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MO LIEHNIA CHAPIN: Missing from Cassville, MO - 1 January 2009 - Age 20

Discussion in 'Missing 2000 to 2009' started by Akoya, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

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  2. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    NamUs MP # 5373
    Liehnia Chapin
    Dent County, Missouri
    20 year old white female

    Case Report - NamUs MP # 5373

    Case Information
    Status Missing
    First name Liehnia
    Middle name May
    Last name Chapin
    Date last seen January 01, 2006 00:00
    Date entered 03/08/2010
    Age last seen 20 to 20 years old
    Age now 31 years old
    Race White
    Sex Female
    Height (inches) 68.0 to 70.0
    Weight (pounds) 130.0 to 135.0

    City Cassville
    State Missouri
    Zip code 65625
    County Dent
    Liehnia was last heard from between January and July 2006 per family members. Her last known residence was in Dent County, Missouri. She was listed in NCIC as a Missing Endangered Person on November 17, 2008.

    Hair color Blond/Strawberry

    Left eye color Blue
    Right eye color Blue

    She has a tattoo of "Love Daddy" and mushrooms
    on her lower back.

    Clothing and accessories are unknown

    Transportation Methods
    Vehicle make Chevrolet
    Vehicle model Cavalier
    Year 2000
    Vehicle color Black

    Status: Dental information / charting is currently not available

    Status: Sample is currently not available

    Fingerprint Information
    Status: Fingerprint information is available elsewhere

    Investigating Agency
    Title Det
    First name Robert
    Last name Evenson
    Phone 417-847-3121
    Case number A08-1856
    Date reported April 01, 2006
    Jurisdiction County
    Agency Barry County Sheriff's Office
    Address 1 505 East St.
    Address 2
    City Cassville
    State Missouri
    Zip code 65625

    Title Sheriff
    First name Rick
    Last name Stallings
    Phone 573-729-3241
    Case number
    Date reported
    Jurisdiction County
    Agency Dent County Sheriff's Office
    Address 1 112 E Fifth St, Suite 7
    Address 2
    City Salem
    State Missouri
    Zip code 65560
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  3. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

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  4. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Gary McCullough and Lena Chapin are both missing


    Young Lena Chapin

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  5. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Lena Chapin with her son Colter


    Lena and her son Colter about a year before she vanished

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  6. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Kristopher Klemp


    Kristopher Klemp (mug shot BCSO)

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  7. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Civil jury awards $8 million in wrongful death claim
    Wednesday, July 24, 2013
    By Melonie Roberts
    At long last, members of the Gary McCullough family might have some closure into the disappearance and death of Gary McCullough, who has been missing since 1999 and declared dead in 2000.

    McCullough's daughters, April Chanel Chandler, of Winslow, Ariz., and Joy Rose McCullough, of Sioux Falls, S.D., filed a civil lawsuit against Sandra McCullough-Klemp, her husband, Kristopher Klemp, Sandra's daughter, Liehnie "Lena" Chapin, and Klemp's ex-wife, Jennifer Lee Brattin, for the wrongful death of Gary McCullough.

    According to family testimony, McCullough, 34, had planned to divorce his then-wife, Sandra McCullough. He reportedly told his supervisors at the George's processing plant in Butterfield that he was moving out of his home and not to let his wife have his paycheck if she requested it. It was those supervisors that initially reported Gary McCullough missing.

    According to case notes with the Barry County Sheriff's Office, Sandra McCullough allegedly told her then 13-year-old daughter, Liehnie "Lena" Chapin, that she had shot Gary McCullough on May 11, 1999, and made the girl help dispose of the body.

    Kristopher Klemp, who was allegedly Sandra McCullough's boyfriend, moved into the McCullough home four days after Gary McCullough went missing. Klemp and Sandra McCullough were married in May of the following year after having Gary McCullough declared dead in April of 2000.

    The civil case wound up Thursday, with the 12-person jury unanimously finding for the plaintiffs.

    "That's rare in a civil jury," said Richard Lee Anderson, attorney for the plaintiffs. "They were all convinced there would never likely be a body presented and found clear and convincing evidence that Sandra McCullough Klemp and Kristopher Klemp had committed homicide."

    Key witnesses were missing from the civil case. Lena Chapin, who was reportedly last seen by her mother in 2008, has never been found. Law enforcement officials who have been tracking her Social Security number since her disappearance, have come up empty-handed.

    A second witness, Steve Turner, who was solicited by Kristopher Klemp to kill McCullough just days before his disappearance, was unable to attend the trial for health reasons.

    "If the prosecuting attorney chooses to go ahead and file charges, he will at least have that testimony which we didn't have at our proceeding," Anderson said. "I would certainly hope this opens the door to a criminal case.

    "This is a tragedy," Anderson continued. "It's not going to get better. If criminal charges were brought, even if the case were not won, it would be a welcome relief to the family."

    Anderson said he was satisfied with the jury's decision.

    "They gave us what we asked for," he said.

    The first claim alleged that Sandra McCullough and Kristopher Klemp had willfully and intentionally taken the life of Gary McCullough. The jury awarded $1 million in actual damages from each defendant to the plaintiffs.

    The second claim asked for punitive damages for the outrageous nature of the crime. Jurors awarded the plaintiffs $3 million from each defendant, for a total award of $8 million.

    "After expenses, the proceeds will be shared by the three remaining sisters," Anderson said.

    "I'm well satisfied the jury found for the girls," he continued. "As for Lena, two of the sisters are convinced she is dead. There may be charges brought there as well, or not. It's a different case."
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  8. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Sheriff Epperly at entrance to McCullough's farm (note the concrete slab where the house once stood)


    Gary McCullough and Lena Chapin


    Gary McCullough

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  9. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    House of Cards: Where is Lena Chapin?
    Wednesday, August 10, 2016
    By Melonie Roberts/Cassville Democrat

    Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly reviews a contacts chart, assembled by team members of the Crime Analysis Unit at the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who are now reviewing and cross-referencing data in the 1999 disappearance and death of Gary McCullough. The chart cross-references the suspects in the felony and their known relatives and acquaintances. Melonie Roberts/Cassville Democrat

    Barry County sheriff continues investigation into deaths, missing woman

    Lena Chapin did not have what most would call a normal childhood by any stretch of the imagination.

