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OK LAURIA BIBLE & ASHLEY FREEMAN: Missing from Welch, OK - 30 Dec 1999 - Age 16 & 16

Discussion in 'Missing 1990 to 1999' started by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Judge gives time to evaluate mental competency of Ronnie Dean Busick

    The court case focusing on two missing Welch girls is at a standstill pending a mental evaluation of the accused.

    Defense attorneys are concerned about mental competency issues. Now the judge is giving them time to evaluate Ronnie Dean Busick.

    "But you know let's get him tested - then he can't use that you know in his defense that he can't remember. He's choosing not to do it,” says Lorene Bible, victim's mother.

    But even while the court case is on hold, authorities are working on fresh search efforts. They believe 16 year olds Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible were held at this now vacant site in Picher for some time before they were killed.

    "That sort of gave us a ground zero to start from in regard to mine shafts,” says Ed Keheley, nuclear engineer.

    They're hoping to narrow down the 186 mine shafts in Picher enough to warrant a new search, find the teens, and give their families some closure.

    "They've suffered long enough and we want to help them as much as we can with our expertise,” says Jim Martell, Tulsa geologist.

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  2. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Families, investigators still resolved in search for missing girls' remains

    It's now an entire generation ago that Lorene Bible's 16-year-old daughter Lauria was abducted and murdered.

    This year, just as it has been for the past 19 years, the joy of the holidays for the Bible family remains tempered by the loss of Lauria, who went missing the night of Dec. 29, 1999.

    "We do stuff, but she's not part of it," Lorene summed up her family's holiday spirit for the Globe in a telephone interview shortly before Christmas.

    Members of the newest generation — the grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the Bible family — never got the chance to meet Lauria.

    "They see a picture of her and ask: 'Who was she? What was she like?'" Lorene said.

    Lorene can answer their questions, let them know a little of what Lauria was like. But she can never fully explain what happened to her, never take them to her final resting place.

    Lorene Bible is not giving up on that. She remains as determined as ever to recover Lauria's and the Freeman girl's remains.

    "For me, it's about getting someone who'll come forward and tell us: 'This is what I know. This is where the girls are.' So I can bring them home," she said.

  3. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Search for remains of Oklahoma girls circling back to early tip

    A tip received 19 years ago has captured the attention of investigators currently carrying on a search for the remains of missing Oklahoma teens Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman.

    Ed Keheley, a leading expert on the Picher Mining Field, who is assisting Oklahoma authorities in the search, was perusing old Joplin Globe articles about the case at the Joplin Public Library last week when accounts of a tip received by investigators on Jan. 4, 2000, caught his eye.

    The tip came in less than a week after the slayings of Danny and Kathy Freeman, the burning of their mobile home near Welch, Oklahoma, and the abduction of their daughter Ashley and her friend Lauria, both 16.

    An anonymous caller claimed the girls were killed and their bodies dumped down a mine shaft southwest of Picher. The tip led to the search of a shaft at the old Admiralty III Mine north of the Douthat Baptist Church, an effort that came up empty.

    The reason that information seems potentially important to Stansill and Keheley is that one of three suspects cold case investigators now believe committed the murders, Warren "Phil" Welch II, lived in Picher at the time.

    "Picher is not that close to Welch and no one knew the girls were held in Picher at that time," Stansill said.

    More: https://www.enidnews.com/oklahoma/n...cle_ad68e78c-1f24-5552-9358-e61627d62524.html
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  4. ima.grandma

    ima.grandma Believer of Miracles

    The OSBI has produced two series of decks of cards to place in inmate facilities for purchase.

    upload_2019-2-17_13-14-22.jpeg upload_2019-2-17_13-17-29.jpeg
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  5. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member


    Defense attorneys for Ronnie Busick have requested more time to complete a mental competency evaluation on their client. He is facing charges related to the 1999 disappearance of Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible.

    Busick appeared in court Friday for a status update on the evaluation, which was approved by a judge in December.

    His attorney says she has selected an expert to do the evaluation. She says Busick was shot in the head in 1978, which may have caused brain trauma. Busick has previously said he can’t remember anything about the girls’ murder or where their bodies are due to past drug use.

    The trial will not move forward until the evaluation is complete. Defense attorney Gretchen Mosely said she has not set a date for the evaluation.

  6. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    FOX23 Investigates: The continued search for two missing Welch girls

    Two girls from Welch were abducted and murdered nearly 20 years ago and the search continues for their remains.

