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TX LORI KENNEDY RUFF or BECKY TURNER JANE DOE: Found in Longview, TX *Kimberly McLean*

Discussion in 'Identified!' started by Kimster, Aug 22, 2015.

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  1. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Nearly three years after a heartbroken Texas man buried his wife and the mother of his little girl, he still doesn't know exactly who she was.

    Such is the mystery of Lori Erica Ruff, a woman who managed to fool everyone, including federal and private investigators, about her true identity before committing suicide, taking her twisted secrets to the grave.

    To her husband, the tall, slender brunette was Lori Kennedy, a woman born in Arizona who had a rough childhood and didn't want to discuss her past. To anyone else who knew her before, she was Becky Sue Turner.

    Both names are false.


    This reporter for The Seattle Times is doing a great job on this case. I recommend reading all of her articles to get an idea of the situation:




    Last edited: Aug 22, 2015
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  2. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Someone came to WS a few months ago saying he used to date her before the name change. He has contacted agent Velling. I have to see if SSA can contact Velling to see what's up.
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  3. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Holy moly I don't know why I didn't see it before. The faces are so close. Laureen Rahn looks so much like Lori Ruff


    Additionally I have had thoughts that Lori may have wanted to start a new life bc she somehow got involved in the sex entertainment industry early in life... And there may be connections pointing to the idea that Laureen had wanted to become and actress, but got caught up with a pornography crowd. The nose is a bit off, but there was an idea that perhaps Lori had a nose job. Not sure if that rumor is true, but could help account for the nose bridge having less mass in Lori. Both their noses seem a little crooked.

    Attached Files:

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  4. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    :thud: The bottom of her nose looks identical in those pics, girlfriend!
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  5. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    I'm so glad you see that too!!!! Hope you are well Kimster! :hug:

    Craziest thing is one of the last links to Laureen was a plastic surgeon of all people! What kind of plastic surgery could she have been looking for? A nose job? Breasts? I believe it was said that Lori had fake breasts and was confirmed she was a stripper in TX at one point. Hm!
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  6. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Holy cow Daisy :daisy:

    You've got my mind twirling!

    And I'm doing better since popping in and catching you online! :hug:
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  7. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    aw bless! It's good to see ya too Kimster. :)Things had been hectic on my end here, but I noticed this all about Laureen and needed to post it here before I forgot.
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  8. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Interesting from the link I had posted a few back for Laureen:

    "Roger Maurais, Laureen's childhood friend in Manchester, received a call from a woman identifying herself as "Laurie" (Lori?!) or "Laureen" in 1986. Maurais's mother answered the call and said that the person claimed to be her son's former girlfriend. The caller's identity remains unknown."

    Edit : uh oh I may have gotten the photo incorrect for Laureen. Oops yes the photo belongs to Rachael Garden. I will post her bio under this post. My apologies! I got a little too excited there.
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  9. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Rachael Garden was never found. Her case initially was treated as a runaway, but some people believe she may have fallen victim to whoever lured Laureen to leave Town. She and Laureen were not far from each other and disappeared in a relatively close interval. That's why both girls were listed on that blog and I got confused. :oops:

    I still wonder then if Rachael Garden and/or Laureen Rahn are connected to Lori Ruff?
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  10. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Which ever she was, that nose looks remarkably like our unidentified!
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  11. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Yes Rachael Garden IMO looks a lot like Lori Ruff if Lori were in her teens.

    Lori had the PO Box that was in Boulder City near the areas where the sex industry is rampant in NV. An investigator theorized that Rachael and Laureen may be connected and that Laureen may have ended up in the sex industry in NV and is a Jane for there.

    If the girls ended up in NV and CA to do sex work - perhaps one of them (Rachael) ended up becoming Lori. Who knows.
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  12. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    She may have picked her friend's name. Perhaps she called Loreen "Lori"!
  13. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    I think if Rachael Garden's disappearance is possibly related to the disappearance of Laureen Rahn, maybe Rachael Garden also met up with Annie Sprinkle at some point and became involved in the porn industry.

    Lori had the name of a woman on the piece of paper she left behind. That woman had a talent agency for models. Who in the Laureen Rahn case had a modeling agency that Annie Sprinkle possibly picked girls from to introduce into porn? The doctor's wife. The doctor who Laureen had contacted via a teen sexual assistance hotline.