    According to investigators with the Barry County Sheriff's Office, Lena and her siblings became accustomed to the ever-changing father figure in their lives, often having to what police would call "cover" for their mother's alleged extra-marital activities, at times even being called upon to allegedly lie on her behalf.

    Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly dives into an evidence box containing a massive amount of witness statements regarding the disappearance and death of former Barry County resident Gary McCullough. Investigators have long presumed McCullough's former wife, Sandy Petersen-Chapin-McCullough-McCullough-Klemp-Wink, and her then-paramour Kristopher Klemp, were responsible for his death and the disposal of his body. Melonie Roberts/Cassville Democrat

    While this may have been the norm during the early portions of their lives, it became problematic when their mother's third husband, Gary McCullough, of Cassville, disappeared, allowing her then-paramour, Kristopher Klemp to move into the residence within the week.

    The saga began when Sandy Petersen-Chapin-McCullough-McCullough-Klemp-Wink, was first involved with Robert Chapin, Lena's biological father, whom she left before meeting Albert McCullough, her neighbor across the road in Stone County. According to notes, from the Sheriff's Office, they married in 1992 and divorced in 1996, after Sandy's children told him she was having an affair with his brother, Gary.

    When Albert was informed of Sandy's affair with his brother, they divorced. Sandy promptly married Gary, and moved with her children to his Barry County farm.

    "The McCullough family came up hard," said Det. Brian Martin, investigator with the Barry County Sheriff's Office. "They were a poor family that raised chickens and cows, worked hard and did what they could to get by. Gary liked to hunt. The family had to, because there were times if they didn't kill something, they didn't eat. Gary was a good old boy who would give you the shirt off his back.

    "When Sandy's kids moved to the farm, they weren't used to doing chores, and they didn't like Gary making them work around the farm."

    According to Martin, Sandy's mode of operation after marrying someone is to isolate her spouse from his friends and family immediately.

    "She did it to Albert, and she did it to Gary," Martin said. "She thought Albert had something to latch onto. She found out Gary had property and livestock, so she latched on to him. She didn't like Gary being close to his mom and dad. She didn't want him visiting his family. And when he went hunting, she accused him of running around on her."

    At some point in the relationship, Sandy began an affair with Kristopher Klemp, who was nearly a decade younger than herself.

    Tensions continued to escalate in the home, with Sandy's children resentful of being made to work the farm and Sandy allegedly plotting to kill Gary.

    "Gary found out Sandy was not making the house payments and they were on the brink of losing the house," Martin said. "Gary had also caught her in a parked pickup truck with Klemp, and was planning to divorce her. He started moving things out of the house and told his supervisor at George's not to give her his paycheck, because even if she had a note, it would be forged.

    "We found out by talking to her co-workers that she had been planning on killing Gary for about six months before he went missing. She talked about various ways to dispose of the body. When a co-worker told her to just divorce him, she said Sandy's response was 'she wasn't going to give him a dime.' She planned this for a long time."

    That plan allegedly came to violent fruition May 11, 1999, when, according to investigator's notes, Sandy is believed to have shot Gary three times in the head as he sat on the couch eating scrambled eggs.

    "She met the kids at the door when they got home from school and sent the younger ones out to do chores," Martin said. "She had Lena come in and help dispose of the body."

    At the time, Lena was 13 years old.

    "According to Kristopher Klemp's former wife, Jennifer Klemp-Brattin, she had dropped Kris off at the McCullough's property and returned about 3:30 a.m. to pick him up. She said he came running out of the ditch and jumped in the car, looking like a scared rabbit."

    Pictured is an undated photo of Lena Chapin and her son, Coultor, believed to have been taken about a year before her 2006 disappearance. Contributed photo

    "It takes a long time and a lot of heat to burn a body," said Mick Epperly, Barry County Sheriff.

    Over the course of the next two days, Lena helped her mother clean up the crime scene, according to court records. Floors were bleached and rugs thrown away. The body was burned in a brush pile all night.

    "According to Lena's statement, when her mother pulled her out of school early on May 13, 1999, there were no large bones in the burn pile," Martin said. "Someone had already removed and disposed of them. Lena helped her mother dig through ashes looking for bone fragments, which were put in buckets and scattered all over. The pair also dug out several inches of dirt at the burn pile in an effort to recover any missing fragments that could be used as evidence of a crime."

    Within days, Martin said, Klemp had moved into the McCullough household.

    "That was a red flag," Epperly said. "Klemp knew Gary wasn't coming back to kick his butt out of the house."

    Investigators first received word that Gary was missing three days after his disappearance. Strangely, it was not his wife to report him missing, but his brother, after he was notified by Gary's supervisors at George's.

    "We originally responded to the McCullough property on May 15, 1999, for a cattle call," Martin said. "After we got the calf back in, I asked Sandy if she had anything else to share with me. She said then she had better go ahead and report Gary missing."

    Her story to investigators was that Gary had gone to Diamond to purchase a fighting chicken from some Mexicans.

    "We knew that wasn't true," Epperly said. "She couldn't give us a name or anything else."

    Gary's truck was later discovered abandoned May 16, 1999, on a dead-end road near Pulaskifield.

    At first, Sandy refused to allow investigators in to the home to conduct a search. She also refused to take a polygraph test.

    "If you find a body, I'll take the polygraph," she told Epperly.

    "That's stuck with me for years," Epperly said. "She knows there isn't a body to find."

    "She did a good job of cleaning up," Martin said. "She had a week, but we believe there was still [evidence] there. Gary was a big guy. He weighed probably 240 pounds, Sandy couldn't have disposed of the body by herself. She had Lena and Kris Klemp help with that."

    The only charges Sandy faced in the disappearance of her husband was selling mortgaged cattle immediately after his disappearance. Those charges were eventually dropped.

    Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly is pictured at the site of the former McCullough property in Barry County. Contributed photo
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  10. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Less than a year after his disappearance, Sandy was granted a dissolution of marriage from Gary McCullough after he failed to show up for the hearing, held April 11, 2000. He was officially declared dead in 2005 at the request of surviving family members.

