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NSW PRABHDEEP SRAWN: Missing from Mt. Kosciuszko, NSW - 13 May 2013 - Age 25

Discussion in 'Australia: Missing & Unidentified' started by MULDER, May 15, 2015.


    MULDER Bronze Member

    Tuesday 24th September 2013

    Canberra Times Australia.
    Missing hiker Prabh Srawn's $100K reward withdrawn as search resumes
    The family of missing bushwalker Prabh Srawn has withdrawn the reward offered for finding the Canadian student, but remain determined to continue searching.
    His disappearance in May sparked months of extensive searches throughout the Kosciuszko National Park, attracting volunteers from across the world to help find the 25-year-old.
    “We cannot thank enough all the brave men and woman that have helped in the search effort thus far,” it read.
    “As we are approaching a melt down in the alpine region of Kosciuszko National Park, we would once again request that all those that are interested in volunteering their time to assist in the continued search efforts please inbox message us for further details.”

    Kosciuszko search over ffor the BC S&R team.jpg
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    8th October 2013

    Prabhdeeps sister Mandeep very kindly answered some questions which I posted to her regarding the Search for Prabhdeep.
    It has invaluable insight into what has been going on and the continuation of the search in the last quarter months of 2013 ... It is posted in this thread in full for reference and resource:

    Questions Submitted:
    I recently read in a Main Stream Media Report that you may not be coming back to Australia for the search when it resumes – are you yet to make a decision regarding this?
    Quote from the News Article: Source Link...
    The family returned to Canada last month, but Ms Srawn said she not sure if they’d return to Australia.

    1) How are your plans coming along for the November Search in Australia?
    When do you expect to start this next stage of your Search?

    2) Do you have a new strategy of approach for this next stage of the Search?
    Are there things you will do differently regarding the search, when you return?

    3) What has been happening on the ground with the search around Mount Kosciuszko since you returned to Canada from Australia?
    Have the searches continued?

    4) Will your next search cover the same areas (now that the snow is receding), or do you plan to cover different territories?

    5) What areas have been searched so far?

    6) Have any further clues or information surfaced during the winter break as to where Prabh went and where he might be?

    7) Will you be using specialists in any particular area or skill for the search when it resumes this time?

    8) We read an article posted by one of the Australian Dog Handlers about his time on the search with his dog.
    Was that search area followed up at a later stage? Did the New Zealand team of Dog Searchers have any luck?

    9) You have been asking for volunteers for the next Search – how is that coming along?
    What has the response been like? How many volunteers do you hope to have to help you in the upcoming months?

    10) What requirements do volunteers need to have to help with the search?

    11) Have the Australian Authorities offered you any help regarding the next Search on your return? Will you be involving them at any stage?

    12) What were some of the major logistic obstacles you found the most difficult during the last Search?

    13) How long do you plan to stay in Australia this time?

    14) What do you need people to know about Prabhdeep beyond what has been reported in msm?

    15) What can people do to help you in the upcoming months?


    Reply From Mandeep:

    Thank you all. Please keep Prabh in your prayers.

    As for returning, I was speaking about myself. Someone from the family will definitely return but I'm not sure who or how many this time.

    Our search is always ongoing. There are several hikers who visit the area for leisure and have offered assistance or asked for more information. Unfortunately, no one has had any luck. We're looking for new people to search every minute we can and are still offering the daily stipend provided they take a spot tracker or provide us with GPS tracks of what they were able to cover. We have a couple hikers we've developed a close relationship with and were able to continue sending them out.

    The reason November was stated is because the NSW police and National Parks plan on searching again for Prabh.

    Regarding the searched area, I can provide maps of what was covered. Since I've taken pictures of our maps, please forgive me if its unclear what area it is. Unfortunately, there have been no clues as to Prabhs location other than his telephone pings and possible voice (possible b/c we haven't been able to confirm whether it was even human or a dog in the distance).

    I'm not exactly what specialists you're referring to? We've had private teams and investigators as well as a kanine unit. As for the Australian Handlers' dog did pick up a scent and the dog couldn't go any further as a result of the tough terrain. 4 men then descended the mountain where the scent was picked up along a creek line and did not come across anything. However, the area is large, it was just a general direction in an area between valleys (between the 'N' and 'W' on the map).

