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NSW KIM MACKELL: Missing from Blackheath, Blue Mountains, NSW - 18 Dec 2016 - Age 64 *Found Deceased*

Discussion in 'Australia: Located/Resolved' started by MULDER, Apr 3, 2017.


    MULDER Bronze Member

    Missing Man Kim Mackell - from Blackheath, NSW Australia

    : Kim Mackell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 64 years-old
    Height: Tall, thin
    Build: proportional
    Hair Colour: Grey - curly
    Last Seen Wearing: wearing light-coloured pants, a chequered shirt, a maroon zip-hooded jacket and boots.

    KIM MACKELL MISSING dec 28 2016 blackheath nsw.jpg

    Kim Mackell, 64, bizarrely disappeared after spending a normal day with his family in Sydney on December 18.
    They dropped him at Central Station where he was seen between 6pm and 7pm.
    Opal card records and CCTV prove he got on the train to head back to his home in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.
    He arrived about 8.50pm, took a taxi and was dropped at his property at Shipley Rd, Blackheath, about 10pm.
    But he never made it into his house and mysteriously vanished.
    His family discovered Mr Mackell was missing on Thursday, after his friends could not get a hold of him.
    His family thought he may have been working on his property but, when a Blackheath local went over to check, it looked as though nobody had been at the house for days.

    Mr Mackell’s work boots were still at the house and the bag of sugar he took back home with him from Sydney was nowhere to be seen.

    KIM MACKELL MISSING dec 28 2016 blackheath nsw 3.jpg

    Police air wing, Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service and Volunteer Rescue Association volunteers have been scouring dense bushland around the Blue Mountains, with about 80 joining the search mission on Boxing Day.
    Mr Dorizas told news.com.au his uncle had cognitive skills and the disappearance was out of character.
    “He is a very quiet and reserved man. He enjoys living in Blackheath on the property by himself, he doesn’t have to inconvenience anyone. He’s very kind,” Mr Dorizas said.

    “He’s a homing pigeon and does the same routine every day. We were able to foresee his actions. We knew he would’ve wanted to get on the train and jump in a cab and get to the farm and he would have been tired and wanted to get to bed.
    “He does have some medical conditions that are also of concern to us so we really do need to track him down for his treatment.”

    “We’re still holding hope here. We want to get more information from someone who may have seen him on Bells Line of Road,” Mr Dorizas said.
    “Maybe somebody picked him up and took him towards Sydney. We need police to act on leads. Every day that goes by is another day without him.
    “Thanks to all the volunteers, SES and firefighters who have given up their Christmases to search for Kim. There we over 80 there on Boxing Day and it was heartwarming to see.
    “We urgently appeal to anyone with information to come forward. Somebody may have seen his maroon jumper on the side of the road or the shopping bag with the sugar.
    “We need information to bring him home.”

    KIM MACKELL MISSING dec 28 2016 blackheath nsw 2.jpg

    Anybody with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    Media reports:
    Family searches for missing man Kim Mackell, last seen in Blue Mountains

    Edited by staff to add media link

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    From the Blog of Richard Shears -
    Richard Shears


    Kim Mackell, a 64-year-old talented artist, has been missing since December 18 after travelling by train from Sydney to the mountain-top village of Blackheath, the closest
    community to his home on a sprawling bushland property, some 5km from the railway station.
    ‘The police, volunteers, State Emergency Services personnel and searchers in a helicopter have scoured every bit of land but there’s no sign of Kim anywhere.
    There were concerns he might have fallen over a cliff, but as best they can tell that didn’t happen. They just can’t find him.’

    Richard Shears: Here are Kim’s known movements, as described to me by Austin:

    Family members picked him up on December 18 to drive him to Sydney where friends were preparing a barbecue. As they headed away from Blackheath Kim asked where
    they were going, because he’d been under the impression that the barbecue was being held locally.
    ‘It’s OK – we’re just kidnapping you,’ his niece’s husband said jokingly.
    Is this a lighthearted comment that caused some kind of panic in Kim’s mind?
    Kim had a cider and a beer at the Sydney barbecue gathering with Austin before the event got under way, but his nephew is convinced that Kim wasn’t affected by
    alcohol when he was later driven to the central railway station to travel back to Blackheath. ‘He was lucid…just normal,’ says Austin.
    He had been driven to the central station in a vehicle that wasn’t familiar to him – so did that cause added confusion following on from the jokey kidnapping comment?
    It’s a thought that has been among many scenarios considered by Austin.

    Arriving back in Blackheath, carrying a hessian bag containing a kilo of sugar that he’d purchased earlier in the day, Kim was not able to phone for a taxi because he’d left his phone
    behind at the house when he’d been picked up earlier that day. So he’d walked across the road from the station to a pub and ordered a beer while the staff arranged for a taxi to pick him up.
    The driveway of his house in Shipley Road was pitch black, so even if she was watching him walk away the taxi driver would have quickly lost sight of him.
    Kim’s family is convinced he never entered the house because the packet of sugar was nowhere to be found and there’s a report that a man answering his description – carrying a hessian bag –
    had been seen in Lithgow’s main street.
    Another ‘sighting’ claimed he had been seen on a main road leading out of Lithgow, but whether Kim was ever there cannot be proved at this stage.

    UPDATE: Austin has now shown ‘new’ CCTV footage of an elderly man walking along the main street of Lithgow to two people who were certain they had seen Kim.
    When shown the footage, the couple confirmed that was the man they had seen.
    ‘Unfortunately, he’s not my uncle,’ says Austin. ‘The man in the footage has a beard and Kim didn’t have a beard. So it’s back to square one.’

    KIM MACKELL MISSING dec 28 2016 blackheath nsw 4 Richard Shears photography.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2017
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  3. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    People missing in the mountains just break my heart! It's so hard to find them!
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  4. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Missing Blackheath man found dead
    June 2017

    Kim Mackell, who disappeared from Blackheath last December, will be buried on Wednesday, after he was finally formally identified from bones found in dense bushland.

    The skeletal remains of Mr Mackell, 64, were found near Shipley Road, Blackheath, by a bushwalker on April 19.

    Today, Mrs Windsor said while the body has been found, mystery still surrounds exactly what happened to him.

    “Where his body was in the valley was very deep and it’s a bit of a mystery how he could get to an edge,” she said.

    The police have said they will prepare a report, “either based on misadventure on some sort of suicide”.

    At least the discovery allows the family to “grieve properly” and to move on from their “state of limbo”.

    She said she will be writing a letter to local businesses “to say thank you to the community for their support and for keeping the [missing person] signs up for so long.”

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