    According to a guilt-ridden, taped conversation in 2003 between then 17-year-old Lena Chapin and her former step-father, Albert McCullough, Lena said Sandy forced her to help clean up the crime scene, cutting Gary's body into pieces and wrapping it in a plastic tarp. The remains were placed in a brush pile on the farm and burned.

    Albert McCullough turned that tape over to investigators at the Barry County Sheriff's Office as evidence.

    The house where the horrific crime took place has since been razed by the new owner.

    Following the high-profile publicity in Barry County case, Sandy and Kris Klemp opted to move across the state to get married and start fresh.

    They chose Sligo, located in Dent County, where no one knew their backgrounds or the alleged grisly circumstances of their shared past.

    Acoording to Epperly, Lena was traumatized and started having trouble eating and sleeping. She started acting out, getting into trouble with law enforcement in Salem, and running with a bad crowd of people. She dropped out of school, got pregnant and had a baby boy, whom she named Coulter. According to a statement provided to Martin, relatives believed Lena was allegedly having a sexual relationship with Kris Klemp, and that Sandy knew it.

    "There were rumors," Martin said. "So, we don't know if the baby belonged to Klemp or the boyfriend. Either way, after Lena disappeared, Sandy and Kris adopted Coulter."

    According to Martin, Lena and Sandy would often have arguments about Coulter, because Sandy would tell people that she was the child's mother, going so far as to have the child call her "mom."

    "Sandy always wanted a boy," Martin said. "I think she was obsessed over Coulter."

    Lena had met a young man, Jason Bryant, and the two began living together in an apartment outside of Steelville, before her disappearance on Feb. 14, 2006. That disappearance would go unreported for almost three years.

    The last known residence of Lena Chapin was an apartment building in Steelville. It burned to the ground after Chapin's disappearance in 2006. Contributed photo

    It was in June of 2006 that April Chandler and Joy McCullough, Gary McCullough's children from a previous marriage, filed a civil lawsuit against Sandy and Kris Klemp and Lena Chapin, alleging Sandy and Kris "knowingly took the life of their father," and named Lena as a co-conspirator.

    When Dent County Sheriff's deputies served Sandy and Kris with court papers on July 7, 2006, they asked where Lena could be located. Sandy said Lena had moved to Florida with a boyfriend earlier that year.

    Martin said family members and acquaintances of Lena didn't believe the sordid stories Sandy was reportedly spreading about her child, having had several discussions with the missing woman, in which she detailed her dream of leaving the area with her son and starting over.

    "Sandy said [Lena] ran off to Florida and joined a carnival," Martin said.

    Again, the disappearance had never been reported by Lena's mother, who had custody of Coulter by that time. It was Robert Chapin, Lena's biological father, who finally contacted Epperly to report Lena's disappearance.

    "We tried to get Dent County to file a missing and endangered report on Lena, but they wouldn't do it," Epperly said. "I put Lena into the [National Crime Information Center] after her dad talked to me."

    That was November 2008, nearly three years after Lena seemingly fell off the face of the earth.

    "We checked," Martin said. "There has been no activity on her social security number, no contact with law enforcement, nothing."

    In 2012, Dent County investigators questioned Lena's then-boyfriend, Bryant, with whom she was living and planned to marry. Bryant told investigators the last time he saw Lena was on the morning of Feb. 14, 2006, when he kissed her and left for work. When he returned to their apartment that evening, Sandy and two other people were clearing all of Lena's belongings from the residence. Sandy told Bryant the story that Lena had run off to Florida with another man. He never saw Lena again.

    Bryant moved from the apartment shortly thereafter, and the owner went in to clean the unit.

    "She found a stain in the carpet that wouldn't come out," Martin said. "She said it looked like someone had killed a hog in there."

    Martin said the apartment owner replaced the carpet, never putting two and two together.

    Investigators in Barry County were clueless as to the events unfolding in Dent County.

    "If we had known any of this was happening, we would have been able to do more," Martin said. "As it is, no one connected the dots or had any reason to believe that Lena hadn't run off, except for the people who knew she would never willingly leave her son behind."

    The apartment unit later burned to the ground. A renter who was smoking in bed ignited the blaze. The possibility of obtaining and DNA evidence is long gone, along with the carpet and the apartment building.

    On July 25, 2013, a Stone County jury took less than an hour to determine that Sandy and Kris Klemp knowingly took the life of Gary McCullough. The plaintiffs were awarded $7 million in damages due to the outrageous nature of the crime.

    "Sandy and Kris have since divorced," Epperly said. "Sandy used Lena as an ally and an accomplice. But when that all ended, Lena was ready to come forward and screw it all up. We think [Sandy and Kris] are insurance for each other. All she has is Klemp. Sandy can't testify against Kris because we believe he killed Lena, who was a loose end. Kris can't testify against Sandy because he helped dispose of Gary McCullough's body."

    Copies of the case files have been turned over to members of the Crime Analysis Unit at the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who is going over the statements and evidence, building a timeline of events and cross-referencing all available data.

    "It's good to have fresh eyes on it," Epperly said. "This case is too overwhelming for a county prosecutor who has to handle more than 6,000 cases a year. We're still investigating it. We've searched for Gary for a long time. I would like to see justice for Gary's family before I retire."

    As for Lena Chapin, who 10 years ago was a young mother on the brink of adulthood hoping to start a new life with her son, justice will be a long time coming.

    "The new sheriff in Dent County has opened a case and he is investigating as much as he can after the fact," Epperly said. "It doesn't help that Sandy and Kris and consistently refused to speak to the investigator about Lena's disappearance."

    Now divorced from Klemp and living in Mt. Vernon, local law enforcement officials now believe Sandy has married yet again, to Joe Wink, and continues to raise Lena's child as her own.

    "We're thinking she's back in the area flaunting it," Martin said. "She thinks she got away with it.

    "She's all about acquiring things. I can tell you, I have looked evil eye-to-eye many times. I've dealt with serial killers and rapists, but she is as cool as a cucumber. She has a lot of faces, and you don't see her true face until you make her angry."

