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RAMSAY SCRIVO: The State of Michigan vs. Donna Scrivo for murder *GUILTY*

Discussion in 'Courtroom' started by ~Lyric~, May 6, 2015.

  1. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Trial of Donna Scrivo starts today.
    Opening statements are underway... tweets can be found here:

    Donna Scrivo reported her son missing in January 2014. His remains, some of them charred, were found in bags in rural areas of St. Clair County.

    Ramsay Scrivo, 32, died of asphyxiation due to strangulation, County Medical Examiner Daniel Spitz said in testimony during a preliminary exam last month in district court in St. Clair Shores.


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  2. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 2h2 hours ago
    Asst. Pros. Bill Cataldo tells jury it's a tragedy when a child dies b4 a parent. In this case, he says, victim died @ hands of his mother.

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 1h1 hour ago
    Cataldo tells jury Scrivo cuts up her son into 14 pieces, hauls his body to another county, dumps his body, his head rolled into highway.

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 1h1 hour ago
    Cataldo says crime is unspeakable, planned, premeditated. Says she bought carpet shampooer week and half before murder.

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 1h1 hour ago
    Cataldo said there is Coke bottle on ground by victim's head with Donna Scrivo's DNA on it.

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 1h1 hour ago
    Cataldo tells jurors there is statement from Donna Scrivo at jail to friend that a guy in black clothes is forcing her to do things.

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 59m59 minutes ago
    Cataldo urges jurors to find Donna Scrivo guilty of all 3 charges. His openings end after about 40 mins. Court in recess now.

    Tweets from Chris Hall: Detroit Free Press reporter
  3. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 42m42 minutes ago
    Defense attorney Matk Haddad gives opening. Says Scrivo is tiny, frail, timid. Married 35 years, two sons, doting mom, then good RN.

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 41m41 minutes ago
    Says there were other suspects, people worthy of being investigated.

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 29m29 minutes ago
    Haddad tells jurors Ramsay was unique case for mom - was psychotic, fixated on suicide. Says PD did nothing with reports of other suspects

    Chris Hall @challreporter · 27m27 minutes ago
    Haddad tells jury "it's a murder case that's full of holes." Says no skin cell, drop of blood links Donna Scrivo to crime.


    On a side note:
    Macomb County Judge Richard Caretti says the interview with Donna Scrivo should have ended when she said, "I think I need a lawyer."

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  4. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    The trial is expected to last about two weeks and include about 30 witnesses.

    Cataldo told jurors that Scrivo was "murdered in cold blood." He told the jury that Scrivo's legs were burned, as were the muscles around his neck, and that matches were found at the scene. He said Donna Scrivo is on a store video nonchalantly buying a saw.

    Haddad told jurors Ramsay Scrivo presented "unique challenges" to his mother: he was psychotic, which was more exacerbated after the death of his father. He couldn't hold a job and became fixated on suicide, Haddad said. Nonetheless, he said, Donna Scrivo was by her son's side, caring for him.

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  5. Skitt

    Skitt Bronze Member

    Thank you for all of the posts, Lyric!
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  6. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Well, I have been wondering what has been going on. I guess reporters had other things to do, but they are in full force today.

    If you like you can watche the trial live here:

    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 2h2 hours ago
    LIVE NOW: #DonnaScrivo trial. http://www.courtchatter.com/#!donna-scrivo-trial/cel1…
    [​IMG]Jen's Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 2h2 hours ago
    Watch #DonnaScrivo trial live here Trial LiveStream Links | The Trial Diaries http://thetrialdiaries.com/trial-livestream-links/…
    ( though I think Jen's site is a paid site)

    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 21m21 minutes ago
    Law enforcement on the stand in #DonnaScrivo. Describing finding body parts.
  7. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

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  8. SoSueMe

    SoSueMe Administrative Manager Staff Member

    This is a real life horror story. I don't know why it's not getting more media attention. Yes, thanks for all of the links Lyric. What a scary woman!
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  9. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    They were live streaming today, and then interrupted it for some bridge naming nonsense LOL don't they know we are trials watchers. I'll try and get some updates from those there.
  10. SoSueMe

    SoSueMe Administrative Manager Staff Member

    That's great Lyric. I check this thread throughout the day. What made her snap? Do you know?
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  11. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    I'm not really sure Sue. I'll see if I can find what they think the motive was....coming up a few tweets from trial today. They kept interrupting the live feed, so tweets are scarce.
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  12. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Darcia Plante, who resided in a townhouse unit adjoining Scrivo’s home, said she heard the sawing sound in his residence the days following Jan. 25, 2014, when Donna Scrivo allegedly killed and then dismembered her son’s body and tried to clean up the residence in St. Clair Shores.

