest,” he says. “They have got mixed up in a crisis that has nothing to do with them and has been years in the making.”


    Part Two - No Way Out for Refugee Kids Selling Themselves in Athens
    Full Article: https://www.newsdeeply.com/refugees...for-refugee-kids-selling-themselves-in-athens
    In this second part of our investigation into prostitution among child refugees in Athens, we see how lack of shelter and the rising price of people-smuggling are leaving them prey to the drug trade.
    Since the turn of the year, more than 60,000 refugee children have arrived in Greece, amounting to four out of 10 of all new arrivals.
    Since Greece stopped being just a staging post for refugees, the woefully small number of facilities to house vulnerable children has been overwhelmed.
    The National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA) says there are 1,394 unaccompanied minors on the waiting list for shelter.
    The lack of places has meant hundreds of children being held for weeks, if not months, in police cells. Word of this has spread to new arrivals who now do their best to avoid detection by authorities.
    There are no accurate figures for the number of children who are traveling alone.


    MULDER Bronze Member

    Reports going back to 2008 were already warning that UK Councils were having trouble with the dollars trying to accompodate unaccompanied children.
    Daily Mail UK 2008
    Child refugees as young as three found abandoned at UK airports, startling figures reveal

    Thousands of refugee children, some as young as three, are being found abandoned at UK ports and airports.
    Often orphaned and from wartorn countries, the youngsters are packed off by relatives unable to care for them.
    The rising numbers mean that local authorities and council tax payers face bills of £150million a year to support and educate them.
    There were warnings of pressure on next year's council tax bills because of the influx.
    Further costs borne by the NHS and central government bring the total bill to £165million.
    Around a third of the children coming into Britain without parents or family are from
    Afghanistan, with many also arriving from Iran, China, Eritrea and Somalia.

  10. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Also, often those relatives are still IN the wartorn countries, where aside from the bombs and gunfire, there's often a lot of general brutality and persecution. This mass sending of children on to safe nations alone happened a lot in WW2.

    Thanks Mulder for that information.. it's pretty horrifying, isn't it, the scale of it all.
  11. Ladyslug

    Ladyslug Bronze Member

    The problem is really bad and many of the countries can't manage the levels of people arriving.
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  12. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Omg, I hate this.

    OOH LOOK OUT TAXPAYERS here come the orphans to rob you of maybe five pounds a year in taxes, because your stingy bloody Govt didn't have a contingency plan to deal with what BLIND FREDDY could bloody well see coming and are making YOU foot the bill.

    You'll have to give up at least one meal of fish and chips a year! Maybe a couple of lunchtime pies, to support these little parasites, HOW DARE THEY.

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