    Law enforcement officials in both counties continue to seek information on these crimes. The McCullough family is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest for the murder of Gary McCullough. Information may be given to the Barry County Sheriff's Office at 417-847-6556. Information on the disappearance and presumed death of Lena Chapin may be given to the Dent County Sheriff's Office at 573-729-3241.
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  11. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Lena, was reported missing in November of 2008...but not by her mother who had been caring for her missing daughter's son, Colter, since early 2006 .

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  12. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member




    Vital Statistics at Time Of Disappearance

    Missing Since: January-April 2006 from Dent County, Missouri

    Classification: Missing:

    DOB: August 29. 2985

    Age: 20 years old

    Height and Weight: 5'8"- 5'10", 130 pounds

    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Chapin has a tattoo of mushrooms and the phrase "Love Daddy" on her lower back.

    Details of Disappearance:

    Chapin was last seen sometime between January and April 2006. She was living in Dent County, Missouri at the time. Chapin wasn't reported missing until November 2008, two and a half years after her disappearance. She has never been heard from again. Few details are available in her case.

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missing Persons Unit at 800-877-3452.

    edited by staff to fix link to the Charley Project
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  13. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    After 10 years missing, is Lena Chapin still alive?
    • Andrew Sheeley
    • Feb 16, 2016
    Valentine’s Day marked one decade since Lena Chapin vanished from Dent County.

    However, an official missing person’s report wasn’t made for Chapin until almost three years after she disappeared, and that wasn’t made until the sheriff of Barry County intervened in the case. Why a sheriff almost 200 miles away from Dent County is interested in Chapin’s disappearance is because in 1999 her stepfather, Gary McCullough, also disappeared from his Barry County ranch outside of Cassville.

    In both cases, Sandy Klemp (Lena’s mother and Gary’s wife) did not cooperate with investigating authorities. She did not report Gary missing until two days after he disappeared, and only then because two Barry County deputies showed up on her ranch pertaining to a cattle call. She has never reported her daughter, Lena, missing. To this day, Sandy refuses to talk in detail to law enforcement about the disappearances of either her former husband or daughter.

    Sandy and her paramour, Kris Klemp, who she eventually married, were ordered to pay $7 million in a wrongful death civil lawsuit in 2013 for knowingly taking McCullough’s life. The trial was held in Stone County. Although Lena was issued a summons, it was never delivered and she didn't testified in the civil proceedings due to her disappearance. A taped confession of Lena's participation in the alleged cover-up of Gary’s murder also was not played for the jury.

    The Dent County Sheriff’s Office reports they did not open a file on Lena’s disappearance until March of 2012. Only then did authorities learn that six years prior she was living with her fiancé Jason Bryant in an apartment outside of Steelville. Bryant told detectives in 2012 he left Lena behind the morning of Valentine’s Day, 2006, with a kiss and a promise to return. However, that evening he instead found her mother Sandy cleaning out all of her daughter’s belongings from their apartment. He said he never saw Lena again.

    The reason it took so long for Lena to be reported missing, and why neither Sandy or Kris Klemp have even so much as spoken with the detective in charge of finding their daughter, are just two of many questions relating to the mystery of what happened to Lena Chapin and her stepfather Gary McCullough.
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  14. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    Two People Missing From Same Family, Coincidence or Double Murder?:
    3:30 PM

    Kathee Baird


    Gary McCullough and Lena Chapin are both missing

    Last week we reviewed the case of Gary McCullough who went missing in May of 1999.

    McCullough's wife, Sandy, and her current husband, Kristopher Klemp have long been the primary suspects in the 34 year-old man's disappearance.

    In 2006, McCullough's daughter's filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Sandy McCullough Klemp, Kristopher Klemp, McCullough-Klemp's daughter Liehnia "Lena" Chapin and Kristopher Klemp's former wife, Jennifer Brattin after McCullough was declared deceased in 2005.

    Albert McCullough says he feels somewhat responsible for his brother's presumed homicide. It was he who was first married to Sandy Petersen Chapin.

    Albert McCullough met Sandy when she and her daughter's moved across the road from his dairy farm in Stone County. They were married in November 1992 and for four years they were seemingly happy, says Albert.

    Albert McCullough says it was Sandy's children who told him that his wife was having an affair with his brother. But it wasn't Sandra McCullough who reported her husband, Gary, 34, missing on May 13, 1999, it was co-workers of the man at George's processing who first alerted authorities.

    Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly says when investigator's went out to the McCullough farm on May 13th to investigate a cattle call Sandy said, "We probably need to report Gary missing." Sandra McCullough told detectives that her husband had left the farm in his truck about 6:30 p.m. on May 11th and was headed to Diamond to buy a white fighting rooster.
    It appears from court records that Gary McCullough was concerned about his well being as early as April of 1999. A former supervisor of the missing man says that "he was moving out from his residence and not to give his paycheck to his wife, even if she presented a signed note because if she did so, the note would be forged."

    Sandy Petersen-Chapin-McCullough-McCullough-Klemp
    That same month he allegedly told friends that Sandy had forged his name to checks on a closed account and he had been arrested for it. He had been moving belongings from the farmhouse he and Sandy owned and was preparing to file for divorce, according to friends.

    The marriage of Gary and Sandy may not have been valid because they obtained a marriage license in Arkansas but were married in Missouri, according to documents. That being said, a divorce was granted to Sandy in April of 2000 when Gary failed to appear in court.

    Friends of Sandy say she has always "manipulated" her daughter's for her benefit and one, who wishes to remain anonymous says, "Lena was her partner in crime."

    "She used them girls and made them lie for her," said Albert McCullough.

    Liehnia May Chapin always tried to please her mother, according to friend's of the girl and Sandy. "She just always wanted to be her favorite."

    In an alleged recording of Lena made by Albert McCullough which is the basis of the wrongful death lawsuit; Lena, who would have been 13 year-old at the time of Gary McCullough's disappearance, says when she and her sister's returned home from school on May 11, 1999, they were met at the door by Sandy. Sandy sent all the other girl's but Lena to the barn to do chores.

    Sandy then led Lena to a bedroom where Gary McCullough allegedly lay dead, his body wrapped in plastic. "Sandra was spazzed out...crying...all she wanted to say was I can't believe this happened, I can't believe this happened."