    We then hired a canine unit from New Zealand that had 3 dogs in hopes to see if they could narrow down the area further, however neither of these dogs picked up any scent at all in that direction. This could be for one of two reasons. 1) The Australian canine unit was an urban dog and could've mistaken the scent for animals such as a wombat hole near by or 2) The wind was incredibly strong coming from the NW with the Australian handles and with the NZ team, the wind wasn't as strong. We believe it to be the first option because we did take the 3 dogs to higher peaks after searching the same area as the previous dog, Mount Townsend, Abbots Peak and Alice Rawsons in hopes the scent may have risen and would be easier to pick up from above and again there was no luck no scent.

    Our search was without snow for several weeks after the official search was called off. Once the NSW police decided to call off the search it rained heavily for 4 days straight with warm temperatures. When we began searching there wasn't any snow on the ground. We had several obstacles, the telephone information being withheld from us, not having access to helicopters, then not being allowed to land the helicopter, the heavy fog making visibility to zero, etc. We had several obstacles.

    As for volunteers, we ask that they are experienced hikers (with alpine/snow experience), have all their equipment (tent, shoes, pants, GPS, etc), don`t go alone, take an emergency beacon with them and register with National Parks on their intended route.

    I hope I've answered all or most of your questions. I can send the telephone ping information and the theory behind the voices in another post to avoid confusion.

    A big Thank-you to Mandeep for taking the time to answer the questions.

    Mandeep Srawn.JPG
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    The Maps that Mandeep provided are in the posts below.

    The Map below shows the areas which have been searched by foot.
    (Pre October 8 2013)
    Map supplied by Mandeep Srawn

    Map 1 Areas searched by Foot - Mandeep Srawn.jpg

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    The Map below shows the areas which have been searched by Helicopter.
    (Pre October 8 2013)
    Map supplied by Mandeep Srawn

    Map 2 shows the areas which have been searched by Helicopter.jpg

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    Quoted from Mandeep:
    This is where the first Australian dog picked up a scent (where the triangle is on the map).
    I'm interested in following the creek by the 'o' down about 500m, where my finger is pointing.

    (Pre October 8 2013)
    Map supplied by Mandeep Srawn

    Map 3 This is where the first Australian dog picked up a scent.jpg

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    The Map below shows the areas where Prabhdeep's phone 'pinged' from.

    Quoted from Mandeep:
    Telephone pings:

    11:55 perisher tower - green
    12:14 purple
    12:21 perisher tower - green
    From 1-3:05 burngoodee - dark green

    There is no further activity after this point.

    Map 4 the areas where Prabhdeeps phone pinged from.jpg

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    Quoted from Mandeep:
    Here is another map created by a private team that voluntarily helped us when the police weren't providing his telephone information to us.
    (Pre October 8 2013)
    Map supplied by Mandeep Srawn

    Map 5 map created by a private team that voluntarily helped us.jpg

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    7th November 2013

    Central Okanagan News.
    Locals to search Australia for Canadian
    The three Central Okanagan Search and Rescue member’s (COSAR) left to assist in the search on November 4th
    Team leader Troy Becker, a member of the West Kelowna Fire Department, along with COSAR Search manager Brett Millard, Owner of SPEIR Wealth Management Inc. and GSAR member Matt Jefferson, a newly trained Primary Care Paramedic have volunteered for the two-week mission.
    Each volunteer member of the team had to coordinate work schedules within the last week in order to bring the team together in time, which is only possible with the support of employers and families, Braun points out.
    Becker a West Kelowna Firefighter has the support of Fire Chief Wayne Schnitzler and fellow firefighters who stepped up to help in adapting his holidays to afford him the time to volunteer.

    Kelowna News.
    Local search and rescue members offer assistance in Australia
    According to Becker, the group isn't sure if any resources will be available to them once they're dropped off in the mountains; therefore, they will be equipped to operate self-sufficiently for the entire trip.
    "Australia has one of the world's highest concentrations of poisonous snakes and spiders, so it is something we need to be aware of and prepared to deal with in the event of an encounter," said Becker.
    Until recently the area was covered in snow, but with the spring thaw occurring, the family has requested the assistance of experienced wilderness search and rescue members from North America.

