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PORTUGAL MADELEINE MCCANN: Missing from Praia da Luz, Portugal - 3 May 2007 - Age 3

Discussion in 'Europe: Missing & Unidentified' started by Kimster, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

    Yep. The only thing I can accuse them of is making a serious judgment call in leaving them unattended while being so far away. That part I don't get at all, especially when they are highly educated people.
  2. Lambchop

    Lambchop Administrator Staff Member

    I'd think the resort was to blame, too. How did someone open the window from the outside? While it was not a good decision to leave the children who are so small alone in the room today they have monitors which would have worked but it would not stop someone from trying. To me the window is a big issue. And how did someone know children were inside the room unattended? There is a lot of blame to spread around. Resort personnel would know who belongs there and who does not and whether or not they have had break ins before this. All resorts have this problem, even the safest islands like Aruba have issues with break ins. No cameras? I'd want to know what the history is with break ins or attempted break ins in this resort. Someone was watching, saw Madeline and watched where she was staying so those security cameras would have helped. I can't believe the staff would not have noticed the children were being watched. This was not someone breaking in to steal money and decided to take a child instead. They came prepared to knock the child out. That is my two cents. It is frightening to think these people walk among us and we would never suspect who they are.
  3. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    One thing from the Netflix series that I didn't know beforehand... (maybe this was already public knowledge but I didn't follow the case closely) apparently they had been trying to get a reservation at this place for several days but it was really hard to do so. They told the host or whomever that the reason they wanted this certain time because the kids would be in bed by then back at their room. Apparently this was written down in the log book, as a note written in the book indicated that the parents wanted to eat there because they'd be leaving the kids alone in their room. Apparently this book was left in a public place where presumably anyone could have read it and known that there would be children alone in their room.

    Another thing on the Netflix series was about other break-ins and sexual assaults in the area. There were quite a few. Apparently there was a man who is believed to have sexually assaulted 5? young girls who were all on vacation in the area, and I believe were all British tourists. If I'm remembering correctly there was one where the mom came in from another room and saw an unknown man standing with her young daughter. Thankfully he was scared and ran.


    British police investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance are now looking at 18 potentially linked break-ins by a lone intruder into Algarve villas.

    Six have come to light since an appeal by UK detectives last month, with five involving alleged sexual assaults against young British girls.

    Naomi Grimley told BBC News one of those attacks was in the same resort from which Madeleine vanished in 2007.
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  4. Lambchop

    Lambchop Administrator Staff Member

    I would think that whoever took her lives in the area. Police have to know who he is. This what makes me so upset that they wasted time going after the parents knowing they were so guilt ridden when they should have been investigating those they knew were local. Has to be someone with a lot of money and political influence. An open window and they focus on the parents. Crazy. But then I own timeshare in Aruba and I know they protect their own.
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  5. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

    I guess political and/or law enforcement connections and $$.
  6. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    What I've always wondered - and never found in any report on the case - is exactly how long a person had to be dead before emitting a scent that this particular cadaver dog would have detected as 'dead body'? An hour? A day? And does old/decomposing blood leave scent that might be mistaken for dead bodies? No idea.

    And was there actually any blood found where the blood dog alerted to? Those rooms and the car were actually incredibly public spaces, no telling how old any of those scents were, or which person from where they were sourced out of the hundreds who might've been in the room or car any time prior.

    I do think it's highly significant that both dogs alerted in the space behind the blue sofa, under the window, and while I think it's unlikely her parents murdered her and hid the body for 25 days before moving it..... I do think they had pretty good motive for staging an abduction if her death was accidental -and- caused by an OD of sedative -- they mightn't have ever been jailed for it, but both would've lost their lcareers/ivelihoods and reputations. So I've never quite been able to rule that out in my mind, even though I lean heavily to the intruder/pedo/snatching theory.

    That said - maybe the DNA still has things to reveal.

    EXCLUSIVE Scotland Yard could be sitting on Maddie mystery 'game changer'

    A former top Scotland Yard homicide detective believes British police could be sitting on "a real game changer" if Madeleine McCann's DNA is found in unsolved samples currently being sought by one of the world's leading DNA scientists.

    Following an investigation by Nine.com.au, leading American forensic scientist Dr Mark Perlin last week formally offered to help London Metropolitan Police untangle 18 complex DNA samples, ruled "inconclusive” in 2007, which are potentially loaded with vital clues about Madeleine's disappearance.

    Sixteen of the DNA samples of interest to Dr Perlin were taken from the McCann's holiday apartment, where Madeleine vanished, and the remaining two are from the boot compartment of a car hired by Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry, several weeks after she disappeared.

  7. Lambchop

    Lambchop Administrator Staff Member

    I suspect most of those samples are from past guest and people who previously leased the rental car. But if they were able to get anything off of the window it might be revealing.
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  8. Whatsnext

    Whatsnext Well-Known Member

    Just for the record: I do not think that the McCanns deliberately murdered their child. But I think that, with all the evidence collected ,
    an accident could have happened. And they didn't want to lose their twins. That is why they covered it up. I just cannot see an intruder, where is the proof for that theory? There's much more proof for"the parents did it". Just my personal opinion .
  9. Lambchop

    Lambchop Administrator Staff Member

    An accident does not mean they would lose their twins. I don't think both this mother and father would dispose of their daughter's body as if it were trash. Plus the fact that they had no time to dispose of a body nor the knowledge of where to put her so she never would be found. This child vanished without a trace and that tells me someone took her. That is my gut feeling. There has been so much child trafficking for years that this is the place traffickers might hang out.
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  10. Olenna

    Olenna Chief Justice of the Forum on Checks & Balances

    This. I have always understood how this happened and never once believed the parents were involved.

    Vacationing families were watched by criminal element.
    Opportunity presented itself.
    Resort staff likely had the answers about voyeurs or actual connections to criminal element.
    Police failed to lock the place down, grill all staff, grill all witnesses,
    Investigators failed to conduct timely interviews with same.

    It ain't rocket science. It takes one pervert and a vehicle. Just one.

    p.s. Doctors are highly intelligent people who want to help others. But that doesn't mean they invariably possess a lot of common sense nor does it mean they must be the best parents. They didn't get to be doctors without being trained to accept reasonable risk and employ judicious shortcuts. Great respect for doctors; we are all only human; we all believe we can simply relax and enjoy ourselves at vacation resorts.
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  11. Lambchop

    Lambchop Administrator Staff Member

    I can't imagine the parents had enough stamina to hold it together if Madeline met with an accident. Most parents would try all they could to save their child. Because the police focused on them so early on tells me they knew she was probably taken since a woman at the resort saw a man carrying a child and no one came forward to say it was them. That is critical. That, and the open window reeks of abduction and the mother immediately knew what happened. So the motive for police is to keep anything negative about residents in the area out of the news as suspects as it could have an impact on tourism. I have seen it in Aruba. It's what they do. If you are a resident or native of the country they downplay the crime. When my condo was broken into they told me I had to have left the bathroom window open (no exhaust fan in bathroom) and police said they came in through the bathroom window. So the way it was presented to me it was my fault. I dragged the officer into the bathroom where there is a towel bar under the window and asked him to explain why the towels were still on the rack (washcloths were arranged in fans and stuck in the hand towels on the rack). I said you mean to tell me they put the towels back in place exactly how we left them? Then showed them the pry marks on the outside of the window beside the door. Police protect their citizens because they figure we will go home and not be back for another year. Because the dogs did not find anything I would guess she was alive and abducted.
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  12. Lambchop

    Lambchop Administrator Staff Member

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