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Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by Takeitfromme, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

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  2. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    What an interesting article! This is intriguing too:

    “The police are on their way,” Coletti assured her. “They’re going to help you.” To Coletti’s surprise, Shannan immediately broke for the door and slipped into the early morning gloom. Standing on his deck, Coletti watched Shannan frantically dart up the street, then return and duck under the boat sitting outside his home. As he surveyed the strange scene, Coletti noticed a black SUV lurching slowly down the road, intermittently flashing its lights, stopping and starting again. He took the plate number and went down to address the driver, an Asian man in his 40s.
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  3. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    allegedly. Hackett is in his 70's and has a fake leg as he is an amputee. How he could subdue women and carry their bodies out into that bramble with just one leg is beyond me. He is a strange one, but I don't believe he had anything to do with Shannon or the other victims. So many people tried to ruin his name. I feel bad for him and his wife/kids. His wife and adult kid lived with him at the time all these murders were going on. There have been horrible rumors spun as fact about him. It's horrible. I will say if he did call Mari Gilbert he was asking for her to look into him, but it seems to be a huge stretch he could be a serial killer. Im interested in whether or not the remains found in Manorville are actully LISK victims or if they are victims of someone like John Bitrolff. Even the one officer I trust on this case has been interviewed and said he cleared Hackett, but still believes LISK may be in the NYPD or a police deparment b/c he asked Melissa's sister if they had filed a missing persons report yet AND said himself that he was in the NYPD during one of his taunting calls!!!
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2016
  4. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    A holiday Inn Express that was regularly under stings for prostitution by gang/prostitution task force members. interesting the chief of police fired 2 (or 3?) of the top agents in that specific department after the bodies were found. Many, especially the FBI, questioned why the now dishonorable Chief Burke would fire the 2 (or was is 3?) best agents in his gang/prostitution task force for essentially being too good at their jobs right after the bodies were discovered. Something about that stinks to high heavens!!!! OH AND DON'T FORGET IT IS PUBLICIZED ON MULTIPLE ARTICLES THAT HE ASKED HIS LAST KNOWN VICTIM AMBER TO MEET HIM AT THAT SAME HOLIDAY INN AND SHE DECLINED... SHE LATER WOULD GET IN HIS CAR CLOSER TO HER HOME WHEN SHE DISAPPEARED.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2016
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  5. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    I find it interesting that in one interview Pak claimed to be looking for Shannon even along the Causeway until 6am. Did he finally encounter her on the causeway, and in a bout of annoyance he strangled her and left her body out in the bramble? I do believe it is possible she did have a drug induced hysteria that made her run out that night, but why oh why would a man who is driving the prostitute going to hang around to find her when the cops might be showing up soon?
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  6. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Jim committed suicide as his business was going downhill and he owed money. He did not want to lay people off during Christmas an felt massive amounts of guilt and pressure. The unfounded rumors he is LISK has caused his surviving family much heartache. Even police declined the theory that he is a POI and gave harsh criticism to those suspecting him when his family clearly lost him due to depression and the stresses of being a business owner. It was sheer coincidence he killed himself before Christmas and the day after Shannan's body was found. The public saw this coincidence, spun it as evidence, and here we are know with a dead man who can't defend his name.

    Im not even sure Shannan mentioned Bissett to a friend. So many have made rumors look like fact it is hard to tell.
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  7. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    LE released that they think it is 2 men traveling in a van that perpetrated the crime. They are currently tracking the men. One is a black male and the other a white male with Red Hair.

    The name Eldred Burchell was accidentally broadcast once in relation to the AC4 case when an FBI agent spilled his name live. He has multiple aliases and calls himself "The Riverman" in homage to the Green River Killer. He is known to be a bit of a national drifter, but he is intelligent. he utilizes both boats and cars. here is a mugshot.


    Eldred is mentioned here as well:


    "Adding to the mystery, self-described sex worker, Denise Hill, identified another individual as the killer – a man named Eldred Raymond Burchell, who called himself the “River Man,” an apparent reference to Washington state’s “Green River Killer,” who murdered at least 71 women – many prostitutes – during the 1980s and 1990s.

    Hill told FoxNews.com that Burchell, a drifter, spent time with her in Atlantic City around the time of the murders and confessed to killing people. Burchell, whose whereabouts is unknown, could not be reached for comment.

