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FL JOLEEN CUMMINGS: Missing from Fernandina Beach, FL - 12 May 2018 - Age 34

Discussion in 'Missing 2015 to Present' started by Scorpio, May 22, 2018.

  1. Summer_breeze

    Summer_breeze Blowing through the Jasmine in my mind

    Joleen Cummings' mom frustrated over lengthy court process, wants justice for daughter

    Author: Lana Harris
    Published: 3:29 PM EDT June 27, 2019
    Updated: 3:29 PM EDT June 27, 2019

    A court hearing for accused killer Kimberly Kessler has been postponed, and we'll have to wait until next week to learn if she's competent to stand trial.

    Kessler is charged with the murder of Nassau county mother Joleen Cummings. Cummings, a mother of three, has been missing since last year. Prosecutors believe Cummings is dead, but her body has not been found.

    On Thursday in court, the judge called Kimberly Kessler’s case first and it was over just as quickly as it started. They were supposed to be discussing Kessler’s mental health evaluation and a ruling on whether she is competent enough to stand trial, but the case was passed until Tuesday, July 2.
  2. Freebird

    Freebird Bronze Member

    Ridiculous all these delays!
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  3. kdg411

    kdg411 Resource Mod

    It's Florida, just look at Nubiah Doctor's case still going thru the courts since 2011 and Diana Alvarez still in the courts from 2015. Relatively speaking this case is moving faster since the suspect was only charged in September 2018 with murder. I understand that Joleen's mother wants closure however the time it takes to put together evidence in a capital death penalty trial is extensive and necessary. I hope she has a good support group to lean on during these trying times.
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  4. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

    So she has been found incompetent to stand trial and being turned over to the state mental hospital for 6 months....

    IMO this woman isn’t mental in any way...she just knows how to play the system. Now she will sit 6 months learning more about mental illness and how she can find gain in it for her next evaluation in 6 months so she can keep being found incompetent and spend life in the hospital instead of in prison!

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  5. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    I so agree, Tammy.
  6. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

  7. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

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  8. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

    Me too @Kimster ive said it before I just feel like she is using this to her advantage to learn to play the system so she can sit in a mental hospital instead of prison. She is a lot smarter than the courts are giving her credit for. Look how many years she was able to live in hiding under fake identities. And heaven forbid if there are others she has murdered :-( and has gotten away with it for this long....I feel she is completely competent, she just got caught this last time with poor Joleen and needs a way out :-(
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  9. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Psychiatrist: Kimberly Kessler's prognosis 'poor without medication'

    A psychiatrist who interviewed Kimberly Kessler, the woman charged with killing Joleen Cummings, her co-worker and a Nassau County mother of three, wrote he believes Kessler is suffering from delusional and personality disorders, according to state documents obtained Tuesday by News4Jax.

    Dr. Umesh Mhatre is the second psychiatrist who interviewed Kessler at the Duval County jail in June. According to a psychiatric evaluation, Mhatre spoke with Kessler while her attorneys were present for about 30 minutes before Kessler left the session.

    Mhatre wrote that Kessler believes she is competent to stand trial and that she became "somewhat irate" and critical of the first psychiatrist who found her not competent. While attempting to communicate further with Kessler, Mhatre wrote that Kessler began ignoring him and continued talking with her attorneys. She began talking about George Washington, Masons, secret keys and religious scriptures.

    According to Mhatre's evaluation, Kessler confirmed she was facing a murder charge and accused of stealing a vehicle. When Mhatre asked about the name of the victim, he wrote that Kessler became upset and said, "It's all in the records and you need to look yourself." He said Kessler became upset and did not want to cooperate.

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  10. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

    What I think is “insane” is the fact that this woman made it through all of these years committing crimes, taking on others identities, working numerous jobs, and not one person she was around in all of these years alerted anyone or felt she was “mentally ill” enough to alert anyone . But now all of the sudden she gets caught and she is so “unstable” she can’t even stand trial? I call BS
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  11. Tammy

    Tammy Well-Known Member

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  12. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

  13. kdg411

    kdg411 Resource Mod

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