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Minnesota Authorities Release Bodycam Footage of Thurman Blevins Shooting

Discussion in 'Crimes' started by noZme, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    stabilized version - watch for his gun in the red circle

  2. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    scary, disruptive "activists" at presser don't change a justified police shooting

    No charges against Mpls. officers in Blevins shooting

    Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman was ready to announce his decision on whether two Minneapolis Police officers will be charged in the fatal shooting of Thurman Blevins when a group of activists stormed the podium, screaming and calling for justice.

    Freeman says Minneapolis Police officers Ryan Kelly and Justin Schmidt, were responding to a 911 call by a resident who said he had seen an apparently drunk man walking down the street firing a semi-automatic handgun into the air and into the ground. The caller was concerned about the safety of himself and his neighbors, and gave dispatchers a very detailed description of the shooter.

    "When Mr. Blevins fled from the officers with a loaded handgun, refused to follow their commands for him to stop and show his hands and then took the gun out of his pocket and turned toward the officers, Mr. Blevins represented a danger to the lives of Officer Schmidt and Officer Kelly," Freeman said. "Their decision to use deadly force against Mr. Blevins under those circumstances was authorized by Minn. Stat. § 609.066 and as such there is no basis to issue criminal charges against either officer."

    Investigators say Schmidt and Kelly pulled up to the scene and immediately saw a suspect who matched the description of the shooter, later identified as Blevins. Body camera video captures Officer Schmidt yelling, "he's got a gun!" after seeing what authorities say was a pistol protruding from Blevins' pants.

    Blevins refused to drop the gun and ran, leading the two officers on a chase that ended in an alley between Aldrich and Bryant. Tape slowed and analyzed by the BCA appears to show Blevins grabbing the pistol and turning towards officers. Both opened fire, a volley of 14 shots between the two, fatally wounding the 31-year-old Blevins.

    The county attorney came to the conclusion that Blevins posed an immediate threat to the safety of officers Kelly and Schmidt, and others in the neighborhood.

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  3. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    One video begins as officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly drive through a neighborhood in northern Minneapolis looking for someone who had reportedly been firing a gun in the air.

    In a transcript of the 911 call, a woman who wouldn’t give her name for fear of being labeled a snitch said he looked intoxicated and had also been shooting at the ground.

    The description: a black male with a black backpack and a bottle of gin. Six feet tall, 180 pounds, tapered hair, wearing a white-and-gray tank top.

    “That’s kind of a really good description for that to be an actual legitimate call,” Schmidt says in the video. “But . . . then again.”

    Sirens on, they cruise down leafy streets lined with Victorian houses, passing through red lights. They don’t see anyone matching the suspect’s description.

    Then, a few blocks from where the first caller had reported seeing a man wandering around with a gun, they spot Blevins sitting on the curb with a gray dog.

    “He’s got a bottle of gin,” Schmidt says. “Is he . . . black tank top, tapered hair . . . yeah.”

    Then, with considerably more urgency in his voice, Schmidt says: “He’s got a gun.”

    The car comes to an abrupt stop. Both officers jump out.

    Blevins springs from the curb and starts running, dropping the dog’s leash and nearly knocking over a woman with a stroller. He takes off down the street.

    “Put your hands up! I will f—ing shoot you!” Schmidt yells.

    Both officers chase after Blevins, shouting at him to stop and put his hands up.

    “Come on man, come on man, I didn’t do nothing, bro,” Blevins says as he runs.

    “You’ve got a gun,” Schmidt responds, using an expletive to address the man.

    “I don’t,” Blevins calls back.

    “Yes, you do,” Schmidt replies “Put it down.”

    Sprinting past a white picket fence, Blevins rounds a corner and turns down an alleyway.

    “Homie, please,” he pants. “Please, don’t shoot me. Leave me alone.”

    About 45 seconds into the chase, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Schmidt starts firing. Blevins collapses. When the officers get closer, what appears to be a small handgun is lying on the ground near Blevins’s right hand.

    In addition to the two officers’ body-camera videos, the city also released an “enhanced” version of the footage where the gun police say he was carrying has been circled. The object is visible in Blevins’s pocket when the officers arrive at the scene, then in his hands when Schmidt opens fire.