    McClain said a common myth about serial killers is that they cannot stop of their own volition – a mistruth that has some convinced the killer is either incarcerated or dead."
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  8. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Burke was seeing a madam and prostitute and got caught with her in his squad car doing stuff without his firearm secured... BEFORE being promoted to Chief of police a few years later. Burke is known to utilize prostitutes. Some serial killers had prostitutes for a girlfriend/wife and killed other prostitutes to punish them for being in the very industry that made their girlfriend/wife "unclean". There was a case in Ohio of a man who started serial killing prostitutes after his wife became one.
  9. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    For me, no matter where I look...everything comes back to Burke. He is as dirty as they come.
    If he does not have any involvement in these murders, he wouldn't have botched up and hindered the investigation.
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  10. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Wow! I can't believe all the twists and turns in this case!

    Watch it be someone totally outside this whole crazy circle. :thud:
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  11. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    I finally found this post that I was searching for. Very VERY interesting. Long but worth the time.


    I want this to be known publicly… and outside my circle of people and the SCPD.

    I am a local semi-professional musician from Long Island and I consider this place as disgusting, corrupt and in the shadow of a great place to live… my home.

    The Ocean parkway has served and still does as my reference point for my mixed pieces of music. My music is moody, dark and atmospheric and in a VERY congested place that parkway and area of the Island at night ALWAYS has served as desolate place to reflect especially listening back to mixes and seeing if its hits the right way without being effect by strip malls, traffic lights and zombies on all major parkways.

    If there are any other mixing engineers or musicians who create on a professional level, you will 100% understand what I mean when I talk about referencing mixes and making sure you got it right.

    In June of 2010 (look at that date) and was doing my usual ride… it was usually between midnight and 3am. I live in East Meadow so I take the Wantagh out and hit the loop – ocean route. I can get out there quick at that hour but usually go about 50mph to let the music sink in and relax.

    At this time in my life I was single (23 years old) and was working heavily on my first major record. The mix references drives on this record cycle went on for the better half of 2010 but this was the only time I saw anything out there that was really suspicious at night.

    I will describe it in great detail again, luckily I was blessed with photographic memory so I can recall instantly and in depth. So much so that I wrote it in poetic terms in depth description // this is what I gave the SCPD in 2012 as well // Specifically JAMES BURKE // Here you go:

    “2AM and pitch dark, a 70s Club Wagon with safety-flares on desolate roadway. Heavily clothed for summer time, a scarf covering your face, I slow down to see if you need help. No one was around only the sounds of the waves crashing in the distance, your van hazards flashing away and a sound monitoring system on the ground nearby. As I fully stop you vanish out of site as if to hide from my oncoming vehicle. Stopped for only a few seconds, I sense an eerie vibe and continue my way onto the Robert Moses causeway. Years later and I still feel as if I almost caught you dumping their bodies along this parkway. My mix reference drives have never been the same, maybe one day I will catch you again by the Oak Beach Inn.”

    You need to understand that I thought NOTHING of this in JUNE 2010… Besides the news blurt of Shannon disappearing I just knew this area to be where rich LI’ers and boat community retirees had summer houses. When the initial discovery was made and bodies were made I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it and still thought nothing of it as if it were nothing. Where it all hit me that I had to do something was the flashback… In 2012 I had a child and when browsing for a baby monitor in the store I SAW THE MONITOR THAT WAS ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF THE VECHILE THAT NIGHT. A more industrial styled one but think of why it would be on the floor by their car on the side of the road… They were in the marsh with the receiver where they could anything coming from a far with monitor system by the roadway to alert them. It was almost a pro-styled one and maybe even one police or military could only acquire but it struck and extreme resemblance to the high-end industrial style looking one when we were shopping.

    At this point I realized I needed to come forward and at least share my little piece of something I saw before any discoveries were made. So I called a defunct hotline number for the case because at that point it was kind of forgotten about and a week later I got a call. It was JAMES BURKE, I had again NO CLUE who this man was. He stated who he was and that he DID NOT WANT ME TO COME DOWN TO THE STATION BUT WANTED ME TO MEET HIM ON SITE OF THE GENERAL LOCATION OF WHERE I SAW THE CAR THOSE SOME TWO YEARS PRIOR. I thought this was kind of odd to get my initial statement… no? Or at least come to my house and then we drive or more investigators. Burke came ALONE, yes alone… which from my experience was also rare in police investigations or questions that I have personally encountered.

