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KELSEY BERRETH: Colorado vs. Patrick Frazee for murder *GUILTY*

Discussion in 'Courtroom' started by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    From what I'm reading, the defense feels like they've gotten a mountain of discovery in just the past two weeks and really want a continuance. Doesn't appear the judge is sympathetic.
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  2. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Alexis Dominguez KRDO
    · 53m
    Judge says he will allow statements Kelsey made to her mom about her relationship with Frazee. He will also allow statements Kelsey made to two coworkers from Doss Aviation regarding her relationship with Frazee. #KelseyBerreth#PatrickFrazee@KRDONC13
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  3. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    Kimster thanks for keeping us updated. I have tried to read up and been so busy on the road.

    One thing that really disturbed me was a tweet that the DA said after Kelsey was reported missing and before Frazee was arrested that Frazee transferred photos from her phone to his.

    I could only imagine these were photos of his daughter that he wanted to keep.

    If this is true he is done for. I have been thinking Krystal and an accomplice might have killed Kelsey over Krystal’s obsession of Patrick. But if he transferred those photos then he is the killer or he at least had knowledge if the planning, etc.
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  4. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    Oh and the judge said the trial is set. October 28. 9 am
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  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I meant to write that anf forgot! Thank you!

    Yes I'm wondering if the photos were of their child? I was thinking they were just damning photos of him and the girlfriend. Maybe Kelsey found out? I don't know.
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  6. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    Good thought! I bet she did.
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  7. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    Seems like the DA has a lot of damning evidence we didn’t know about. I’m really interested in the hitman he talked to in Breckinridge (I think that’s the city). Can you imagine if he was talking to him about killing Krystal? Wow.
    Just my thoughts.
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  8. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Yeah it sounds like this trial's going to have a lot of twist and turns.
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  9. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    I actually drove on Friday and talked my passenger into reading me the tweets lol. She navigates with her phone way better than I. I was a few hours behind but managed to keep up with what happened so that was nice.

    Looks like trial will proceed, wow. Yet part of me still won't be surprised if something does not come in or is not provided, there may be some last minute motion... Eight days away only though so looks likely we will be *not* seeing it come the 28th. No tweeting would be a total bummer. Trials are open to the public, I do not see the problem. Imo of course.
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  10. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    [​IMG] Sam Kraemer‏@SamKraemerTV Oct 18

    "Judge is going to take under advisement the request to ban live-tweeting. He says he will expand the decorum order moving forward. He says he’s concerned live-tweeting could impact witnesses."

    You know when I first heard this Friday I could understand it. You take one of KK's friends, the one that loaned the car, the gun, who shared it with the friends lawyer boss, the guy who was given KB's gun and I thought okay, yes they will worry about being all over media and looking like some terrible person all over national news and perhaps if they know reporters are in there or tweeting is going on, they may worry how they look to their own husband, the nation, etc. and it may affect their testimony or maybe they will hesitate or lie because they know tweeting and live coverage is going on every day.

    Yet when I had time to think about it....

    Trials are public. Someone could have a photographic memory or a notebook to take notes, etc., or say three people, even a civilian, not a reporter. And even if they can't remember everything, any witness or person on that stand that says something memorable an average person in the courtroom could put all over FB, Twitter etc. So I go both ways about both, but like they may allow the Daily Mail or Radar Online but not DWAP? Ban Twitter/Tweets but people CAN hear. And again, anyone sitting in that courtroom can publicly share anything these days. So what the heck is the difference? Every excuse can be made but we are supposed to also be an open society, with law and the public knowing that bad people are put away or what a verdict is and why, etc.

    So what is the difference? A juror may see a Tweet (the defense says how do you know we can't be sure they aren't seeing this stuff, no way to track it) but does that mean someone could not then see an MSM article/remarks rom like Daily Mail? Or from someone in the courtroom who watched but was not MSM?

    The jurors should not be seeing anything or assuming anything if they do see or hear it.

    What is it they are protecting and do not want the public seeing? KK coming across as a lousy witness, fake and cross examined and seeing how she does?

    What country am I living in?

    Just saying...
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  11. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    Yes he was but I meant the judge is considering no tweets during trial. Whew that would be bad.
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  12. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    Sure she did. She is evil.
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  13. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    One has to wonder. Good question.
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  14. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    How many days till trial?
    Only one week! But we don’t know how long it will take to seat s jury. I can hear them now, “I already know he is guilty”.
  15. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    Yes, the countdown is really getting down there.