    Sandy told her daughter that Gary had been sitting on the couch eating scrambled eggs and that she came out of a bedroom on the opposite end of the couch and shot him three times in the head.

    Lena Chapin

    Over the course of the next two days Lena helped her mother clean up the crime scene, according to court records. "Floors were bleached and rugs thrown away. The body was burned in a brush pile all night; she helped Sandra dig through ashes looking for bone fragments, fragments found were put in buckets and scattered all over. There was nothing left....nothing." Another theory laid out in court document's is that Gary McCullough's remains were fed to hogs at the farm.

    School records verify that Lena was kept out of school on May 12th and checked out early on the 13th. After being checked out of school, Lena and Sandy went back to the burn pile at the farm where they allegedly dug out several inches of dirt because Sandy said, "they could find stuff in the ground." The pair then planted grass seed at the site.

    On May 12th Robin Chapin allegedly told a friend on the school bus, "Gary is gone," and on May 14th told another friend that "her family burned Gary's clothes and that her mother told her to tell anyone who asked "that Gary had gone to buy a chicken from a Mexican."

    A former friend of Sandy's says that Gary's truck had been moved to different places on the 80 acre property but when Sandy learned that deputies were going to use a helicopter to fly over the property "she either moved the truck or had someone move it for her."

    Kristopher Klemp (mug shot BCSO)
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  15. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    On May 14th Kristopher Klemp was interviewed at the Barry County Sheriff's Office. During that interview Klemp told investigator's that he and Sandy "were just friends...there was no sexual or romantic relationship." Within days of her husband's disappearance, Kristopher Klemp was living with Sandy McCullough at the farm.

    When authorities went to the McCullough's farm on May 15th Sandy wasn't there but arrived shortly thereafter and was "upset" they were there and refused to let them search the property. She told investigator's that she and her husband were not having any problems and she had contacted family member's of the missing man to see if they had heard from him. Family members say that is a lie, Sandy McCullough never contacted any of them.

    That same day Jennifer Klemp-Brattin told detectives that Sandy had called her and told her she was pregnant with Klemp's baby. When she confronted her husband, Kristopher Klemp, allegedly told Jennifer he "had no time to deal with her because he had to deal with killing a man."

    In the early morning hours of May 16th Jennifer Klemp-Brattin told investigator's that she had dropped Kris off at the McCullough's property and returned about 3:30 a.m. to pick him up. "Kristopher came running out of the ditch and jumped in the car. He had a .22 rifle and said no one would be able to find the body."

    Gary's abandoned distinctive flat-bed truck was found abandoned on a dead end road near Pulaskfield on May 16th. When Sandy viewed the inside of the vehicle she remarked, "Gary would never have beer cans in the truck because he didn't drink." She also noted, "those cans weren't in the truck yesterday....I mean last week."

    Sheriff Epperly at entrance to McCullough's farm (note the concrete slab where the house once stood)

    Jennifer Brattin-Klemp told detectives that she overheard a phone call on May 8th in which her husband allegedly told Sandy, "I'll be the one going to jail - you'll never have to worry about getting beaten again."

    At one point during the investigation into her husband's disappearance Sandy McCullough told Sheriff Epperly, "You find a body and I'll take a polygraph."

    An acquaintance of Klemp's, Steven Turner, told deputies that Klemp attempted to hire him to, "kill Sandy's husband," according to court documents. Klemp allegedly told Turner that Sandy had been putting Drano into food and beverages that Gary McCullough had consumed.

    During a search of the McCullough property on May 15th, detectives found a half used box of Drano and a checkbook belonging to Kristopher Klemp. Court documents reveal that within 24 hours of McCullough's presumed homicide Kristopher Klemp purchased an $18,000 truck for Turner.

    An acquaintance of Sandy's, David Symons, lent her a steam cleaner in May which was never returned. When Syemons went to the farm to pick it up he was ordered off the property by Sandy. Symons then went to the sheriff's office and made a complaint. Sandy replaced the steam cleaner with a smaller one, according to court records.
    After the search of the property Klemp returned to the Barry County Sheriff's office and told deputies he had lied about his relationship with Sandy McCullough.

    In June of 1999 the then prosecutor of Barry County, Stephen Hemphill, filed conspiracy to commit murder charges against Kristopher Klemp.

    Hemphill dismissed the charges against Klemp in August of 1999 before the case was heard at a preliminary hearing. During a preliminary hearing the state must present enough evidence in court that shows a judge that they have enough evidence to proceed to trial. In this case, Hemphill anticipated that attorney's for Klemp would not waive the case (meaning that it would have automatically bound the case over for trial,) and he would have to lay out his case.

    Instead of tipping his hand and showing defense attorney's the evidence that was compiled against their client, he dropped the charges as not to compromise an ongoing murder investigation.

    "Sandy wasn't gonna settle for half of what they had, she wanted it all. I wake up everyday and think that it could have been me instead of my brother," said Albert McCullough

    While it is hard to imagine having one family member vanishing, Sandy McCullough-Klemp now has two.


    Her daughter and alleged co-conspirator, Lena, was reported missing in November of 2008...but not by her mother who had been caring for her missing daughter's son, Colter, since early 2006.

    When Sandy Klemp refused to file a missing person's report on her daughter in Dent County, Sheriff Epperly, who had been made aware of the development by family members, took it upon himself to contact Lena's father to make the report.

    Sandy told authorities that her daughter ran off to Florida with a new boyfriend, Jason Bryant. However, Epperly says there has been no activity for her social security number or phone and she has made no attempt to contact her son, whom Sandy and Kris have now adopted.

    Lena and her son Colter

    In late January human remains were found behind Wal-Mart in Salem, which is in Dent County. Authorities are awaiting final reports on the remains, but believe they belong to a male transient.

    "There's still a little bit of hope out there," Sheriff Epperly said. "Knowin' that we could find her... or she comes forward. Tell me what's going on here, Liehnia."

    Sheriff Epperly says he wants to re-interview several people involved in the case, including Lena. "It's a story you think...wow, it couldn't go down this way."

    Epperly says that blood collected from a bedroom, that appeared to be in a human form was tested, "but it was at the beginning of DNA - we will be resubmitting evidence to the crime lab to see if we can get a DNA match this time."

