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CA NEW MELONES JANE DOE: F, 25-45, found under New Melones bridge, CA - 9 October 2015 - tow chain

Discussion in 'Unidentified 2010 to Present' started by Romulus, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Romulus

    Romulus In the earth of missing person


    San Andreas, CA — The partial remains of a human body recovered from local waters remain shrouded in mystery more than three months after being spotted by local miners.

    It was on Oct. 9, 2015 when the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department recovered the badly decomposed body from the mud underneath the old Parrotts Ferry bridge at New Melones Reservoir, after local reports that receding water levels uncovered what looked to be a corpse. As previously reported, initial findings by Coroner Kevin Raggio indicated suspicious death circumstances.

    On Friday, the coroner reported that following a partial autopsy on Jan. 7, the gender was still undetermined and that DNA samples were taken and sent to the Dept. of Justice in Sacramento, where they will be checked against the state DNA data bank. The investigation remains active, according to Raggio, who was unable to comment further on the case.

    Over the years, several bodies have been found at New Melones under circumstances ranging from tragic to downright dastardly. The most recent discovery back in the fall of 2014, as previously reported, involved the recovery of a man, who had been listed as missing since 1995, following a presumed accidental drowning. An extensive sweep of the reservoir back in March 2002 by the Sheriff’s Offices in Calaveras and Tuolumne counties and FBI investigators turned up the bodies of five murder victims from southern California, who were tied to a Russian mafia kidnapping for ransom plot, as reported here.


    San Andreas, CA — Some autopsy results are in, months after locals — prospecting for gold in last fall’s dead pool levels of New Melones reservoir — discovered human remains that hinted of a suspicious death.

    As reported here back in January, a forensic autopsy was ordered on the badly decomposed body recovered the previous October from the mud underneath the Parrotts Ferry bridge. In recent weeks, some of the details from the examination were being internally discussed by local law enforcement officials and dispersed to other agencies.

    On Thursday Calaveras County Deputy Coroner Keith Rosa was able to share part of a biological profile that has emerged of a confirmed “Jane Doe,” almost certainly a crime victim.

    New Melones ‘Jane Doe’: Not Tall, Possibly Petite

    Although, off the record, it was always thought that the remains might be of a female, due to underwear remnants that were recovered with them, Rosa states that the wide sub-pubic angle in the pubic bone were among the gender determinants made in the profile.

    Other findings show that the deceased woman is thought to have been between the ages of 25 and 45 and possibly ranging somewhere from 4’9″ to 5’4″ in height. Her remains, which consisted of a pelvic girdle and upper legs, were found wrapped in a covering and encircled by what appeared to be a tow-like chain with a hook at the end of it. There appeared to be normal separation of the bones, due to decomposition and no cuts or other marks telegraphing sustained injuries.

    However, due to the decomposing effects of fresh water, the report stated the woman had been submerged for an indeterminate period; anywhere from 18 months to much longer. Reportedly, DNA extracted from the femur bones did not result in a DNA database hit, according to Sheriff Rick DiBasilio. He says it is not a surprising result since the database has no records for members of the public who have no previous arrests or other circumstances where they provided DNA.

    A Russian Mafia Tie?

    The chain, which certainly points to suspicious circumstances, is not dissimilar to the modus operandi used by members of the Russian mafia who, several years ago, dumped several bodies of victims from southern California into Melones. As reported here, back in March of 2002 the FBI recovered the fifth of five sets of remains it discovered after a search of the reservoir.

    Investigators, while certainly checking into any possible connection, have also circulated information to surrounding counties. Sheriff DiBasilio notes that in the handful of known missing persons’ cases in Calaveras all are male. He adds, “What is going to happen with this [Jane Doe] person, is that [the investigators] will send out a flyer throughout the United States that says, ‘hey, we have located a potential female subject, between 4’8″ and 5’5″ potentially somewhere between this poundage, if you are missing somebody, call us’.”

    For missing persons cases such as this tragic one the sheriff suggests that those whose DNA is not already on file consider taking and storing away personal samples along with those of their children. It is a simple procedure, as he explains: “You can take a typical Q-tip cotton swab…swab the inside of your cheek, put it into a ziplock bag…and put it in the freezer.” He emphasizes making sure to record the DNA stash somewhere in writing and by letting family members know.

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