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NY NYC JOHN DOE: BM, 20-30 - June 1997- USMC "1st Force Recon - Death before Dishonor" tattoo *GRAPHIC*

Discussion in 'Identified!' started by Kimster, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    It's really hard to tell with some people. My grandson is mixed, he's light skinned and looks Hawaiian

    With some AA people they have Caucasian from way back in the slave days, same can be said of some Caucasian people.
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  2. patsella

    patsella Bronze Member

    That is true, good point. Just thought I'd mention it in case that angle hasn't been considered.
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  3. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    Its a great suggestion. I'm not sure if @veterandoe found out if he's on the list to be exhumed for DNA. If he is they will know if he's mixed.
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  4. Veteran Doe

    Veteran Doe Active Member

    As far as I know the NYC ME has never responded to the reporter about the exhumation. I just emailed her to follow up.

    I do searches for AA first, then Hispanic, then other, then when I get frustrated I search EVERYONE. :)

    I was in Parris Island last week and found a guy who has a collection of yearbooks from 2nd and 3rd battalions going back many years. He seemed somewhat elusive about his collection which is kind of goofy since they sell them on EBay. It's not like it's top secret stuff. Anyway, I told him I'd email him. Hopefully he can be of help. He kept saying it was a needle in a haystack.....believe me buddy, I know that. :)
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
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  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    No kidding, huh?

    I remember when this case was fairly new and thinking "Oh this will be solved quickly". o_O
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  6. Veteran Doe

    Veteran Doe Active Member

    I thought that too. I saw it on a thread about unidentified people with tattoos and I ignored it for like 6 months because I thought it would be a fast one. That was like 3 years ago.
  7. Veteran Doe

    Veteran Doe Active Member

    Bumping him for Veterans Day
  8. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    Thank you.
  9. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    To USMC Veteran Doe

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  10. Veteran Doe

    Veteran Doe Active Member

  11. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    NamUs Case # 6814 has had changes made. You can view the case by clicking the url below

    URL: https://identifyus.org/cases/6814

    The following fields have been changed:
    Dental : Dental Available changed from "later" to "entered"
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  12. Veteran Doe

    Veteran Doe Active Member

    bumping bumping bumping

    2017 will be 20 years for this guy. We can do this!

    I had to have a conversation with one of my kids about making sure all his paperwork was in line and it made me think about this case.

    In April 1996 the basic life insurance policy for active duty was $200,000. Assuming he was military and recently seperated, if he converted the policy and kept up the payments (they were nominal, like $16 a month) he would have some heirs out there.

    I don't assume his family would be terribly interested in that aspect of his disappearance. I know I don't even like having to talk about wills, and next of kin, and life insurance with my kids. But, I wonder if maybe there is a VA paper trail angle or some other way to pursue his ID with that in mind.

    Another thought, maybe I mentioned this at some point but maybe not. I wouldn't be surprised if his family didn't know about the tattoo. Both of my kids have new tattoos and if it wasn't for cell phone cameras I'd go 8 or 9 months and have no clue about that.
  13. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Good point about them not knowing about the tattoo.

    Let's send him home this year!
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  14. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    It is less of a haystack after you found the tattoo date. Did you ever hear back from him? Trying to catch up after being sick since August

    So proud of you for getting this article!

    Woman Works To Identify Marine Who Died In Harlem Nearly 20 Years Ago - November 11, 2016 7:18 PM
    The man was found on the subway tracks in Harlem on June 23, 1997.

    A photo taken by the New York City medical examiner led her closer to his identity, thanks to his Marine tattoos reading “1st Force Recon” and “Death Before Dishonor.”

    “I’d been looking for this tattoo for months,” veteran doe said. “My family would sit down and watch TV, and I’d be scrolling on Google.”

    Finally, she got a hit. The tattoo was designed at a parlor in California near the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base.

    “Two things we know — the man was in Harlem and the man was in Twentynine Palms between 1994 and 1996,” she said.

    The man was buried in Potter’s Field where the unidentified are laid to rest without gravestones or ceremonies.

    “It feels so wrong that he was put in a pauper’s grave when he should have had a proper funeral,” veteran doe said.

    So she keeps searching.

    “It just seemed so incredible to me that someone who has obviously served was still unidentified after all this time, especially online where you can reach thousands and thousands of people in an instant,” she said.

    You're right, I didn't tell my parents after each of my 6 tats, I also changed 2. They may have seen them when I wore shorts. Really wish they'd exhume and do DNA and isotopes so we have an idea of where he's from.
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  15. Veteran Doe

    Veteran Doe Active Member

    I had a Facebook post take off a while back and it ended up getting his case on ABC 10 in San Diego (February 28th) because Camp Pendleton is there.

    The reporter was their military reporter and the follow up report said NCIS is investigating. I haven't heard anything else and I don't see any other reports yet but the videos have been shared a bit. Thumbs up to that.

    I don't watch these videos of myself because I'm not real comfortable doing them, but, if that's what it takes then I'm in. My family said they were decent. .....and that I should wear more make-up in them LOL! Nope!

    The February 2017 videos are on the bottom of his page with the NYC one from Nov 2016: http://www.veterandoe.com/top-case.html

    I didn't find any newer ones.

    Anyway, I've been lurking on Facebook groups watching for old 1990's era photos when I'm not working.
  16. Veteran Doe

    Veteran Doe Active Member

    I wonder what it takes to get that done. Like.....how is the judgement call made to exhume some people and not others? Does anyone know?
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  17. Sunburst

    Sunburst Bronze Member

    I apologize in advance if this post contains TMI for some of you- I just felt the following questions and info should be brought forward.

    IIRC, Veteran Doe is buried on Hart Island in a mass grave? By which I mean one person stacked on top of another, several casket layers deep? Would exhumation even be possible? I also believe Hart Island is off-limits to visitations, even by family members, etc. once someone's remains are placed there? Advocate, wasn't Lynette buried on Hart Island? I know you were a key person in helping locate her remains a couple of years ago.

    A close friend of mine lost both her parents within 5 years of each other. The parent who died last had their casket placed on top of the already deceased spouse's casket, not side by side. The marker containing their names and dates makes it appear like they are buried side by side, however.

    Just MOO, but I would think if homicide was suspected or known, to be COD, those would be high priority for exhumation.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2017
  18. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    From what I've seen, it's been up to the jurisdiction in charge of the doe. This could be personal motivation, procedure, time and resources.
  19. Veteran Doe

    Veteran Doe Active Member

    I don't know if it's possible. It does happen in other cases so it seems to be.
    I THINK there is a gazebo for family to visit the island.....or that was something planned for the future.
  20. Advocate

    Advocate Ask me how to get your loved one in NamUs

    I've been "involved" in it happening for a few Does by it being mentioned to their ME or LE. You know I've tried tweeting the NYC ME but he hasn't responded.

    Yes, he's buried on Hart Island, thankfully we know where. Hopefully one day we can get him off of there. He deserves a military burial.

    It was Princess Doe's team that found Linette buried there. I just asked to care for her find a grave (link)
    Her sister was going to have her exhumed, then cremated, brought home, not sure what's going on. She hasn't answered my last FB message. She had to order the death certificate from the ME, then see if Linette was married, if so, ask her husband if she could exhume her

    Such a horrible place to be buried. Pretty much forget anyone knowing you're there until the last few years with technology the way it is with people wanting to put records online. I'm so happy we found where he's buried, he now has a Hart Island page and Find A Grave (link)

    There are Hart Island advocates trying to make Hart Island more accessible for people to pay respects. They want parks and recreation to care for it, not inmates.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2017

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