    “I did hear sounds of an electric saw or chain saw, which wasn’t unusual because he was always doing renovations,” Plante said. “(But) it just sounded suspicious, like he was trying to be quiet about it, which was strange because he was always doing renovations. It would stop, start a little bit, stop and start a little bit again, like he was trying to cover up a noise. ... I assumed it was him.”

    She also said she smelled unusual odors emanating from his residence on Gary Lane near Jefferson Avenue and Marter Road, where Donna Scrivo, 61, also was residing while her nearby home was in repairs following a fire. She said she couldn’t identify what it was, but it could have included bleach.

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  13. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter May 13
    Ramsay Scrivo's neighbor Barbara on the stand. She witnessed #DonnaScrivo carrying garbage bags to her car
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter May 13
    The next day, Barbara saw #DonnaScrivo removing the license plate from her vehicle.
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter May 13
    Neighbor on the stand in #DonnaScrivo helped Ramsay take care of his dog. Eventually, he asked her to permanently keep the dog
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter May 13
    Ramsay Scrivo's father died. Neighbor testifies Ramsay "really declined" after that. "he would get in fights" "drinking more" #DonnaScrivo
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter May 13
    Ramsay owned 3 vehicles: White van, blue truck and a car. When #DonnaScrivo moved in she had a Ford Escort, an SUV and another car.
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter May 13
    Last time neighbor saw Ramsay alive was Wed morning (3 days b4 death/missing). He visited at her house with his dog. #DonnaScrivo
  14. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 9h9 hours ago
    #DonnaScrivo's sister-in-law on the stand. Her brother, Scrivo's husband (Ramsay's dad) died from Hep C. Dan was an IV drug user as a teen.
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 9h9 hours ago
    #DonnaScrivo & Dan was estranged from Dan's family for years until 2008. Ramsay was crucial in getting family back together.
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 9h9 hours ago
    #DonnaScrivo Judge interrupts proceedings, sends the jury out stating he needs to handle a matter 'on the record'.
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 9h9 hours ago
    Jury being brought back in. Couldn't hear exactly what happened, some results were brought to the judge's attn. (lab?) #DonnaScrivo
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 9h9 hours ago
    After Dan died there was morphine missing, hospice was concerned there was more used than necessary. #DonnaScrivo was worried Ramsay took it
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 9h9 hours ago
    #DonnaScrivo said that Ramsay may have been suicidal, aunt took him to hospital because of Donna, told them that and he was admitted
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 9h9 hours ago
    No indication that Ramsay was suicidal however and no morphine found in his system. #DonnaScrivo
    [​IMG]Cathy ‏@courtchatter 9h9 hours ago
    Aunt has many conversations with Ramsay, never had any indication that he was suicidal. "He was doing really well." #DonnaScrivo
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  15. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

  16. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

  17. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Ramsay Scrivo, who had been diagnosed with psychosis, also had three medications in his body at the time of his death, including a toxic and potentially fatal level of Xanax. Spitz testified that intoxication from that drug was a contributing factor in the death.

    At the preliminary exam, Assistant Prosecutor William Cataldo said it is believed Ramsay Scrivo was killed between 6 and 11 p.m. Jan. 25, 2014, in part based on evidence on when he failed to report for regular sobriety testing as part of an assault conviction.

    Donna Scrivo's court-appointed attorney, Mark Haddad, said at that time that there was no evidence linking his client to the crime — no blood, no DNA — and said the evidence was circumstantial.

    A circular saw used to dismember Ramsay Scrivo was found in one of the bags in which his remains were discovered, and a store security video showed Donna Scrivo buying the saw, authorities said. Donna Scrivo was seen carrying black garbage bags before the remains were found.

