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MI JIMMY HOFFA: Missing from Detroit, MI - 30 July 1975 - Age 62

Discussion in 'Missing 1900 to 1979' started by Kimster, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    James Riddle "Jimmy" Hoffa (born February 14, 1913 – disappeared July 30, 1975) ... labor union leader and author who vanished in late July 1975 at age 62.


    Forty years ago today, former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa called his wife, Josephine, from a pay phone in Bloomfield Township to say he had been stood up at an afternoon meeting with two mobsters.

    And then he vanished.

    Hoffa was never seen in public again, and his disappearance has become one of the most enduring mysteries of the 20th Century, earning a place in popular culture through references in movies, music, books, even video games. As recently as 2013, a credible tip was enough to prompt an FBI dig. But as the Hoffa mystery officially enters middle age, the hopes of ever charging anyone with the crime have faded.

    “They’re all dead,” said Hoffa’s daughter, Barbara Crancer, a retired judge in St. Louis. “Most of the people that were suspects are gone. I guess it won’t be solved. It would be a comfort to find his body, but I don’t think we will.”


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  2. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    He is clearly sleeping with the fishes.

    I feel bad for his family - not just that he's gone, but that they have to be reminded of their loss every time a reference is made to "Jimmy Hoffa", synonymous with mob murders and mysterious vanishings.
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  3. GarAndMo49

    GarAndMo49 Not A Sheeple

    I swear there are more urban legends/jokes about this poor guy than anyone. I agree, Lily, it must be awful for his loved ones.
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  4. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I have to admit, when looking at unidentified remains, his name hasn't even come to mind. And it should! He should be researched in the same way as anyone else.Sometimes media exposure works against the case, doesn't it?
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  5. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Great point, Kimster. And yes, it does.

    I like that his daughter became a judge.
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  6. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Netflix buys Scorsese movie about man who claimed he killed Jimmy Hoffa

    That upcoming Martin Scorsese movie with the Jimmy Hoffa connection? Netflix is now on board with it.

    The online content giant has bought the worldwide rights to "The Irishman," according to Variety. The organized crime movie to be directed by Scorsese will reunite him with Robert De Niro. The two have collaborated previously on eight films, including classics of modern American cinema like "Taxi Driver," "Raging Bull," and "Goodfellas."

    The new movie is based on "I Heard You Paint Houses," the 2004 book about mob hitman Frank (The Irishman) Sheeran, who claimed in a deathbed confession to have killed Jimmy Hoffa. The project has been in the works since at least 2010.


    Netflix Pays Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro Over $100M To Reunite For Mob Flick ‘The Irishman’

    Streaming giant Netflix has acquired the worldwide rights to long-gestating gangster movie The Irishman, Martin Scorsese‘s return to the genre set to star Robert De Niro as Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran. The film is based on the Charles Brandt nonfiction book I Heard You Paint Houses, which tells the story of Sheeran, a hitman who had ties to the Bufalino crime family and made claims on his deathbed that he had murdered iconic Teamster leader (and unsolved missing persons case) Jimmy Hoffa. Deadline reports that Netflix shelled out $105 million for the film.

    While details in light of the transfer of rights are still up in the air, the film has a slew of massive names attached – in addition to De Niro as Sheeran, Al Pacino is set to play Hoffa, Joe Pesci to star as Russell Bufalino, and Harvey Keitel and Bobby Cannavale in other supporting roles. They’re reportedly investigating ways to make the actors look younger for the series of flashbacks in the film, apparently à la Benjamin Button. This reunion of movie mobsters would reunite De Niro and Scorsese for their ninth film together and mark the first collaboration (shockingly) between Pacino and Scorsese.

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  7. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Michigan man believes his 1960 Lincoln may be Jimmy Hoffa's 'death car'

    Have you ever heard of a "death car?" It's a vehicle that instantly becomes infamous for the well-known individuals who died inside them.

    Among the most known death cars include the 1961 Lincoln in which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in, James Dean's 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder and Princess Diana's 1994 Mercedes-Benz S280.

    Many of these "death cars" sit inside museums, where paying customers can get up close and personal with them.

    Other "death cars" have vanished, taking their grisly backstories with them to wherever they are. The mysteries behind these vehicles have allowed them to become a permanent part of public imagination and discussion.

    A Michigan man believes he's in possession of a "death car", and is hoping citizen sleuths recognize the car and can help him put the puzzle pieces together of what may have happened inside his car.

    In 1990, Bob Lucas, 93, purchased a 1960 Lincoln convertible from a farmer living in East Jordan, Mich.

    Lucas says he doesn't recall anything about the farmer or any conversations he had with him, but it didn't take long for him to realize the vehicle had some disturbing damage.

