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Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by Takeitfromme, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Takeitfromme

    Takeitfromme Professional Journalist/News Reporter

    The Long Island Serial Killer (LISK) is an unidentified suspected serial killer most likely responsible for at least 9 deaths of prostitutes and online escorts in the Long Island area of NY.
    It was the search for Shannan Gilbert, an escort who advertised services on Craigslist that led investigators to the gruesome discovery of four dismembered female bodies in burlap sacks along Ocean Parkway near Gilgo Beach.
    Shannan disappeared in May of 2010. It was December 2010 when the first four sets of remains were found by police who had been searching the area for any signs of Shannan Gilbert.
    In March and April of 2011 six more sets of remains were located during another search of the area.
    In December of 2011 Shannan Gilbert's remains were found in a marsh near the area of Oak Beach where she had been last seen, terrified and running from unknown persons in a state of panic.


    2003~Jessica Taylor, 20 went missing from Manhattan July 2003

    2007~ Maureen Brainard-Barnes, 25 went missing from Norwich, CT after leaving for NYC July 2007

    2009~ Melissa Barthelemy, 24 went missing from Bronx, NY after meeting with a client July 2009

    2010~ Shannan Gilbert, 24 went missing after unknown incident at client's home May 2010

    2010~ Megan Waterman, 22 of So. Portland, ME went missing after arriving in Hauppauge, NY June 2010

    2010~ Amber Lynn Costello, 27 of No. Babylon, NY went missing after going to meet a John Sept. 2010

    TIMELINE OF BODIES FOUND (in order of discovery)

    1996~ Pair of women's legs in garbage bag (later UID female dubbed "Fire Island Jane Doe") April, 1996
    1997~ UID female dismembered partial remains (later dubbed "Peaches" for tattoo on remains) June, 1997

    2000~Jane Doe #6 partial dismembered remains, Manorville, November, 2000
    2003~ Jessica Taylor, partial remains, dismembered, Manorville, July, 2003

    2007~ "Cherries" (UID female named for tattoo) Cold Spring Harbor and Oyster Bay

    2010~ Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Melissa Barthelemy, Amber Lynn Costello, and Megan Waterman, all located in burlap sacks along Ocean Parkway

    2011~ Jane Doe #6 (2000, rest of her remains), Asian Male (John Doe) dressed in women's clothing, Baby Doe, Jane Doe #3 (found to be Baby Doe's mother), Fire Island Jane Doe (1996 rest of her remains)
    ***These "2011 remains" were found near Jones Beach State Park along Ocean Parkway

    2011~ Shannan Gilbert, found in bramble filled marsh near where she was last seen at Oak Beach
    ***Conflicting theories of whether she is victim of LISK

    There are other possible victims, but none officially confirmed by law enforcement






    This thread welcomes general discussion
  2. Takeitfromme

    Takeitfromme Professional Journalist/News Reporter

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  3. Takeitfromme

    Takeitfromme Professional Journalist/News Reporter

  4. Takeitfromme

    Takeitfromme Professional Journalist/News Reporter

    Ok this MAY NOT be related.... nothing concrete to say it is or is not.... BUT this POI in other NYC cases uses drugs, history of violence towards women including prostitutes and has been accused of rape.... lives in that area..... here are a few links brought over from another thread




  5. Takeitfromme

    Takeitfromme Professional Journalist/News Reporter

    Disappeared is on Investigation Discovery right now, episode..... Shannan Gilbert and all the girls they found......
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  6. Takeitfromme

    Takeitfromme Professional Journalist/News Reporter

    Authorities in the Gilgo Beach area are making a new push for the public's assistance in getting answers.

    Gilgo Beach remains: On 5-year anniversary, police step up collaborative efforts
    YAPHANK, Long Island (WABC) --
    On the five-year anniversary of the discovery of the first remains linked to the Gilgo Beach killings, Suffolk County police are joining forces with federal officials and other law enforcement in hopes of cracking the case that has remained stagnant.

    The remains of 24-year-old Melissa Barthelemy, of the Bronx, were discovered in the area on December 11, 2010. Nine more bodies were found in the days and months that followed.

    It's a series of cases that in a way have haunted the Suffolk County police department since 2010: The discovery of 10 sets of human remains in and around Gilgo Beach between 2010 and 2011.

    Now the Suffolk County Police Department says it's enlisting the help of the FBI to try to solve the mystery.

    read more at link below

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  7. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member


    FBI to aid in Gilgo Beach serial murder investigation: officials

    NEW YORK – Five years after the case began, Suffolk County police announced Thursday that they have asked the FBI for help investigating the bodies found at Gilgo Beach.