    If I was in the jury pool, I would get kicked off/out because I have preconceived notions. They are both guilty of being evil people. Lock 'em up and throw away the key. Even though she is not on trial that is what I would say if asked...
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  16. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    Lol I like throwing them in a cell together. No, then they would reproduce. Ugh. Evil begetting evil.

    Seriously it has to take days to seat a jury. And only one juror to hang the jury. No!

    I am anxious to see what real evidence the DA has and who the hitman was and what the Pearson guy has to say to defend himself. I mean he received stolen property for crying out loud!

    Glad you are back Grandma.
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  17. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    Thank you, a lot of traveling but a very nice three day weekend it was with family and old friends.

    I thought of throwing them in a cell together too lol. Even though they would reproduce, if they have not already, I figure it would not last long before one or the other would take out the other. Not a nice remark, hope it is allowed, but that is the way I see the two. They want to be together to the point they did this, well, put 'em together...

    I agree on Pearson. It is very odd that every single bit of everything was allegedly disposed of--KB's phone, keys, her body, the cleaning supplies, the bat, etc., etc. but NOT the gun. Why?? Did KK owe Pearson? For what? Did she want him to take and dispose of the gun to someone far away/sell it or get rid of it? If so, why? I find it ODD... Was it used...?

    If one juror hangs the jury, the prosecution has to decide whether to retry the case imo. If they decide not to, it shows no confidence in their case. I still try to have hope there is an ace up their sleeve and things we do not know which there usually are.

    It should be interesting, if we hear one word during the weeks long trial. There had better be Tweets! The public has every right in my opinion to see it and not just read it IF we even get Tweets.
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  18. Oneofthem

    Oneofthem Well-Known Member

    I’m so anxious to find out why they would use Mark Pearson as s witness. I saw something today where the prosecution witness list was cut in half. Do you think Ma Frazee will testify?
    I still can’t believe we don’t get to see Krystal Kenney! After all these months she gets to testify without cameras on her ugly mug.

    When it is all said and done what solid evidence do they have? Maybe phone pings?
    No body.
    No gun.
    No murder weapon.
    DNA? That wouldn’t be so strange would it since PF was at her condo a lot?
    Blood evidence at the ranch? I doubt that very much.
    What am I missing?
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  19. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    I want him convicted and then her.

    Yet I agree. What do they have? Both had as much motive and both are co-conspirators in my opinion.

    What do they have? Sweet potato casseroles and cinnamon rolls?

    They say Ma knows stuff, they said it in the preliminary... We shall see if that means anything...

    I hope they have a "smoking" gun. Maybe Pearson is the star witness. Maybe he was hired or was tried to be hired and she gave him the gun hoping to frame him... And he will tell all.

    I doubt it however.

    I hope the prosecution has tons we are unaware of but I have never seen a preliminary like the one in this case. It is almost like they gave everything they had. I hope I am wrong.

    Way back, where the case was about such a small thing it could only be tested once and may end up destroyed per the prosecution they in short order said maybe a month later that it is not as important as they thought and not such a big deal. From what we know now that is the fragment of a tooth. Was this a strategy (not so important?) or do they know it is not KB's and found that out somehow?

    I hope they have more than so far looks like a dog and pony show. And PF abuses both as well as women from what we have heard...

    We can all disagree but both PF and KK are guilty imo. I respect the opinion of others, that is just mine. And there may be others guilty as well...
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  20. GrandmaBear

    GrandmaBear Bronze Member

    [​IMG] Sam Kraemer‏@SamKraemerTV Oct 18

    May says they intend to use a jail phone call from Feb. 2. @KOAA #KelseyBerreth #PatrickFrazee

    Tweet from Sam. Tomorrow I am going to have to look back at dates. PF was long since arrested but February was about when rumors were coming about re this Idaho nurse wasn't it...? Wondering what the significance of this jail call was... It seems to be of import. Calling Ma and saying get a hold of KK, or another accomplice or get rid of something, say nothing, etc.?

    Out of all of the Tweets and hearing the other day, some new info but not much to wonder about, but this one I wonder about...

    If it is anything at all...

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