    FOX23's Tiffany Alaniz sat down with the Freeman family in a rare interview to talk about their memories of Ashley and their frustrations with the case.

    Freeman's grandfather Glenn reflected on his granddaughter's life and talked with Alaniz about the day Ashley went missing. “Well, the hard part to think about the day before they took them -- she was 16 years old," he said.

  7. ima.grandma

    ima.grandma Believer of Miracles

    Lorene Bible believes viewers of the upcoming HLN Original Series "Hell in the Heartland: What Happened to Ashley and Lauria?" should come away with a sense of the pain and frustration she has suffered since her daughter disappeared almost 20 years ago.

    Outrage was the most prominent reaction the mother of Lauria Bible heard voiced by an audience of 3,000 people who watched a 10-minute clip of the series about the Freeman-Bible murders case at a special preview she attended recently in a theater in New York City.

    Bible and her niece, Lisa Brodrick, were introduced to the crowd after the showing.

    "The writer, the producer and associate producer have done a good job," Bible told the Globe last week. "It's just well put together."

    She said viewers came away convinced that the Craig County Sheriff's Department and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations bungled the initial investigation of the murders of Danny and Kathy Freeman and the abduction and presumed slayings of their daughter, Ashley, and her friend, Lauria, two 16-year-old girls.
  8. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Documentary series on disappearance of Ashley Freeman, Lauria Bible from Welch debuts Sunday

    A new documentary series on the disappearance of two Welch girls, "Hell in the Heartland," debuts this weekend.

    Starting 8 p.m. Sunday on HLN network, cable 42, a four-part series will explore the murders of Kathy and Danny Freeman and the case of their missing daughter Ashley and her best friend Lauria Bible.

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  9. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Mental competency evaluations have yet to be completed for defendant in Freeman, Bible murders

    Attorneys for the state of Oklahoma and Ronald Dean Busick met this morning before a judge and discussed the potential need for three separate mental competency evaluations for the defendant.

    One mental competency evaluation would be conducted by the Oklahoma Forensic Center, as is routinely ordered by judges. The state and the defense also have a right to seek their own experts for an evaluation.

    A letter filed with the court today on behalf of Gilbert Martinez, a neuropsychologist from San Antonio, Texas, states that he examined Busick on Wednesday of this week and found that the defendant tested at an IQ of 74, which would place him in the fourth percentile.

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  10. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Another mental evaluation ordered in 1999 Welch girls murder case

    The defense attorney for Ronnie Busick requests another mental observation and evaluation. The judge approved the request.

    According to Lorene Bible, the mother of Lauria, one of the victims, "The judge did remind the attorneys that this is the 8th time we've been pushed back and enough is enough!"

    In June 2019, the courts approved three separate competency evaluations that could take months to complete.

    Busick is scheduled to be back in court on September 27th, 2019.

    "As far as searches go, there's so much in the works but nothing we can share at this time. When we have news we can give on that we will. Just know that our team is doing a magnificent job and we are pleased with the direction after all these years," posted Lorene Bible on the Find Lauria Bible-BBI Facebook page.

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  11. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    UPDATED: Search for the remains of Ashley Freeman, Lauria Bible planned for Tuesday

    Authorities in Oklahoma are planning a search Tuesday in Picher for the remains of Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible, using both ground-penetrating radar and a dive team, according to sources close to the investigation.

    A property where deceased suspect Warren "Phil" Welch once lived, and where the two missing 16-year-old girls are believed to have been held captive prior to being slain almost 20 years ago, will be searched with ground-penetrating radar and possibly dug up.

    A dive team from the Tulsa Police Department also will be searching at least two ponds in Picher.

    The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the district attorney's office serving Craig County put out a statement Monday confirming that a search is expected to begin in Picher on Tuesday.

    Authorities have not indicated that any new information is contributing to the selection of sites to be searched. The statement suggests that the searches planned could take more than a day or two to complete and adds that there is "no greater, or lesser expectation" that these efforts will result in recovery of the girls' remains than past searches in the case.

