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TN MEMPHIS JOHN DOE: WM, 45-65, found in Memphis, TN - Oct 2014

Discussion in 'Unidentified 2010 to Present' started by WindStorm, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member


    Case Report - NamUs UP # 13584
    Case Information

    Status Unidentified
    Case number 2014-1449
    Date found October 29, 2014 00:00
    Date created February 25, 2015 10:28
    Date last modified February 27, 2015 08:18
    Investigating agency
    date QA reviewed

    Local Contact (ME/C or Other)
    Agency West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center
    Phone 901-222-4600
    Case Manager
    Name Lindsey Price
    Phone 901-222-4627

    Estimated age Adult
    Minimum age 45 years
    Maximum age 65 years
    Race White
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
    Height (inches) 69, Estimated
    Body Parts Inventory (Check all that apply)
    All parts recovered
    Head not recovered
    Torso not recovered
    One or more limbs not recovered
    One or both hands not recovered
    Body conditions
    Not recognizable - Near complete or complete skeleton
    Probable year of death to
    Estimated postmortem interval

    Location Found
    GPS coordinates
    Address 1 809 N. Bellevue Blvd
    Address 2
    City Memphis
    State Tennessee
    Zip code
    County Shelby
    Skeletal remains found by passer-by at 809 N. Bellevue Blvd

    Hair color
    Head hair

    Body hair

    Facial hair

    Left eye color
    Right eye color
    Eye description

    No other distinctive body features
    Distinctive features as described below
    Scars and marks
    Artificial body parts
    and aids
    Finger and toe nails
    Other distinctive
    physical characteristics

    Medical implants
    Foreign objects
    Skeletal findings
    Organ absent
    Prior surgery
    Other medical

    Status: Fingerprint information is currently not available

    Clothing and Accessories
    No clothing or accessories
    Clothing and accessories are described below
    Clothing on body

    Clothing with body




    Other items found
    with body

    Edited by Kimster to add media link: http://www.crimewatchers.net/forum/...-to-know-where-i-am-unidentified-memphis.443/
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 23, 2015
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  2. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Oh gee....check out where he was found. memphis.jpg
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  3. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    NamUs Case # 13584 has had changes made. You can view the case by clicking the url below

    URL: https://identifyus.org/cases/13584

    The following fields have been changed:
    DNA : DNA Status changed from "submitted not complete" to "entered"

    I'm not seeing any rule outs yet. :(
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  4. Summer_breeze

    Summer_breeze Blowing through the Jasmine in my mind

  5. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    Just observations to Image. Seems the "City" at one time found it important enough to put in a "Sidewalk". And Owner at one time put in one leading up to the House. The steps leading up to the "Porch" are individual Red "Brick and mortar" and we'll done. The House gas "Siding". The "Roofing" on the House is in good shape. But the House should have had a Support on the Porch for the overlapping area of the Roof. There is a "Satellite Dish" on the House. The Driveway appears long and hidden, And not completed with "Asphalt or Concrete"and cannot be seen if there is a "Garage or Out Buildings". For anyone to say this Man worked on any "Machinery" and was known for it. Who "Maintained the front Yard". It seems this Man cared about this House. But fell upon Poor Health before the "Roof" problem and unable to do anything about it. And I doubt He was unable to care for upkeep of "Yardwork". It seems He would have lived there for quite some time, And with the outside work done on the House not unseen. Eventhough no Neighbors can be seen, To the left, There us a "Transformer" that appears to be in good shape to be of use. In background there is a circular "Spotlight". With several lights. That looks to Me like the ones used on "Sports Fields". But I have no idea the distance.

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