    I'm wondering if this nasty trio who introduced young girls into "modeling" (cough porn cough), the doc/doc's wife/Sprinkle, ever manipulated a young Lori Erica Ruff in the late 70's/early80's?

    Back to the piece of paper Lori left behind after she tragically committed suicide. That paper that had the name and contact info of a modeling agent also contained scrawls about the LA jail and "442 months!". Was that all the handwriting of Lori? What was she trying to tell us with that piece of paper? Was Lori looking at time for something she or someone else did? I believe it is true that those people listed on the paper she kept so secret know something about Lori, whether they admit it or not.

    With Lori we see connections to a PO box in Boulder City, NV not very far from the areas known for brothels/prostitution in NV. We also find that Lori was a stripper in Texas once she was beginning to get her act together. If stripping was a more reasonable alternative to whatever life Lori lived prior then what could Lori possibly had been doing in her youth that was worse than stripping? She changed her name twice before stripping so IMHO something hinky was going on prior to Lori stripping.

    I think Lori may have had much emotional trauma associated with going into the porn/sex industry at such a young age. It's very probable that if she did she was lured into it under false pretenses of becoming a legitimate actress/model. I believe she also may have carried much shame/guilt for running away and leaving her loved ones for a career that she eventually would find traumatic, demeaning, and abusive. This kind of situation is what I have considered Rachael Garden and Laureen Rahn became involved in as well.

    Perhaps Lori and the two girls have something in common regarding being manipulated into the porn industry at very young ages. Maybe the 3 porn industry monsters (doc/doc's wife/sprinkle) need to finally be forced to talk. Rachael Garden's physical similarity to Lori Erica Ruff only adds to my hinky meter.
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  14. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Just realizing now that a girl named Denise Denault disappeared a few weeks after Laureen Rahn. There is no picture for Denise or vitals. I wish we could get those as I wonder about them in relation to Lori Erica Ruff:

    "Denise Denault, a 26-year-old woman who lived on Merrimack Street just two blocks from Laureen, disappeared six weeks after Laureen did and was never found. Her photograph and vital statistics are unavailable. Denault and Laureen reportedly closely resembled each other in spite of the difference in their ages, but it has never been shown that their disappearances were linked. "

    Hoping to dig up more info on Denise. I want to find out why these girls/young women started to go missing, if they are connected, and if Lori plays into it at all whether she was really Rachael Garden or not. Thinking about starting threads for Garden, Denault, and Rahn as well.

    Again here is the comparison between the earliest picture of Lori and the young Rachael:

    Attached Files:

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  15. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Just wanted to update and let everyone know that I submitted Rachael Garden to NamUs as a possible match to Lori.

    I hope the person handling Lori's case takes it seriously as Rachael is not listed on the rule outs for Lori. :praying:
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  16. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Got an email back from Mike of Namus and:l his response:

    "Both individuals have DNA completed at the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification (UNTCHI) with no associations.

    https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/2362/11/ https://identifyus.org/en/cases/9863


    So I'm guessing that means although Rachael is not listed on the rule outs it is presumed there is no match between she and Lori.

    Well that's that!
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  17. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Anything new from this one, @Advocate?
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  18. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Apparently Lori has been identified. People think she's NamUs MP # 8897 Sandra Hopler and that her profile is being left up to throw people off

    We'll see if there is a new article, depends on if LE are going to release her name.

    Attached Files:

  19. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member


    I have read this communication from someone at NAMUS and I am very concerned and disturbed. I was the researcher who worked with Joe Velling and identified Lori Ruff. She was not Sandra Hopler or any of the other guesses that have come out of Websleuths. I have had no contact with anyone from the Seattle Times. Joe Velling is now retired and no longer a Special Agent in Charge for the Social Security Administration, in Seattle. Neither of us has released the identity or other information to anyone.

    There are very compelling reasons why Lori Ruff’s identity has not been released to the public by law enforcement agencies. It is unprofessional and irresponsible for any of these people to be making statements for or about Joe Velling or me.
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  20. DaisyChains

    DaisyChains Bronze Member

    Very unprofessional of them indeed! im sorry akoya. it must be frustrating for you especially as an advocate to want to keep the ID under wraps for an important reason while media vultures seek to do the opposite. :(

    But I have to say I am very interested in who you and Velling found to be a good match.
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