    “We know we are doing everything we can to solve these murders,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Tim Sini, who added that the case has been considered active since it started.

    The murders remain unsolved, much like the serial killings of sex workers on Long Island—most of them discovered in late 2010 and early 2011 between Gilgo and Oak beaches in Suffolk County.

    Video at link: http://pix11.com/2015/12/10/fbi-to-aid-in-gilgo-beach-serial-murder-investigation-officials/

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  8. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I would have thought the FBI would already have been involved in a serial killing. Perhaps local LE waited until all their resources were exhausted first.
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  9. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    The FBI was involved in some of the searches at Gilgo. Until now, they have not had a role in the investigation.
    The (ex) chief of SCPD was indicted this week (a day prior to this announcement) and a new administration is taking charge.

    There are locals who believe that the (ex) chief was covering up info regarding the LISK. For whatever reason..
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  10. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Oh wow! At any rate, a new set of eyes is never a bad thing.
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  11. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    I realize you already have this info, but I wanted to link this article with the photos and such.

    FBI joins the hunt for the 'Long Island serial killer' five years after the remains of four prostitutes were found buried on the same beach
    • In total, the remains of eleven victims were found buried on the same beach on Long Island, New York
    • It's believed that the same person or group of people committed the murders
    • Local authorities announced Thursday that the FBI would be joining the investigation, proving the case is still active


    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...erial-killer-investigation.html#ixzz3u4pFzzvS
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  12. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    Ex Chief Burke was denied bail today.

    Prosecutors had pushed for James Burke to be kept in jail after labeling him a danger to the community. Burke has pleaded not guilty to federal assault and obstruction charges.

    He is accused of beating a man who broke into his police cruiser in 2012 and then trying to hide the alleged assault.

    "Quite frankly, I find the corruption of an entire department by this defendant is shocking," U.S. District Court Judge Leonard Wexler said.

    During the nearly one-hour bail hearing, prosecutors also said at least 11 current or former police officers and detectives testified before the grand jury that indicted Burke

  13. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    Fran, that is an excellent photo with the names/dates/locations. Thanks!
  14. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Oh those are great visuals! I'd never delved in deep in this case before and hadn't seen the area from a bird's eye view.
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  15. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    I have followed this case very "loosely"...this is MY beach. I spend much of my summers here.
    It is just a slice of heaven and very difficult to connect these horrific murders to such a beatiful and serene place.

    While I have always believed the chief was somehow connected...last night I stumbled upon several blogs that explain exactly how he "may" be connected. WOW. What an eye opener. So many players. I have a lot of catching up to do.
  16. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I'll bet this is very surreal for you! It brings it to a whole new level when it's personal, doesn't it?
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  17. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member


    Five years ago Sunday, Suffolk County police found the bodies of three women in Gilgo Beach days after finding another there, with six more sets of human remains found nearby months later.

    The anniversary comes as the police department is undergoing a change in leadership that recently announced plans to work more closely with the FBI on the so-called Long Island Serial Killer case. The announcement came a month after the re-arrest of a man who authorities described as a pimp for one of the first four women found—all online escorts in their 20s.

    “It’s often times that cases get solved when you combine the knowledge and expertise of the local police department with our federal law enforcement partners,” Timothy Sini, a former federal prosecutor recently appointed as deputy Suffolk police commissioner, told reporters Thursday during a news conference at police headquarters in Yaphank. “The FBI…has resources that they can bring to the table. They have expertise in serial murder cases.”

    More at link.
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  18. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    It is quite surreal. I spend a lot of time driving on Ocean Parkway, past Oak Beach.. I always get very emotional. I sit and stare at the beautiful dunes, the water. A place so peaceful holds so much pain and sorrow.

    When I get a chance I'll upload some of my pics.
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  19. Takeitfromme

    Takeitfromme Professional Journalist/News Reporter

    Just my opinion but I am starting to get a strong feeling that the suspect is or had been at the time of these killings, one of their own.... I hate saying that but that's the vibe I get.... they are looking more at their own than they are just some killer from the public.
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  20. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    It's more than a vibe. It's a real possibility.
    There have been so many rumors circulating for the past 5 years. The chief being held without bail...IMO...has a lot to do with the LISK investigation.
    The victims' families deserve answers. I pray this new look by the FBI will bring closure. And justice.
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