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NOAH THOMAS: State of Virginia vs. Ashley White for child abuse after Noah found in septic tank

Discussion in 'Courtroom' started by daisy7, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Thank you for the information! I sooooooo wish people would turn to life instead of drugs, which leads to death in so many ways. :(

    And also, want to say :welcome: and thank you for landing on our planet!!! :hug:
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  2. Jemma

    Jemma Active Member

    Thank you for your welcome!
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  3. Jemma

    Jemma Active Member

    What I find the more important question (before we get to the question of what happened to Noah and why, because it could lead us there) is WHY was Baby A still being exposed to drugs? IMO, there are only two ways in which Baby A could have continued to be exposed to drugs:

    1. Transmission of drugs through breast milk... I tend to discount this because, having 4 kids, I know what a time consuming, labor intensive commitment breastfeeeding is... It is a pure labor of love, often given up on early on because of its difficulty and how much it ties a mom down. If a mom/baby are able to successfully breastfeed, they spend most of their time together and develop a strong bond. First, breastfeeding would have been a no no for AW if she was on a treatment plan for addiction. Secondly, if you look at the fact that Baby A apparently had not been to a physician regularly enough to diagnose her with NAS, and the fact that the parents admit to leaving the children (if Noah was alive at this point) home alone while she brought PT to work, those things do not, to me, scream breastfeeding mama.


    <snip>The following day, they changed their story -- White and Thomas told police that they left the children at home alone. The couple’s 6-month-old child was then removed from the home March 23. <snip>

    2. Deliberate administration.. But WHY? I can think of two reasons; maybe someone could add more that I'm missing. The first would be that since Baby A was born with drugs in her system, she would likely have been fussy, agitated, overreacting to stimuli... basically, a baby in severe discomfort from withdrawals, not your "sleep 16 hours a day baby". Perhaps AW thought/knew that giving Baby A a bit of whatever substance she was addicted to, would ease the symptoms. However, once she does that, she begins a cycle that she cannot stop in order to stave off withdrawals. OR, even more hard to swallow, simply put, a drugged baby is a lot less trouble than a normal baby. I am not sure what I believe, but I am pretty sure these parents haven't put anyone but themselves first for a very long time.

    Which leads to the question... If a baby given drugs is a lot less trouble than a normal baby, how much less trouble would a drugged 5 year old be?
  4. Retteacher

    Retteacher Well-Known Member

    I've followed this case from the begining. It is so heartbreaking. I don't believe that Noah accidentally fell into the cesspool. Even if he died by accident,what kind of person or people can put their precious child in a septic tank?
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  5. Trial_Gal

    Trial_Gal Well-Known Member

    I still want to know the rest of the story, as to how little Noah died. Why isn't the autopsy complete now? I thought they put a rush on it. Or have I missed it.

    All such a terrible story, for little Noah and his sister A. :(
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  6. Retteacher

    Retteacher Well-Known Member

    As far as I know if the results are back, LE hasn't made it public.
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  7. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

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  8. Retteacher

    Retteacher Well-Known Member

    I hope they find a cause of death for Noah. If not,I don't know if they can bring more charges against the parents.
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  9. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    5 days ago.... Marked 2 months since Noah went missing

    As weeks pass, little information has been available to explain why, or how, the boy ended up in the septic tank. According to an employee at the Roanoke Medical Examiner’s Office on Wednesday, “everything is still pending,” and there was no clear timeline for when it would be completed.

    Pulaski County Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Fleenor also confirmed that a final autopsy report is still not available, which includes a key piece of evidence — the toxicology report.

    Roanoke Commonwealth’s Attorney Don Caldwell, who is not involved with this particular investigation, said that in complex cases like the one involving Noah Thomas, law enforcement and prosecutors “have to be sure that they have the evidence that they believe could convince a judge or a jury beyond a reasonable doubt” before pressing additional charges.

    “The whole forensic process takes time. We have very limited resources in the state, and there is a great demand put on those limited resources,” Caldwell said. “We are talking months. Especially if there’s any kind of DNA analysis — that’s going to take months.”

    White and Thomas have a joint preliminary hearing scheduled for Aug. 19 in Pulaski Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

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  10. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

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  11. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

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  12. Jemma

    Jemma Active Member

    I think only one of the 3 siblings of Paul Thomas hasn't been arrested for something since Noah's death. And she is on SM trying to loudly distance herself from the rest of the family. Unfortunately, I think she is right up there in the middle of all that family's behavior. Poor Noah apparently was surrounded by drug addicts and criminals.

    And, I won't specify, because it is technically rumors, but I'm pretty horrified that most of the rumors I read on SM on the JFMNT page so far have turned out to be true. I'm hoping that the couple of really heartbreaking rumors do not follow that path as well.

    Wishing you had had better, Noah.

  13. Jemma

    Jemma Active Member

  14. Jemma

    Jemma Active Member

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  15. Jemma

    Jemma Active Member

    I think the felonious act is the administering of drugs (I'll go ahead and guess methadone) to Noah (as well as Baby Abigail), resulting in an "accidental" overdose.

    Surely there will be some additional charges for Paul Thomas, as well as more for Ashley pertaining to obstruction and what they did to Noah's body.

    Sweet Noah, it may be taking awhile, but we're getting there for you. You, in all likelihood, saved your baby sister's life and gave her a chance to grow up happy and loved.
  16. Jemma

    Jemma Active Member

    I am betting that Noah's hair showed prior exposures to methadone, in the weeks, or months, leading up to his death. Repeated exposures to drugs in a 5 year old is going to be pretty much impossible for the parents to claim that Noah accidentally, without their knowledge, got into the drugs. If that were true, one would have to believe that these parents had a 5 year old walking around high, and they didn't notice. In my opinion, she gave both the kids drugs to get them out of her hair; to make them sleep. We know the baby didn't repeatedly dose herself, as she was currently addicted AT THE TIME of Noah's death. Ashley was on methadone under a Dr.'s supervision, during her pregnancy. The baby was born addicted, as expected. Ashley would not have been permitted to breast feed due to her methadone use, and I'd bet she was easily eligible for WIC for free baby formula. Also, knowing what we know now about her, I am not thinking that she had even considered breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is often time consuming, frustrating, difficult... It is very rewarding, but it is a real labor of love. Since there are only 2 ways the baby could have continued to be addicted, breastfeeding and intentional administration by Mom or Dad, I feel pretty confident in thinking that the baby was being given the drugs.
  17. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    :tears: I hope he had more good days than bad. I know one thing, he's flying with angels now!
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  18. daisy7

    daisy7 Member Supreme

    Here’s the news release from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office:

    Today, Ashley Jennifer White, age 31 was charged with Felony Murder of her child Noah Thomas. Under Virginia law this charge is defined as the accidental killing, contrary to the intention of the parties, while in the commission of some other felonious act. That other felonious act listed is the abuse and/ or neglect of her child. We anticipate that the preliminary hearing for this new charge will be scheduled on the same day as the pending abuse and neglect charge- August 12 and will be heard in the Pulaski County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

    Once again, I ask that the public be cautious with rumors and misleading speculation in reference to Noah’s death, as these statement and social media postings add more confusion and false information and divert valuable investigative manpower from the investigation. As this is a pending criminal case, neither the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office nor the Commonwealth’s Attorney will be making any further statements.

  19. daisy7

    daisy7 Member Supreme

    Still no cause of death? The Tox reports can't take this long, can they?
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  20. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

    Accidental death, caused but the mother. What about placing him in septic tank? :mad:

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