    Sunday 17th November 2013

    CBC News. Posted: Nov 15, 2013 -
    BC Team Leads New Search For Prabhdeep in Australia.
    Srawn's family is financing an expedition of 18 search and rescue professionals, most of whom cut their teeth in the rugged mountains of B.C., to New South Wales for an intensive two-week search beginning on Dec. 1. The team members are all volunteering their time.
    Martin Colwell, President of the Vancouver-based company SAR Technology, is the search manager.
    Colwell, who has over 30 years of experience in the search and rescue field, told CBC Hamilton his first step will be to divide the search area up. From there, relying on a mathematical system that factors in a range of geographic and weather conditions, the team to specific zones.

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    25th November 2013

    Canberra Times.
    Coordinated by New South Wales Police, the search comes a week before 18 volunteers arrive from Canada to help locate the Bond University law student and army reservist.
    The 30-person search was abandoned on June 1 ahead of heavy winter snowfall.
    Mr Srawn's cousin Ruby Singh said on Monday the family was realistic about the likely outcome, but was grateful for the resources allocated by authorities.
    "Obviously this has been a very difficult time and it has been very hard on all of us," she said. "We’re hoping that they will be able to hopefully find Prabh soon and we can put this behind us.
    She said a week-long small scale search could be followed by a larger operation.

    The Times India.
    Search resumes for Indo-Canadian man missing in Australia
    The New South Wales police have started search operations again, a week before 18 volunteers arrive from Canada to help locate the missing Bond University law student, The Canberra Times reported Monday.
    "We've put together a team of volunteers and we were hoping to deploy them after the police search was over and resolved, but unfortunately the police search had to be delayed, so some of it is going to overlap, to begin next week," she said.

    26th November 2013

    India TV News.
    Search resumes for missing Indian-origin student in Australia
    The search for 25-year-old student Prabhdeep Srawn resumed the Kosciuszko National Park after more than six months, with the help of New South Wales Police.
    Eighteen volunteers were due to arrive from Canada as well to help locate the Indian-origin Bond University law student and army reservist, the Canberra Times reported.

    A Map of the area where Prabhdeep is believed to have gone missing - Mandeep Srawn.jpg

    Prabhdeep Srawn's sister Mandeep points to the area where Prabhdeep is believed to have gone missing. File photo: Rohan Thomson
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  10. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    27th November 2013

    Canberra Times news.
    Prabh Srawn missing: Hikers asked to help find bushwalker
    New South Wales Police will appeal to hikers in the Kosciuszko National Park to help in the search for missing Canadian Prabhdeep Srawn.
    Two days after recommencing a ground search for the 25-year-old who has been missing since May 13, Monaro Local Area Command Superintendent Rod Smith said police and National Parks and Wildlife Officers were contending with some snow in the search area.
    “This week we had intended to conduct more of a ground search but our advice and our own observations from going up there was that there was still the same amount of snow as there was when we searched the first time,” he said.
    “We believe that he walked along the Main Range Trail from Charlotte Pass, in an anti-clockwise direction towards Mt Townsend and Mt Kosciusko.
    “For people who are out there, we are appealing for hikers in that area to keep an eye out.”
    Superintendent Smith said no decision had been made about how long the search effort would continue for.
    He said police had “an open mind” to the possibility that Mr Srawn’s body may not be in the search area.

    28th November 2013
    The Province News Canada.
    (no link now available)
    B.C. crew readies for Aussie search assignment
    Missing Canadian: Rescue team off to New South Wales in hopes of locating Ontario man last seen in May

    Search manager of Vancouverbased SAR Technology, Martin Colwell, is headed to New South Wales, Australia on Wednesday, with the rest of his 18-member search and rescue crew - selected from across B.C. - leaving this weekend to help in the search for 25-year-old Brampton man, Prabhdeep Srawn.
    Colwell and his team have put in "lots of preparation" over the past month. "We have a fairly good body of information that's been provided (by previous search and rescue teams)," he said. "We've had to do a lot of setting up, maps, planning scenarios, tracking equipment, communications, safety, camping gear - basically the logistics of moving a lot of people into quite a remote area."