    Is it just a coincidence to have two family members vanish under very similar circumstances....or is it double murder. "I need to talk to Lena," said Epperly.

    When contacted for a comment on the disappearances of her husband and daughter, Sandy McCullough hung up. Kris Klemp referred this reporter to his attorney, John Lewright, who said, "with the lawsuit this close to trial, "it would be inappropriate for me to comment."

    A grand jury has not been convened in Barry County in almost a century. Former Senator Emory Melton says the last one seated was in 1923.

    When asked to comment on the case, sitting prosecutor Johnnie Cox said, "Nothing has really changed in the last couple of years that I'm aware of. It's an open and ongoing investigation and until there is some sort of physical evidence proving that Mr. McCullough is deceased we're at a standstill. A grand jury can indict, but I would have to take it to trial and prove that the people charged killed Mr. McCullough. I would get one shot with a jury and I want to preserve that opportunity."

    Attorney's for both sides must have their final motion's filed by May 25th, according to online court records. The wrongful death jury trial is scheduled to begin on exactly one month later, "They better bring extra seats, my whole family is gonna be there," said Albert McCullough.
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    Family seeks justice for man who's been missing since 1999

    Civil lawsuit tries to untangle the 1999 disappearance of Gary McCullough.


    The Kansas City Star
    Keith Myers

    SHELL KNOB, Mo. -- The McCullough family came to these Ozark hills to farm back before the Civil War and has been fighting rocks ever since.

    Today, the family name still dots many a mailbox around here. Five generations are buried in the McCullough Cemetery.

    They are a patient bunch. When it comes to rocks.

    Not so much when one of their own turns up missing.

    It's been 13 years since Gary McCullough disappeared. People say he was a good dad, worked hard and loved to coon hunt. He was 34. A brother recalls him as a "big ol" boy, 6-4, 250.

    A lawsuit filed by two of Gary McCullough's daughters alleges his wife, Sandra, shot him three times and burned his body in a brush pile. Portions of McCullough's body were fed to hogs, the suit contends, and shortly after he went missing the animals were seen eating large chunks of meat.

    The suit also names Sandra Klemp's current husband, Kristopher Klemp, alleging that the two had been romantically involved and conspired in McCullough's death.

    In written responses to the lawsuit, the Klemps more than 100 times denied different allegations and filed a motion to dismiss the case. A judge refused that request.

    On Tuesday, Sandra Klemp's attorney, John Dale Wiley, called the case a "witch hunt," rife with wild tales and untruths.

    "I have heard every rumor and innuendo imaginable," Wiley said in an email.

    The daughters' attorney, Richard Lee Anderson, says alleged elements of the case - an affair, an attempt to hire a hit man, a misfired shotgun - all point to the Klemps.

    "With all that's known," the lawyer said, "it's hard to conclude anything else."

    A civil trial had been set to begin last week, but a judge granted a late request for a change of venue, for a case filed in 2006.

    That delay infuriated Gary McCullough's kin. They say they've put up with about all the waiting they can handle. On Father's Day, they got together and talked about what they needed to do to get authorities finally to act.

    "They're never going to find a body. This case is as good as it's ever going to get," said Gary's brother Larry. "The authorities need to step up and do something. How long are we supposed to wait?"

    In arguing against the motion for change of venue, Anderson contended that the defendants' request missed a deadline and comes quickly upon the heels of a plaintiffs subpoena of a man the suit says told law enforcement that Kristopher Klemp tried to hire him to kill Gary McCullough.

    That man is now seriously ill and may not be available for a future trial, Anderson wrote.

    The daughters" lawsuit contends McCullough was killed for his horses, cattle, land and coon dogs. It seeks money for his daughters.

    But the family says what it really wants are criminal charges.

    Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly says the case includes plenty of circumstantial evidence. But the lack of key physical evidence " no body, no murder weapon " has stymied any criminal case.

    The best chance authorities may have had for that rested with one of Sandra Klemp's daughters from a previous relationship. The sheriff and family members say they heard a tape recording in which the girl said her mother told her she had killed Gary McCullough and made her help clean up the mess.

    But that daughter, Liehnia May Chapin, 12 years old at the time her stepfather disappeared, went missing soon after telling and then recanting that story. Like Gary McCullough, she hasn't been seen since.

    "I don't think I'm going to find either body," the sheriff said recently in his office in Cassville.

    Epperly said that at one point in the investigation, Sandra Klemp told him that if he finds a body she'd take a polygraph.

    "Yeah, she dared me," the sheriff said. "She knew I wasn't going to find anything."

    The case file, thick as a concrete block, sits open on a wooden stand in his office.

    Barry County Prosecuting Attorney Johnnie Cox doesn't reject the family's accusations, but he believes that without physical evidence, criminal charges may never be filed.

    "I don't know if what we need is out there," Cox said.

    Klemp and her husband now live in Salem, Mo. Efforts to contact them for this story were not successful. Kristopher Klemp's lawyer, John Lewright, didn't return calls seeking comment.

    The lawsuit says that when Gary McCullough went missing, Sandra denied any affair with Kristopher Klemp and said she was happily married. Sandra didn't report her husband missing. His employer did that.

    The daughters' lawsuit says that when authorities asked Sandra about him, she said Gary left "to go buy a fighting rooster from a Mexican, and she hadn't seen him since.


    A few miles south of Shell Knob, a narrow blacktop takes off east from Missouri 39 to curve through rocky farmland toward Table Rock Lake.

    That's where you'll find the McCullough clan. Ella and her husband, Wayne, raised five sons, and none got too far from home. Three of the surviving four still live on the farm, and the other one is just down the road.

    "We own everything from here to them mountains," Albert McCullough said recently in the barnyard as he pointed north.

    But don't confuse this bunch with land barons. They wear beat-up boots and sweat-stained caps. They get dirty. Milking cows, raising pigs, coon hunting. This is the kind of place with chickens out back, and where pigs and heifers share the same corral.

    Larry, the oldest, is the only one to go to college. On a basketball scholarship. He now teaches school, but he and his wife, also a teacher, live on the property in a cabin that they built themselves with logs they hauled from Arkansas.

