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JILL MEAGHER :Adrian Bayley will serve at least 43 years in jail for her murder on 22 Sept 2012‎

Discussion in 'Australia: Crimes & Trials' started by MarlyWings, May 28, 2015.

  1. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Adrian Bayley, Jill Meagher’s killer to serve at least 43 years in jail after 18-year rapes sentence

    May 28, 2015 3:49PM

    ADRIAN Bayley will likely die in prison after being told he must now spend 43 years in jail before becoming eligible for parole.

    Bayley was already serving a 35-year minimum “life” prison sentence he received over the murder of Jill Meagher in 2013.

    The 43-year old was today sentenced to 18 years in jail for his sadistic rapes on three vulnerable women whom he picked up off the street.

    He will be 86 when he first becomes eligible for parole on May 28, 2058.

    In sentencing, Judge Pullen described Bayley as a cowardly predator.

    “Each (victim) in their own way was easy prey,” she said. “And you were an experienced hunter.”

    Judge Pullen was unforgiving in sentencing Bayley to what effectively has become a true life sentence

    Two of the rapes occurred in the months before Ms Meagher’s murder in September 2012 while he was on appeal bail and parole.

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  2. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

    Good news, I hope this gives his victims some comfort - if that's possible.
    The appeal bail system here is so broken, hopefully Judge Pullens decision today is the beginning of change that the public want to see.
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  3. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

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  4. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Not long enough.
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  5. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    I don't think he'll ever get out of prison alive. He has a target on his back. Just as his victims were his prey, he's become the prey.

    The court heard he spends as little as one hour a day away from his cell at the Melbourne Assessment Prison where he has been held for his own safety since being arrested over Ms Meagher’s murder.

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  6. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

    I hope your right Marlywings. But sometimes animals thrive in cages IYKWIM (no offence to the four legged kind)
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  7. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

  8. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

  9. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

  10. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

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  11. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    They're all entitled to appeal but in the majority of cases they're knocked back. Even Daniel Morcombe's killer cowan was entitled to go through the whole appeal process and I think still has one appeal to go via High Court of Australia.

    They're an absolute waste of time and a massive waste of money.
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  12. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Irish documentary looks at Melbourne murders

    March 8, 2016 6:20pm

    TOM Meagher knew something was wrong the second his wife stopped responding to him on her mobile phone.

    The husband of Jill Meagher, who was raped and murdered when she was on her way home, has spoken about the 2012 crime that shocked the nation.

    Mr Meagher has been mostly silent since his wife’s brutal death, but contributed to an Irish documentary, called Murders in Melbourne, which looks at three murders of Irish nationals, which all happened within one year.

    He said he had first-hand knowledge of how deeply depraved and disgusting a human being could be.

    Ms Meagher’s killer was not the only man who murdered while out on parole.

    Dermot O’Toole was killed in July 2013 in Melbourne, within a year of Ms Meagher.

    Between August 2012 and July 2013 three Irish nationals were murdered in Melbourne.

    The first, before Mr O’Toole and Ms Meagher, was David Greene, another Irish national who embarked on an Australian adventure.

    Commissioner Davies was not impressed that three Irish nationals were violently murdered in Melbourne in just one year, all the killers out on parole.

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  13. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    New documentary shows exactly how they caught Adrian Bayley

    27 September 2016

    ONE of the most sobering quotes from Conviction, the ABC’s special documentary about the murder of Jill Meagher, comes from Victims of Crime Commissioner Greg Davies.

    When speaking about Adrian Bayley, the man who brutally raped and murdered 29-year-old Meagher in a Brunswick laneway four years ago, he succinctly articulates how the victim was tragically failed by the parole system.

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  14. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Conviction is an intense and riveting study of what it takes to solve a high-profile and emotionally-charged murder, told through the eyes of the homicide detectives who brought Jill Meagher's killer to justice.


    The link is available until 9:30pm on 11 Oct 2016
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  15. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    This is quite a long report about the above documentary.....

    The evidence Bayley could not explain

    It did not take long for investigators to shift their focus to Bayley — a notorious sex offender who had decades-long history of rape and violence.

    Police knew they had "precious little time" to catch a violent criminal they thought was "probably unlikely to stop".

    CCTV footage from outside a boutique along Sydney Road showed a brief interaction between Jill and her killer, and would lead police to Bayley.

    It also directed detectives to two pieces of key evidence Bayley said he could not explain, and another that would ultimately force the "confident" killer to confess.

    Bayley's car showed up on a toll transaction on Moreland Road at the same time Jill's phone was travelling through that area.

    Police said this was the first piece of information that indicated Bayley could be their man.

    Secondly, investigators traced the movements of Jill and Bayley using phone tracking and were able to plot them on the same path.

    Both mobiles reached Gisborne, where Jill's body was later found, but only one phone returned — Bayley's.

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