    Cranbrook Daily Townsmen Canada.
    East Kootenay searchers help look for missing man in Australia
    Four of those experts hail from the East Kootenay. From Kimberley Search and Rescue, Scott MacLeod and Seb Martinez have volunteered to take part. They will be joined by Tom Hopkins from Fernie Search and Rescue, and Charmaine Lingard from Sparwood Search and Rescue.
    In teams of three, they will scour a large area searching for Srawn, hoping to complete 60 missions in the two-week expedition.
    MacLeod, who leaves for Australia from Vancouver on Saturday, said he volunteered partly because of the challenge of the new terrain, but mostly because he wants to help the family.
    A former police officer, MacLeod now works in Victim Services in Cranbrook.
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  11. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    29th November 2013

    CanIndia News.
    Family of missing Canadian continues the search
    Prabh’s deeply anguished mother Devinder speaking to Can-India from her Brampton home said, “I won’t be at peace and neither will I rest until we find out what happened to my son, every time the phone rings or someone comes to the door, my heart pounds.”
    His sister Mandeep who is spearheading the campaign to find her brother says, “It is indescribably painful. We’ve tried to remain faithful and hopeful. If we don’t find him, we’ll always keep searching, it’ll never end. As much as we don’t want this to be the end of Prabh’s life, we need to know, so that it gives us closure. We won’t ever get over it, but at least we’ll learn to cope with it over time. However, without knowing for sure, we’ll be stuck in this rut.”

    Just two weeks before Prabh went missing, he came home (April) for his cousin Rajvir’s wedding for two weeks and left his family and friends with cherished memories, he was to return for good two months later.
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  12. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    1st December 2013

    Summit Sun News - Canada.
    Search for missing bushwalker resumes
    Mr Srawn's cousin Ruby Singh said on Monday the family was realistic about the likely outcome, but was grateful for the resources allocated by authorities.
    "Obviously this has been a very difficult time and it has been very hard on all of us," she said. "We're hoping that they will be able to hopefully find Prabh soon and we can put this behind us.
    "We have been trying our best to look at things from many different angles and talk to experts. We still don't have the concrete answer and we are trying to get that."
    She said a week-long small scale search could be followed by a larger operation.

    "We've put together a team of volunteers and we were hoping to deploy them after the police search was over and resolved but unfortunately the police search had to be delayed so some of it is going to overlap, to begin next week."

    2nd of December 2013.
    Nelson Star News - Cananda.
    Two members of Nelson Search and Rescue chosen for elite team
    Brian Cooles and Ryan Brown left last week to join a team of 18 BC-based search and rescue members who will be searching from November 30 to December 15.
    Murray Springman, search manager for Nelson Search and Rescue, said the fact the two members of the Nelson crew were selected show the level of talent and expertise the local team has.
    “There was an email sent to every search and rescue volunteer in the province,” explained Springman.
    The email asked them to list all qualifications and experience. From that, the top 18 people were chosen to make up the team.
    The crew is now in New South Wales, Australia looking for any signs of 25-year-old Brampton man Prabhdeep Srawn.

    Nelson Search and Rescue.jpg

    Two members from Nelson Search and Rescue are heading to Australia to look for a missing Canadian.— Image Credit: Sam Van Schie Photo
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  13. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    3rd December 2013

    ABC News Australia -
    Police resume Snowy Mountains search for missing Canadian hiker
    Superintendent Rod Smith, from the Monaro Local Area Command, says police officers, the dog squad and a rescue helicopter looking for Mr Srawn again this week.
    He says there is still too much snow to properly search the areas not covered before, and they may have to wait several weeks for it to melt.
    "I know the family have invested a lot of time and money into trying to find their son and family member," he said.
    "We'd like nothing more than to be able to find him and give the family that ease.
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  14. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

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  15. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    18th December 2013

    CBC Hammilton News Canada -
    New search for Prabhdeep Srawn, missing hiker from Hamilton, fails
    A new search for Prabhdeep Srawn, the former military reservist from Hamilton who disappeared last May while hiking in Australia, hasn't produced any new clues.
    The final search team finished its work on Dec. 17 after a gruelling 2-day bush-wack down a major drainage area turned up no clues, Colwell said.
    "We have searched all of the originally-designated high probability areas as well as a number of new areas identified while we were searching," Colwell said in an email to CBC Hamilton.
    "Unfortunately, we still have not found even one verifiable clue."
    The search team is set to fly back to Canada on Wednesday.
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  16. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    27th December 2013

    Daily Townsman - Canada.
    Locals search for missing Canadian down under
    After searches in Australia found no trace of Srawn, his family asked B.C. Search and Rescue members if they could participate in an independent search. Five East Kootenay Search and Rescue members put up their hands to join the team of 18 volunteers.