    Albert, the second oldest, does the farming but says he'd make more money if rocks were worth something.

    In addition to milking 60 or so cows, he runs a feed store on the property out of a 120-year-old white house near the road. A dozen brown eggs will set you back $1.50.

    "I brought her here," Albert said of Sandra Klemp.

    The words came suddenly, like an admission of guilt. He'd married the woman first. Worst mistake he'd ever made, he said.

    He swears he did his best to talk his brother out of getting involved with Sandra, telling him, "You're making a hell of a mistake."

    Still, Gary and Sandra married in December 1996. They bought a place not too far away, near Butterfield in Barry County. Eighty acres, mostly scrub land. Gary cleaned it up. He bought cattle and horses, and he worked at a chicken-processing plant to make ends meet.

    By spring 1999, the lawsuit claims, the marriage had soured.

    According to the lawsuit, Sandra attempted to shoot Gary on April 30, 1999.

    "The gun didn't go off," said Darrell Center, a friend of Gary's. He said Gary told him about the incident, which is also referred to in the lawsuit.

    Most people might have stayed away after that.

    "He was too bull-headed," Center said.

    The suit, filed a year after Gary was declared dead in 2005, also lays out the beginning of an alleged affair between Sandra and Kristopher Klemp, who is 10 years younger than her. In a sheriff's office report cited in the lawsuit, the recently subpoenaed man tells investigators that Kristopher Klemp approached him about killing someone.
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    Another sheriff's report mentioned in the suit includes comments from a woman who told detectives that Klemp told her that he was involved with a married woman. That married woman, according to the report, had said she'd figure out a way to kill her husband and dispose of the body so no one would ever find it.

    The wrongful-death suit also names Sandra's missing daughter, Liehnia Chapin, and Klemp's former wife, Jennifer Brattin, as defendants. It says Brattin knew of the affair between Sandra Klemp and her then-husband, and that she gave him a ride during the time of Gary McCullough's disappearance.

    Brattin could not be found for comment, and court officials say she has not filed a legal reply to the suit.

    Her attorney did not return a phone call.

    Within weeks of McCullough's disappearance, then-Barry County Prosecutor Stephen Hemphill charged Kristopher Klemp with conspiracy to murder. That charge was dropped, however, later that summer. Hemphill, now living in Liberty, told The Star on Thursday he'd worried that laying out his case at a preliminary hearing could hinder the ongoing investigation.

    After the civil suit was filed, the Klemps challenged the case on grounds of expired statute of limitations and argued it should be dismissed. That motion, since denied, contended the calendar on a civil case should have started with Gary McCullough's disappearance in 1999.

    The plaintiffs countered that statute of limitations relates to him being declared dead in 2005.

    Ella McCullough, 75, last saw her son on Mother's Day 1999 when he came over to borrow a male hog to breed his sows. She said he told her that day that he feared for his life.

    She told him to stay there; just don't go home anymore.

    "I think he only went home because of his cows and dogs," Larry McCullough said. "He was scared what she would do to them."


    For months after Gary disappeared, his father, Wayne McCullough, a big, strong, no-nonsense dairy farmer, couldn't sleep or eat.

    The lack of action in the case caused Wayne to get barred from the Barry County sheriff's office. He might have ended up in jail that day if a relative hadn't dragged him out.

    Wayne, who would often go looking for Gary after milking, died of a heart attack while sitting on the front porch.

    Now in that same house, Gary's mother still cries for her son.

    "I want my boy," Ella McCullough said recently as Brown Swiss and Jersey cows grazed on her farm and green apples weighed down a tree just outside the kitchen door.

    "It's time to bring him home."

    Joy Backes, 28, one of Gary's daughters who brought the lawsuit along with her sister, April, has no doubts her grandfather would be alive today if not for her father's disappearance.

    "I know this thing killed him," said Backes, a trauma nurse in Sioux Falls, S.D. "My grandma is a strong lady. And my uncles have worked so hard to get something done for my dad. But this has just gone on long enough."

    Like others, Backes thinks Liehnia Chapin held a key to the case.

    Albert McCullough, Gary's brother, tells the following story: A few years after Gary's disappearance, Liehnia, 16 or so at the time, went with a boy down to the river to drink some beer. After a few, she told the boy a story about what had happened with Gary.

    The boy told her she needed to tell someone else. She chose Albert - her former stepfather. When she recounted what had happened, Albert McCullough told The Star, he secretly taped her.

    The lawsuit doesn't mention the 2003 recording, yet cites things that family members and the sheriff say come from the tape.

    According to family members, their attorney and the sheriff, Liehnia can be heard on the recording saying that her mother told her she had shot Gary three times in the head while he sat on the couch eating scrambled eggs.

    Liehnia said she helped her mother clean up blood from the floor, the suit claims. They wrapped the body in plastic and burned it in a brush pile, according to the suit. Later, she and her mother dug through the top six inches of the ground beneath the fire, looking for bone fragments that they then scattered, the lawsuit alleges.

    Albert McCullough took the tape to authorities.

    But Liehnia soon recanted, say the prosecutor and the sheriff, saying she had been mad at her mother and made the whole thing up.

    Liehnia soon disappeared and has not been seen since. She is considered a "missing person" by law enforcement.

    About a month ago, Epperly drove to Salem to talk to Sandra Klemp about Liehnia - her own daughter.

    "She won't talk to me," he said. "I would love it if Liehnia would show up. But that girl's not coming back."

    Wiley, Sandra Klemp's attorney, said he has no idea what happened to Liehnia Chapin or Gary McCullough, and that he is ready to refute everything in the lawsuit.

    "They will need more than rumors and innuendo when they get to court," he said.


    In granting the motion for a change of venue, Barry County Judge Carr L. Woods wrote that because of the "extraordinary nature and extent of the articles in local newspapers and social media, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to select a fair and unbiased jury."

    Unbelievable, said Backes, the daughter who brought the suit.

    "There's always been publicity around this case," Backes said. "After all this time, they figured that out at the last minute?"

    Very disappointing, said Richard Lee Anderson, the daughters' Branson attorney, who was in Kansas City delivering subpoenas when he learned of the delay.