    I do need to stress that I look counter culture… somewhere between a metal head crossed with a hippie… I am naturally eccentric and you will see why I am mentioning this.

    So I give him in depth info, the description even show him the poem I printed out and we go in depth… and I am as honest as I can be. He asked me what I was doing out that hour and why, people in music and professionally will understand what I me by mix referencing and this to him was a ‘what the ****’. Anyway, he seems to just be jotting things down on paper no tape recording device or anything.

    The point where it seemed very odd in my discussion him was right here though… I mentioned I am a marijuana smoker and although I wasn’t doing it in the car it wasn’t uncommon for me to be working in the studio for a couple of hours prior when I hit something and decide to go reference. I would usually be smoking those hours prior… I am not a drug user, marijuana is a sacred plant. Aside from that and a bunch of psychedelic exploring in my late teens early 20s it all ends there. He went off with that!

    “Are you see you weren’t seeing things? How do you know what you really saw? You were under the influence of marijuana?” As if it was some Devil’s Harvest 50’s anti- weed propaganda film talking. It was bizarre but after seeing the recent events of him and reading all his corruption seemed as his out to discredit anything from me.

    I kind of laughed in his face and he asked me a few more questions but like stand offish and completely changed his act… yes he was acting from the start.

    Did the usual line “Well be in touch if we here anything or leads, thanks for meeting with me Mr. _____”


    Honestly feel like this whole thing is something out of the show ‘True Detective’ actually even more bizarre the more I read in depth outside of news sources.
    VICE just did the most comprehensive and collective piece that fucks with your head to and made me go ‘man wtf are you doing? think of what you might be able to help solve?”

    I know realize after a lot of studying that I should probably go to the FBI at this point for my protection with the people involved and maybe contact John Ray.

    October 2015 was the last time anyone posted here but hopefully I get a response somewhat soon.

    You can email me at unique email I made just for all this…
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  12. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    Mesmerizing, no? Wow.
  13. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    To say the least. I hope someone in LE/FBI has gotten in touch with the poster.
  14. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    And when was this posted??
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  15. Sabra

    Sabra Well-Known Member

    Feb 2016
  16. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    Here's hoping the FBI is all over this.
    If we can trust and believe them.
  17. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    That is very interesting! Wow!!! :eek:
  18. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Yep statistically it is probably some random landscaper or laborer like Joel Rifkin or John Bitrolff I totally agree there. Though the cop angle is the one that also pulls at me - even more than civilian.

    Barthelemy's sister described the man on the phone as sounding like he was "White" and middle aged and the other woman, a friend of Maureen Barnes who received calls after she disappeared, said he pronounced his S's and T's and spoke properly and He didn't sound like he was from NY, ME, or MA. He said racially inappropriate things about people who are biracial/black to Amanda Barthelemy who is mixed race. He knew about Johnny Terry's back tattoos which makes me wonder if he got that info from Melissa while torturing her OR if he had some sort of info that would offer up someones tattoo info like a criminal report. He was able to torture Melissa into telling him all of the sexual things she and Terry would do so it is not outside of the realm he forced her to tell him personal info about Terry. It almost sounds like he interrogates these poor girls about their loved ones while torturing them to death. I've read articles all over and there are so many great descriptions of LISK from the 3 people who believe they spoke with him (Barthelemy, Terry, Barns's friend).
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  19. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Kimster, how many times have we seen that secretive little smile on the faces of people getting hauled away in cuffs? It gives me the absolute chills, every single time, because it invariably means they are a sociopath, usually with victims left and right. You simply do not see this expression on the faces of innocent people, or people with remorse for their crimes.

    Anyway, I think this can of worms of a case will keep unfolding over time. Bless everyone who has stood up for the victims, in any capacity. Keep it up, please, because monsters thrive on silence.
  20. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    So the guy was tracked down via facebook. Who knows if he is credible. I contacted the writer of the blog this guy posted on and the blog writer (his name is Zero) is going to write about and explain who that informant was on his current thread. he was able to track who he is b/c the guy left the same comment on Shannan Gilbert's facebook memorial page or something. It's nice the blog writer is making a post to clear up who that sound engineer is. I contacted zero and he is very forthcoming with info, but I suppose wants to keep it all on his blog for reference.
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