    From Kimberley Search and Rescue, Scott MacLeod and Seb Martinez; from Fernie Search and Rescue, Bernie Palmer and Tom Hopkins; and from Sparwood Search and Rescue, Charmaine Lingard all volunteered their time to help Srawn's family find out what happened to the young man.

    They based themselves at Charlotte’s Pass, in staff accommodation for a ski hill.
    From there, working in teams, they put on three separate missions into the alpine. It was an eye-opening experience, said Scott MacLeod.

    “There’s only one season in the mountains and it’s winter, once you get to any kind of height. What we saw was a beautiful summer day, very hot, and then that night, the system comes in, and there is a couple of inches of snow on the tent. The next day we look at it and realize the weather is deteriorating. We came out in a whiteout, navigating with a GPS,” said MacLeod.

    “If Prabh was caught in the same conditions, without a compass or GPS and without the gear we had, he probably realized he was in a whole lot of trouble.”

    “I don’t believe the family is going to call it quits. They might get other volunteers searchers involved, probably from Australia.”

    East Kootenay S&R members fly home.jpg
    East Kootenay searchers Scott MacLeod, Charmaine Lingard and Tom Hopkins gather at Cranbrook’s airport after returning from a volunteer trip to Australia to search for a 25-year-old missing Ontario man. — Image Credit: Submitted
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  17. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    7th January 2014

    Repeat article also at ABC Mobile
    Search resumes in NSW Snowy Mountains for missing Canadian backpacker
    Superintendant Rod Smith, from the Monaro Local Area Command, says crews have been scouring the Kosciuszko National Park since Christmas.
    “We've had our police and search crews on the ground up there over the last week and that will continue,” he said.
    “Hopefully all those snow drifts will disappear before it gets cold again, which will enable us to really complete the entire area.
    “But at this stage it's just day by day just covering those areas.”
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  18. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    15th January 2014

    The Canberra Times Australia
    Family reach out for help to find Prabh Srawn
    The family of missing Canadian bushwalker Prabhdeep Srawn have reached out to the public to help fund their ongoing search efforts, in the hope of finding their son and brother.
    The search for Mr Srawn is scheduled to begin again in February or March, privately funded by the Srawn family who have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the hunt.
    Ms Srawn said the family was waiting to hear back from emergency services, who had said the search could possibly begin again in three or four weeks.
    Meanwhile, she said Mr Colwell would be returning with a team of 20 to 30 people later in summer to continue the search and some of the volunteers were becoming emotionally invested in the search.
    Ms Srawn said this had been the hardest time of their lives for the family.

    daijiworld.com news article.
    Family of missing Indo-Canadian man appeals for funds
    The search has cost the family up to $400,000 dollars, forcing them to sell their car as well as property in India and take out a second mortgage on their house.
    "We spent so much that we thought we'd get an outcome on the second round of searching we funded," Prabhdeep Srawn's sister was quoted as saying.

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  19. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    5th March 2014

    Search to resume for missing Canadian backpacker in Kosciuszko National Park
    Police say the remaining snow drifts in the New South Wales Kosciuszko National Park have now melted, leaving them a small window of time to search for a missing Canadian hiker.

    Prabh Srawn, 25, was last seen parking his car at Charlotte Pass in May last year.

    An extensive search was abandoned as winter snowfalls set in but police began searching again as the ice began to thaw in November.

    Police Superintendant Rod Smith, from the Monaro Local Area Command, says there is only a relatively small area left to search but they are staying optimistic.

    “Oh look, we'll always remain hopeful,” he said.

    “We're certainly looking for the best outcome for the family and we will do all we can to find Mr Srawn.
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  20. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    11th March 2014

    Cooma-Monaro Express News
    Search resumes for missing bushwalker
    "Now that all the snow drifts have completely melted, we will be conducting a further ground search in the week commencing 17 March," Superintendent Smith said.
    "We are determined to finish this search and we remain hopeful of being able to bring some news to the Srawn family.
    "In saying that, we are also observant of the reality of possibly never finding Mr Srawn. It won't be without our best effort though."
    "We will be focusing around the Mount Townsend and lakes areas," he said.
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