    "We had worked very hard for this trial and we were ready," said Anderson, a family friend who played basketball for Wayne McCullough at Blue Eye High School.

    For now, the family waits. A couple of weeks ago, Albert and his brother Larry drove a pickup to the McCullough Cemetery just down the road from the farm. They visited the graves of their father, and that of the relative who pulled Wayne out of the sheriff's office the time he ended up getting barred from the place.

    It was a pretty day up on the cemetery hill. Sunshine, a light breeze, the water of Table Rock Lake off through the trees.

    "Gary should be here, but he never will be," Larry said in the shade.

    "We're going to get him a stone anyway," Albert said. "That's all we got."

    Then they headed back home. Cows waited. Milking time.

    To reach Donald Bradley, call 816-234-4182 or email dbradley@kcstar.com.

    Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/06/30/36851...l#storylink=cpy
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    Gary G. McCullough

    Above: Gary, circa 1999

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

    • Missing Since: May 11, 1999 from Cassville, Missouri
    • Classification: Endangered Missing
    • Date of Birth: April 10, 1965
    • Age: 34 years old
    • Height and Weight: 6'3, 240 pounds
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, brown eyes.
    • Clothing/Jewelry Description: A t-shirt, blue jeans, brown work boots and a camouflage-print cap.

    Details of Disappearance

    Gary was last seen in Cassville, Missouri on May 11, 1999. He reportedly left in his unlicensed flat-bed pickup truck en route to Diamond, Missouri to buy a fighting rooster. He has never been heard from again. On May 14, his truck was found abandoned on a dead-end road in Pulaskifield, Missouri. His employer reported him missing.
    Gary was married to Sandra McCullough at the time of his disappearance; she was his brother Albert's ex-wife. They lived on a farm with cattle and horses, and Gary had a job in a chicken processing plant. He and Sandra were having serious problems in 1999 and he told his work supervisor he wanted a divorce and was going to move out of the house. He also said Sandra had forged checks in his name and he'd been arrested because of it. On April 30, 1999, three years into the marriage, Sandra allegedly tried to shoot Gary. He ddn't tell the police about the incident but did tell a friend. Gary disappeared less than two weeks later.

    Sandra was allegedly having an affair with Kristopher Klemp at the time of Gary's disappearance, although she denies this and says her marriage to Gary was a happy one. In June 1999, authorities charged Klemp with conspiracy to commit murder; he allegedly tried to hire someone to kill Gary. The charge was dropped for lack of evidence in August 1999, however. Klemp moved into the McCulloughs' home just a few days after Gary was last seen, and he and Sandra married each other in May 2000, one month after she obtained a divorce from Gary.

    Sandra has children from a prior relationship. One of them, Liehnia Chapin, was thirteen years old at the time her stepfather went missing. In 2003, Chapin went to Albert, her former stepfather, and told them her mother had shot Gary three times in the head and then made her help clean up the crime scene. Chapin said she cleaned the blood off the floor and she and Sandra wrapped Gary's body in plastic and burned it in a brush fire until only bone fragments remained. Albert recorded Chapin's statement and took the tape to the authorities, but Chapin quickly recanted and told her mother and law enforcement she'd made the story up. Sometime in early 2006, over five years after Gary's disappearance and three years after she made the tape-recorded statement, Chapin vanished without a trace. She has never been found.

    Gary was declared legally dead in 2005. In 2012, his two daughters filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Chapin, Sandra and Klemp, as well as Klemp's former wife, Jennifer Lee Brattin. The lawsuit alleges Sandra and Klemp were having an affair in 1999 and conspired to kill Gary, who planned to divorce his wife. In the summer of 2013, a trial jury unanimously awarded $8 million in damages to Gary's daughters in connection with his wrongful death.

    It's unclear whether Gary and Chapin's disappearances are connected, but foul play is suspected in both cases.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Barry County Sheriff's Department

    Source Information
    Missouri State Highway Patrol
    The Kansas City Star
    The Crime Scene
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    Liehnia May Chapin

    Above: Chapin, circa 2006

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

    • Missing Since: January - April 2006 from Dent County, Missouri
    • Classification: Endangered Missing
    • Date of Birth: August 29, 1985
    • Age: 20 years old
    • Height and Weight: 5'8 - 5'10, 130 pounds
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Chapin has a tattoo of mushrooms and the phrase "Love Daddy" on her lower back. She may spell her name "Lena."

    Details of Disappearance

    Chapin was last seen sometime between January and April 2006. She was living in Dent County, Missouri at the time. Chapman wasn't reported missing until November 2008, two and a half years after her disappearance. She has never been heard from again.
    Chapin's stepfather, Gary McCullough, disappeared when she was thirteen years old. In 2003, Chapin went to Gary's brother Albert and told him her mother, Sandra McCullough, had shot Gary three times in the head and then made her help clean up the crime scene. Chapin said she cleaned the blood off the floor and she and Sandra wrapped Gary's body in plastic and burned it in a brush fire until only bone fragments remained. Albert recorded Chapin's statement and took the tape to the authorities, but Chapin quickly recanted and told her mother and law enforcement she'd made the story up.

    Chapin disappeared approximately three years after she mad her statement. Her mother said she'd gone to Florida with a boyfriend in a black 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier. Sandra didn't report her missing; Chapin's father did, at the urging of the local sheriff. Chapin left a young son in Sandra's care; Sandra and her current husband have since adopted the boy. There hasn't been any activity on her Social Security number since 2006.

    Gary was declared legally dead in 2005. In 2012, his two daughters filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Chapin, Sandra and Klemp, as well as Klemp's former wife, Jennifer Lee Brattin. The lawsuit alleges Sandra and Klemp were having an affair in 1999 and conspired to kill Gary, who planned to divorce his wife. In the summer of 2013, a trial jury unanimously awarded $8 million in damages to Gary's daughters in connection with his wrongful death.

    It's unclear whether Gary and Chapin's disappearances are connected, but foul play is suspected in both cases.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Missouri State Highway Patrol
    Missing Persons Unit

    Source Information
    Missouri State Highway Patrol
    The Kansas City Star
    The Crime Scene
    The Cassville Democrat
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