    She also donated her vehicles, including one believed to be used to transport and dump her son's remains, to a charity, authorities said.
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  18. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Alison Furtaw doesn't want to believe her sister-in-law, Donna Scrivo, killed her nephew, Ramsay Scrivo.

    "But I do," Furtaw testified today, more than a week after Donna Scrivo's murder trial began in Macomb County Circuit Court.

    Furtaw, a Michigan assistant attorney general, told the court during testimony that she "would rather be any place else," but she owes it to her nephew to be truthful.
    Furtaw said her nephew did work at her home and that she was in contact with him regularly after a years-long rift between the two families ended. The rift occurred after her nephew was arrested for an alcohol possession charge while at a college he attended and Furtaw, a young lawyer, represented him. She testified that Donna Scrivo was upset with the outcome of the case.

    "She could be very kind and she could have a bad temper," Furtaw said of her sister-in-law.

    Furtaw said her nephew did not indicate to her that he was suicidal any time before he died. She said she saw him once between Christmas Eve 2013 and Jan. 25, 2014, the day he is believed to have been killed. She testified that he was at her mother's house, picking up some Chinese food, and he gave her a hug before he scooted out the door.

    Furtaw testified that Scrivo and her son, who had anxiety issues, loved each other, but they had a "difficult relationship" and her brother ran interference. She said Scrivo was distraught after her husband died in 2013.

    Some of Furtaw's testimony surrounded the death of Scrivo's husband. Furtaw said Donna Scrivo had given her husband, who was ill, a B12 shot and the area became infected. She testified that her brother got blood poisoning and had organ failure.

    When asked if she was suggesting that Donna Scrivo had something to do with her husband's death, Furtaw said she wasn't sure. She said she didn't think so before her nephew died.

    Furtaw testified that she saw Donna Scrivo a couple of days after her nephew's disappearance and that she had scratches on her arms, with her sister-in-law telling her that she was looking through the brambles by the lake for her son.

    Furtaw also testified that she heard about the finding of the remains on the news and didn't think they were of her nephew. That is, until she saw a photo of her sister-in-law in connection with the incident.

    "I just felt sick," she testified.

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  19. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Donna Scrivo’s sister-in-law testified Thursday the woman accused of killing her son had a loving but “difficult” relationship, and Scrivo had a “bad temper” and was “controlling” of her son.

    Alison Furtaw, the sister of Donna Scrivo’s late husband, Dan, testified Thursday she thought it was a bad idea when Donna Scrivo moved in with her son, Ramsay Scrivo, after a fire damaged her home within months of Dan Scrivo’s death in May 2013. The homes were about a mile apart in south St. Clair Shores.
    “They loved each other but ... they had a difficult relationship,” she said. “Sometimes there would be lots of arguing, and she had trouble coping with my brother’s death.”
    She said her brother sometimes had to “run interference” between the two due to their arguing.

    Furtaw, who wept at times during nearly two hours of testimony, said she tried to get Ramsay to move in with her in Grosse Pointe but he declined.
    She said she regretted she didn’t fight Donna Scrivo’s guardianship approval over her son in May 2013 because, according to Donna Scrivo, he was suicidal over his father’s death. Furtaw said she thought Scrivo was “too close” to her son for the job and perhaps Furtaw or another family should do it.
    She wept and said, “I wish I had” sought guardianship.
    Ramsay “didn’t want a guardian at all,” she said.
    She said Scrivo was controlling of both of her sons, Ramsay and Jason, who resides in New Orleans.
    “She loved them but she was controlling of them in some ways, of wanting them to do certain things,” she said. “They both had complicated relationships with their parents.”

    Furtaw talked about how Scrivo may have accelerated Dan Scrivo’s death in May 2013 by injecting him with vitamin B-12 she didn’t think was prescribed. The shot site became infected, which led to failure of multiple organs, with coronary disease a contributing cause. She said her brother was sick from Hepatitis C and expected to die soon anyway.

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  20. ~Lyric~

    ~Lyric~ Bronze Member

    Donna Scrivo Prelim Part 1.
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