    "There was a bullet hole in the middle of the windshield," said Lucas, while he pointed at a photo he took of the car soon after he bought it. "[The bullet hole] was the size of my little finger."

    Lucas says when he checked the interior, he saw what appeared to be a giant blood stain on the front seat, and more blood on the floor boards.

    "Blood had seeped through the seat," said Lucas. "I realized something happened, but I didn't have enough sense to follow-up on it then."

    Lucas says his initial thoughts about the car's condition turned to theories about what appeared to have happened inside it.

    "As far as I was concerned, somebody was killed in that car and bled to death on the front seat," said Lucas.

    Nearly three decades have passed since Lucas gained possession of the mysterious vehicle. He says what might have happened has really begun to weigh on his conscience in recent years.

    "I had the FBI and the local sheriff over and they looked at the car," said Lucas. "One of the FBI agents said, 'can we haul this in and get some DNA?'

    "I said, 'sure', but then I never heard any more about it."


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch TCCF Host, King of the Highway

    Check every parking lot and driveway in the Great Lakes Region! Maybe even Canada!
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  9. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    I didn't know that. That's Awesome!!!
  10. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    The "Winner" of "Hide and Seek" since 1975.
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  11. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    They unfortunately are NEVER going to find him. I believe the "Mob" is responsible for his disappearance. And anyone they want to be gone. STAYS GONE! I remember a few years ago when there was renewed interest and a "Farm" was excavated in "Michigan" and all they found was "A Beer Can". How painful that must have been for his Family. He most likely theory I believe is he was chopped up and discarded in cement in water. The Movie "Hoffa" was very good. And that scenario is possible as far as the quick and clean disappearance.
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  12. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    The 50 yard line of the Houston Stadium has been proven FALSE at least.
  13. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    The car floating around to purchase I find unlikely.
  14. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Jimmy Hoffa 44 Years Later: 'The Irishman' Has The Story All Wrong
    Yet another dig was carried out two weeks ago in Hillsdale, Mich

    One of America's most iconic mysteries, and one embedded into the fabric of metro Detroit, goes like this: Who killed Jimmy Hoffa and where's his final resting place?

    At the peak of his power as head of the Teamsters union, Hoffa flew into the wind, gone never to be heard from again. The 62-year-old emerged from the Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills between 2:30 and 3 p.m. on July 30, 1975.

    Everything that happened to him after that is conjecture.

    And yet still we search.

    Another dig was carried out two weeks ago in Hillsdale, Mich., said Scott Burnstein, true crime author and investigative journalist. Nothing turned up.

    Hoffa's disappearance takes center stage in this week's edition of Original Gangsters podcast, where the premiere experts on the metro Detroit mob scene weighed in. Hosts Scott Burnstein and Dr. James Buccellato, true crime author and social scientist were joined by former U.S. Prosecuting Attorney Keith Corbett, and retired Detroit FBI Agent Mike Carone.

    Frank "the Irishman" Sheeran, a mob hitman whose story is the focus of Martin Scorsese's movie 'The Irishman' is blowing smoke when he claims he was Hoffa's killer, all agreed. No matter what he says, an Irishman wouldn't have been trusted with such a high profile task, especially not that one in particular.


    Podcast available at link above.
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  15. Sunburst

    Sunburst Bronze Member

    Death car, yes. Jimmy Hoffa death car- not likely.
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  16. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Search for Jimmy Hoffa may have new lead, expert has best tip ever in search for grave

    Could new evidence solve once and for all the mystery of Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance?

    A leading Hoffa expert, author Dan Moldea, says yes.

    Moldea said a former New Jersey landfill known as "Brother Moscato’s Dump" may hold the grave of the former Teamsters boss, who disappeared from a Bloomfield Township restaurant on July 30, 1975.

    Moldea has been covering Hoffa since before he disappeared and wrote the book "The Hoffa Wars" in 1978, based on dozens of interviews with key figures in the case. He said a new lead brings together the correct cast of characters, the right timeline of events and information from other interviews he has done in his decades of researching the case.

    "I've never seen a lead this good for Hoffa's body," Moldea said. "I've been on six of these (digs) myself, and I've come away from all of them disappointed. But nothing was even in the same universe as this."

    Detroit FBI officials told the Free Press on Thursday morning that they haven't yet heard of Moldea's new evidence. So are they willing to search the dump if the tip pans out?

    "Absolutely — if we had credible evidence that leads to a location,” said FBI spokeswoman Mara Schneider. “The case has been going on for so long, and there’s so much interest in finding Mr. Hoffa. We would very much like to be able to solve this.”

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  17. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    WOW! Wouldn't that be amazing if it's true.
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  18. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I hope so much that they find him! I think it would be fascinating.
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