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MCSTAY MURDERS: The State of California v. Charles Merritt *GUILTY*

Discussion in 'Courtroom' started by MartinBeck, May 19, 2015.

  1. TX SMR

    TX SMR Posting my personal opinions

    Excellent points!
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  2. Freebird

    Freebird Bronze Member

    What a damn shame you were driven away by dirty trolls. Your posts are very informative and thought provoking. I’m happy to be posting with you.
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  3. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

    It is a frequent happening. When you follow cases for a while, you will find that links don't work later. I guess they clean their servers occasionally of their available online content.
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  4. TX SMR

    TX SMR Posting my personal opinions

    This is basically the only case I've followed with the exception of the murder of Erin Corwin, which was a no brainer IMO and the disappearance of Bryce Laspisas, who has been missing almost 6 years now. It has to be terribly frustrating to go back to previous video/articles just to find that they've disappeared. In your opinion is it an effort to purposely cover up or hide something or is there an innocent explanation?
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  5. ima.grandma

    ima.grandma Believer of Miracles

    TX, I thought I’ve already shown you that I’m very direct and have once made an assertive post to you directly. I wasn’t upset when I did it and you weren’t upset with me either. I already know you have thick skin. It takes one to know one. My comment was made addressed to anyone reading or thinking about posting. As in “if the shoe fits, wear it” You’re also very direct and I admire that quality about you. It takes some people a long long time to develop this confidence. Many never do. You’re a lot like most of us here. We tend to speak our minds. I’ve been banned twice from a crime forum which I will not name (wink) for speaking my mind. Yet still, I’m a contributing member to this day because of learning from my mistakes and not jumping to posting due to my impulsivity (my problem alone). I’m enjoying this thread because I too want answers. The complexity of this murder is ever increasing throughout these days and I expect it continue to develop. The cast of actors grows everyday. It’s mind blowing. Yes, we have a verdict and the convicted person will pay the price for his involvement in this inhumane tragedy against a family who didn’t do anything to deserve it. We still don’t know what happened or how the whole tortuous murder evolved. I have so many questions and I want to know the details just like you and everyone else here. I certainly don’t want to lose a valuable asset to this thread including you. I told you, we’re buddies and I meant it.
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  6. TX SMR

    TX SMR Posting my personal opinions

    If I could "love" this post I would. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond in such a thoughtful way, I really do appreciate it and consider us buddies as well.

    Because I live in the area I have been involved/around San Bernardino County law enforcement for many years and I have a tremendous amount of trust and faith in them. I have to believe they did a thorough investigation and have the correct person(s) behind bars. I feel that if others were involved in the murders either directly or indirectly it would've come out in their investigation and they too would've been arrested. Perhaps I'm gullible or naive in my thinking but it is what it is. However, I am extremely interested in hearing other's thoughts about the case because maybe I've missed something that does in fact point to a bigger picture and more people being involved. I suppose onmly time will tell.
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  7. Scarlette

    Scarlette may30/88/11/14/17/20

    I sure know what you mean about disappearing news articles. Within a week of Rebecca Zahau's murder(supposed suicide) at least 4 articles disappeared....once Jonah Shacknai notified his PR company.

    I usually record/watch shows on ID and Dateline and 48 Hours, but have decided that there are too many cases where there was no real justice (wrong conviction or no conviction). I decided if the McStay's and Rebecca Zahau's family didn't get the proper justice, I will quit reading these kinds of forums and those shows mentioned above.
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  8. WinnieChurchill

    WinnieChurchill Well-Known Member

    The final straw for me, with this case, was the alteration of the clip showing the Merritt family leaving the courthouse following the verdict. I had the news on the entire day of the verdict. I watched the live coverage and the "breaking news" segments the entire day. I'm not going into specifics, so don't ask, but I did pass along to the DT the information regarding the "heavily edited" clip of the family leaving later in the evening. I find media is no longer a good source of facts, but a perfect tool for propaganda.
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  9. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

    It's mostly a storage/maintenance issue. They only keep so many resources available for digital content. They have to keep adding new content daily, so they have to make room for it. Sometimes you can email a request and they will email you the article. I'm not sure how many do that though or can.

    I'm sure it's also occasionally suggested by certain entities that it disappear, too. Money talks.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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  10. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

    I learned the sad truth about the media with a local story here. Stories from people that did interviews and by the time it was on the news, editing pretty much made it an entirely different thing than what they actually said.
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  11. TX SMR

    TX SMR Posting my personal opinions

    Was there something about the edited clip that can or will help the DT? I'm just trying to understand how the family members leaving the courthouse would be of importance.
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  12. WinnieChurchill

    WinnieChurchill Well-Known Member

    No, precisely the opposite, and that will be my only comment. Whomever is funding the "let's wipe everything Merritt off the face of the earth" campaign has a lot of money and a lot of fear. The big question is why, there has been a conviction why keep throwing more "manufactured" poop at the wall. I'm grateful the documentary was filming every part of the court proceedings, so there will be a record of everything that was said and done.:rant:
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  13. TX SMR

    TX SMR Posting my personal opinions

    Hmmm, sounds very odd.
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  14. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I hope you post in Bryce's thread here. I'd love to know your theories on what happened to him. Wayback when, I knew an insider in that case. The insider doesn't know what happened either, of course.

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  15. Shannon

    Shannon Bronze Member

    There was some nonsense about Merritt's sister making a spontaneous admittance to Merritt's guilt: "He didn't meant it." It's almost certain she was referring to something Bennett said, not anything Chase did. Bennett was very hostile towards reporters and probably said something less than nice.

    Also, I don't think all those who claim they believe Chase is guilty are as confident in the verdict as they claim to be. There are two tells: 1, if you really believe the verdict is correct, you shut up and move on. There's no reason to keep discussing it. No one continues to talk about the Christopher Brandon Lee verdict-because we all know this was just. I think reasonable doubt is pervasive.

    The other tell, is that no one is demanding that the new DNA be run through CODIS. This can only help those who believe that Merritt is guilty. If he did this, all the DNA being run through CODIS can do is make that case stronger, and silence all the naysayers.

    No one is certain of Chase's guilt. That is the only thing certain on this case.
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  16. Shannon

    Shannon Bronze Member

    For all those who really watched this trial don't give up. This is far from over. Truth has a sneaky way of surfacing, and it will on this case. Too many smart people were watching this trial for there not to be repercussions. I monitor this case across all media, and there are some very intelligent, well educated people, who are remaining somewhat quiet who saw what happened here.

    The verdict was not grounded in fact, it was in huge error. Don't let the lynch-mob mentality intimidate you. I believe in the jury system, but juries do get it wrong.
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  17. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

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  18. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    Welcome back, Shannon. I missed you.
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  19. salah11

    salah11 Member

    I am certain of Chase’s guilt and I continue to post as he still hasn’t been sentenced. Once he is locked away for ever I will move on.
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  20. Shannon

    Shannon Bronze Member

    Could be. But there are those who are posting with such fervor, I have to wonder. If you have to post that many times, who are you trying to convince? If you are secure in the outcome, don't you have better things to do? It should be game, set, match. Discussion over.

    But I think the really big tell is that no one who claims they believe Chase is guilty is advocating for the new DNA to be run through CODIS. That's the inaction that speaks volumes.
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