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  4. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    17:26:02. JUNE 23rd 2018. Operator: 911. What is the address of— Caller: Inaudible. Operator: 911. Caller: Uh, yeah there’s a guy walking around shooting off his gun and he looks intoxicated and um, that’s just not safe around here. Operator: When the person— Caller: He uh, light skinned— Caller: He just blew off a shot like 5 minutes ago and before that he got off another shot 20 minutes ago. Operator: Is he shooting at people or into the air? Caller: No. Just in the air and at the ground. Operator: Sorry? Caller: He’s shooting in the air and he’s shooting at the ground. Operator: Okay, one moment. Operator: Is anybody shot or is it just that he is being reckless with the gun? Caller: There’s like three people, three kids (inaudible) neighborhood walking around with a drink, like he drinking and shooting a gun (inaudible-muffled). Operator: I’m sorry. Your phone is cutting in and out. Can you hear me okay? Caller: Yeah. I can hear you. Operator: Okay, Describe the gun. Caller: Uhhhh. It’s like a Nine. A silver 9 millimeter. if I’m not mistaken. It’s chrome at the top but um he’s uh he’s like 6 feet, light skin. He gotta bald— Operator: Hang on. Hang on. I’ll get a description in a second. Where is he now? Caller: Uh. Walking up (inaudible). Operator: Your phones cutting out. Caller: He’s walking up 46th and Bryant and he was (inaudible) like he was walking towards Lyndale. Operator: So he was going eastbound on 46th? Caller: Uh. Like they (inaudible)— Operator: Towards (inaudible)— Caller: He was going northbound. Yeah. He’s going northbound on Bryant. Going up towards the numbers on Bryant. He walking at uh, 46th. He was walking up the numbers and uh and I think he live in the neighb— Operator: So he was northbound on Bryant from what street? Caller: Uh, 46th and Bryant. And he’s walking back and forth to Lyndale. He’s walking back and forth. Operator: Okay. I need to get his description. Do you know his name? Caller: Uh, no. I don’t know his name, um, I just know he’s like 6 feet, ah, he got like a bald head tapered. He got a— Operator: How old does he look to be?— Caller: He have a wife beater. Uh, like almost 36. 35. He got a wife beater on. He walking around with a back pack. A black back pack. Operator: What color is the tank top? Caller: Uh. I believe it is white or grey. Cause when he let of the shot, I left! I ran! Operator: Right. And you said he was like 35, 36? Caller: Yeah, like 35, 36. He had no facial hair. He had a bald head taper with designs in it. Operator: Yep. Yep. You told me. Is he thin, medium or heavy? Caller: Um. Like 180. Operator: Are you or anybody else in danger right now? Caller: Operator: Can you see him from where you’re at? Caller: Operator: I’m just asking if you can see him from where you are. Caller: Oh. No. I cannot see him from where I’m at. Operator: Does anybody need an ambulance? Caller: Uh, no. I don’t think, like I said, I don’t think he had shot anybody. He just shooting in the air. And he shot another one in the ground. By the time he shot the second one in the ground, I . And didn’t look back. Operator: Okay. How do you know he was drunk? Caller: Uh, because he had a big bottle of Amsterdam on him. Operator: Okay. He was carrying it around with him? Caller: Yes he was. He got a (inaudible). He got a (inaudible). (Inaudible) and we all seen him do it (inaudible) shot and that’s why everybody started running away. Made (inaudible) jump, man! You gotta move around before he shoots somebody! Operator: Right. Caller: He let off that second shot and everybody started running! Operator: Alright. Don’t approach him. An officer will be dispatched— Caller: Oh, I’m not! Operator: --as soon as possible. Operator: Did you want the police to come and talk to you or just try and find him? Caller: Oh. No, no, no, no ma’am! I don’t want to be labelled as a snitch. Could be killed doing **** like this. Please do not send no cops. Don’t say my name. I just want to be (inaudible) Operator: I won’t. I understand. I haven’t asked your name. Can you confirm your phone number for me please? Caller: Uh. Operator: I’m sorry your phones cutting out. Hello? Caller: (muffled talking in the background) Operator: Can you hear me? Caller: Yeah. Can you hear me? Operator: Can you confirm your phone number for me please? Caller: I don’t know my phone number ma’am. Operator: I already have it. I just have to ask you to confirm it. Caller: (Inaudible) I don’t want to give it to you. If you already got it…I be knowing so much right now, I don’t, I don’t— Operator: Okay. If anything changes or you have any further information. Caller: Okay. Thank you. Operator: You’re welcome. Bye-Bye. 17:31:03

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