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  12. ima.grandma

    ima.grandma Believer of Miracles

    WELCH, Okla. - Two girls from Welch were abducted and murdered nearly 20 years ago and the search continues for their remains.
    Latest Developments - Updated 12 p.m. July 30
    • Officials continue to search for the bodies of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman in rural parts of Oklahoma.
    • Investigators are focused on several sites in Picher, Oklahoma -- including where Philip Welch lived in a mobile home and as ponds near the College Street property.
    • PHOTOS: Dig sites for missing Welch girls in Picher, Oklahoma
    • Multiple agencies including the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the Craig County District Attorney’s Office, the Quapaw Tribe, and others will be assisting in the dig Tuesday.
    • FOX23 learned that the Tulsa Police Department dive team will also search nearby ponds.
    • There is still a $50,000 reward for any information that leads to Lauria and Ashely’s remains.
    • BREAKING: Crews are planning to search in Picher for the remains of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman on Tuesday. They will use ground penetrating radar and a dive team from Tulsa Police Department will also search several ponds.
      Here are pictures I took of some of the areas where they will be focused. Lauria‘s mom, Lorene, told me she’s glad investigators will be searching but says they still need tips from anyone who has information.

      What we know

      Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman have been missing since December 1999. FOX23 has been covering the investigation for years and reported in 2018 when an arrest was finally made in the case.
      Bible was staying the night with Freeman to celebrate her 16th birthday that night
      Investigators say Philip Welch, David Pennington, and Ronnie Busick killed Danny and Kathy Freeman then abducted Lauria and Ashley.
      Authorities say Welch, Busick and Pennington kidnapped Lauria and Ashley and held them for days torturing them before murdering them and dumping their bodies
      Authorities have yet to find the bodies of the two missing girls.

      The search for the missing remains
      The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation narrowed down a handful of possible sites where the remains of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman could be located, but have not yet found them.

      We’ve learned investigators will dig and use ground penetrating equipment to search for the remains of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman.

      Investigators will be focused on several sites in Picher, Oklahoma. One of those sites is the property where Philip Welch lived in a mobile home he rented. The property on College Street is the last place the girls were seen alive. FOX23 found several ponds have been recently drained across the street from the College Street property and trees in that area also cleared.

      Multiple agencies including the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the Craig County District Attorney’s Office, the Quapaw Tribe, and others will be assisting in the dig Tuesday, July 29.

      The search Tuesday will mark the first large-scale dig for Laura and Ashley’s remains since 2005.

      In June of 2005, investigators from ten agencies spent days searching in Galena, Kansas. It came after a serial killer, Jeremy Jones, had confessed to the killings and directed authorities to that area. The search came up empty. Jones later recanted his confession. FOX23’s Tiffany Alaniz was at that search for several days

      In 2016, FOX23's Cailey Dougherty followed investigators to Chetopa, Kansas where they thought they might find evidence of the girls' bodies. Crews were unable to locate any remains.

      The suspects involved in the murders
      In April of 2018, prosecutors filed charges against Ronnie Busick for killing Danny and Kathy Freeman and kidnapping and murdering Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman.

      Busick remains in custody in Vinita in the Craig County Jail. His court case has been stalled out as the judge in the case awaits mental competency exams from the defense and prosecution.

      Busick says he doesn’t remember anything about the murders or where the girls' remains are location due to years of his own drug use.

      In 2019, Busick’s attorneys said he doesn’t remember because he was grazed by a bullet in a shooting that happened in 1978. FOX23 has learned Busick has talked in the Craig County Jail telling fellow inmates details about the crimes, but his attorneys have said they cannot release any of that information.

      Philip Welch and David Pennington, the other two suspects have both died. Welch died in 2007 and Pennington died in 2015.

      Physical evidence found at the scene of the family murder
      FOX23 spoke with a private investigator who worked the case of the missing Welch girls 19 years after the initial incident.

      Tom Pryor told FOX23's Tiffany Alaniz he found a car insurance card near the scene that belonged to Welch's girlfriend:

      Family remembers the victims
      FOX23's Tiffany Alaniz sat down with the Freeman family in May 2019 in a rare interview to talk about their memories of Ashley and their frustrations with the case:

      Alaniz also sat down with the mother of Lauria Bible after evidence was brought to light by the private investigator. Lorene said her first priority is to find the girls' remains:


      Note: I have followed this case since it happened. I’ve been to Picher several times. I am hopeful my Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officers find these poor young girls. The case is being blasted here in Oklahoma News. It still breaks my heart.

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  13. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Officials: Nothing significant found in search for missing Oklahoma teens

    Authorities say that a dive team didn’t make any significant findings in the search for the bodies of two teens.

    Officials told KJRH that no significant findings came out of the two-day search, but they are not giving up on finding the girls.

    “This is by no means to anywhere close to being the end results. This is just one phase of the search to say, ‘look, we’ve been there. We’ve done that, and now we’re going to move forward,'” said Gary Stansill, lead investigator for the district attorney’s office.

    Authorities are not releasing their next search location yet.

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